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File 136229524758.jpg - (87.81KB , 560x420 , 5fa4c239.jpg )
965 No. 965 ID: 44821d
Excellent! Finally a new place for this thread, after it disappeared together with Hypnochan. I wonder if the other guys, who were hanging out there, will find their way here... Since we're starting back from zero here, I figure a short introduction might be in order. If you're just looking for things to download, skip right to the bottom of this post.

Japanese hypnosis recordings. There are actually quite a lot of these out there, if you know what to search for. There is both free stuff and stuff you have to pay for. The latter is usually found on DLsite.

Why not? Okay, for real. First, there's a lot of stuff out there, with nice variety. Second, the style differs from western hypnosis in some interesting ways. There usually aren't any post-hypnotic suggestions or triggers and the files are completely self-contained scenes, with awakeners that lift all suggestions that were given. Files are commonly written by a writer, who then has a doujin voice actress record it, although some of them also write their own files. This usually leads to good sound quality and an absence of common hypno domme tropes. For example, I can't remember a single file with financial components.

But I don't know Japanese?
That will admittedly impair your enjoyment of these files a bit, but some people apparently still enjoyed listening without understanding much. You could just give it a try, if you can tolerate Japanese voices. If you are learning, you can even use these files for practice! Some include written scripts too.

What are some common genres?
Well, the usual. Hypno sex, kinky hypno sex, female body transformations and so on. A common type of file that is less common in the west is sleep help hypnosis. Things involving cum eating are mostly absent.

What are those RJ123456 numbers?
Those are DLsite IDs. You can quickly find the website describing the given file by adding it to the end of one of these addresses and putting ".html" after it. If you replace RJ with RE, you'll get the English version of the page. In the absence of an ID, googling for the file's name and circle name will usually turn up the source with a description.
http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/ ??? Add ID.html here.


Useful words
?????? hypnosis
???????????? hypnosis recording
???????????? doujin recording (not all of these are hypnosis, but hypnosis is usually this)
?????????????????? erotic hypnosis (hypnosis masturbation)
???????????? multiple orgasms
????????? or ??????????????? dry orgasms, usually multiple (think "female orgasm" files, but without necessarily having references to being female)
??????????????? you're supposed to masturbate while listening (at some point)
????????? female body transformation
?????? tentacles
?????? sleep helper
?????????????????? download
?????? voice actor/actress
????????? female voice
????????? male voice
???????????? for men
???????????? for women

Voice actresses
Names are given in Japanese order, last name first.
??????????????? Masaki Phan, a prolific voice actress of the genre who also writes files herself (http://phan.itigo.jp/)
??????????????? Satou Mashiro (http://masiro.xii.jp/)

I believe the Synergism Duet (naughty twins hypnosis) file from here was what started the old thread. There are also some other files. Happy Inject is voiced by a male. To download from axfc, copy the password from the page after "DL pass:" to the input box, click the button, follow the "click here" link. If your download doesn't start, click "?????????".

Masaki Phan's site with some free files. Check the links that don't lead to DLsite.

yanh runs a hypnosis (review) blog, but he also made some free files. The older ones are recorded using TTS, but the newer ones are voiced properly by voice actresses.

A link to links.

I previously uploaded some files. Some were by request or because they just came up in discussion, others because I like them. I thought I'd posted some others too, but I guess not. If there's any interest in this, I'll upload some more.

(???????????????) (????????????) [Angel Black] psyny advance. ????????????????????????????????????????????? [RJ065022].zip
Some futanari thing

This is a mirror of one of yanh's files from when it was only on a slow host. A dominant girl transforms you into a girl and stimulates you using toys. I really like this one.

(????????????)[111027][???????????????] ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? RJ085545.zip
You're caught in a bar and made to perform on camera for the female patrons. One of the few files involving cum eating.

[?????????] ????????????.rar
Cross dress in a magical school girl uniform and go streaking. This recording contains 3D sound effects in some places, so listen with headphones.

[?????????] ??????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? vol.1 (mp3????????????).zip
[?????????] ??????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? vol.2 (mp3????????????).zip
Not hypnosis, but an erotic voice drama, I think. But it's there, so...

(??????????????????) [????????????] ????????????????????????.zip
Some bondage thing, I think. It includes one version for men, voiced by ????????? (female), one for women, voiced by ??????????????? (female), and another one for women, voiced by ??? (male).

(??????????????????) [??????????????????(????????????)] ????????????????????????.zip
Suzu**** Haruhi hypnosis

(???????????????) (????????????) [Angel Black] ???????????????????????? [D0009537] (????????????????????????) (rr3).rar
Nagato Yuuki hypnosis

(??????????????????) [???????????????] ????????????M??????????????????????????? RJ101564.zip
"I will turn you into a masochist" hypnosis

(????????????) [DreamLight] ????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? RJ064080.zip
Hypnosis for dreaming a pervy dream with big sis

That's all. I hope this board will become a success and that we can have a nice revival of this thread here.

The board seems to mangle Japanese characters. Please refer here for an unmangled copy: http://pastie.org/private/vm3htuf1i2dcuwr0ct4w
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>> No. 1106 ID: 2bbe7e
File 136304754089.jpg - (447.45KB , 1120x840 , 1.jpg )
Is there any chance to get Japanese characters fixed?

Here's another file:
(??????????????????) [?????????????????????] ??????????????????????????????????????? [RJ074283].zip
[Candleman] Rape Sound Girl [RJ074283]

It's pretty good, just a little too long to listen to it very often. The rough theme is basically that a girl trains you to feel pleasure just by listening to sounds and making it so pleasurable that normal masturbation becomes unnecessary. There's also humiliation and such things. It's definitely one of the less "soft" experiences. Satou Mashiro does the voice acting.

Here's a translation of the description from DLsite:


Losing to a girl...
Having her make you cry...
Being made to submit with agony and pleasure...
Being turned into a miserable, pitiful loser dog...
Ahaha~ Aren't those are some terribly cruel things I mentioned there?
But you like that kind of thing, don't you?
People like you...
Masochists like you...
I know them reeeally well, you see?
If you're honest with me, I'll bully you a whooole lot as a reward~

Do you like being toyed with by means of sound?
Do you like it, when I make you moan and ache just with my voice and sounds, not laying a single finger on you?
How about being made to cry for real with sounds then?
Or being made to climax like a girl, just by my voice and sounds?
What about having your penis, the symbol of your manhood, remade into some embarrassing thing?

You like aaall of that, right?
You want me to rape you, don't you?
I just love people like you~
I'll destroy eeevery last bit of your masculinity for you~


Table of contents

1. Induction
2. Suggestions and breaking you in
3. Play time
4. Master's offer
5. Awakener

In total, it's a little over one and a half hour.

This work is, again, aimed at masochistic males.
This work contains ways of play involving mental pain, so if you prefer softer works without any pain, please refrain from listening.
Again, there is no actual masturbation in this work, but countless descriptions that lead to a climax.
>> No. 1135 ID: e2bcd8
Thank you very much for uploading these!
>> No. 1143 ID: 9c90fa
The characters are messed up in the file names too. Any chance you can tell me which file is which by filesize? Definitely sounds like a good time.
>> No. 1151 ID: c0887e
They are probably Shift-JIS encoded. Setting your system to Japanese locale could help.

These are the file sizes:
67564121B 1. Induction
77474978B 2. Suggestions
93434843B 3. Play time
8533655B 4. Offer
15992137B 5. Awakener
>> No. 1155 ID: 2627e0
is there any way you are able to obtain RJ073274?
>> No. 1159 ID: d57cc6
This one?

It's not hypnosis, though it still looks fun.
>> No. 1167 ID: e2bcd8
Where did you got this one?? Also, can you share more hypnosis recordings? Thank you for your work!
>> No. 1223 ID: 23913d
I don't understand Japanese that much. Only few words here and there. But I found the concept really hot so I decided give it a try. It was really intense. I enjoyed it a lot. I so wish I could understand Japanese. Maybe I should start studying. At least I would have very interesting motive...

Thank you for sharing.
>> No. 1226 ID: 63e1b5
File 136433294621.jpg - (143.09KB , 560x420 , maid.jpg )
Having an interesting motive helps a lot, but it's still hard work. It's very rewarding though.

Here's a new upload:
(??????????????????) [???????????????????????????107] ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [RJ046439].zip
[Mijinko/Hypno thread 107] Obeying the Maid ~Orgasm Management Voice~ [RJ046439]

This one is a bit more on the soft side than RSG (>>1106). It's voiced by Masaki Phan, includes a written script and has a nice, long induction.

Here's a translation of the description from DLsite:


This voice recording lets you experience masturbation while obeying a naughty maid.
It's made in a hypnotic way.
It's recommended for people who enjoy blowjobs, falling in trance and maids.
While intended for submissives, it should be okay for dominants too, if they can accept the maid's service and orders.
Let's obey Miss Maid and have our orgasm controlled.
>> No. 1246 ID: 936206
And here's another one:
(??????????????????)[???????????????????????????????????????] ?????????bracelet??? [RJ061467].zip
[Scripted Connection] Bracelet ~bracelet~ [RJ061467]

It's a nice file, done by Masaki Phan in a dominant voice and about an hour long. Written script files are also included.

Here's translation of the description from DLsite. It mentions a free file, but I can't link it, because the domain the Scripted Connection blog is hosted on is blocked here.


Being caught and violated by a bewitching young lady. If you cum, you'll fall and become her slave.

This work has its roots in the popular, free "Nr. 7" slave transformation trance recording.
Please enjoy this world of mysterious words and sounds.

"I'll carve the enjoyment of living as my slave into your mind for you.
I'll give you plenty of loving..."

Scripted Connection download #6
This work transforms you into a masturbating maso-dog.

Total recording length: About 60 minutes
Note: Headphones recommended
>> No. 1249 ID: 23913d
Seems like the zip file is damaged. Can't unpack it.
>> No. 1250 ID: ab58c2
You're right, I'm sorry. Here's a fixed upload:
>> No. 1251 ID: 23913d
Thank you!
>> No. 1274 ID: 9fb953
File 136528455557.jpg - (61.57KB , 350x509 , hypnosis-dvd.jpg )
Thanks for such exotic material.
>> No. 1303 ID: e2bcd8
Please post more! You have some very good recordings.
>> No. 1306 ID: e2bcd8
Thank, anon. I wonder if it will work for me without knowing the japanese.
>> No. 1334 ID: e2bcd8
Please dont stop OP! You have a really good taste in those things. Keem them coming!
>> No. 1374 ID: 9fb953
File 136770443789.jpg - (211.67KB , 930x523 , 4988587002_239f98f980_o.jpg )
A question: is there any of that recordings where the female voice is not that high-pitched? I think this is related to anime stuff, it's that I dislike that tone of voice.

Thanks in advance
>> No. 1384 ID: 2ec81b
File 136780002969.jpg - (181.18KB , 560x420 , カウント・ダウン.jpg )
Here's another recording:
(??????????????????) [????????????] ???????????????????????? [RJ064747].zip
[Saimin Nikki] Count down [RJ064747]

This is another soft one. It has a long induction part, where the girl does some hypnosis checks. Later on those become a little more naughty. It's also more of a hands on file, rather than a dry orgasm file. This file is voiced by Bubaigawara Shiho. The total length is about 70 minutes.

Here's a translation of the description from DLsite:


10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0!

There's nobody who'd feel dizzy from just that, right?
----Count down.
This time, as can be seen from the title, we pursued a recording where you just keep falling with the count, deeper and deeper and deeper.

Since it's made so that people who haven't experienced trance before will be able to go down and that those who always enjoyed hypnosis will be able to feel even more pleasure, it has become a recording that can be enjoyed by everybody.

Even though... it's just counting down numbers.
Before you know it, your body will relax and pleasant feelings spread through it.
Your body will fall into obedience to the cute girl.
But, she isn't hypnotizing you for the sake of you, who she loves.
She does it, because she wants to see the pleasure on your beloved face.

Such a girl... would you like her?


...strange, in the filename Japanese characters appear, but they're still broken in the post.

The female voice recording for female listeners in http://depositfiles.com/files/90umbnvuu is rather low pitch. I think the voice actress (A, kinoko) was going for a more masculine voice there. It should be usable by male listeners, if track 04 is switched with the one from the omake directory, which contains a female body transformation part. Also, depending on what you consider high pitched, maybe Rape Sound Girl from >>1106 would work? Satou Mashiro's voice varies a bit over the course of the recording. RJ060348, also voiced by Satou Mashiro would probably fit the bill too. That one is voiced in a somewhat uncommon tone, but it's not high pitched. I can post it, if you'd like.

Those are the three that come to mind without knowing more about your preferences.
>> No. 1390 ID: e2bcd8
Moar please. Also, OP, do you know some a good place where people share all of the new releases?
>> No. 1423 ID: e2bcd8
Can you share RJ060348 please?
>> No. 1426 ID: e2bcd8
Thank you!
>> No. 1427 ID: e2bcd8
>Female voice, for either:
>Female voice, for men:
Which one is better for dry orgasm in your opinion?
>> No. 1428 ID: 63e1b5
It's probably a matter of taste. The one for men will refer to genitalia and such more explicitly, while the other one will use more indirect expressions. If you go with the one for men, just leave out track 2.5 and you should be good. Track 2.5 is just a really short add-on anyway, with a length of about 3 minutes.
>> No. 1439 ID: e2bcd8
OP, do you have any of these? RJ067214, RJ089671, RJ101764. I`m trying to collect all works of this glorious circle. Thank you!
>> No. 1448 ID: e2bcd8
I love you.
>> No. 1452 ID: 9fb953
File 136873711612.jpg - (25.81KB , 450x308 , traditions.jpg )
In the chan tradition, let me tell that you are a gentleman and a scholar, so thank you very much, I've downloaded something, I'll download more and I'll say something.
>> No. 1454 ID: e2bcd8
File 136878768345.jpg - (222.69KB , 560x420 , RJ079377_img_main[1].jpg )
Did anyone listen to RJ079377? Its in top 30 voice recordings but i still cant find it on the internet.
>> No. 1455 ID: 4bd667
I haven't seen it anywhere either so far. Surprising, since it's pretty cheap and seems to be popular. It also appears to be some sort of "experimental" recording rather than hypnosis.
>> No. 1458 ID: e11cf5
Could you please share some files for submissive girls, read by men? Most of the ones here are for guys mainly with references to body parts.
>> No. 1463 ID: abb21c
While I'd love to, I'm afraid that kind of file is rather hard to find and I haven't spent much time looking for it either, due to my personal preferences. Some of the recordings in this thread include male voiced versions though, so there's that. I usually mentioned it in the post. The first two recordings in >>1444 also do. You could also check the girl's side of DLsite for hypnosis recordings (http://www.dlsite.com/girls/fsr/=/language/jp/sex_category%5B0%5D/female/keyword/%BA%C5??%B2%BB%C0%BC/work_category%5B0%5D/doujin/per_page/30) and check if the voice actors have any free files on their blogs, as their female counterparts often do.
>> No. 1464 ID: 2611bd
The board broke the link. Here's the right one: http://www.dlsite.com/girls/fsr/=/language/jp/sex_category%5B0%5D/female/keyword/%BA%C5%CC%B2%B2%BB%C0%BC/work_category%5B0%5D/doujin/per_page/30
>> No. 1468 ID: d24d3b
does anyone have RJ109294? I've been looking for it for so long now
>> No. 1474 ID: d47b68
I didn't think I had it, but it was right there in my collection. I'll upload it later today. According to the readme, you're supposed to use the included programs to generate a random mix from the MP3s. It seems to be clean, but since I didn't get it from DLsite directly, I can't guarantee those two exe files are harmless.
>> No. 1477 ID: d24d3b
Scanned through the file with a few different programs and it looks to be safe. Thanks for the upload!
>> No. 1480 ID: e2bcd8
OP, what is your favorite circle or recordings? Thanks for all your work!
>> No. 1487 ID: 421bc2
The files I've listened to most are probably yanh's toy assault hypnosis (>>965) without the broken vibrator bonus track, RSG (>>1106) and KUKURI's married woman lesson (RJ040094). Of those, I probably listened the last one the most, due to it being the shortest and to RSG the least, because it's rather long. On that note, I should probably post RJ040094 some time.

As far as circles go, I really like the attention to detail and choice of subject in Candleman's (RG11428) works. Being a fan of female body transformation recordings, Furo Ido Soft (RG03913) is another one I generally like, but their works tend to be too long for me. I'll still listen to them at least once, if I can get them though.
>> No. 1500 ID: e2bcd8
You have some uncommon taste in those things.
>I should probably post RJ040094 some time.
Yeah id like to listen to it hehehe.

On a side note. Do you have RJ064616 by any chance?
>> No. 1543 ID: 35be0d
Glad to see this thread survived the death of hypnochan.

I can't speak for him, but I have RJ064616. It was one of the first ones I bought after exhausting the ones I could find for free:

I'm ambivalent about this one; Kotone Akatsuki hadn't yet finished overcoming that lisp that drives me nuts in her older stuff, but I like most of the scenario.
>> No. 1552 ID: 32c0d1
File 136996587926.jpg - (32.87KB , 800x500 , hitoduma.jpg )
Hey, it's good to see you around now too.

Seeing that Spectral uploaded RJ064616 already, here's RJ040094:

...in which a girl on the train hypnotizes you and makes you become the neighbors wife, to whom male you does naughty things.
>> No. 1557 ID: e2bcd8
Thank you! Kotone Akatsuki and Phan Masaki are my favs.
>in which a girl on the train hypnotizes you and makes you become the neighbors wife, to whom male you does naughty things
This sounds fucking awesome. Thanks!
>> No. 1575 ID: e2bcd8
Can you name some of your favorite Kotone Akatsuki recordings?
>> No. 1577 ID: 35be0d
Sure; I won't say these are "the best" (and wouldn't even know how to judge that), but they're ones I like.

RJ078691, in which a fox girl wants to be your little sister, hypnotizes you and teases you with her tail. And I love me some fox girl tailplay.

