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File 141885308435.jpg - (48.98KB , 597x480 , wtf-japan-13.jpg )
4459 No. 4459 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Color me intrigued about the source of the pic used in this demotivator.

File 140706035328.jpg - (23.38KB , 290x435 , 18550056_s.jpg )
4083 No. 4083 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hey everybody. I came across a 6 minute video of this file on Youtube and it seemed really intense. The content is right up my alley.

I checked the sticky to make sure we are allowed to request files from her and it seems as if we are. I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction of the full audio file? Would be very much in debt to anybody who could provide a link! Thanks. :)

Oh. And here is the Youtube video I watched that got me hooked. Maybe some of you can understand why I want this file so bad after listening to the 6 minutes that were made available? :)
>> No. 4084
Oops, forgot the link
>> No. 4115

Been a couple weeks. Gonna bump this in hopes that somebody may have this file.
>> No. 4455
It looks like a link to the file was added in the Youtube video since you posted. Here it is:

File 141834961075.jpg - (26.63KB , 500x374 , peggy hill.jpg )
4442 No. 4442 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I checked every page of /hypno/, /girly/ and /r/ for this site. I even checked inside relevant threads. Prepare for a poor description of something I am looking for.

It was some sort of blog or tumblr that had a pretty overt feminization theme. IIRC the blog gave you a sissy name right off the bat. The series was seperated into weeks of stories and masturbation instructions. You would scroll down the page and it would show pictures with instructions. They would say stuff like don't look at the girls breast, look at her eyes instead, etcetera. You would be instructed to not cum or whatever I think, just edge to the guy. G-d, I really wanna find this site.
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>> No. 4444
Oh yeah, to get these sexy quints here and to add something I shouldn't have left out. The site was also hypno themed.
>> No. 4447
google sissfy yourself
>> No. 4448
File 141843568355.jpg - (30.91KB , 490x296 , squee.jpg )


It's as hard to navigate as I remember but I finally found the exact post I was looking for.


File 14106685566.png - (680.01KB , 685x868 , tumblr_mtfv3xRVu91s76opdo1_1280.png )
4217 No. 4217 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Requesting a "exe/program" that had around 500 pictures in it, with an audio file. It would automaticly swap pictures at a fast pace. the program was called "mind melt" or "melter" i think... cant find it anywhere so im trying here..
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>> No. 4269
Here yar! The Melter.


This includes 2 presets for the included .exe program (JSubViewer) which you must open. Once that's running, go to File, select Open Preset, and navigate to The Melter folder to find the 2 available presets (extension: .svp). One goes faster.

Or you can just look at the 515 pictures and listen to the audio.

What it all does: The pictures and audio are supposed to make you wanna suck cock. You could probably call it gender neutral.

You can also seek out other presets to use with this program or make your own.
>> No. 4437
Can you repost that please? I can't download it
>> No. 4438
The Melter https://mega.co.nz/#!vN0nHZJA!5u4-j2phmUV8w68wP4azWDSl4tumQ9JPm4vrMUvJXjM

File 141810481523.jpg - (300.30KB , 850x850 , darthsaburou.jpg )
4436 No. 4436 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
This image is by an artist called DarthSaburou. It's a drawing of an original character of another artist. Does anyone know who that other artist is?

File 14180728771.jpg - (372.69KB , 1631x1080 , 139611501921.jpg )
4434 No. 4434 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
can i get a sauce?

File 141794812742.gif - (1.15MB , 320x213 , tumblr_nfs7l3aei71rgo797o1_400.gif )
4430 No. 4430 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking for the name of a hypno porno, seen as pictured. Does anyone know what it's called? More pictures can be found here

File 141739963453.png - (146.04KB , 300x299 , SpyVsSpy_Title.png )
4418 No. 4418 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have any TranceWithMe (Emma Evans) files. I am specifically looking for Fae Glamour, Spy Vs. Spy. Stroke, and Up and Down.

If someone has those please post to anonfiles.

I have a .zip with Abduction, The Clinic, The Wish, ICU, Bad Medicine, Spider and the Fly, Mind Melt, The Lesson, Infinity Highway, Chem Lab, Hypnoir, and Sleeper Spy. If someone has any of the files I listed above, I can post the zip with these.
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>> No. 4422
I have Spy vs Spy, however, I have no experience with file uploading. Maybe I could email it to you and you could upload it for everyone else?
>> No. 4423

There's the zip with The Wish, Hypnoir, Chemlab, The Clinic, Abduction, Bad Medicine, ICU, Infinity Highway, Mind Melt, Spider and the Fly, Sleeper Spy, and The Lesson.

This file will expire in 23 hours, if you still want it, just reply and I'll reupload it. I set it so it doesnt require the password, but if it still asks for it, its qkuUo8T.

I still would like Spy vs. Spy, Fae Glamour, Stroke, and Up and Down if anyone has those.

To the guy who wanted the email. Just send it to my throwaway. fakeemail4815162342@yahoo.com
Or just upload it to dropfile it's really easy.
>> No. 4429
Can you reup?


File 141782717948.jpg - (1.30MB , 2448x3264 , Evil-Designs.jpg )
4425 No. 4425 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]

Anyone got her MP3 or videos? She has a store on Niteflirt named "Queen of the Night"too

File 141764377377.png - (424.05KB , 1192x1224 , 2012_03_12_23_highschool-baby.png )
4426 No. 4426 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Could anyone with WMM premium please upload this file?


I loved the first one, and wana test out the new one.
>> No. 4427
bump - the first one never had the stated effect on me, but it is one of my favorite pre-hypno-session files... loop it like 10 times, then put on a real hypno and it is so much better. So I am curious about v2.1

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