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File 141469663351.jpg - (42.59KB , 678x1024 , Danielle_foxx_solo_pinup08.jpg )
4333 No. 4333 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
plzzzzzz somebody vids of the gorgeus danielle foxxx its so beutiful sexchange girl i can't find a complete video plzz she has a video with ava divine plz heeelp

File 141431075223.jpg - (6.79KB , 225x224 , 1.jpg )
4320 No. 4320 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have the cum eating academy from queen bitch larkin/larkin love series and is willing to upload them?
I've searched everywhere for them but can't seem to find them.
>> No. 4328
Helo, our goddess is here!!
Series ------>> http://torrents.empornium.me/torrents.php?id=85821

Part 2 ----->> http://torrents.empornium.me/torrents.php?id=180916
>> No. 4330
Thank you !!

File 141415563340.jpg - (138.28KB , 960x540 , BelleEyes.jpg )
4319 No. 4319 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
kismet presenting belle
I remember it being on the site a while back but now I cant find the link anywhere can anyone share a link please h11p://www.kismetvideo.com/kvbelle.htm thanks for your time
>> No. 4329
Hello, our goddess always here!


File 141434617368.jpg - (499.01KB , 1200x1967 , black and white.jpg )
4323 No. 4323 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Just curious, does anyone here know of recordings to make one into a good, obedient "Sister" of Islam?

>because reasons.

File 141433223413.png - (121.64KB , 484x458 , Screenshot - 102614 - 13:48:36.png )
4322 No. 4322 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
/r/ strapped in silk mp3s especially this one

File 141356802664.jpg - (68.71KB , 682x1024 , amadoras cum.jpg )
4312 No. 4312 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Is there any pissdrinking hypnosis?
>> No. 4313
Depends. I wish there was a version of this for mens piss h++p://www.vivehypnosis.de/?p=329
>> No. 4314
there is a free file by ember on spiral seductions I think, not my cup of tea so I didnt hence cant say what it is like

File 141279914391.jpg - (38.35KB , 510x596 , DrunkGirl-2.jpg )
4290 No. 4290 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I am looking for a file where I am instructed to pee my pants while listening to the file (hypno), but without any permanent bedwetting.

These files seem very few and far between, anyone know some?
>> No. 4300
bump i too have an interest in these.
>> No. 4303
The final file in this series "Wet" has it.

>> No. 4306
Thanks, any more?

I know MzDominica has some as well

File 141300397429.jpg - (218.37KB , 850x1222 , 1411265017240.jpg )
4295 No. 4295 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Does any one have any of these videos? If you do please share.

File 141175131077.jpg - (316.71KB , 1000x671 , image.jpg )
4262 No. 4262 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Love their videos but so hard to find :(
>> No. 4287
Umm, is that a male or a shemale?
>> No. 4292
It's a guy being crossdressed then used by several men. All of the bishonen videos are of cross dressing men. Some on the premise that the man is forced into it and then used, most start with the men in normal attire then you see them being made into women and so on.

File 141289057273.jpg - (109.16KB , 640x711 , amanda_sorceress.jpg )
4293 No. 4293 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Requesting Internet Loser Lifestyle from Goddess Lycia, or her Humiliation Tasks for Perverted Weirdos.

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