RJ089267, an all-ages work in which you are hypnotized to be her baby, complete with being the womb and small birthing scene. I'm not really into the baby/age regression scenario but just listening to her talk in this one is pretty much the most relaxing thing ever.

RJ091969, another all-ages one where your older sister and mama crawl into your bed and hypnotize you to sleep from both sides. Very similar works come in other flavors: twin younger sisters (RJ106343) or younger and older sister (RJ086208). Circles need to do more voice works with a hypnotist on each side because I cannot get enough of that.
>> No. 1579 ID: e2bcd8
File 137035831816.png - (9.84KB , 284x284 , 62897772.png )
Couldn't find any of these... B-but thanks for reply.
>> No. 1595 ID: 35be0d
If only there was someone who had them who could share!

RJ078691: https://anonfiles.com/file/58238e42dfbad5358fb5c456d3db9f9c
RJ089267: http://www.mediafire.com/download/doq8qaqyzq37787/RJ089267.zip
RJ091969: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bubpu1s8bqc37wp/RJ091969.zip
>> No. 1596 ID: e2bcd8
File 137063412840.png - (66.97KB , 247x248 , 71926639.png )
You are amazing! Thanks!
>> No. 1605 ID: e2bcd8
I slept so good after this one... Gona listen to RJ106343 or RJ086208 tonight.

Can you guys suggest some more works like this?
>> No. 1614 ID: 9fb953
File 137106936983.jpg - (38.38KB , 533x800 , tumblr_mnwi1cfJBS1sq3ud9o1_1280.jpg )
Thank you, sorry for the delay in answering.

I did not like the tone either, for me it's like a child talking to me, I don't know if I'm expressing myself well, but I repeat, it's not like an adult woman was talking.

Unrelated picture
>> No. 1632 ID: cdff70
So none of the suggestions I made suited your taste? I'm afraid I can't think of anything then. RJ064747 was not meant to be part of the suggestion by the way.
>> No. 1639 ID: 9fb953
It's a matter of tastes, don't worryv and thanks for your time.


*sigh* with a voice like that would be nice!
>> No. 1680 ID: d3dcf5
wheres hurpd*rp when you need /them/... - If any of you on this thread are from hypnoch*n before it went down, please search for odp's blog... (dont want to break any rules, just trying to help out hurp)
>> No. 1681 ID: e3ab16
>wheres hurpd*rp when you need /them/
Good question.
>> No. 1683 ID: e2bcd8
File 137193033934.jpg - (33.07KB , 277x332 , 1368407385304.jpg )
Hey, Hurp! Just want to say thanks for introducing Japanese erotic hypnosis to me! Thanks!
>> No. 1690 ID: 39c00b
Anyone got RJ075214, RJ083296, RJ097582, RJ105013 or RJ106161? Some of them are male CVs, but not all.
>> No. 1696 ID: 2611bd
> Am I forgetting someone...?
I think there were one or two regular anons too.

> I lost both of your emails with the original Hypnochan dying, so could you two post them again? :(
I don't really want to post it publicly. Maybe you could post some other way for me to send it to you? Here's a PGP key: http://pastie.org/private/88tl1x8fsi0vtsv95tusq (72A8 2D94 0613 E988 09BB 0F28 8BE7 3ADE 2D35 1C21)

> Let me know if you want it and I'll upload it by itself.
Please do!

> But the thing is... the file size is apparently 300MB less than what it should be according to DLSite. A simple repack couldn't change that much, I'm sure.
I'm not sure about that myself, but considering that it's approximately half the size, I assumed that the original download contains a "pre-mixed" copy of the files that you can listen to without running one of the included programs.

I don't seem to have any of those.
>> No. 1697 ID: 35be0d
I never posted my email on hypnochan either, for the same reason. For now you can reach me at the address on this post.
>> No. 1698 ID: d3dcf5
good HurpDurp found the JP Hyp. Team :D - Sorry anons cant really contribute, but i do want to say thanks.
>> No. 1708 ID: 38cd0e
>Please do!
Here you (and everyone else) go: https://ultramegabit.com/file/details/91b9IbHihmo

>Here's a PGP key: http://pastie.org/private/88tl1x8fsi0vtsv95tusq
Have no idea whatsoever to do with that PGP key... Tried decrypting it with GNUPG, but it just gives me a "general error" message. Importing it doesn't give me anything other than your username used here (no email). I thought you needed the private key to decrypt these things anyway, or am I doing something wrong...?

Also, what about that picture? D: Or was that the other guy (Spectral)? It was posted while you were both still anonymous, so...

Could've sworn you both did it :V Thanks tho~ This time I saved it in a .txt.

I don't really like this site. Takes me decades to post because the mods banned TOR IP addresses. This post literally took me an hour to get through. And the site I originally uploaded to was blacklisted, which led me to waiting another hour going through blocked IPs ._. Why you no let me be safe and anonymous? (/????????)/
>> No. 1713 ID: 35be0d
>I believe that was posted by Spectral.
Wasn't me. Must have been one of the anons.
>> No. 1715 ID: dab64e
File 13721335114.jpg - (30.88KB , 640x360 , phan.jpg )
I found the picture. The old thread too, actually.
>> No. 1716 ID: 2b2030
Well, tell me if I did it right: http://tny.cz/08b16237 If I did, send me an email. (If you wanna make sure it decrypted right, my email I used right now is somewhat similar to the one in that encrypted message.)

By the way Spectral, did you ever buy that Senjougahara hypnosis file (RJ091203)? I forgot you said you were going to, but out of boredom I just read the whole original topic again and you said you might next month (which would've been September 2012)

Where'd you get that? I've tried the way back machine, but it always told me it never had our thread archived. :( Also, thanks bro~

So I recently (as in yesterday) listened to RJ107766 (CV Kotone Akatsuki). It was really relaxing (I enjoy mimikaki so much~) and arousing despite not having many pornographic words I recognized (she barely even said "ochinchin" and I don't even remember hearing "omanko"). Only thing is.. I couldn't tell if you cum at the end or not. Sounds like she does, but I didn't hear anything like "seieki" or "nakada(shi)" or whatever.

There's apparently a pseudo-sequel (RJ107766's younger sister, it's 20 minutes shorter and has a different CV - Maria Ayana) in RJ110910. Either of you guys listen to either of these? (If not, do you want/need them?) If so, what'd you think of them? Also, do you guys like mimikaki?

Speaking of pure voice (the circle that made the two things I mentioned above):
>And on the anime front, there's a K-on themed work by pure voice up on both sides of DLsite tonight.
>Oh fuck, I want this because I like Azu-nyan. :V Kind of sounds like her in my opinion too.
>(And I'll be pissed off if she doesn't say "nyan" at least once.)

This pissed me off so much, she didn't fucking say "nyan" even once. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG. Almost had a hands-free orgasm to it though. Didn't realize until too late that was actually meant as a red-light-green-light masturbation session. :V

> I listened to an ear cleaning 3D track once and I could swear I felt a q-tip in my goddamn ear. (And it wasn't even hypnosis!)
Since someone (one of you guys, I assume) asked me to tell you what it was: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE096025.html

You can find the non-h version on Nico (it's linked in the above description), but the ero version also includes the non-h version in MP3 format and it's likely better quality. Let me know if you want/need it. Would've never found it if it wasn't for the fact it took them a year to add it to the English DLsite for some reason and I just happened to be there that day. If you guys happen to have any of that circle's other work, let me know. I'd be grateful. (They are not on the English version of DLsite for some reason, so you'll need to go the Japanese page.)
>> No. 1717 ID: 8ab3ea
TOR IPs are blocked because we've received a lot of CP, spam, and raids from those addresses in the past. Also, as far as I know, only extrabit has been filtered, since its access is blocked from USA. If you used a different fileshare site, let me know and I'll possibly unfilter it.
>> No. 1718 ID: a57ba1
It was uploaded dot net / ul dot to. I actually got banned TELLING you the URL just now. ._.

Also, some of the bans say "IP from proxylist automatically banned". Also something about shoops and how they're shitty.
>> No. 1725 ID: 326c70
>[Mormot Strip] Dirty Prisoner ~shuujin taiken~ [RJ079377]
Dunno if you typoed or mistranslated, but it's "Marmot", not "Mormot". (I mean, cough, http://marmotstrip.blog25dotfc2dotcom/) (Why is fc2 banned too?!)

>I think that was me.
So... do you need it? :V Also, DMM has two of circle's works for free (but just the non-h mimimaki parts) if you want some more.
http://www.dmm.co.jp/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_056641zero/ (Not sure, might be RJ114198?)
http://www.dmm.co.jp/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_058639zero/ (RJ116066)

Got your email and replied. And I also sent one off to Spectral. They both have questions in them, so make sure you reply with an answer~
>> No. 1730 ID: 8ab3ea
Those shitty shoops that have been circulating these Internets are blocked too.
Congratulation for proving that you're both smart enough and human enough to find a way around the spamfilter. The name HerDerp does you no justice good sir. Consider that little blip removed from the filter.
>> No. 1732 ID: 06e956
> it's "Marmot", not "Mormot"
Looks like the katakana spelling threw me off.

> So... do you need it? :V
I just got around to listening to the nico video. Please upload it. And thanks for the other links.
>> No. 1734 ID: 1bd090
Thanks. By the way, Extabit (I'm assuming you typoed it originally?) doesn't block the US from accessing it. There are only four I know of that do that, and those are Hitfile.net, Letitbit.net, Shareflare.net and Turbobit. There are other problematic things such as Mediafire.com banning whole accounts when a single file is reported, Depositfiles.com pulling it's servers from America so even people with Gold accounts have shit speeds or Hotfile.com reportedly selling out the the MPAA, but they all work in the US.

I used the TLD so you know whether or not they're banned. If this post went through, then they obviously aren't. :U

Also, you didn't say why fc2 was banned, as mentioned here >>1725 Oh, and and chance you can fix the problem displaying Japanese characters in posts? It works in the image file names (as seen here >>1384 ), but not in the actual posts contents and every other Futaba I know (for example 2ch, 4chan and Hidden/Hypnochan) support them just fine.

File name: http://tny.cz/9af0bfb4

In other news... RJ110910 is basically the was the same thing as RJ107766, only difference is she jerks you off with her tits while blowing you. Still dunno if you cum or not, but she did say "isshoni" after it was over.
>> No. 1736 ID: 8ab3ea
File 137232918631.jpg - (136.08KB , 615x660 , gals press.jpg )
You are correct. It was Turbobit I was thinking of, not extrabit. We saw a lot of CP spam from extrabit, but that seems to have subsided, so I'll remove that. f2c was already on the spamfilter, we didn't add that. Consider it removed as well.

As for the jp text displaying, I'm not sure why it doesn't work here anymore. I don't know how to fix that issue, but I'll bring it up with the sysadmin next time I see him.
>> No. 1737 ID: 352303
Thanks a lot.
>> No. 1796 ID: 8ab3ea
File 137267347478.jpg - (61.26KB , 640x480 , seductive on bed.jpg )
>> No. 1797 ID: 12fd2f
>> No. 1799 ID: e2bcd8
Can someone suggest me a good dry orgasm works and also share RJ063801 please?
>> No. 1811 ID: e2bcd8
Thank you very much, Hurp.
>As for you're inquiry, I pretty much listen to everything (even non-hypnosis) as "dry orgasm" files unless I'm specifically told to masturbate by the seiyuu.
I do the same and i never had a "dry orgasm"... I feel like i have a better chance to get one while listening to specially designed recordings like RJ088552 (was really close).
>But if you've got a prostate massager and like sticking it up your butt
Sadly, no :( but thanks anyway!
>> No. 1815 ID: 6391e9
>Sadly, no :( but thanks anyway!
Well, you can also remove that track. It is optional. But using one would probably make it actually happen :X
>> No. 1825 ID: 7b0657
Thanks to OP for restarting this thread.
>> No. 1828 ID: cdff70
I just wish I could've found it sooner. I was actually Googling "5a1m1N" from time to time in an attempt to find these guys elsewhere, but it never gave me any results here. :(

Now that I have found it, it does. ಠ_ಠ
>> No. 1834 ID: 9dda12

It doesn't for me, oddly enough.
>> No. 1846 ID: e46caf
>I'm not sure about that myself, but considering that it's approximately half the size, I assumed that the original download contains a "pre-mixed" copy of the files that you can listen to without running one of the included programs.
Turns out it's separate files for men and women (both are still a female CV, though). I'm assuming the original one was just for males. Dunno if it can be used as feminization. Someone will have to check~

Correct size version: http://ul.to/qx9i12to
(同人催眠音声) [130118] [エロトランス] ヒプノルーレット RJ109294.zip
>> No. 1851 ID: 35be0d
>Turns out it's separate files for men and women (both are still a female CV, though)
Well, not exactly. The for-women version is voiced by Akira, a male CV.
>> No. 1854 ID: cdff70
Interesting. DLSite English only listed the one CV, whereas the Japanese one listed both (which I missed at first somehow orz). Despite that, it's still yuri apparently:

※ 女性向けは百合展開です。"
>> No. 1856 ID: 7723ce
This thread is surprisingly popular. Do that many of you really know Japanese that fluently that you can understand the suggestions even when in trance?
>> No. 1857 ID: db96a8
just hypnotize yourself to understand japanese
>> No. 1860 ID: 9bda29

>> No. 1864 ID: 35be0d
I listen to this stuff more for relaxation and ASMR than eroticism, largely because I've had little luck responding to suggestion in trance. It doesn't help that I'm prone to falling asleep instead. But once in a while I'll listen to something that uses words I know while I'm in the right mental state and it'll just click and I'll have a really intense experience.
>> No. 1867 ID: e2bcd8
Can you guys check for RJ063801 on perfectdark please?
>> No. 1869 ID: 06f6a8
Nice find. So that's what was missing. It's good to have the full file in my collection.

The English one tends to be a little less informative in general.

When comparing my listening comprehension in and out of trance, I'd say they are pretty close.

I think it's posted in >>1809.
>> No. 1871 ID: 32f19a
i listened to bracelet from phan masaki. i know enough japanese to get into it, and unlike some of her other stuff, the more dominant sounding voice was really awesome. i'd to hear your guy's opinions of other recordings she's done in a similar fashion.
>> No. 1874 ID: 38cd0e
Bracelet 2? :U (I mean, there is a sequel after all.)

Unrelated but since you reminded me, I once listened to an incest audio with Phan Masaki where she was getting high. There was sound effects for everything. It was both hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

If you're okay with non-hypnosis and another CV, you should really check out RJ109731. It's fan-fucking-tastic. Actually, Natsuki Nogami is so good I'm contemplating making her my favorite seiyuu (currently Phan Masaki holds that title). Her circle, Atelier Honey*, does some really great stuff too (again, not hypnosis, although it's pretty damn close to being one).
>> No. 1876 ID: e2bcd8
>I think it's posted in >>1809.
Oh, my bad.
>i'd to hear your guy's opinions of other recordings she's done in a similar fashion.
What hurp said. Try bracelet 2!
Fucking Human Chair man... They have so much hidden gems.
>> No. 1877 ID: e2bcd8
Listen to RJ056765. Not Phan Masaki but i really enjoyed it.
>> No. 1885 ID: e2bcd8
Perfect Dark is doesn't work with dynamic IP right? Can someone confirm?
>> No. 1889 ID: e2bcd8
Are you sure about that? Mine says "open port not confirmed" and i cant make it to work... Do you have any tips? I just want to build a collection of my favorite circles and don`t want to bother you guys with my requests...
>> No. 1895 ID: 32f19a
thanks for the tips, i'll check them out. like i said before, my japanese is decent enough to get something out of these recordings. i find phan masaki to be more easily comprehensible than some of the other ones though.

do you guys have other recommendations for voice actresses who are easier to understand ( speak clearly and deliberately)?

also one more question. do you find relative success by just searching google with the RJ123456 numbers?

>> No. 1901 ID: e46caf
>Fucking Human Chair man... They have so much hidden gems.
I take it you liked that one as well? :V

As 5a1M1N said, you need to port forward your router. Here are some guides, if you need them: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/ (Pick your appropriate router, any guide should work since there isn't one specifically for Share or Perfect Dark. Also, make sure you have the ability to share a lot. It racks up pretty
fast, my current unity size is 110GB....)

Older stuff, maybe. Results for newer stuff on Google tend to be fake premium account buying traps, unless it's from a place you know you've gotten real stuff from before. (Or they actually have "free download sites" - ie, don't require you to buy a premium account to access the file on any website it's posted at. Those are all fake, no exceptions.)

I found a couple of blogs (via Googling the product numbers, so it does work) that post these religiously and without fake or corrupted files or file names (I've seen some sites that post content with the file names all broken), and just added the feeds into a reader and have it check every couple of hours to see if new shit was posted or not.
>> No. 1937 ID: e2bcd8
File 137391016972.jpg - (3.30KB , 126x127 , 11901155.jpg )
Can someone share RJ117375 please?
>> No. 1938 ID: e2bcd8
>I take it you liked that one as well? :V
Yeah it was pretty good :)
>As 5a1M1N said, you need to port forward your router.
I did but it seems the problem is with my IPS so no PD for me...
> found a couple of blogs (via Googling the product numbers, so it does work) that post these religiously and without fake or corrupted files or file names
Can you name few?
>> No. 1939 ID: e2bcd8
How is your health atm, Hurp? Hope you will get better soon!
>> No. 1947 ID: 21324e
Don't have it. It's still kinda recent and not even hypnosis, anyway.

>I did but it seems the problem is with my IPS so no PD for me...
Try connecting directly to the modem and see if it works that way. If so, the problem is definitely with your router.

Either way, it's not all that useful. Maybe for older stuff, but that's about it. I personally haven't used it for months.

>Can you name few?
I'm sorry bro, but loose lips sink ships etc. If you're having trouble finding some, Google something that ISN'T an audio, such as CGs, videos or dōjinshi, as they posted far more often online than audio files.

