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File 140980300151.jpg - (65.95KB , 385x480 , 229.jpg )
4182 No. 4182 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for MOna Blu's feminization files, and she's one of the few good artists not on the ban list. I don't see her discussed much here, nor shared. Have anybody had success with her files?
>> No. 4282
>> No. 4501
She is one of the best.. wish I could find more of her.

File 142088452943.jpg - (163.40KB , 650x850 , r14_vG_tw3_00.jpg )
4497 No. 4497 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]

I am actually going crazy trying to find out third part of Twenty series by Eric Von Gotha.I think french,dutch,spanish and russian exist but for the love of god Can't find english version. Can anybody share the English version?
>> No. 4498
Also Part 4 please,I just saw part 4 exists.

File 142087155946.jpg - (234.62KB , 478x750 , lemon.jpg )
4499 No. 4499 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have Tara Tainton's Unknowingly Transforming Into The Overly Delightful Housewife You've Always Wanted?

File 142072362418.jpg - (151.46KB , 1300x792 , 1a.jpg )
4493 No. 4493 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking for any of the pay files from Jerm on WMM:


File 141855588632.jpg - (204.85KB , 1024x902 , just_a_bit_of_makeup_by_anynomous1234-d7zfgsm.jpg )
4453 No. 4453 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
dled these from newfapchan but can't find the thread.

It was a series of girly loops with a bimbo theme set to a video slideshow of girls with cheerleader style clothes, big platforms, heavy makeup, and so on.

I think they might have been homemade by a member here.

Can anybody help?
>> No. 4472
>> No. 4489
Does nobody remember these?

File 142026124716.jpg - (18.59KB , 300x300 , nip_eye_fixation_cover_art.jpg )
4487 No. 4487 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
anyone have this?


File 142022731745.gif - (900.40KB , 500x300 , Gifs-for-Tumblr-1244.gif )
4486 No. 4486 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hi, I need the source of this scene or the name of the actress (I already tried google and other search tools)

File 142015189931.png - (1.16MB , 1368x930 , evalin.png )
4482 No. 4482 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hi ladies,

I found an amazing dickgirl compilation music video on some tube site yesterday. Lots of anal, and the music was the track "Pornostar" by Miss Construction (lyrics, chanting "do you like chicks with dicks")

I came right away and closed the anonymous browser window. Now I can't find it anywhere. This is such a hot video that it's got to be available somewhere. Help?

File 141081241642.jpg - (79.03KB , 500x316 , wp0_wpa88d424a.jpg )
4219 No. 4219 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Can someone please re-up Seductra's megapack?
Thanks in advance.
>> No. 4227
>> No. 4354
>> No. 4478
Don't bother, all he's done is steal my free files from warpmymind and charge people hundreds of dollars for them.

They were very bad files, which I have no problem saying.

File 141575676593.jpg - (14.12KB , 190x190 , heldCover.jpg )
4377 No. 4377 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone got this?

A woman's breasts are like crystal balls. As you gaze at them, you can see into the future. See the pleasure they may give you. Often, you can only see the upper curves of the breasts. But these curves invite you to imagine their full roundness. The hypnotic domme knows how to take advantage of this. She seduces you into an erotic trance. Then she holds you hard, hypnotized, and helpless to resist the suggestions she plants deep in the very root of your subconscious mind. She takes control of your imagination, your dreams, your desires, and ultimately your entire sexual being.
>> No. 4409
I really want to get this one too
>> No. 4417
The description sounded really interesting; but the pricetag really turned me off. If it was $20-25 I would've considered buying and sharing.
>> No. 4476

I wasn't actually all that impressed, but I do have it to share.

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