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File 140664274884.jpg - (49.94KB , 1090x511 , 4GIFsDotCom182.jpg )
4058 No. 4058 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hi all,I'm searching all her nude pics and 8 hardcore vids.
The content is old but very hot and interesting.
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>> No. 4096
>> No. 4245
File 14113218501.jpg - (684.65KB , 1024x768 , VgBWPV_zx2.jpg )
This is the only other pic I have, soz.
>> No. 4246
Hi, I have this picture in original. There's way more ... there was a thread on 4chan. Two guys claimed they owned the collection of pics and all of her vids, but no sample have been seen.

File 140676750492.gif - (33.11KB , 198x198 , Hypnotic_Spiral_Picture.gif )
4070 No. 4070 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
A couple of days ago I was browsing the hypnoboard on my smartphone and there was a thread where some person said something like "everybody loves hypnosluts". There was also a pic and a video of a girl that was masturbating to hypnosis or at least it looked like that. That was hot and I thought I will download the video next time I am using my pc and fap and stuff but the thread got deleted. :(
So, my request is that video. I hope someone still has the link or doesn't delete history on every browser closing. please help me to find that hypnoslut, I love them indeed.
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>> No. 4100
For those who didn't see her on HP, she deleted her profile, but there are still plenty of images tagged under her.

>> No. 4204
Lol no. Completely different face, completely different accent.

Wouldn't have surprised me if a pretty girl who allowed herself to be cammed while under erotic hypnosis was doing it for the cash though.
>> No. 4237
is there any more? for research.

File 140936303379.jpg - (105.38KB , 1920x1080 , Beata Maria Pie And Nomi - Three Flavors_mp4_snaps.jpg )
4157 No. 4157 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I had a file on my old computer from here that I can't seem to find any more (probably an old thread), nor remember the 'tist.

It was called Milked, or milking, or something like that and had an alien abduction-like theme to it.

Anyone know which file it was, and also any similar stuff (I have Abduction by Trance)

Note: I am not looking for a download if it is DNP, just the actual file name and hypnotist.

Pic unrelated.
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>> No. 4161
Thanks everyone! That's the file :)
>> No. 4173
Does anyone have Mask and Masksubmissivedemon as well?
>> No. 4224
Can someone edit this to remove the "only cum from me" commands? I dunno how to do that...

File 140952360543.jpg - (12.89KB , 160x240 , image.jpg )
4167 No. 4167 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Does anybody have any Lady NovaStarr files they could share? As far as I know she is no longer active and her website has been down for four years and her files are no longer available. I just recently came across her for the first time with a file I found called "funky feet fetish", and although that's not my thing, I love her voice and style.. It's maybe my all time favorite. I'm guessing she must have had more files and I would love to hear some of anyone has any and is willing to share or discuss. Thanks
>> No. 4168
Yes, she had tons of other files. I've been trying to find her shit ever since she vanished. If anybody has ANYTHING from her, please post.
>> No. 4213
i can't believe there isn't more love for this woman. Her voice and style are amazing and she isn't even DNP. No one has anything they could generously share?
>> No. 4216
Here is a simple 4 minute mov file called "intro"


File 141048625571.jpg - (63.03KB , 650x820 , tumblr_nblqr4D8UT1td9hceo1_1280.jpg )
4215 No. 4215 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Black lipstick BJs?

File 141004203240.gif - (286.60KB , 609x862 , 1405341225265257868.gif )
4190 No. 4190 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hey. I'm looking for a website which was posted here like a month ago. It was a hypnosis chat roulette I guess, in which you could select whether you're sub or dom.
>> No. 4192
it was on /hypno/ on page 2....

>> No. 4193
Oh, I've been searching for it and didin't find it, even on /hypno/. I guess I'm blind. Thanks anyway!
>> No. 4196
It is called something like sleepychat

File 140373462490.gif - (1.60MB , 720x480 , aIvzObU.gif )
3976 No. 3976 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have a rip of the 'Autoeroticon'? I'm searching for it online, but it seems to have been deleted.

The first one - h++p://www.xvideos.com/video6552090/autoeroticon_-teased_redux_1_ - seems to be up, but not not 2 or 3?

I remember them being cool, and would like to try them again. Thank you in advance.
>> No. 4194
Part 2

Download with jdownloader

I cannot find Part 3, so your best bet is to ask the creator

File 140968142044.jpg - (5.05KB , 245x206 , big[1].jpg )
4175 No. 4175 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I am looking for additional files from Trance / Trancewithme / Emma Evans.

I have heard bad medicine, abduction, hypnoir, sedation therapy, succubus, the lesson, the clinic, drone fae glamour, infinity highway, sleeper spy, the wish and ICU. I am interested in anything else out there.

>> No. 4180
Just as a suggestion, why not create a thread in the Hynosis Fetishism thread and perhaps share those that you have with others - several of those I don't have and haven't found anywhere, perhaps with a dedicated thread more people will either find out about her (meaning Emma Evans) and spark interest. AnonFiles is probably the best and most useful hosting service as well, but it's up to you.
>> No. 4181
That sounds fair to me. Sweeten the deal wih actual content and not just a beggar post.

Why don't more users think this way?!
>> No. 4188

Well said

File 140989979450.png - (475.24KB , 650x249 , mesmerized-by-female-supremacy-.png )
4184 No. 4184 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
hello i search file from h++p://www.mesmeratrix.com/

the most important file i search is Mesmerized by FEMALE SUPREMACY

in the past i bought a lot of this hypnodomme but my hdd crashed -.-

File 140495257011.jpg - (9.00KB , 151x200 , tatiahna_0018.jpg )
4016 No. 4016 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can you all please help me to ID these babes? I appreciate the help. Thanks.
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>> No. 4068
Do a search by image in google - you'll fine out quickly
>> No. 4176
I did that and nothing.
>> No. 4177
Are you fucking retarded? Did you even look in the upper left corner?

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