I'm fine, thank you.
>> No. 2133 ID: 32f19a
i'm looking for bracelet 2 from phan masaki. anybody have experience with it? mind sharing it?
>> No. 2136 ID: c96f45
It's been awhile since I've listened to it (and it was one of the first ones IIRC), so I can't tell you if it was any good since I can't remember it. Besides, I've learned a lot since then so I wouldn't trust a review of mine from 3 years ago anyway.

(同人音声) [すくりぷてっどこねくしょん] 腕輪2~射精管理~ RJ086593.zip

Been looking for that myself. JON is really good~
>> No. 2137 ID: 32f19a
thanks for this.
>> No. 2140 ID: e2bcd8
Its not as good as first one but still decent. On a side note. Anyone have RJ104714 by any chance?
>> No. 2149 ID: 32f19a
listened to bracelet 2, thanks for sharing it. it was alright, but the first was better.

time to search for other stuff i might be interested in.
>> No. 2159 ID: 486448
Sorry, I don't have that one. Not sure if you noticed, but that appears to be neither hypnosis NOR pornographic. Kotone's a good voice actress, so I'd like to listen to it nonetheless.
>> No. 2186 ID: 47ff93
Anyone got either of these? They're both hypnosis audios and seem to be around for a limited time only...
>> No. 2204 ID: 35be0d
I don't think they're going to stop selling them, looks more like they're discounted for a limited time (before the audios' names it says it's on sale).
>> No. 2206 ID: 75cde4
That might very well be the case, but the English site translated it as "limited sale", so I was kinda worried.

Either way, if someone was planning on buying it, it'd probably be smart to do it while it's on sale.
>> No. 2250 ID: e2bcd8
>haven't gotten a chance to listen to it yet. Let me know if it's any good: http://ul.to/xoeheq6z
A little bit late but i just listened to it and it was awesome! I almost had a dry orgasm :<
>> No. 2257 ID: 399ce6
so are these files still enjoyable even if you dont understand a word of japanese?
>> No. 2265 ID: 98d012
I don't think I enjoy them quite as much as some other people in the thread, but I do listen to them occasionally.
Japanese voice acting is insanely superior to any english speaking voice actor I've heard when it comes to erotic recordings. That and the fact that they use some fun sound effects to make like making it sound like they are giving you a blowjob make them pretty enjoyable compared to english files. (although they do sometimes go a little over the top with the blowjob thing)
If I knew japanese better than 2 years back in high school then I would probably never need anything else for erotic material.

Anyway, they're enjoyable enough and nothing's stopping you from listening to a few files.
>> No. 2269 ID: c632d4
To be honest, even if you only know a handful of words, you can still pretty much figure out what's going on by listening to what they're doing as most have sound effects for a "full immersive experience", their tone of voice and those few words you understood. Otherwise, if you've ever watched Japanese porn or hentai, you should pretty much know all the naughty words by now so you should still be able to get off at the very least.

All I know is hiragana and a handful of (ero) words and I can still trance to it. Way better than any of the other shit I've listened to for sure.
>> No. 2282 ID: c8d445
Does anyone have RJ116466? Everything else from that circle has been amazing so far, so hoping to listen to their most recent work. It's gender bender via body swapping. A different type of female body transformation, sounds interesting.
>> No. 2374 ID: 5d9f60
I just finished listening to it. Interesting and rather pleasurable, I'd say. If anybody would like one, I can provide a translated DLsite description for this one too.
>> No. 2375 ID: a89260
If you don't mind. Anything that gives me a better idea of what's going on is okay in my book~

...even though this one is pretty much self-explanatory.
>> No. 2376 ID: d2cbe9
(同人音声) [サイクロンミント] ヤンデレ後輩と入れ替わり催眠 RJ116466.rar
[Cyclone Mint] Yandere kouhai to irekawari saimin [RJ116466]


"Senpai... Are you interested... in girls' bodies?"

Your underclassman is a quiet, inconspicious and very delicate girl.

After school, she calls you out, confesses and an invitation to have sex with her slips out too.

But... it's a sweet trap.

Switching bodies, you find yourself in the tiny and slender body of a girl...
She ends up in your body...

From there, her true nature as a yandere is revealed.

"Giggle... Senpai, you are so.. cute as me...
I'll make... lots of love to you...
Senpai's virginity... I'll take it... with senpai's body..."

This is a hypnosis recording.
Please listen to it alone and in a safe place.

Table of contents

1. Story introduction (02:50)
2. Hypnosis induction (35:41)
3. Sex part(41:30)
4. Awakener(06:09)

Total duration: About 86 minutes


Here's a post in my regular format then. I also picked up RJ082991 and RJ118685, if anybody is interested. I've not seen either of them posted anywhere. Actually, I've never seen anything at all from TSらぼ out there.
>> No. 2377 ID: ae3bac
>> No. 2379 ID: 8b1b3f
The description on the English site was actually accurate for a change? Holy sheeeeeeeeeeeit.

>I also picked up RJ082991 and RJ118685, if anybody is interested.

Honestly, if any of you guys buy anything that hasn't been posted on the Internet yet (regardless of content - can be hypnosis, not hypnosis, non-h or even yaoi), I want it. :V

So, yes, gief plox.
>> No. 2381 ID: ae3bac
looks like i have a new reason to learn japanese
>> No. 2382 ID: ae3bac
hurp how many terabytes of smut do you have on your computer?
>> No. 2383 ID: a89260
I just recently finished filling my 3rd 3TB HDD. Been waiting impatiently for some place to have a sale on 4TB external hard drives.

I essentially filled up that HDD with this stuff alone. :(
>> No. 2388 ID: cdff70
File 137657703196.jpg - (258.17KB , 560x420 , RJ082991_img_main.jpg )
(同人音声) [TSらぼ] 少女、悪魔の快楽に遭う RJ082991.rar
[TS Lab] Shoujo, akuma no kairaku ni au [RJ082991]

I still need to listen to this one. Here's a translation of the description from DLsite:


This hypnosis recording has the experience of being hypnotically transformed into a woman as its main theme.
The latter part is split into four different tales containing different scenarios.
Please look forward to these various scenarios.

Before you know it, you are walking down an unfamiliar corridor...
And come across a female researcher.
The female researcher puts you into trance...

Are you looking forward to some lesbian make out sex?
Or maybe to being possessed, beast rape or gang rape!?

Table of contents
01序.mp3 00:42 Disclaimer
02導.mp3 20:06 Induction
03貝.mp3 10:55 Lesbian make out sex
03栗.mp3 09:41 Obeying the voice and touching yourself down there
03犬.mp3 15:14 Having your body controlled, being taken for a walk and, with a dog...
03輪.mp3 14:21 Having your body controlled and having several guys play with you
04解.mp3 02:05 Awakener


When listening, select one of the track three variants.

Is anything wrong?
>> No. 2389 ID: e2bcd8
Thanks for sharing this stuff!
>I just recently finished filling my 3rd 3TB HDD.
You wot m8? Hurry up and make another aural ecstasy you faget :3
>> No. 2390 ID: fc3ac0
File 137658165769.jpg - (102.45KB , 960x640 , VETH_pct1.jpg )
(同人音声) [Hypnotic_Yanh] ヴァーチャル電気拷問催眠 Ver2 RJ118685.rar
[Hypnotic_Yanh] Virtual denki goumon saimin Ver2 [RJ118685]

Another one I still need to listen to. Here's a translation of the description from DLsite:


It's been a while.
What would you like to play today?
Let's see, how about a game of torture make-believe?
With this virtual electric torture, you will cum like crazy.
You're a completely masochistic pervert after all.

This work is a recording which employs hypnotic techniques.
It's for both men and women. As long as they are fine with a female voice, female listeners should be able to enjoy it too.

-Recommended preparations-
This work contains sections with instructions to vocalize multiple times.
While you will be able to enjoy it without vocalizing in reality,
I believe it will be more enjoyable if you do.
If you listen in an environment, where you can vocalize, or prepare something
to suppress your voice (gag, ball gag or something like that), you'll be able to enjoy it more.

-Table of contents-
VETH1_Induction.mp3 26min
VETH2_Putting on the gag.mp3 2min
VETH3_Torture1.mp3 22min
VETH4_Torture2.mp3 3min
VETH5_Awakener.mp3 4min
Main part: 57min Specials and additions: 26min Total: 83min
Includes a script and five illustrations.


One of the sample pictures on DLsite is a "how to make your own gag from a scarf" instruction sheet, which isn't included in the archive for some reason. However, it does includes an add-on track for Yanh's free virtual fellatio recording.
>> No. 2405 ID: 89a6dd
Thanks bro.

I've been considering buying something. Does anything on that list I showed you interest you?
>> No. 2411 ID: 5672e8
Are these really still enjoyable even without understanding the words? Seems like so much would be missing. I haven't downloaded any files yet, but wanted to thank you all regardless for providing content like this. I really do wish I understood Japanese as I often really love the translations, they fit my taste, the language barrier in this life is beyond painful. :<
>> No. 2416 ID: 32f19a
once you get a decent enough understanding of the right words, it goes pretty far. hurp has made a solid list of keywords to be mindful of, those will probably help in getting aroused.

just last night, i listened to hypno gas trip(RJ089826) and for the first time in 5 years of doing hypnosis, i had a hands free ejaculation. there was a huge mess, it was totally awesome. the sensory overload in that recording is top notch. this is something that i never got from an any english (my first language) hypnotist.

thanks again to all the uploaders for sharing this stuff and getting me involved with this type of audio.
>> No. 2417 ID: 32f19a
mistake on the listing, this is the one i meant (RJ100768)
>> No. 2435 ID: 0dae32
(同人音声) [100522] [JON] 衝撃流出!!私立鷹乃羽○校1年C組伊坂くるみのフタナリ告白淫語全開生オナニー音声 RJ062363.zip
>> No. 2436 ID: 834ef1
I will take a look later. In general, these are files I haven't found anywhere when I last looked and am interested in: RJ040506, RJ041065, RJ073775, RJ075214, RJ080360, RJ104808, RJ106265, RJ112841, RJ113675, RJ119459

I am worried that the original ZIP might contain the DLsite user ID or other watermark. Also, in my experience RAR works better for preserving filenames than ZIP, because it seems to enforce unicode encoding while ZIP can contain Shift-JIS filenames which will look broken on PCs not set to Japanese locale. I usually don't see dates in the filenames so I wouldn't really say they are standard. Are you referring to the date the file was originally released on DLsite or to the day it was uploaded?
>> No. 2437 ID: e2bcd8
>I am worried that the original ZIP might contain the DLsite user ID or other watermark.
I don't think it has any. Thanks for the share!
>> No. 2441 ID: 6391e9
The only one our lists share is RJ075214. The description is kind of confusing me, though. Could I get a better translation~? Look at the list anyway and see if anything else interests you, though.

>I am worried that the original ZIP might contain the DLsite user ID or other watermark.

I don't believe it does either. If you'd like to try and see if they DO, we could compare CRCs in private for one we both OWN (not pirated). RJ072606 is one of the cheapest hypnosis files, I bought it a long time ago. It's pretty shit, so getting SOME use out of it would be nice. I also own RJ067901. There's another, but it's pretty expensive so you probably wouldn't be willing to buy it just to test. :V

>Also, in my experience RAR works better for preserving filenames than ZIP, because it seems to enforce unicode encoding while ZIP can contain Shift-JIS filenames which will look broken on PCs not set to Japanese locale.

From my own experience, I can tell you that it's either. (And I noticed the problem happens MORE when the thing used to encrypt/decrypt is 7zip, as opposed to WinRAR.) I prefer (what I assume is) the untouched zip for a few reasons. Other than the thing with the file names being corrupted occasionally, if something is missing it's A LOT easier to detect. The file size will be wrong too. That's how I knew you were missing something in >>1475.

>I usually don't see dates in the filenames so I wouldn't really say they are standard. Are you referring to the date the file was originally released on DLsite or to the day it was uploaded?

All the ones I've been getting the past year have had them, so it might be the standard now. It also appears to be a common thing to search dates in Share/PD, so that's probably why they were added. The "day" in question is when it was released (for example, >>1475 is [130118] as seen on >>1846) or when it was updated assuming it IS the updated version (for example, >>2390 would be [130801]). The latter being useful to differentiate the versions if the file name was changed to indicate a new version.
>> No. 2443 ID: 3cd6d3
Not sure if hypnosis, but does anyone have RJ117493?

That aside, and slightly contrary to the previous request, is there any way or place I can find non-h hypnosis/relaxation stuff?
>> No. 2448 ID: 0fed34
>>2388 >>2390
I got around to listening to these now. Enjoyable enough. The induction on the yanh file is a bit different from the usual.

I'm not all that sure about what is going on in RJ075214 myself. That's kind of why I'm interested in it. Curiosity. Here's a translation of the relevant parts of the description.

-Included features-
Body fusion, melted together hearts, true intravaginal ejaculation, longing for return to the womb, vaginal tissue ambience

-Maya's Hypno Navigation-

You are a sphere of energy.
In this world of abstract images without gravity... Everything is as you will it to be.
You are completely free...
When we become one... you may find even more pleasurable joy.
Before long, our bodies will fuse in the completed existence known as "androgynous".
...We will reach this changed appearance.
Come, aim for that blessed unification again...
Fall, together with me, into the deepest world in your subconscious.

I've also taken a look at the list again. RJ105013 may be interesting. I already have the other two recordings from that series around somewhere. I'd also mention RJ106081, but エコーズ tends to end in disappointment, due to them making a mess of their plots. I wonder if those are actually better when you don't understand them. That's mostly it, as far as hypnosis goes.

Regarding the DLsite files, I've sent you an email. Point taken about preserving the original file size and dates. I see how that can be useful.

I don't have it. I believe it is hypnosis though.
>> No. 2454 ID: 0a9806
I still don't get it lel :V I really does sound nice, though.

>RJ105013 may be interesting.
The sample is too short to actually gauge anything, but the voice sounds nice. Only thing is...
>This Item Requires User Authorization.
wut do? If I were to buy it, I'd probably get it on Android tho... The description says it's still porn and it's cheaper, too.

>I already have the other two recordings from that series around somewhere.
I don't have them, upload plz. :3

>I'd also mention RJ106081
Oh god no.

>I wonder if those are actually better when you don't understand them.
No, they aren't. How can anyone get hard just hearing the word "ecchi" 9000 different times?

>That's mostly it, as far as hypnosis goes.
It doesn't have to be hypnosis.

I've replied to your email already, btw.

RJ117493 better fucking be hypnosis, cuz I'd actually be depressed if it wasn't. Been waiting forever for Phanny to make another Daretoku Saimin Seisakujo rori hypnosis. The online links are as fake as always. :[ If it were older, I'd consider buying it...

As for your question, just use the all ages site of DLSite to get a product number and then Google it. Non-h aren't uploaded nearly as much as H, but you can occasionally remove the erotic bits from h-audios to make them non-h (such is the case with almost everything by pure voice). Otherwise, just listen to stuff on Nico and Youtube. :/
>> No. 2464 ID: cdff70
>I don't have them, upload plz. :3
I haven't really looked at the files much yet. The first seems to be some kind of erotic hypnosis guide that also appears to belong to the series. Looks like there was supposed to be CD for it too, but I don't have it.

(一般書籍) [サイニー研究会] さあ、やってみよう~催眠オナニー入門 (CD音源なし) [2010-03-26].pdf

(同人音声)[どろっぷす!] さあ、やってみよう~セルフ(性感増進)編~ CV草柳 順子 RJ105161.rar

(同人音声)[どろっぷす!] さあ、やってみよう~女装Mプレイ編~ CV民安 ともえ RJ105163.rar
>> No. 2490 ID: e2bcd8
Can someone check PD for RJ065023 please?
>> No. 2506 ID: e2bcd8
I fucking love you, Hurp! Thanks!
>> No. 2714 ID: e2bcd8
Can someone share RJ068979 please? All links are dead on the internet...
>> No. 2723 ID: e40bb2
(同人音声) [モルモットストリップ] 搾精催眠 -快楽の地獄- RJ068979.zip
[Marmot Strip] Sakusei saimin -kairaku no jigoku- [RJ068979]
>> No. 2730 ID: e2bcd8
Now i have what to fap to today. Thanks!
>> No. 2764 ID: 264289
Someone I know is thinking about buying RJ080106, RJ113327 and RJ118920. Before he wastes his money, does anyone here have any of those?

(Oh, I can post them here after he gets them if you guys want. But it might take awhile and none of them are hypnosis...)
>> No. 2767 ID: e2bcd8
>I can post them here after he gets them if you guys want
Yes please! I wanted to listen to few of them for a long time...
>> No. 2815 ID: b662f4
I'm interested in Hypno Drug Lady and have tried it a bit, but I have a problem with Japanese.
Someone kind enough to tell me what's going on there? ^^
There are some distinct sound effects here. What are they supposed to do to the listener?
>> No. 2822 ID: e2bcd8
>There are some distinct sound effects here. What are they supposed to do to the listener?
They are supposed to make you feel good.
>> No. 2825 ID: 3dbbe8
What kind of 'good'?
>> No. 2832 ID: 0158a9
Alright. Keep you guys posted.

Most likely cause arousal to the point of ejaculation.
>> No. 2852 ID: 3dbbe8

Here we go:

1: first course 1 (3:25)
2: first course 2 (1:00)
3: first course 2 (8:50)
4: first course 3 (5:15)
5: first course 3 (11:30)

I think she reviewed all those sounds effect in first course, at 16:30 - 18:10

Thanks :D
>> No. 2853 ID: 3dbbe8

In >>2852 I meant:

I think she reviewed all those sounds effect in first course 3, at 16:30 - 18:10

But it might be better listen to the parts where these sounds appear for the first time?
>> No. 2858 ID: 3b8b8d
> Alright. Keep you guys posted.

> Most likely cause arousal to the point of ejaculation.
There's actually a little more to it...

