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File 142476457865.jpg - (307.47KB , 1024x1600 , 06411_Victoria_Swinger_rapeclip_123_501lo.jpg )
4589 No. 4589 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have this mpg clip? please share

File 14244598847.gif - (27.26KB , 75x90 , MacAnime.gif )
4580 No. 4580 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
soooo does anyone have anything by him? Slow is so good OuO
>> No. 4581
I guess you've checked out all his free stuff on warpmymind.com? Quite a few files as I recall.
>> No. 4582
yep, but there's so much more that's not free. I honestly need to buy some of his files myself sometime, he's great

File 142372092963.jpg - (91.21KB , 1280x720 , sdfsdfsdf.jpg )
4561 No. 4561 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Trying to find the most potent cockslut/cumslut hypnosis possible. Will listen to any deliveries.

File 142343339111.jpg - (42.45KB , 628x358 , Untitled.jpg )
4556 No. 4556 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Who is she? Really quality stuff imo



>> No. 4557
No clue, but imagine my surprise when I started watching that second video and she says my name. My heart skipped a beat.

File 142262850076.gif - (521.09KB , 320x173 , tumblr_n1l95sQFVW1schmmwo1_400.gif )
4533 No. 4533 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Found this on tumblr, anyone know the original source?
>> No. 4548
it looks like Milena Velba on the left. could be Nadine Jansen on the right. searching those names on xhamster should get you some results.

File 141441440852.gif - (20.26KB , 281x300 , baby2.gif )
4326 No. 4326 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have some of MindMaster's Baby regression files from WMM ?


Would be great !!
>> No. 4360
bump !
>> No. 4440
>> No. 4546

File 141924343034.jpg - (54.60KB , 600x427 , 9e3dbf3ed332cb961dfad671da9a7588.jpg )
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File 140951476820.jpg - (40.68KB , 847x480 , BqoW0.jpg )
4164 No. 4164 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey people. I've been searching for this clip, (the entire set as well) for a few months and I have come up with no dice.

It simply isn't out there, or so I think.

Thought I'd ask newfapchan as my final attempt. Does anyone have these? Specifically, round five?

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>> No. 4281
Bump. I've been searching for these as well
>> No. 4283
>> No. 4537
still nothing huh?

File 142274383198.jpg - (317.97KB , 1052x1398 , tumblr_n45nhpn45e1rggrmko1_1280.jpg )
4538 No. 4538 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hi all, bit of a specific request but I was wondering if you could help me find guided masturbation audio rather than "hypnosis" per se, so instead of just suggestions to do after you listen to it I'm after something that talks you through the act from beginning to end like Ava Longhard's Mutual Masturbation session.

More specifically I'm after ones that talk you into eating your own cum, precum, facials etc, and other things like anal play and sissy suggestions.

It's wishful thinking to find a watersports/golden shower one, only found something that almost what I was after.

If you guys could help it would be greatly appreciated, or at least help me word it better so I can get results in google.

File 142204296429.gif - (870.28KB , 826x1131 , jenna_louise_coleman___spiral_eyes_gif_4_by_linier.gif )
4520 No. 4520 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Would anyone mind re-upping confident seduction by NF, the [many] links in the main thread are dead (and I think it's reached max post count) and in all the torrents I can find that file is corrupt.

Muchos gracias.

(Pic very much unrelated)

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