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File 130889582671.jpg - (26.56KB , 500x332 , pondering your request.jpg )
310 No. 310 Locked Stickied hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Welcome to /r/ - Request

This is the board to post your contentless requests (by which I mean a request with less than 2 images).

Child Porn and nude or clothed children have no place on NewFapChan - DO NOT EVEN REPLY TO SUCH REQUESTS OR RISK A PERMABAN!
Don't request anything illegal.
Spam will not be tolerated!
Trolling, derailing, abusive or argumentative behavior, and incessant griping about requests have no place on this board.
Also, if your request isn't answered right away, overbumping it will cause it to be removed.

The more information about your request you give, the more likely it will get answered.
>> No. 469
No jailbait, it will be treated as CP.

You've probably heard of Tineye but have you heard of Google's Tineye? Unlike Tineye, this shit actually works. I've see random images from *chans, searched it, and within minutes I had a download going or something to search for in torrent sites. Use it before making a thread. Doesn't work that well for camwhores but try anyways. Also search for all sizes after you're done with the pages.


File 140986975678.jpg - (92.64KB , 1152x864 , form-submit_jsp.jpg )
4183 No. 4183 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I know it was posted here ages ago, but does anyone have more Lady Lita that what is available on torrent?
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>> No. 4996
bumping this, would love to hear more of her stuff because what is available has been quite effective
>> No. 5003
Yes I have a few you can share and download here which files do you need?
>> No. 5004
Yes I have a few you can share and download here which files do you need? https://volafile.org/r/cerchzw0 request inside and upload whatever you wish. and don't spread links openly thanks

File 14966730211.jpg - (288.98KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00021-20110220-132.jpg )
5000 No. 5000 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 5001
File 149667319745.png - (920.76KB , 809x1443 , Screenshot_2017-03-25-14-35-28-1.png )

File 149581082812.jpg - (139.67KB , 720x405 , previewlg_8819481.jpg )
4999 No. 4999 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I am searching desperately this video. Does anyone knows where to find it? There are a couple of megapacks of Tara's files but it isn't there.

taratainton dot com/this-time-youre-not-coming-before-the-end-of-my-video

File 148265458395.gif - (587.27KB , 330x186 , 1482657477186.gif )
4978 No. 4978 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Merry Christmas everyone!

I am looking for a compilation of cumshots that happen during orgies.

(cum on belly, pussy or pubes preferred)

Can anyone deliver, please?
>> No. 4979
Wow! Dat gif!
>> No. 4982
File 148336436868.gif - (1.50MB , 497x373 , 6457650.gif )
Dat lack of content!

File 144697589041.jpg - (94.38KB , 500x636 , tumblr_n4yj3e7XH31tniesjo1_500.jpg )
4843 No. 4843 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Some years back, I heard a file which involves you going down a staircase. Each step down you become more feminine. It was a female hypnotist and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the file or hypnotist. Any help would be great.
>> No. 4892
>> No. 4897
Pretty sure it was Nikki Fatale: Because. I specifically remember her instructing the listener to walk down a staircase
>> No. 4995
Wasn't it Nikki 90 minute blowjob file where she commands her slave girl to blow you?

File 146323902694.gif - (1.94MB , 248x431 , 1460918319639.gif )
4934 No. 4934 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking for a long video (50+ min) of a woman instructing you to focus only on a woman's eyes. You would stare at a single picture for minutes at a time(but never to long) and the women progressively lost their clothes. The challenge of not losing focus on her eyes was amazing. I had this video but lost it and have been looking for months.
>> No. 4994
Give us an exact description of her hair color eye color what her face and body looks like where is she from her accent? ect

File 14922438687.jpg - (2.39MB , 3000x4000 , DSCN2784.jpg )
4989 No. 4989 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Anybody know this slut's real or stage name?
>> No. 4990
File 14924980311.png - (1.46MB , 1080x1920 , IMG_Wendy Li_26.png )
Went to school with her. Stage name is Jade Chan.



File 149157998387.jpg - (209.16KB , 1280x720 , 170110vkxkbxe9dlbe7lgu.jpg )
4987 No. 4987 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]

File 148443409048.jpg - (85.14KB , 1080x1349 , 14280424_161439560971345_9145469632277118976_n.jpg )
4983 No. 4983 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Show her tits pls?

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