Since I'm lazy, I'll go with the review session.
1. Ecstatic pleasure that turns you into an intoxicated fool.
2. Gradually makes your erogenous zones tremble with pleasure, making you all slippery soaking wet (metaphorically).
3. Deeply inside your nether region, it resounds directly where it feels the best, breaking you with devastating pleasure.
4. With maddening pleasure, it brings you to the edge but never lets you past, the frustrating agony multiplying until you cry.
5. Pure pain that boils up into pleasure, making you fall.

That's what I got. I hope it helps a bit.
>> No. 2862 ID: 9215e2
Whoa, thanks a lot. I hope it will make the session even better.
Also, there's one more sound in the persuasion+awakener file, around 12:15.
Could you tell me what it does? :D
And what are suggestions planted in the persuasion+awakener file?
Thanks, sorry for the trouble.
>> No. 2928 ID: b15477
That sound returns returns your mind and body to their original state, washes off all suggestions from your mind, removes the conditioned reflexes from your body and all that.

Regarding the persuasion part:

At the beginning of the file, she tells you to skip over the next part, if you absolutely want the suggestions to be removed. After that, the persuasion part starts off with sounds and some verbal abuse. Finally it reaches an orgasm countdown that stops one number early. Here's a rough translation of the rest of the persuasion part:

"Did you remember your place? ... Is there anything else you want? Oh, you want me to release the suggestions, you say? Going by your moans, you really seemed to enjoy that just now though.

Either way, it's your choice. You can listen to the suggestion lifting part like this and wake up as a regular human, or you can continue my training and keep devouring the pleasure of being my servant.

If you keep listening, the suggestion lifting part will start by itself. There you will completely be turned back into a regular human being. But! Will you forget this pleasure? Are you sure you can reach it again, once you let it go? Looking at your face, I'd recommend stopping the recording now and thinking it over, my servant.

Well then, I will await your prudent judgement."

After a pause, the part lifting the suggestions will start.
>> No. 2983 ID: 6c7da2
So... just discovered this thread. Tried out the Hypno Drug Lady first, which is pretty lengthy, but got me rock hard for a really long time, and really fucking horny. Don't understand a word of japanese so I'm not sure where to start but...
Do you think you could upload that one [RE113561], hurp? Seems like nobody requested it. Also...pointing me towards any that are enjoyable even with the language barrier would be awesome. Dry orgasm ones or guided masturbation would be great too.

And a final noob question regarding
>>2416 where are those keywords? I don't see them and am starting to feel retarded.
>> No. 2988 ID: c5f60c
(同人催眠音声) [130407] [フルトラ] ふたりがけ催眠 ドライトレーニング編 RJ113561.zip

Track three is about putting the thing up your butt, but you can remove it if you'd like (it's optional - removing it just makes it a hands-free orgasm file without an actual toy, although at one point you will be playing with your nipples and I believe in track ten you get buttfucked by a strap-on). I believe tracks 6/7/8 and 9/10 are the same thing and you're supposed to pick which version you wanna listen to (in other words, do NOT listen to all 6-10). I could be wrong, hopefully 5a1M1N or someone else can shed some light on this.

As for the list, I think he meant this (but damned if I know): http://tny.cz/5e807339
>> No. 2991 ID: 5fa27d
I'd like to recommend this to you:

(??????????????????) [???????????????] ????????????M??????????????????????????? RJ101564.zip
"I will turn you into a masochist" hypnosis

That was my first Japanese hypno and pretty good. And there's an onani instruction there.
>> No. 3009 ID: 7d29c9
>> No. 3010 ID: 7d29c9
File 137906935680.png - (192.32KB , 500x528 , kitty moustache.png )
Don't mind me. Just making sure nothing was broken on our end.

Carry on, gentlemen.
>> No. 3028 ID: 35be0d
>Spectral, seeing how you bought RJ064616, is that the updated version?
Yes, it's the most recent version.

>Also, do you happen to have RJ106343 and RJ086208? I can't seem to find them :[
Nope, I don't.
>> No. 3032 ID: d25e6c
Here's something completely different, but still on topic since it's about Japanese audio dramas.

Does anyone here have http://www.kanojotoys.com/koe-ochigoto-moe-voice-onahole-p-1047.html? If so...

1) Which one did you buy? Or both?
2) Does it feel good? If you bought both, which one is better?
3) Can you upload the drama CDs that come with them? :3 Each one apparently has a different one. I would like to have both CDs, even if I only buy one of the onaholes...
>> No. 3050 ID: ea7d3d
Hey, this thread re-emerged, cool! I'm fluently bilingual in Japanese, so if people want anything translated let me know.
>> No. 3084 ID: 18e605
Thanks for collecting the links with fixed filenames. The words and everything can be found in the pastie I linked in the first post, but for the sake of convenience, here's another copy:

Useful words
催眠 hypnosis
催眠音声 hypnosis recording
同人音声 doujin recording (not all of these are hypnosis, but hypnosis is usually this)
催眠オナニー erotic hypnosis (hypnosis masturbation)
連続絶頂 multiple orgasms
ドライ or セルフなし dry orgasms, usually multiple (think "female orgasm" files, but without necessarily having references to being female)
セルフあり you're supposed to masturbate while listening (at some point)
女体化 female body transformation
触手 tentacles
安眠 sleep helper
ダウンロード download
声優 voice actor/actress
女性声 female voice
男性声 male voice
男性向け for men
女性向け for women

Voice actresses
Names are given in Japanese order, last name first.
誠樹ふぁん Masaki Phan, a prolific voice actress of the genre who also writes files herself (http://phan.itigo.jp/)
紗藤ましろ Satou Mashiro (http://masiro.xii.jp/)

The link I couldn't post here can also be found in the pastie. It's the 107baknyuata one.
>> No. 3090 ID: 131568
>Thanks for collecting the links with fixed filenames. The words and everything can be found in the pastie I linked in the first post

I didn't even see that there ._. TFW I could've just copy and pasted everything and not had to search for it on my HDD to get the file names.

>The link I couldn't post here can also be found in the pastie. It's the 107baknyuata one.

Should've posted that here for sake of convenience too :V

>More free files.
>> No. 3095 ID: 9b9066
At least your filenames all have the dates and DLsite numbers included. Some of mine were missing those, so that's a nice thing.
>> No. 3244 ID: 5cdb85
Archive was corrupt for me. Shame.

Anyone have these two?
>> No. 3245 ID: b15477
Confirming. Same thing is happening to me, I've got a Gold account so I tried 5 different times.

Don't have either of those, but I posted one from that seiyuu up here >>1734 and some of their non-h content is available on DMM for free >>1725
>> No. 3247 ID: 9404a9
File 137995738472.jpg - (215.90KB , 560x420 , rosyututop.jpg )
I picked up a few others of the recordings from my list that I'll post when I get around to it. Here's the first one. This one is actually a hypnosis themed voice drama, not a hypnosis recording.

(同人催眠音声) [080709] [KUKURI] 露出レッスン RJ041065.zip
[KUKURI] Roshutsu Lesson [RJ041065]

Again a case of "posted before I listened to it". Here's a rough translation of the description from DLsite:


"That you'd get aroused from looking at something like this... you're the worst!
Here's your punishment, big brother,
I'll train you from now on!"

There's no way you got aroused by that, right?
If a popular idol was seen,
masturbating in the park, it'd all be over!
But that's what brings the excitement and pleasure.

The big brother, hypnotized by his little sister...


Looks like the upload had stopped just a few bytes short of finishing. Reupped.
>> No. 3260 ID: 703a8d
It works now, thanks~
>> No. 3537 ID: a38795
Sure. They are all from the list in >>2436 by the way, so if you find any of those anywhere, please let me know so I can spend my money on other things too.

The ones I got but still haven't gotten around to post: RJ112841, RJ040506, RJ119459

Not from the aforementioned post, but I also picked up RJ073361, because it was cheap and I was curious.
>> No. 3601 ID: cd266c
Is this supposed to be dry orgasm or masturbation file?
>> No. 3608 ID: e2bcd8
>> No. 3638 ID: 2ebc6a
I do not have anywhere RJ120595, and you do not have somewhere?
>> No. 3660 ID: f83c0f
Hello, gentlemen.
Thanks for introducing these awesome experiences to me.
I'd like to ask if anyone has these files:
and their prequel.
Would you post them please?
>> No. 3661 ID: 6e2ed3
Crap, I forgot to post these. Been having computer issues lately to the point of not having my SSD boot at all anymore. :/

(同人催眠音声) [110324] [VOICE☆FACTORY] 音声催眠 Inner Heaven ~アンドロギュノスの夢 RJ075214.zip

(同人音声) [110716] [ほんにゃらインダストリー] ちょいロリサキュバス ロミの3つの誘惑 RJ080106.zip



(同人催眠音声) [101129] [ボイスワールド] ヒプノスレーブ ~Mへの覚醒~RJ070499.zip

>RJ084018 and it's prequel

(同人催眠音声) [国屋敷] マゾ犬ペット化催眠.zip
(Doesn't appear to be on DLSite, so I had to name it XXXXXXXX.zip :/)

(同人催眠音声) [111003] [国屋敷] マゾ犬ペット化催眠2 RJ084018.zip

>RJ079704 and RJ083186
Don't got either of those, sorry. The first one appears to be on Share, but I have no access to that. So I'd appreciate a download as well~

Neither of those are hypnosis, but I've got the second one.

(同人音声) [130316] [シロクマの嫁] 『立体音響!電車で、電話で、お部屋で♪おねぇさんにイタズラされる音声』 RJ112505.zip

I'm assuming your asking for the file. If so, I don't have it. Sorry.
>> No. 3665 ID: 5b0162
I've listened to RJ070499, and daamn, my dick was throbbing the whole time she used her dominant voice. I couldn't understand the content fully though. Anyone can help me understand it? Like, what are her meirei (commands)? Thanks.
>> No. 3666 ID: 1ac11b
File 13809921766.jpg - (163.79KB , 925x900 , TM_image01.jpg )
Here's another recording from Yanh.

(同人催眠音声) [130810] [Hypnotic_Yanh] 苗床 触手使いと少年《催眠音声》 RJ119459.zip
[Hypnotic_Yanh] Naedoku shokushutsukai to shounen (saimin onsei) [RJ119459]

It's voiced by Kotone Akatsuki. Here's a rough translation of the description from DLsite:


Welcome. This is the world of tentacle.
Here, you will become a tentacle seedbed.

What, you don't want that? You're a guy, so that's impossible?

You're always just kidding and joking around.
Actually, you want to become one, right?
A seedbed for the tentacles, laying eggs, being impregnated, laying eggs...
If you want that, isn't that what you were desiring?

For that, you current sex doesn't matter at all.
Because I'll transform your body into that of a real woman, okay?


Well, it's... some thing, as you can see.

>>RJ079704 and RJ083186
>Don't got either of those, sorry. The first one appears to be on Share, but I have no access to that. So I'd appreciate a download as well~
Looks like this will turn into a Kotone Akatsuki post:

(同人音声) [男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。] 男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。 第2章 RJ079704.zip
[Otoko o omoidoori ni ayatsuru jutsu, oshiemasu.] Otoko o omoidoori ni ayatsuru jutsu, oshiemasu. Chapter 2 [RJ079704]

(同人音声) [男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。] 男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。 第2章 ナチュラルボイス版 RJ083186.zip
[Otoko o omoidoori ni ayatsuru jutsu, oshiemasu.] Otoko o omoidoori ni ayatsuru jutsu, oshiemasu. Chapter 2 - Natural Voice Edition [RJ083186]

"Otoko o omoidoori ni ayatsuru jutsu, oshiemasu." is "I will teach you how to manipulate men to do as you want." I believe it's "chapter 2" due to being a spin-off from this blog:

The regular recording that isn't "natural voice" is preferable to me. I tried the whole thing for a while once. It's not really hypnosis but more conditioning and following orders. Track list:
0-Advance notice.mp3
1-Contract.mp3        Start by listening to track 0 and 1. You agree not to have any orgasms until the end of the programme.
2-Ripen No1.mp3        Listen to this or the next one daily until you are "ripe".
3-Ripen No2.mp3
4-Completely ripe.mp3    Listen to the following in order, one per day, once you are "ripe".
6-Reward.mp3         The final track where you get to cum.
7-Drop out.mp3        Listen to this if you can't handle it.

The track 6 for the final day was kind of silly in my opinion and didn't really do it for me, but the rest was pretty nice.
>> No. 3667 ID: 5b0162
Woa, another Kotone? Is it dry or masturbation?

Regarding the chastity one, what does it mean by ripe?
Also, what happened to the 6th file that you think it's silly?
>> No. 3679 ID: 095090
Man I wish I could japanese
>> No. 3684 ID: fd862a
File 138101653395.jpg - (87.46KB , 560x420 , image.jpg )
[Candleman] Oyuugi no zikan [RJ121353]

It's looks hypnosis recording . But I can't buy...:(
>> No. 3686 ID: 5c0d29
Here's Mei Doll(RJ068990), where your maid hypnotizes you, and then she's the master.


>> No. 3692 ID: d03d04
File 138103313688.jpg - (257.37KB , 560x420 , じゃけっと ろごなし.jpg )
(同人催眠音声) [131001] [キャンドルマン] おゆうぎのじかん RJ121353.zip
[Candleman] Oyuugi no jikan [RJ121353]
>> No. 3720 ID: 5181e7
File 138107525048.jpg - (257.10KB , 560x420 , じゃけっと おまけ.jpg )
Here's a rough translation of the description from DLsite. Rather than fail horribly at it, I didn't even attempt to translate the baby talk in it:



Actually, you know it, right?
You're bad for liking how this feels.
You're really strange for getting excited by being treated like a baby.

What would those around you say if they knew?
Something this embarrassing...
Something this humiliating...

But, the more you think about it...
You can help it, it feels good.
Deep inside your head, you get all drowsy, right?

The better it feels, the more you turn no good...
Various important things, power and intelligence you heaped up...
They're melting away... Oozing downwards...
Until finally, you'll "let them out" with unsightly squirts.

It's something an adult must not do...
It's something a man must not do...
You know that, but you keep repeating it again and again...
That's you, big brother... No, my little boy.

How about it, my little boy?
Hurry up and come here. Play a fun game together with mommy.

You don't have to worry about anything at all, okay?
Just be a good boy and mommy will take care of everything.
With sweet whispers and magical words...
We'll melt away all those things mommy's boy doesn't need...
And at the end, I'll make you "let it out" with a squirt through your pen*s.
Mommy is the only one who can satisfy you, my little boy.

Fufu, because we have just met again, you absolutely won't get away...
Mommy won't let you leave another time, and dye her little boy...
It's fine if you don't understand it yet...
You will understand well it, once you've come here for the first time.

My little boy won't get away again...
Here, you won't be able to take your eyes away from mommy's chest again...
You want to taste mommy's boobies... You want to suck on them...
You want to lose yourself sucking my milk...

Those base, childish desires... they're growing in my little boy's chest, bigger and bigger...
Here, here... There you go...

It's fine, as long as you only do it once, you won't get addicted...
If it becomes scary or seems dangerous, you can stop any time...
Right now you don't have to worry about how other people see you...

Show me all those embarrassing things you're hiding, my little boy.
I'll accept them all and slowly, gently make love to you...
I'll embrace you and press you into this soft place...
And I'll teasingly give all your weak spots plenty of caresses...

Come to mommy's world... My little boy...
Come... Let's begin our fun, fun "play time"...


And a rough translation of the instructions from the readme, because the warnings are so reassuring:



If any of the following conditions apply, listening could be dangerous, so please don't.
・You are sick or tired
・You plan to meet people from work or something like this after listening
・You walking or moving in a vehicle
・There are people around you

If you listen in any of the following ways, it's dangerous, so please don't.
・Listening daily or more than once a day
・Listening while under the influence of any drugs or alcohol

This recording can place considerable strain on mind and body.
If anything happens, we disclaim any and all responsibility.


-Listening environment-

・Your room
Please listen lying down on your bed or futon in a quiet and safe room that nobody will enter.
While it is assumed that the room you listen in is completely dark, it's okay if you have a small light on.
While there is a scene with instructions to get under the bed cover, it's not a problem if you don't because it's warm.
It's recommended that the room is warm enough that you don't catch a cold even when naked.

Since there is a high probability that your underpants will become dirty, please wear a pair for which that is okay.
Wearing women's panties or nappies is okay too.
Also please wear pants and a T-shirt that are easy to move around in and match the warmth of the room.
Inside the recording, there's an instruction to take off your pants, but it's also okay if you take them off before listening.
Socks don't matter either way.

Please use earphones and a portable music player. The recording doesn't assume you're using speakers.
We recommend sound-proof in ear headphones.

・Before listening
The recording is long, so it's recommended that you go to the bathroom before listening.
Please also avoid being hungry, thirsty or overly full as well as you can, before listening.

-How to listen-
If you only want to listen to the main part, listen to the following parts one right after the other:
"Story time" 1-5
and "Play time" 1-6.
The total play time will be about two and a half hours.

If you would like the suggestions lifted afterwards, it's recommended that you also listen to:
"Parting time" 1-2
The total play time will be about three hours.

The playback volume should be set adequately for you to listen without having to adjust it up or down while listening.
Please relax and enjoy with a feeling like you would with a regular music or drama CD.


File list:

19,610,713B Story time - 1.mp3
13,322,518B Story time - 2.mp3
55,670,142B Story time - 3.mp3
28,220,673B Story time - 4.mp3
52,666,060B Story time - 5.mp3

11,313,179B Play time - 1.mp3
20,027,628B Play time - 2.mp3
37,128,428B Play time - 3.mp3
36,431,481B Play time - 4.mp3
36,421,032B Play time - 5.mp3
36,404,313B Play time - 6.mp3

49,804,085B Parting time - 1.mp3
40,142,958B Parting time - 2.mp3
>> No. 3738 ID: d729a8
File 138111944954.jpg - (101.51KB , 560x420 , image.jpg )
[Ak_voice] Hypno relaxation [RJ117845]

Who has a this file?
>> No. 3804 ID: 1df1e0
Is this dry or masturbation file?
>> No. 3837 ID: a6394c
Her first order was to play with your nipples until and even after they hurt. The second order was to lick her feet, then hold still and not cum while while rubs/stomps her slick-with-your-own-saliva feet on your penis. The alternations between her dominant and normal voice were her showing that you couldn't be satisfied with just normal hypnosis, that you needed total dominance and control to get excited.
>> No. 3859 ID: 776bdf
It says there's masturbation in the description. All the yelling was a turn off for me, so I didn't listen to the end to say for sure.
>> No. 3880 ID: f8a253

Does anyone know what the sounds in RJ094817 are supposed to represent? I listened to the beginner's course, short and medium lists and found them pretty hot. I might be able to have a handsfree if I know what the sounds are supposed to do.

Also, I think I heard mention of tentacles in one of the medium tracks, but not quite sure about that.
>> No. 3882 ID: b64f83
See: >>2858, >>2862 and >>2928
>> No. 3884 ID: f8a253

Oops sorry, I must be going blind. And thanks!
>> No. 3954 ID: 2b2030
As promised, here's RJ118920:

(同人音声) [130804] [ほんにゃらインダストリー] 悪の魔王 ルインの3つの勇者敗北逆レイプ RJ118920.zip

While he hasn't bought RJ113327 yet, he DID buy RJ114401. Might as well post it.

(同人音声) [130427] [インゴット] 精口栽培~自分の蒔いたタネが自分のミルクでムチムチ育つ!~ RJ114401.zip

Remember: Neither of those are hypnosis.

But let's keep this on topic!!! Time for some hypnoshit! :3


(同人催眠音声) [130727] [フリージング] 丁寧で優しいフタナリメイド長と催眠エッチver.2 RJ119090.zip


(同人催眠音声) [130905] [エロトランス] ヒプノマルチボイス RJ120595.zip

>> No. 3994 ID: 68f8c7
>(同人催眠音声) [130727] [フリージング] 丁寧で優しいフタナリメイド長と催眠エッチver.2 RJ119090.zip
I love you.
>> No. 3995 ID: c47a81
催眠性感マッサージ~アラクネ編~ RJ104352

>> No. 4010 ID: c6ed14
Thanks a lot.
>> No. 4025 ID: 1aa036
Hello All:
There is Transgender Hypnosis In Japanese Hypnosis but no Sissy Transformation Hypnosis, Please see the website below.
PS:Besides, Content rating of Japanese Hypnosis are rated Triple X and Perverted.
>> No. 4028 ID: 2403f7
Only one I know of off hand like that I have is RJ113093. And I swear to God I felt the vibrator. Let me know if you want it.

I believe this would be search result for the stuff you're looking for, if you're having trouble finding others: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/fsr/=/language/jp/sex_category%5B0%5D/male/keyword/%E5%82%AC%E7%9C%A0/ana_flg/off/order%5B0%5D/release_d/genre_and_or/or/
>> No. 4029 ID: 2403f7
Aww crap, the URL got fucked up and I forgot to include a password in that post so I can't delete it: http://tny.cz/06a471e4
>> No. 4038 ID: 355d5a
I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Are you asking for the file or are you recommending it? Something else?

Either way, I have posted a few female body transformation files you might enjoy. Basically most yanh and KUKURI files in this thread are TSF. There's also >>2388.

> RJ113093
I really liked the scenario with the magical adult goods shop in this one. It would be nice if it got a sequel.
>> No. 4041 ID: 2184e8
>I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Are you asking for the file or are you recommending it? Something else?

My reply was based off the assumption he's looking for feminization files where you are NOT turned back into a guy when it's over. Dunno if my guess is right or not, tho. :(
>> No. 4048 ID: cd1971
I'm not the same guy, but would it be too blasphemous of me to ask for RJ113093 please?
>> No. 4057 ID: 2403f7

(同人催眠音声) [130329] [サイクロンミント] 魔法の皮で美少女にへんしん!さいみん! RJ113093.zip

5a1M1N, if I understood the story correctly, you still have your penis until the end, correct? She needs your semen (which she blows out of you, in addition to using a rotor on your pussy she made appear with her mahou) to make a spell that turns you into a girl FOREVER, right? If not, I really didn't understand what was going on at all... :(
>> No. 4060 ID: cd1971
...you realize that saying "Yes" in this case means that I am indeed too blasphemous for asking.

Nevertheless, thanks. I'd give you 9001 internets, but I don't know if people still do that nowadays.
>> No. 4062 ID: 88dd6f
Yes, I'm aware. That was the joke.
>> No. 4063 ID: cd1971
Just wanted to make sure. I have a hard time telling when someone is just being dead-pan in real life let alone in text form.
>> No. 4065 ID: 1a7dbc
I'm not sure I remember everything correctly, but I think it was a complete transformation, no penis. It wears off at the end though, because the magic transformation lotion only lasts for so long. Actually, let me look at the script again...

Okay, so, your penis is transformed into a clitoris at the beginning, but the girl from the magic item shop mentions her "tongue dick" a few times. In the awakener she says that it's about time for the magic to wear off already, even though she wanted to take your transformed self shopping for underwear, go to karaoke and sing girl's songs, etc. But she stimulated the magical skin too much and its going to run out of magic, so you're getting transformed back into your normal self. I don't think there's anything about semen.
>> No. 4084 ID: 2403f7
Hmm. Not sure why I thought it involved a penis. I must've been completely out of it while listening to it. :V Or maybe I just misinterpreted some of her slurred words while she was licking your pussy. She does seem to mention "penis" quite a few times during track 3, though. :/

Thanks~ But any chance this can get fixed? The .txt documents are most definitely corrupted for some reason. Also, considering it's only 23MB either way, what was the point of reencrypting the file from a ZIP to RAR? You saved no space at all. Couldn't you have just uploaded the original? (I'm assuming you actually purchased it yourself, as I haven't seen it online anywhere else.)
>> No. 4086 ID: fd862a
Many japanese recordings.
>> No. 4161 ID: e2bcd8
>(同人催眠音声) [130905] [エロトランス] ヒプノマルチボイス RJ120595.zip
There is two versions in folder... Which one is which? Please help!
>> No. 4164 ID: 35be0d
The チュパあり one (slightly longer of the two) has more licking/sucking/kissing sounds.
>> No. 4186 ID: 35be0d
Yeah I've been kinda busy, and haven't had much to contribute lately. I've been keeping an eye on this thread though.
>> No. 4187 ID: cd1971

I'm assuming you distribute said WAV files in a compressed lossless format such as FLAC? WAV files "only" being twice as large is smaller that I would have expected...
>> No. 4360 ID: 0df83b
ファイル (同人音声) [130825] [Ak Voice] ヒプノリラクゼーション RJ117845 (rr).rar 自炊 同人音声 ボイスドラマ 音声作品 同人ボイス @arc【自炊オンリー】=HbXd3dup+gKAsPImZzBhskvaold 218,842,471 170751e55ae62558420eff64c37de27ad5bbf0fa06dc85425bfa12bfb02dfc04

ファイル RJ082730_-_Sadistic_Hypnosis_Masseuse_(www.hentairules.net)_(Japanese).zip 同人音声 62,964,995 c926a6b627eca58743c909df7ff1c25805806c876377466569700ff8f33225d5
>> No. 4361 ID: 0df83b
ファイル (同人音声) [130724] [みじんこ] モデルのいいなり ~催眠個人撮影会~ RJ118960 (rr).rar 自炊 同人音声 ボイスドラマ 音声作品 同人ボイス 18禁 @arc【自炊オンリー】=HbXd3dup+gKAsPImZzBhskvaold 89,791,237 52b280afbbb551b379a42d3f486c9945057682a0fc57834bb4ccf8116d14b0a7
>> No. 4382 ID: 71fad9
RJ074672 RJ119914 RJ119415 RJ086441

Let me give you what you desire you if you do me if
>> No. 4386 ID: e33eba
RJ086441 (同人音声) [サイクロンミント] 強制女体化催眠~サキュバスの誘惑~

Can someone share RJ119789 or RJ113327 please?
>> No. 4396 ID: 87b626
on PD
ファイル 【同人音声】催眠巫女~憑依と浄霊~ [C84_エロトランス].zip 同人音声 催眠 エロトランス C84 卯月杏奈 237,809,142 56da90efdd56ffa5baabe54b67c7688d27c37b83d40726368069acc7e53396b5
>> No. 4415 ID: 6f7ed1
(同人催眠音声) [C84] [エロトランス] 催眠巫女~憑依と浄霊~ RJ119914 (CD Rip).zip

Here's the version of RJ119914 that's on PD. It's a CD rip (WAV) from the original released at C84. This is NOT the same one on DLsite, however I highly doubt the content is different in anyway whatsoever, other than WAV -> MP3.

...What's the word for "CD Rip" in Japanese anyway? Do they even have one? :/

>Let me give you what you desire you if you do me if
You're Japanese, aren't you?

Assuming that meant "if you give me these, I'll get you something in return", only things I currently want are: RJ063279, RJ097582, a fixed version of RJ104352 (the two text files are corrupted, I really wish >>3995 would fix his shit) or RJ117493. Coincidentally, does anyone here fancy any of those? If I'm gonna buy something myself, it'll likely be one of those.

I've got those if people can't use PD and want them. Also, see?! I told you using the date is a thing! :<

Also, if you haven't listened to it yet, RJ082730 is one of THE best sessions I've ever listened to.

Still haven't gotten RJ113327 yet, sorry. Guy hasn't been on in a month :/ RJ119789 looks like something he'd be into, tho.

I saw RJ080106 on PD just now. Guess our thread has hit the big time, guise. Although, RJ075214 isn't there... :<
>> No. 4454 ID: 67acc3
I've tried listening to some of these because I saw some on dlsite and was interested, but I have no experience in hypnotism, japanese or anything, and I would like to know a few things.

I'm simply not sure how much you are supposed to be affected and if I'm doing something wrong. I sometimes feel something accurately, but overall I'm clearly missing the effect.

In the files I always hear things like "your head is blank" and "you lose control of your body", but what exaclty should be happening? When I hear that I'm just feeling awkward because I can clearly move/think and I'm wondering if I should just pretend otherwise. Most instances of the girl describing what I'm feeling feel the same way. I'm assuming they're supposed to make you feel that way by hearing it, but how is it for other people?

Also, what about "orders"? Are you supposed to physically follow orders given in mid-hypnotism, or are you not even supposed to wonder about that in that state?

I understand japanese pretty well, I'd say I know 80% of words in most contexts coming up in the voice files, and half the remaining I can guess the meaning. From what I've read here, that should be enough, but from experience, it feels like I'm putting too much thought into translation, or at least that's one theory. I'm also very bad at "not thinking" in general, and have always had trouble falling asleep for that reason.

So yeah, I would like to know if I'm just incompatible with hypnotism or something. I am pretty fucking willing to get into it when listening, but it doesn't seem to be doing much, unless hypnotism really isn't what I'm assuming it is.
>> No. 4462 ID: 68f8c7
1. Play along
2. Don't worry too much about whether it's going right

That's basically all you need to keep in mind.
>> No. 4463 ID: cff622
Yes, play!
Hypnosis is a game of follow the leader.

I think some files in your native language will help you to loosen up your game.

Thinking is fine. But try shifting gears, so to speak, and spend your time using your imagination. See that house? Up on the hill there? It's nearly hidden in the trees. The sky is overcast but the sun is just breaking through. Bits of blue. An old man sits upon a bench, feeding pigeons bread crumbs. He wears a black top hat. A capitalist from a bygone era. The smell of a nearby river mixes with the wood, metal, tar and rocks of the railroad tracks. A dog barks. Twice. What time is it? You look at your watch. It's broken! When did that happen? The hands are frozen in place. It's also leaking some sort of fluid upon your wrist. See here now! There is a ribbon tied to your finger. Some errand needs remembering. You've forgotten anyhow. Untie the ribbon from your finger. A sudden gust of wind from a passing car tugs it from your grasp. It flutters down into the gutter. Nearby is a piece of lined notebook paper. A girl's handwriting upon it reads: "Wash your hands". Hear the tap running cold water. The liquid soap clings to your hands. You notice the smell. Look about. See the room you are in.
>> No. 4494 ID: e15b0e
Did a search through this thread and did not any listed below, does anyone currently have?
- "Hypnosis Sexual Massage - Alraune Edition -" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE086586.html
- "Asakura Hypnosis Clinic SET PACK" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE113299.html

- The voice of this one is pretty interesting, "Your Ass Is Futanari Angel's Dream Hole" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE118622.html
- "My Newlywed Life as the Fetish Slave of a 43-year-old Hot Neighborhood Milf" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE111958.html
- "Ear candy! Sweet voice - Hello my cute baby!!" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE063388.html
- "Stepmother vs Mother -Make Me Pregnant!!-" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE063428.html
- "Mama Milk" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE065934.html
- "Absorbed in Fellatio 2 -Fellatio Financial Domination-" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE115911.html
- "Loved by a Yandere Childhood Friend" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE101944.html
- "Serpent Seductress (Snake Woman Edition)" http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE099579.html
>> No. 4499 ID: 20aa87
I found a download for Alraune, not posted by me.
Alraune: http://freakshare.com/files/o4n7zfv7/120602-Au1-086586-request.rar.html

I have Asakura but my filenames of my copy are all gibberish, no matter whether I extract it with winrar or 7zip. Maybe the archive is already corrupt? I don't know.
>> No. 4501 ID: 92c262
I hate the fact that I can't understand any of these. A lot of these sound really amazing and exotic, way different from the typical english stuff. It's not fair that all this great stuff is only in Japanese...
>> No. 4504 ID: e15b0e
Much appreciated, only had 2 left but I'm not going to complain. Also, it does take a while to get the idea of what some key words are which is in previous posts. =3
>> No. 4522 ID: 9f63f4
> http://uploaded.net/file/7xxll4tw
> This file exceeds the max. filesize which can be downloaded by free users. If you still want to download this file, we advise you to buy a premium product.
Now I'm sad. :(
>> No. 4529 ID: e15b0e
;P miscounted there. Wonder if anyone else will upload these later on.

Is there a filesize limit like that on mediafire or mega?
>> No. 4535 ID: e15b0e
sadly I couldn't get by it with my JDownloader to dl it :P
>> No. 4546 ID: e15b0e
Tried using multiple premium generators some say the file size is too big, or there is an unexpected error.
>> No. 4547 ID: 2052c7
which of these are relevant for this thread?
could I also get links to those please?
>> No. 4549 ID: e15b0e
Would it be possible for you to upload RJ113299.zip [1,18GB](http://uploaded.net/file/7xxll4tw) to another filehost like mega. If you are able, and others request it later on I'll re-upload into separate parts if they are having troubles with it
What you provided has some "Hypnosis" and "Dirty Talk". Also the first post describes all about them in detail. But you have about 2-3 hypnosis in there near beginning of the list.
>> No. 4550 ID: 4cd1c5
> RJ082414
This one is hypnosis.

> RJ121175
I'm not sure about this one, but it doesn't seem to be regular hypnosis, if any at all.

I don't think human chair does any hypnosis recordings at all.
>> No. 4554 ID: e15b0e
Do you have RJ063388, RJ063428 and/or RJ118622? Just thought I'd toss this out there.
>> No. 4563 ID: 6f3936
Goddammit, why are my posts always so long?

As 5a1M1N said (>>4550), only RJ082414 is hypnosis. RJ102942 seems akin to the stuff Isabella Valentine is making lately. Not sure why 5a1M1N thought RJ121175 was hypnosis. It's just a story to fap to like most of Neitifasu's stuff. Anyway...

(同人催眠音声) [110824] [カジハラエム] 催眠自慰!淫姫の食事★無限射精 CV紅月ことね編 RJ082414.rar

(同人音声) [120418] [human chair] ことね様のオナニー奴隷~ことね様に命令されて詰られて罵られてシコシコする快楽はプライスレス~ RJ094253.rar <- This is why people should never recompress files, it INCREASED 30 goddamn megabytes. One with what appears to be the correct file size (and file extension, .zip) is on Share if someone wants to check and make sure mine is actually the correct file: http://www.sharedb.info/index.php/0c4e0dd569ee0ecb89478e74a0a05a4d9b5e563f/ (Win8 can't use Share, unfortunately, so I'd appreciate an upload of that exact file.)

(同人音声) [120926] [クラウンvoice] M男専用の寸止めクラブ RJ102942.zip

(同人音声) [121030] [うんどうぐつスタジオ] 異端審問会 Sなシスターの射精管理 RJ104812.zip

Sorry, I didn't know Uploaded added a maximum file size limit. It must be new as I uploaded that same exact thing for someone else without any problem before. Anyway, here. I split it (almost) in half and put each part on two different sites. When you extract it, you'll have the .zip I originally uploaded.

(同人催眠音声) [130401] [Es_Lab] 朝倉催眠診療所SET PACK RJ113299.zip

But, y'know, you could just buy a premium account... they don't cost all that much and downloads will be a hell of lot faster. Not to mention, I'm not the only persin who uses Uploaded.net... it's what most places use (including where I get my h-audios from). So you'd just be helping yourself get loads of porn anyway. Then there's always this incentive: I make a cut of the premium account purchase price (assuming you registered on one of my download links) and can then use that to, I dunno, buy more files to post here. >_> (Which is why I'd appropriate it NOT being reuploaded, as I still make something off the DDLs themselves. kthxbai.)

Add "cbox" to the Google search. They're the only good premium link generators. Fuck, if you can find me on the Internets (I'm all over the place, especially IRC) I'll generate the damn things for you. I don't care, as I still get credited for the download.

Mediafire's max file size is 200MB. That would require a lot of separate files. Also, thanks for >>4520 nonetheless. I have a couple of h-audio translations that were commissioned, but the commissioner never paid the translator so I'm not allowed to publicly post them. I actually timed and typesetted one of them with the image that came in the folder to make something sorta like a picture drama so you could read along with the voice on-screen instead of a text document, too. :/ I actually tried to get RJ115653 (not hypnosis) translated by a translatorfag bro of mine as it includes an actual picture drama to go along with the audios, but he's been AWOL for over a month now.

This post took way too damn long to make ;_; ...Also, I asked if you people wanted a few files (here >>4415), but as none of you ever answered me I'm assuming that was a "no"...
>> No. 4566 ID: 1bd090
Anyone got RJ120531? It's apparently on sale for only a 105円. It's apparently the other side of hypnosis, where you hypnotize the girl.
>> No. 4567 ID: 9dab0c
Don't have that one, but Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise once had something "professionally" translated into English. It's not hypnosis, but if you listened to it and liked it you should really buy it so they consider making more. Granted, it's expensive as fuck for an h-audio, but still...


They even went the extra mile and had the website translated for that audio (INCLUDING THAT IMAGE ON THE RIGHT SIDE, HOLY SHIT!): http://www.tomatama.com/goods/h01e.php

I'm kinda sad it only had 3 downloads on the English DLSite. It deserved more so that they'd consider doing it again. None of their other files are translated, most likely because of that very fact. :<

Either way, here that is if you wanna try before you buy:

(同人音声) [130526] [ケチャップ味のマヨネーズ] エロエロメイドハーレム RJ116074.zip
>> No. 4568 ID: 35be0d
>By the way Spectral, did you ever buy that Senjougahara hypnosis file (RJ091203)?
Already gave it to you, but for everyone else:
>> No. 4752 ID: fd862a
hypno?I want it!
>> No. 4767 ID: 2403f7
> Not sure why 5a1M1N thought RJ121175 was hypnosis. It's just a story to fap to like most of Neitifasu's stuff.
I don't think I've really listened to their stuff before, and it did mention brainwashing in there, so it could've been... well, something.

(同人催眠音声) [110310] [KUKURI] 少女の世界に弾丸を RJ074818.rar
[KUKURI] Shoujo no sekai ni dangan o [RJ074818]
>> No. 4797 ID: fd862a
RJ014394 Is the oldest hypno record in JP.But it is expensive for me...who has a this file?
>> No. 4860 ID: 52edac
Where is RJ106265 ?
>> No. 4866 ID: 4b13ab
I think this should be the file:
(同人催眠音声) [キャットハウス] (催眠CD)裏Trance voice fan 赤いリボンのリコ1~ドリームチャット~烙印 RJ014394.zip
[Cat House] (Saimin CD) Ura Trance voice fan akai ribon no riko 1 ~dream chat~ rakuin [RJ014394]

I'm looking for it too. Well, I'll probably buy it some time...
>> No. 4889 ID: c438e2
Yanh posted what I think is a sequel to "Omocha" on DMM (for free): http://www.dmm.co.jp/en/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_063158zero/


(同人催眠音声) [130817] [ケチャップ味のマヨネーズ] 催眠奴隷館01 さなえ RJ120531.zip
(One of the images implies this has bestiality in it :/)

Here are some old requests since I got bored and checked every unfulfilled request to see if I have it now:

I assume you have it by now, but here's RJ113675 anyway. :/

(同人催眠音声) [130410] [M-Style Taste] ラノベ催眠・純真無垢なショタになってフタナリお嬢様にアナル奴隷に堕とされる催眠音声 RJ113675.zip

You bought RJ112841, right? >>3537 seems to imply you own it, but you never posted it and I got it myself now so just checking...


(同人音声) [130821] [シロクマの嫁] 立体音響!PC乗っ取り計画♪ RJ120439.zip

Didn't actually have those, so thanks!

>I don't think I've really listened to their stuff before, and it did mention brainwashing in there, so it could've been... well, something.

Well, they have made some hypnosis files, so you should at least check out those. :V


Unrelated: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ123044.html That image made me smile. :3
>> No. 4913 ID: 0ae1ec
> Yanh posted what I think is a sequel to "Omocha" on DMM (for free): http://www.dmm.co.jp/en/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_063158zero/
It's a lesbian add-on track. I haven't listened to it yet, but it should be fun.

> (同人催眠音声) [130410] [M-Style Taste] ラノベ催眠・純真無垢なショタになってフタナリお嬢様にアナル奴隷に堕とされる催眠音声 RJ113675.zip
I actually didn't have this one yet, so thanks!

> You bought RJ112841, right? >>3537 seems to imply you own it, but you never posted it and I got it myself now so just checking...
Yes, I have it. It somehow must've slipped my mind to post it.

> Well, they have made some hypnosis files, so you should at least check out those. :V
I suppose I'll take another look at them.
>> No. 4916 ID: 6b2304
>>4913 Can't read that, gives me a headache...
>> No. 4938 ID: 7ebf6d
Wow, that's horrifying! I switched to the Burichan theme so long ago, it didn't even occur to me that quotes might look this painful on the default one.
>> No. 4965 ID: 7d29c9
I kinda' like the rainbowness, but if it's bothering a lot of people, I could talk to our sysadmin about it when I see him.
>> No. 5075 ID: 6be170
So, my computer can handle Japanese characters just fine, but I'm finding that a lot of these have file names that are complete gibberish and the files themselves usually aren't tagged with any information. Has anybody found a good way to get tracklists for these? The circles don't post them on DLsite often enough.
>> No. 5077 ID: 0e296e
There's no way around that. The file names are destroyed and there's no way to get them back. The only option you have is to hope you can find it posted on a site where the owner understands how compressing files on a different locale will destroy the files for other people when they extract it if they aren't on the same locale as you. And why anyone who operates a website posting Japanese pornography would be on anything BUT Japanese locale is beyond me. (You ARE on Japanese locale, right? It has to be manually set, just installing fonts has nothing to do it.)

It's this very reason I tell people to upload the original, unextracted archive from DLsite (and if the file is too large and has to be split in half, do what I did on >>4563). Those are guaranteed to display correctly, and not come with advertisements fucking everywhere. Anyway, post some numbers, one of us might have an uncorrupted versions we can upload for you.
>> No. 5103 ID: 6be170
Yeah, my locale is Japanese; I play visual novels so I just leave it there as I don't notice any real changes aside from yen symbols instead of backslashes in the folder lists. And yeah, something like a site that lists the tracks is exactly what I was looking for, but I imagine the Japanese wouldn't have as much use for it so no one bothered to make one.As for specific files, I'd like:
RJ120595 Hypno Multi Voice and RJ120439 PC Hijack Plan

While I'm posting, if anyone's got a copy of RJ124047 or RJ118960 lying around I'd appreciate those too. The jumble of text that accompanied the last mention of the latter doesn't look like a magnet to me and my torrent client is doing nothing with it, so I've no idea what to do with that.
>> No. 5125 ID: 58e921
Oh! Thank you very much!!!
>> No. 5129 ID: 6be170
File 138477301025.jpg - (89.81KB , 765x642 , Harder to read than Japanese.jpg )
>RJ120595 (>>3954) and RJ120439 (>>4889) are both already in this very thread. C'mon man, at least ctrl+F before requesting something D:
I know, I got 'em here; my JDownloader history even backs that up. I just extracted both archives with Winrar instead of my usual 7-Zip and I still ended up with gibberish, too. I know it's not my computer refusing to display Japanese because I yanked a few track lists from DLSite and those display just fine. RJ120595 and RJ120439 are both your files, can I assume they display properly on your computer? If so this is really odd, especially since you know about the recompression thing.

>I'm not sure if you're implying you have them with corrupt file names or don't have them at all.
No, I don't have RJ124047 or RJ118960 on hand at all, I was hoping someone here would.
>> No. 5130 ID: 0d58ce
It's definitely a problem on your end. >>4164 even implied it displays correctly for him, so obviously it's not only working for me. I'm assuming you originally extracted with 7zip to no avail, and are now trying to extract using Winrar? I'd suggest completely redownloading the whole thing and using the new one with Winrar only, never opening it with 7zip at all. Someone once told me 7zip completely corrupted the file for him, but worked perfect once he redownloaded it and used Winrar instead.

There's also a hotfix for Win7 that may or may not help you: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2704299
>> No. 5141 ID: 6be170
Welp, I've officially made an ass of myself. Turns out I'd changed my locaTION way back when, not my locaLE. Guess that's what I get for not double checking. At any rate I got these as a thanks for the patience and other files in this thread.


The first one isn't hypno, but I might as well post it while I'm here and it's hot anyway. Both files are the originals, untouched and unrecompressed, even I shouldn't have been able to botch this one.
>> No. 5152 ID: 7be51e
> Spoiler
When I buy things, it's usually from circles I've enjoyed before, so I figure they deserve some of my money either way and don't worry too much about that kind of thing. I'm also not very patient...
>> No. 5156 ID: 7d29c9
Hey Herp, I have a question I've been meaning to ask you.
Could you contact me via email?
>> No. 5158 ID: fd862a
I have most of the KUKURI's file.But I found RJ117901.I do not have it... please share RJ117901!
>> No. 5162 ID: fd862a
Oh...sorry I do not know how to buy RJ117901...
>> No. 5207 ID: 607284
> And waiting 4 months also helps the circle get more sells too, y'know.
Good point. I guess I'd better delay posting the things some more then...
>> No. 5213 ID: 940927
You'll still email me them tho, right~? :3c
>> No. 5320 ID: 43a58f

I want RJ117845
I want it bad

>> No. 5321 ID: 1aa036
Excuse me, if you don't understand Japanese, Please learn, practice and master It from Gojuon, Basic Conversational Japanese of Both Newbie and Beginner.
>> No. 5669 ID: 0e6426
Not hypnosis, but I highly recommend RJ124245, Masaki Phan's voice is so hot as she plays an enemy you captured and tries to corrupt you into having sex with her.
>> No. 5795 ID: 04da7a
Got some requests to fulfill, but first one of my own:

Do any of you have RJ058272, RJ097329 or RJ115949? Someone I know is considering buying them, but before he does I thought I'd ask.

Sure. And since >>3738 asked for it too, anyway...

(同人催眠音声) [130825] [Ak Voice] ヒプノリラクゼーション RJ117845.rar


(同人音声) [130816] [MASOINWASH] 新米僧侶、初めての魔女狩りに散る RJ119789.zip

Still don't have RJ113327, sorry.

Any chance you could upload that? I don't have it. :3c
>> No. 5799 ID: 3b466b
>> No. 5823 ID: a2f42f
hi, wanna ask something. in the end of Kotone's succubuss file, there's closing like this:
what does that mean? thanks.
>> No. 5825 ID: 7f6b3d
Can someone check PD for RJ117075 please?
>> No. 5826 ID: 6869a7

translation goes something like this
"quickly, accumulate more semen.
quickly, ok?
you're my food,
>> No. 5827 ID: 11cf5a
Some more things to add to my list from my last post. Does anyone have any of the following? RJ058272, RJ079062, RJ097329, RJ117722 or RJ119054. If not, they might be bought as early as next year.

Also, 5a1M1N AND Spectral, you've both got mail. Plz read.


(同人催眠音声) [130621] [誰得催眠製作所] にゃんこといっしょ RJ117493.zip

And, yes, it's hypnosis.


(同人催眠音声) [130612] [すくりぷてっどこねくしょん] ラビットストラテジー RJ117075.zip
>> No. 5830 ID: e2bcd8
>(同人催眠音声) [130825] [Ak Voice] ヒプノリラクゼーション RJ117845.rar
Thank you so much hurp! I wanted to listen to this one for a while. I got a question tho... There is two files: トラック3-暗示(エロ)女性用.mp3 and トラック3-暗示(エロ)男性用.mp3. Which is which? Pls respond.
>> No. 5832 ID: e2bcd8
>Which is which?
Never mind i figured that 男性用 is for males.

I just listened to this work and it was wonderful. I rarely feel so relaxed while listening to other hypno recordings. Also if i didn't had to go pee id get a hands free orgasm i`m quiet sure. Love you Hurp <3
>> No. 5840 ID: 54b3c7
I haven't bought it yet, but the trial is about 20 minutes long, if people want a taste.
>> No. 5841 ID: 54b3c7
>(同人催眠音声) [130612] [すくりぷてっどこねくしょん] ラビットストラテジー RJ117075.zip

This is an amazing file. God, that voice...
>> No. 5941 ID: f8eaa0


>> No. 5948 ID: a6ce08
Moar requests, mostly brought to you by PD which I've been finding a hell of a lot of stuff on all week, including several of the things I asked for in my last two posts. As such, I need to update those requests:

Does anyone have RJ058272, RJ079062, RJ111330, RJ117722 or RJ119092?

RJ119092 is transformation yuri hypnosis, so it's relevant to this topic/5a1M1N's interests.


(同人催眠音声) [121127] [エコーズ] ラブだくダダあま百合えっち玩具なぶり!! RJ106081.zip

Welp, at least now you can find out whether or not it "ends in disappointment", 5a1M1N.


(同人催眠音声) [130724] [みじんこ] モデルのいいなり ~催眠個人撮影会~ RJ118960.rar

Let me know how this goes. Phan Masaki's scripts are normally bad IMO (she's a great CV, but clearly can't write to save her life), so I'm curious how her attempt at hypnosis went.


(同人音声) [100813] [Ash] 搾精チェンバー RJ065653.zip
(Note: This has the script, so I'm ASSUMING it's the updated version.)


(同人音声) [130731] [俺得本舗] ふたなり天使さんがあなたのお尻の穴に夢中になっちゃう音声♪ RJ118622.zip


(同人音声) [120526] [しらあえプロジェクト] おててレッスン! もういっかい! ~早漏防止トレーニングぷらす~ RJ096268.zip

(同人音声) [130717] [しらあえプロジェクト] おててレッスン! ~ドSであまあま? ロリ妹の命令オナサポ~ RJ118701.zip
>> No. 5949 ID: f98011
Anyone got RJ064748? I've been looking it for a while :/
>> No. 5952 ID: cb303a
Does anyone have RJ124366, RJ111856, RJ116466, RJ115144, RJ017458, RJ105328 ,RJ105850?
>> No. 5954 ID: 7a738e
RJ116466 is already on here: >>2369 or >>2376

(同人催眠音声) [050703] [キャットハウス] 18禁エロエロドラマ 尻カラ指イレッ! RJ017458.zip

(同人音声) [121126] [ししゃもそふと] とろける!すらいむ~とろとろスライム娘に犯される惨めで愚かなトロい勇者サマ~ RJ105850.zip

(同人音声) [130510] [ajaib suara] 舐める人妻S3 ~私が躾てあげますわ~ RJ115144.zip
>> No. 5961 ID: b35cea
What the...ok i like Japanese culture and so on, but i can´t speak or understand a single word, but i was curious about this Files and why the hell i get effects without understanding a single word? For me it works sometimes better then the english files that i can understand ... Is there something going wrong or can this happen? I am a bit curious about this xD
>> No. 5964 ID: e2bcd8
What is going on in this recording? Are you getting turned into a rabbit?
>> No. 5969 ID: 9c90fa
RJ070817 and RJ077263 both sound good. Enjoyed Cyclone Mint a lot so far.
>> No. 5972 ID: 06e3fe
>Let me know how this goes. Phan Masaki's scripts are normally bad IMO (she's a great CV, but clearly can't write to save her life), so I'm curious how her attempt at hypnosis went.

Something something whore mouth. Joking aside, she co-wrote the script with Akkun, according to DL Site

It's the second part of a series, but when she calls you her little rabbit it's a term of endearment, not transformation.
>> No. 5974 ID: 06e3fe
About RJ118960, it has a folder labelled 挿入用音声 with situations you can put in between tracks 2 and 3. The situations are oral, 69, and sex, in that order. There's also a file labelled "all_差し替えをせずそのまま音声を聞く場合このファイルを再生" which is all three of those with the induction and awakening file.
>> No. 5980 ID: ee1c05
So, it looks like RJ106081 is the first of a thus far three piece set. I'd be interested in seeing the other two (RJ109565 and RJ111463) if only to see how these guys handle the multiple session approach.
>> No. 5986 ID: dd9a42
You know, you guys could just google them. Most of these are available already. You are just having people here reupload them.
>> No. 5995 ID: 90bb52
OMG!!! Awesome work! Do you have any more?
This is soo cool!! It is helping me to learn language too. =)
>> No. 6006 ID: 88dd6f
Have fun:

(同人催眠音声) [130124] [エコーズ] 【女体化】臨界ダクダクあま百合えっちローションなぶり!!【催眠】 RJ109565.zip

(同人催眠音声) [130225] [エコーズ] 【女体化】限壊ギリッ★ラブ百合すんドメ生殺し恥獄!【催眠】 RJ111463.zip

True. However, many of the ones on Google are fake files, have corrupt file names, have dead links or lead to results people can't use (PD/Share/Winny/etc). Not to mention, several things that hadn't yet been leaked elsewhere are in this topic (such as RJ116466, which seems to be popping up on websites as of today, been in this topic for FOUR months).
>> No. 6030 ID: f2d925
[130612] [すくりぷてっどこねくしょん] ラビットストラテジー is broken...
other please!!!
>> No. 6031 ID: dd9a42
Looking for RJ123815 ヒプノポリネシアン~BlueHeaven~
>> No. 6033 ID: b4596b
Broken how? The link still works, the uploaded file size appears to be correct and the file names work on my end. Maybe try downloading it again? Your download might've failed. >>5841 implied it worked fine fine, too.

Nothing from Hypnolife has ever been posted on the Internet as far as I know. Even the stuff made for girls. At least, I've got nothing at all from them :/
>> No. 6051 ID: 4c614c
エコーズ? Guess I'm getting suckered in again then. Thanks for posting.

> 【女体化】限壊ギリッ★ラブ百合すんドメ生殺し恥獄!【催眠】
Damn, they do know how to name their files to get my attention.

As they say, all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Since you only get the tone, but not the words, your mind probably just goes ahead and imagines something appropriate.
>> No. 6054 ID: 19bb86
please [モルモットストリップ]ヒプノダークエルフRJ073086
>> No. 6065 ID: b9ceab
Here you go:

(同人催眠音声) [110130] [モルモットストリップ] ヒプノダークエルフ RJ073086.zip

I eagerly await your review.
>> No. 6068 ID: dd9a42
That file has some really good 寸止め
>> No. 6069 ID: 2ddd0f

When my Mind works like this, then i dont have a problem with it, like i sayed it works better for me so i will mostly stick to this stuff and dont ask about it again xD
>> No. 6071 ID: 19bb86
Thank you!
>> No. 6074 ID: e2bcd8
Can someone explain which file is which in RJ065057? I know that 1 is dry and another is ejaculation...
>> No. 6088 ID: 2a48df
I don't know what's in the download link, but in the full version, 2A is masturbation, and 2B is nipple play.
>> No. 6164 ID: 05b54c
I agree regarding the sound effects. They're part of the reason I said "pretty good" rather than "great".

In last track, she's using a double ended dildo on you.
>> No. 6320 ID: 6cbbf2
>> No. 6362 ID: f8eaa0

>> No. 6365 ID: aa8e26
Those aren't hypnosis recordings though...
>> No. 6374 ID: ee1c05
Yeah, I'm not seeing the relevant tags in the title either. However, I did find both of them online already; between Vivahentai4u and 18hentai I did find two downloads with working links though I haven't checked to see if the files within are the right ones. Yay.

This thread is great for posting and discussing hypnosis titles, but if you're looking for anything else they can often be found on one of those two. What Hurp said earlier about fake links and whatnot is true, but I've had really good luck with Vivahentai in a pinch.
>> No. 6378 ID: dd9a42
I've only had fake files from 18hentai so I wouldn't recommend it.
>> No. 6392 ID: 0e296e
...I'm still not sure if you were requesting it or not, but here you go:

(同人催眠音声) [130628] [KUKURI] ハルモニア~黄昏症候群~ RJ117901.zip


(同人音声) [120512] [みじんこ] パパには内緒で… RJ095582.zip

The majority of files posted in this thread aren't even hypnosis anyway, so...

Your best option is Perfect Dark, imo. Vivahentai4u is good, tho. Another one I liked was Hentai-Otaku, but they recently stopped using Uploaded which was my fave host to use since it's a lot easier to find a working Uploaded premium link generator than it is to find one for any other website. :( Anyway, those sites normally clusterfuck more than one thing into it, which can be annoying if you're like >>6320 and only want the one thing that's in it. PD would have it by itself and probably a bunch of other things those sites haven't gotten around to posting yet. I recently found quite a few things I had been looking for on it, myself. I'm not sure where you saw RJ074073, RJ077484 or RJ123277 at tho, as none of those come up on either of those sites you mentioned. (They aren't on PD, either.)

Last time I tried there, the file names were corrupted so I concur with not using it. Even more so if they're posting bogus files now.
>> No. 6401 ID: 7ebf6d
> The majority of files posted in this thread aren't even hypnosis anyway, so...
Are you sure about that? I was pretty sure the majority actually is hypnosis, as it should be.
>> No. 6411 ID: e2bcd8
I`m also pretty sure that there is more hypnosis works in this thread. I know what i`m talking about because i downloaded almost everything posted ^^
>> No. 6418 ID: 84d5cc
Including at least one hypno recording is a good idea, but I'd be careful not go all out on the non-hypno recordings. I don't want this thread to suffer some kind of "it turned all off topic" deletion.
>> No. 6419 ID: 944966
I recommended one non-hypno recording because it was by a usually-does-hypno voice actress (Phan, natch), was really hot, and had themes of corruption and dominance, is that sort of thing okay?
>> No. 6423 ID: 84d5cc
I guess? What do I know, I'm just some guy. I just think that keeping the number of posts that don't fit the board on the low side would be a good idea. Then again, this discussion also kind of doesn't fit the board. I'd better shut up.
>> No. 6425 ID: 19bb86
RJ120489[音撫屋]Trip Sound
>> No. 6431 ID: c648e0
Hurray for real hypnotic content!

A free 45minute binaural session is available on DLsite. http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ126076.html

And a request.
The rest of RJ126076 would be appreciated; those with the means to do so.
>> No. 6435 ID: 7d29c9
I'm fine with it, BUT I'd recommend a thread like that to go in either /h/ or /asi/, just to keep things on-topic, and to breathe life back into either boards.

Seriously, all /h/ produces lately is either the shitty PIXXX or Jiggly Girls content lately. /asi/ is dead-ish as well.
>> No. 6499 ID: df61f8
Cool, thanks for clearing that up.
>> No. 6515 ID: 6c759a

Well this is different. Lilith made a hypnosis drama CD. They sure are milking Taimanin Yukikaze for all it's worth, huh?
>> No. 6639 ID: 4cb815
Surprising. I guess hypnosis recordings must be rather popular these days.
>> No. 6663 ID: d55d42
RJ126629 【Lilith [リリス]】対魔忍ユキカゼ催眠CD~ゆきかぜの甘い囁き~ please!!
>> No. 6684 ID: bb6970

I *think* found a version of this on PD if anyone wants it. (As it appears to be the C84 version, it doesn't include that commentary as far as I can tell.)

Info: file 【同人音声】Wサキュバスの射畜催眠 [C84_朝倉催眠研究所].zip 同人音声 催眠 朝倉催眠研究所 C84 エロボイス 489,713,175 b5eebd6ba7f238b9be924bee456437528ac040dfc31b1bb018fa79ef35758216

If you'd rather a DDL: http://ul.to/y3mn7ymt

I know a guy going to C85 with a couple of his bros. He's going to meet Phan Masaki IRL if she's there. I can't wait to hear how she reacts to THREE Europeans walking up to her. He's also apparently gonna ask her to make a cum eating hypnosis audio for her circle :V

If you have any C85 AUDIO requests, he might grab them while he's there. Let me know.
>> No. 6699 ID: f98011
>He's also apparently gonna ask her to make a cum eating hypnosis audio for her circle :V
That's gonna be akward.
>> No. 6711 ID: f98011
HypnoLife's ヒプノポリネシア seems now to be on PD. Both male and female version.
>> No. 6780 ID: 2a48df
She had trouble with a stalker a few years ago, and isn't specific of where she'll be since then, but it seems she may be around on the third day (the 31st).

Good luck to your friends!
>> No. 6812 ID: d218b3
Is this tread for just hypnosis or also for feel fre to ask for other jp-files?
If yes I would ask for:
all from the same cirle and at least there is one hypno-file in it.
>> No. 6814 ID: 11b91f
Yeah, they aren't having a booth this year, and she posted on Twitter that she went home for New Years, so I don't think she'll be there.
>> No. 6820 ID: d6254a
Apparently we're supposed to make a new thread in one of the other boards for non-hypno, but no one has done it yet so idunnolol... It fits better in /h/ than /asi/ IMO, so if someone wants to do it... *cough*5a1M1N*cough*

I have all of those, tho:

(同人催眠音声) [091129] [VOICE☆FACTORY] ヒプノティックオナニー ~into the deep(サキュバス編) RJ056091.rar

(同人音声) [080629] [VOICE☆FACTORY] 教えて!マイ・ティーチャー~癒らし淫語で連続ヌキ RJ040810.rar

(同人音声) [081230] [VOICE☆FACTORY] 短小・包茎・早漏治療院~やさしく亀頭責め(射精お知らせ音付き) RJ045413.rar

(同人音声) [090328] [VOICE☆FACTORY] ダウナー彼女の射精誘導~淫語でマインドコントロール RJ047827.zip

(同人音声) [111030] [VOICE☆FACTORY] オナてつ淫語しちゅえーしょんず!~童貞・短小包茎のキミのために、出張コスプレイヤーが撮影会のついでに
ナニーのお手伝いをします RJ085406.zip

Well, fuck.

Also, >>6711 protip: When you find something on PD, post the information so we can find it quicker ourselves:

file (女性向け) [HypnoLife] ヒプノポリネシアン~BlueHeaven~ RJ116111.zip 同人音声 ~輸入 @暁詞音.7z【ノット自炊】=es9MeL9RovZvypw-2DFQohOAb9a 164,500,937 2d9f4a40aee84c7b9f6746c44dd52e589900fda4eee2fe382281e54d6d6e7226

file (同人音声) [131125] [HypnoLifeforMEN] ヒプノポリネシアン~BlueHeaven~ RJ123815 (rr).rar 自炊 同人音声 ボイスドラマ 音声作品 同人ボイス メリークリスマス @arc【自炊オンリー】=HbXd3dup+gKAsPImZzBhskvaold 139,001,653 5753aabc81aa04fd85f2aa053ac99c5f0d07b97d5ad5e0060a182aaec4aaacff

(If anyone prefers DDLs for either, just ask.)
>> No. 6830 ID: ee1c05
Alright, looks like it's past time for me to get PD up and running. While I'm building up my Unity and trying to figure out how to work this crazy thing, would you please post a DDL for RJ123815?
>> No. 6837 ID: 97d157

(同人催眠音声) [130801] [催眠日記] 後輩催眠 RJ119415.zip


(同人催眠音声) [131125] [HypnoLifeforMEN] ヒプノポリネシアン~BlueHeaven~ RJ123815.rar

Let me know if you need help setting up PD.
>> No. 6843 ID: 5939fc
>> No. 6853 ID: ee1c05
I think I've about got the hang of it after a load of Googling. My Unity is barely building at all (6 megs in about 8 hours?) even though all my ports show as open, but I guess that's just a matter of patience and maybe uploading a few things.

I just noticed something though: RJ126750, which had a page on the English DLSite yesterday night doesn't exist on the English side anymore. Anyone know why they would take a page down?
>> No. 6862 ID: c585bd
You added nodes, right? It's a good idea to have a lot. According to PD, I am currently connected to over 2k and am unable to connect to at least 2k other ones, so I probably have well over 4000 nodes. It's also a good idea to post your encrypted address to those PD node sharing sites. Hit me up on IRC if you need help, it'd be a lot easier to do it in real time than like this.

Maybe all of us should share our addresses on PD with each other. Mine's already up on those sites, tho, so if you regularly check for new ones (and you should), you likely have me already.

And to answer your question, none of that circle's other works are on the English side of DLSite. Most likely adding it in the first place was a mistake.
>> No. 6863 ID: 68f8c7
I just finished listening to 凌辱円舞曲~風の王女セシル~Prelude, and the thing that affected me most about it was how depressing the ending was. Bad endings to rape/mindbreak stories is nothing new, but this one hit me particularly hard and made me feel really bad about enjoying the stuff before it. Is this normal for Kukuri works?

Anyone managed to grab and/or listen to the recently released sequel yet? I kinda want to see things through to the end in case the final ending isn't as depressing, but judging from the description, it's just going to get worse from here, isn't it?

Also curious if these two make up the whole series. They're named Prelude and Fuga, and when you think of preludes and fugues, you think of Bach, who released dozens of works as prelude -> fugue. But it's not like this is a fast rule, particularly in the romantic era and later, it would be completely acceptable to release a work like prelude -> fugue -> chorale -> finale, or something like that. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but the dlsite description or the circle blog doesn't tell me anything about this.
>> No. 6927 ID: 1565b0
Where can I download Kotone Akatsuki's Hypno Drug Lady? I think the post is deleted?
>> No. 6935 ID: cdff70
> It fits better in /h/ than /asi/ IMO, so if someone wants to do it... *cough*5a1M1N*cough*
I was thinking about making one, but I just can't make up my mind where to put it. /h/ would be an okay fit, but some files might actually belong on /d/, such as >>3666?
>> No. 6937 ID: cdff70
Here's a bunch of links to things:

https://depositfiles.com/files/w61tnq3is (同人催眠音声) [キャンドルマン] ヒプノドラッグレディ [RJ094817] (mp3 rr3).rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/7313jkqxr [でぃあ] 女装露出.rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/k2vrg3ds4 (同人催眠音声) [131001] [キャンドルマン] おゆうぎのじかん RJ121353.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/90umbnvuu (同人催眠音声) [暗中模索] 催眠音声~首枷~.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/pmdwmd5ps (同人催眠音声) [キャンドルマン] レイプ・サウンド・ガール♪ [RJ074283].zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/hzsafkug3 (同人催眠音声) [催眠日記] カウント・ダウン [RJ064747].zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/tg6eepv56 (同人催眠音声) [121126] [KUKURI] 凌辱円舞曲~風の王女セシル~Prelude RJ106265.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/8va07rhao (同人音声) [TSらぼ] 少女、悪魔の快楽に遭う RJ082991.rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/jrhaptahm (同人催眠音声) [キャットハウス] (催眠CD)裏Trance voice fan 赤いリボンのリコ1~ドリームチャット~烙印 RJ014394.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/z4d1c840l (同人催眠音声) [110310] [KUKURI] 少女の世界に弾丸を RJ074818.rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/s0sgdfaiz (同人催眠音声) [音催眠日記] あなたをMにしちゃう催眠音声 RJ101564.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/mzzuiieqd (同人音声) [男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。] 男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。 第2章 RJ079704.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/k0bmx0176 (同人ソフト) (同人音声) [Angel Black] 長門ユウキの催眠 [D0009537] (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱) (rr3).rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/d5eo08hb8 (同人催眠音声) [130810] [Hypnotic_Yanh] 苗床 触手使いと少年《催眠音声》 RJ119459.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/n72zqvs8v (同人音声) [男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。] 男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。 第2章 ナチュラルボイス版 RJ083186.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/e2etkxn6e (同人催眠音声) [風呂井戸ソフト] 催眠にょナニー [RJ065953].zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/77ljk0mt0 (同人ソフト) (同人音声) [Angel Black] psyny advance. ふたなり性徒会長の☆男の娘催眠 [RJ065022].zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/qjcgkzuy3 (同人催眠音声) [080619] [KUKURI] 痴漢レッスン RJ040506.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/4uwgvh8oj (同人催眠音声) [エロトランス] ヒプノタイマー [RJ067214].zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/8iow2ox0k (同人音声) [サイクロンミント] ヤンデレ後輩と入れ替わり催眠 RJ116466.rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/xkvekzmau (同人催眠音声) [エロトランス] ヒプノルーレット [RJ109294].rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/5ninoie9u (同人催眠音声) [KUKURI] 人妻レッスン製品版 [RJ040094].zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/el48hwwpn (同人催眠音声) [エロトランス] カンスト [RJ089671].rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/4qzzayp20 (同人音声) [モルモットストリップ] DirtyPrisoner ~囚人体験~ [RJ079377].rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/cylom6m4f (同人音声) [Hypnotic_Yanh] ヴァーチャル電気拷問催眠 Ver2 RJ118685.rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/po1yye347 (同人音声)[111027][まいろりん] 公開奴隷催眠~ガールズバーの裏の顔~ RJ085545.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/ww3fl7yew (同人催眠音声)[すくりぷてっどこねくしょん] 腕輪~bracelet~ [RJ061467].zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/o19d9mhr2 (同人催眠音声) [エロトランス(サイミー)] 涼○ハルヒの催眠.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/wj9y2daj5 omocha.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/4wepv0qkh (同人催眠音声) [エロトランス] リミットマリオネット [RJ060348].zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/p2mh95g9j (一般書籍) [サイニー研究会] さあ、やってみよう~催眠オナニー入門 (CD音源なし) [2010-03-26].pdf
https://depositfiles.com/files/9ubi95367 (同人音声) [モルモットストリップ] 搾精催眠 -快楽の地獄- RJ068979.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/9q9g50mdu (同人催眠音声) [エロトランス] ヒプノパートナー [RJ101764].rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/j4x7x4htz (同人催眠音声) [080709] [KUKURI] 露出レッスン RJ041065.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/imlvq7muv (同人音声)[どろっぷす!] さあ、やってみよう~女装Mプレイ編~ CV民安 ともえ RJ105163.rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/33gllh1q0 (同人音声)[どろっぷす!] さあ、やってみよう~セルフ(性感増進)編~ CV草柳 順子 RJ105161.rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/7v8i478vw [でぃあ] あなたはスケベ少女 ~お姉さまに責められる学園~ vol.1 (mp3変換済み).zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/o1ugqlo3i [でぃあ] あなたはスケベ少女 ~お姉さまに責められる学園~ vol.2 (mp3変換済み).zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/yfei6uwxt (同人音声) [山吹堂] メイドさんの逆調教 ~マゾ犬乳首オナニー~ [RJ073274].rar
https://depositfiles.com/files/a241nl835 (同人催眠音声) [みじんこ・催眠スレ107] メイドのい・い・な・り~射精管理ボイス~ [RJ046439].zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/3uqj5vbhk (同人音声) [DreamLight] 明晰夢 ~お姉さんとエッチな夢を見るための催眠音声~ RJ064080.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/za9whrxpk (同人催眠音声) [110207] [300y's] ドM催眠☆罵りお姉さんのち○ぽ変化 RJ073361.zip
https://depositfiles.com/files/gwq83fkqv braceletscript.txt
>> No. 6959 ID: b893a8
anyone got RJ091781?
>> No. 6960 ID: 7d29c9
Like I have already stated at >>6435, a here is okay, but if it fits better in a different board, post it in that. example: If you feel a tentacle hypnosis works better in /d/ then post it there.
>> No. 6975 ID: ee1c05
>(同人音声) [TSらぼ] 少女、悪魔の快楽に遭う RJ082991.rar
I'll take it. I don't know why I have so much of this feminization stuff when I still can't trance well enough for it to work, but I download anyway.
>> No. 6989 ID: fbcb35
File 138871532548.jpg - (188.75KB , 560x420 , RJ126976_img_main.jpg )
RJ126976 please, the art alone is awesome.
>> No. 6992 ID: ee1c05
You might have to wait a bit there.

I think I've got a magnet with that and a few other Candleman things lying around here somewhere...


There. Have fun.

This one sounds interesting, but it's not showing up on my go-to DL site or PD.
>> No. 7012 ID: c8c1e1
>> No. 7018 ID: 413373
>> No. 7022 ID: 21d39d
Hi, I'd be really happy if you could upload RJ116111 as well, pretty please.
>> No. 7044 ID: 3e4701
Hello, I have a question. Regarding HHypno Drug Lady, if I don't want the effect to ber removed, I should listen to the awakener only file instead of the persuasion+awakener file right?
>> No. 7052 ID: 21d39d
Thank you so much!! You're great.
>> No. 7056 ID: 21d39d
The male voice actor for this has a cute and soothing voice (in my opinion). I personally like that more than high-pitched female voices, so yeah... if that's the case for anyone, this might be a try.

It seems like you can choose to play part a or b, except that the japanese has disappeared from the file names and there's no readme text...hmm.
I've only listened to the first few tracks to try to find out the difference, can't really tell so it might just be a long/short version. Seems pretty good.
>> No. 7060 ID: 7ba4f2
Sorry about that. It was like that in the download :[
>> No. 7100 ID: cdff70
If you want to keep the effect, listen to none of the awakeners. The persuasion one will just try to persuade you and give you a chance to stop listening before the regular awakener with effect removal starts.

At the end of the main file, you are told that you're allowed move as you please, although you might feel "weak like a frail young lady", so you'd better try and recover for a bit before getting up. The "awakener" is just for removing suggestions.
>> No. 7126 ID: b03b39
File 138899101574.jpg - (158.51KB , 560x420 , RJ067811_img_main.jpg )
had anyone tried RJ067811? how was it? got the download link? thanks.
>> No. 7128 ID: b03b39
Requesting RJ122803 please... Thanks in advance... :)
>> No. 7132 ID: cdff70
...Umm... >>6684
>> No. 7134 ID: b03b39
whoa, just found this thread. may I request some files?
>> No. 7150 ID: 2a48df
Just a matter of etiquette, but none of those are hypnosis.
>> No. 7166 ID: 61de55
Masaki Phan did a Q&A on her Twitter last night, any interest in having it translated?
>> No. 7167 ID: e2891e
Yes please.

Also, it looks like it's still on going. I'd ask her about that cum eating hypnosis session, but I can't into Japanese :V
>> No. 7197 ID: 61de55
She started late Monday night, keep going into Tuesday morning, and started again Tuesday night. FYI, any people asking for requests are bing told to ask Mijinko, so think about doing that.
Q - Who are you romantically attracted to? Men or Women?
A - I'm interested in someone I can respect. Well, that, and Hina-tan is my wife.

Q - How old will you be this year, Phan-tan?
A - My age won't advance past 410 years old. I'm a little devil.

Q - What kind of bedroom do you live in?
A - I have too many white and black and red things, so it looks really dirty. I don't have enough storage space.

Q - Do you have a favorite singer?
A - I'm crazy for L'Arc-en-Ciel, Hyde is mine! I also like Sid, Ringo Sheena, Ikimono Gakari and aiko.

Q - Do you like girls with glasses?
A - I like girls without glasses. For guys, I get worked up if they wear glasses、because they can get bukakk...

Q - What do you want for dinner tonight?
A - I want sushi, at a conveyor belt place.

Q – Near the mountains or the ocean, where would you prefer to live?
A – The ocean I guess? Whenever a lot of things are happening I always want to go to the ocean.

Q – When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be?
A – A designer. My dream came true, but I couldn’t show me from back then how exactly…(´・ω・)

Q – Are there are roles that make you think “I’m good at this!”?
A – Maybe being a gentle older sister? Lately I’ve been doing a lot of loli roles, but I get really stressed over trying to be a cute little girl lol.
>> No. 7198 ID: 61de55
Q – What was your start to being a ‘free’ voice actress?
A – I used to have an office where people took care of a lot of stuff for me, but I realized that even though I was getting paid, my commuting expenses and food, etc. were costing a lot. But even now, I’m bad at responding to e-mail and running things, so I end having someone take care of it…

Q – When was your first love?
A – When I was in the later years for nursery school. I wonder if Shohei who I was always chasing after is doing well?

Q – Tell me a place I just have to visit if I go to Ehime!
A – The clock tower at Dogo Hot Spring Station,you can bathe your feet for free while you wait. Also, instead of Matsuyama Castle, I recommend the scenery at Kuppa Castle (in the General Park). And you HAVE to go to Deut Pasta in front of Matsuyama Station.

Q – Are you going to a training school for voice actresses?
A – Sorta, in secret, lol. To be frank, I don’t think it really helps, but I met a lot of other actresses that way.

Q – What do you want for Valentine’s Day?
A – Anything except chocolate. Maybe cookies or throat drops.

Q – Teach me how to do handcrafts and drive on sloped streets!
A – Go to a training school! Lol. Put some spirtit in it, spirit!

Q – What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
A – The pasta from a nearby place was disgusting. I coludn’t believe Ispent money on it, then the place went under, lol.

Q – When listening to a hypnosis file, what should I do to be hypnotized?
A – Try telling yourself “I get hypnotized easily”, and maybe pretend you’re under. If you just space out and listen you’d be surprised by how soon you go under.
>> No. 7203 ID: 61de55
Q – Do you prefer a handsome pervert or just a pervert?
A – Of course I prefer a handsome pervert! Not only is he handsome, but perverted too, it’s the best! Lol.

Q – Will you play Monster Hunter today?
A – If I have any strength after I’m done working. I like doing the squat-shooting.

Q – Tell me how you first heard about hypnosis audio.
A – I suddenly got a request to record one. I think it was from Sukuripu?

Q – What are you good at cooking?
A – Boiled daikon and pork, or maybe fish. Fried dumplings too. I liked stewed foods a lot, but I had a time when I just made a lot of hamburgers, lol.

Q – What kind of ramen do you like?
A – I like salt and soy sauce ramen. Lately I’ve been having yuzu ramen a lot.

Q – Do you wish you could re-record any of your works? If so, please say why.
A – There’s so many! I’m always being pressed by deadlines, I wish I could just take my time and record them.

Q – Is there anything you love more than Hina-tan?
A – Sleep.

Q – Do you like or hate Ryuuji Hirasawa-sensei?
A – I love him! Or maybe just the actor that voices him in the anime…

Q – Did you have a time when your parents got angry at you as a child? If so, tell us!
A – Once I was helping to peel vegetables and I cut my finger. I thought they’d get mad, so I hid it, went to my room, and cried, and when they found out they got super angry.

Q – Tell us something your wife likes.
A- Which wife? Ai-ten? Hina-tan?

There's a lot to translate, I'll do it on and off for the next while.
>> No. 7207 ID: 00d162
> I like girls without glasses. For guys, I get worked up if they wear glasses、because they can get bukakk...
I-I'm... *pushes up glasses* not sure how I feel about that.
>> No. 7211 ID: c1d3a7
Maybe HurpDerp's cum-eating request can be of a guy in the middle of a bukkake session?

Q – What kind of pervert do you like? If you don’t mind, please tell me!
A – I like perverts who just can’t help themselves. But I hate people who are sullen. But people who are too uptight and don’t show when they’re troubled are the worst.

Q – Let me put it in, please! Just the tip is okay!
A – Okay, but before that I want to to play erotic voices at a loud volume from your speakers at the office ^^.

Q – Are there any offline meet-ups where I can meet you and Hina?
A – Hosting those is too exhausting, so we don’t do it anymore.

Q – Are there any characters in your works who are close to the real you?
A – Maybe Mijinko’s “Real” series?

Q – Please tell me how you got started?
A – When I realized it, I was already doing it. For real.

Q – Do you want to live in a foreign country?
A – I only know Japanese so it’s impossible. Lol

Q – Can you tell me anything that makes you glad you’re a voice actress or that’s made you happy?
A – When I hear good reviews, or when creators say “I’m so glad we went with Phan!” it makes me super happy.

Q – What sport do you like? I like badminton!
A – I like hard tennis. And swimming. And I only like shooting in basketball, lol.

Q – Can I all you big sister?
A – O…kay. Lol

Q – I want to have a perverted maid gently dominate me, what should I do?
A – You’ll have to become her yes man (Note, joke referring to the Maid series she’s done)
>> No. 7212 ID: c1d3a7
Q – What’s something you just can’t do without?
A – Over 20 minutes of sleep or 40 minutes in the bath.

Q – What do you think about the old man that lives in Hina?
A – He’s a well-trained otaku.

Q – Can I hope for more in the “Real” series?
A – It’s difficult to say. There’s a limit on the kind of situations we have, and making scripts is difficult.

Q – Does your icon faithfully reflect how you look in real life?
A – An artist acquaintance of mine drew it after meeting me once. The oyakodon I ate that time was delicious.

Q – I’m never charging my smartphone, or my heart.
A – Make sure you take proper breaks. Lol.

Q – Tell us your repertoire of famous people/characters you can imitate.
A – I don’t have any confidence in imitating things (´・ω・).

Q – “This is too hard to understand”, have you encountered any kind of inclinations or fetishes like this? If so, is there any work in those fields?
A – Nose-picking fetish is the only one I haven’t understood so far, lol. I have to be able to approach a work with some kind of sexual interest, or it’s no good, lol.

Q – I’m a normal guy who has no idea why you’re following me on Twitter. What’s your criteria for following people?
A –I return-follow creators, and sometimes recommended users.

Q – What made you the happiest last year?
A – When I got to try being a courtesan in Kyoto.

Q – If you were re-born as a man, what would you like to try doing?
A – For the time being, let’s say flirting with women.
>> No. 7217 ID: 7ffc0e
>For the time being, let’s say flirting with women.
When does the Bukakke come in, Phan?
>> No. 7235 ID: 93ec7c
I haven't, but I'll hold off till I can buy it. Thanks anyway!

Mijinko is the group she belongs to, she doesn't make scenarios, writes/checks scripts, records and releases on her own.

I'll hold off on more translations until there's a thread in hentai, can you link to it here when it's made?
>> No. 7245 ID: 7ba4f2
> A – Okay, but before that I want to to play erotic voices at a loud volume from your speakers at the office ^^.

Non-hypnosis thread here: http://www.newfapchan.org/h/res/12999.html
>> No. 7363 ID: a223c6
>> No. 7444 ID: 3395b4

(同人催眠音声) [091012] [みじんこ] メイドのいいなり~遊園地でご奉仕~ RJ054263.zip

(同人催眠音声) [091101] [みじんこ] 遊園地でご奉仕~スピードコース~ RJ055027.zip

(同人催眠音声) [100325] [キャンドルマン] 催眠メルトダウン RJ060354.zip

Sorry the last one is an achieve with an archive inside it that's split in 3 parts, the download I have is like that. I couldn't find a replacement copy. Also, it's over 100MB LARGER than the original file size on DLSite, so clearly this guy can't into compression. :(
>> No. 7518 ID: 8b5778
>> No. 7661 ID: 352de9
Wow their voices are so damn pretty it made me want to learn japanese just to understand it.
Is there any with a video with the words on it or a blocknote with the full text?<
>> No. 7684 ID: e83dfe
I have written a translated script for >>1246: >>4520
>> No. 7728 ID: 71fad9

>> No. 7789 ID: bdfa3a

Geez, that seems like a lot of work

Things to prepare beforehand
- Pantyhose (necessary, having 2 pairs is best)

- Cologne or spray deodorant that you like.

Things you might want
- Body pillow
- Condoms
- A towel of plastic sheet to put under you.
>> No. 7811 ID: c8c1e1
>> No. 7863 ID: f108c9
>> No. 7883 ID: d45378
i'm interested in 催眠メルトダウン (RJ060354)
could you give me the details of this file please? like what it do, does it contains orgasm command, and what change does it make to our body after listening. thank you very much.
>> No. 7902 ID: a865ed
do you have RJ124243?
I can't seem to find RJ124243 anywhere.
>> No. 7924 ID: 3395b4


Any one have KUKURI's new product ?
>> No. 7977 ID: 9971fa
Any hypno file for masochist with nipple play without masturbation at all? I'd like to experience the frustration.
>> No. 7980 ID: 189390
i've wondered the same exact thing but for english hypnosis
>> No. 7999 ID: 2ec81b
These off the top of my head:


You can probably find more if you search "乳首" on DLsite with parameters for only MP3 and/or 催眠.

Then make a thread for it in /r/ and stop derailing this thread?
>> No. 8081 ID: c8c1e1
>> No. 8085 ID: 6cbbf2
>> No. 8117 ID: d452e6
File 139087581058.jpg - (89.98KB , 560x420 , RJ126976_img_main1.jpg )
RJ126976 available yet?
>> No. 8118 ID: d452e6
There is masturbation in these two, but the nipple play is amazing.


>> No. 8143 ID: c8c1e1
>> No. 8232 ID: 3df146

>> No. 8293 ID: 796fd7

(同人催眠音声) [131220] [Lilith [リリス]] 対魔忍ユキカゼ催眠CD~ゆきかぜの甘い囁き~ RJ126629.zip


(同人催眠音声) [140109] [Es_Lab] PNST. RJ128018.zip
Note: It also comes with a hypno-guide with h-drawings.


Welp, time for you to found out how much of a hassle it is, Phano~

Also, I was looking at the images in that PDF... on one of them the guy is eating his own cum. That couldn't be the "wet orgasm" it was talking about, could it?


(同人催眠音声) [091114] [すくりぷてっどこねくしょん] FEELS RJ055491.zip


(同人催眠音声) [091222] [みじんこ] 催眠のお部屋~お姉さんと・・・~ RJ056870.zip


(同人催眠音声) [090727] [すくりぷてっどこねくしょん] りふれくどーる RJ051549.rar

RJ065057 doesn't appear to be here. So if anyone needs a link, let me know.
>> No. 8331 ID: d452e6
I usually don't listen to anything not done by Phan, and when I do it really doesn't work well for me.
>> No. 8417 ID: db1a22
Is there any file with endless sundome jerk off with absolutely no release (just like Parasite, but with more mature voice)?
>> No. 8444 ID: d55d42
RJ109574 please
>> No. 8445 ID: 19bb86
>> No. 8473 ID: 5a316b
RJ101420 (B-bishop's 心無き機械人形のオナニーサポート, which is available) follows the same format as Parasite except there is a release at the end and it has 3 different characters with different lead-ins, and there are files for having one character leave and another enter. The sundome patterns are split like with Parasite, so you can simply not use the release one and endlessly cycle the others, I think.

But as far as I can remember, only Daisy could be called a mature voice in there.

There is an expansion, RJ125003 (心無き機械人形のオナニーサポート2 前作互換セット付属), which adds two more characters and their rotation files, and they look like they might be more what you're looking for, but as far as I know it is unleaked.
>> No. 8490 ID: de5d0a
Hello, I have the quwetion about the chastity file:
(同人音声) [男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。] 男を思い通りに操る術、教えます。 第2章 RJ079704
What is the difference between
(2) 熟成 その1(28分31秒) and (3) 熟成 その2(31分12秒)?
It says:
>> No. 8492 ID: 55eecb
A session to listen to while in the middle of your chastity.

A session to listen to to make your chastity more painfully fun.
>> No. 8503 ID: a94e63
I've heard RJ125003 (心無き機械人形のオナニーサポート2 前作互換セット付属) before. Don't remember where I got it from. Unfortunately there are no mature voices there. Actually didn't enjoy it much, the two characters in it often laugh in an annoying way.
>> No. 8517 ID: a65a06
This please
>> No. 8567 ID: d00aee

(同人催眠音声) [131224] [さいおん] 狂信的ドイツ親衛隊少女の人体実験で搾りまくられ尽くされる音声ドラマ(催眠風) RJ126944.zip
>> No. 8597 ID: 2a5bd0
>> No. 8618 ID: 7b69b7
Have the slime/other monster-girl ones yet? Or am I just blind as fuck.
>> No. 8627 ID: 0dae32
Eh? I'm not seeing any slime girl sessions from that circle. And the only monster girl one is RJ125634 (a lamia), which I don't have.
>> No. 8638 ID: 800ea3
>> No. 8690 ID: 7b69b7
Sorry, I don't remember which circle it is, but they're masaki phan ones.
>> No. 8805 ID: 2004bd

>> No. 8854 ID: 68f8c7
I guess you're talking about RJ065142.
>> No. 9051 ID: 7b69b7
Yes! That and the other ones in that circle.
>> No. 9081 ID: b32e56
Please, please, please.
>> No. 9090 ID: 7b69b7
Ah, sorry about that. Was thinking about the specific circle and forgot to mention it.

My list from 誰得催眠製作所 as it stands is:
>> No. 9099 ID: 2e6489

(同人催眠音声) [121011] [すくりぷてっどこねくしょん] 吸精~kyusei~ RJ103687.zip


(同人催眠音声) [100729] [誰得催眠製作所] 催眠性感マッサージ~スライム編~ RJ065142.zip

(同人催眠音声) [120419] [誰得催眠製作所] アルコール・トリップ RJ094239.zip

(同人催眠音声) [121222] [誰得催眠製作所] 触手妖女のえっちな遊び RJ107583.zip
>> No. 9100 ID: 2e6489
Also, has anyone listened to RJ065142 yet? What are the differences between the the two versions? Just the countdown length? Or is it something else as well?
>> No. 9106 ID: 7b69b7
Thanks! I love you.
>> No. 9121 ID: 650fd6

>> No. 9126 ID: d452e6
Any sign of RJ126976 yet?
>> No. 9128 ID: dd9a42
It is already in this thread
>> No. 9185 ID: 4d619a

(同人催眠音声) [100826] [Angel Black] [Trance-Me!!] psynyADVANCE 東方淫声録~催眠霊夢~ RJ066371 (東方).zip

Toehoes lel.

>>9126 see >>8232
>> No. 9211 ID: 1e57cc
>> No. 9230 ID: 49ce7b

>> No. 9233 ID: 7b69b7
Finally got around to listening them. The Slime and vampire one wasn't really to my liking, since loli voices irritate me. Alcohol Trip, on the other hand is amazing. Her voice is so calm, soft and fluffy. It's just fucking amazing. Her voice is so fluffy, I can't even describe it with more words.
>> No. 9249 ID: eb314b

>> No. 9494 ID: 6cd207
I don't like how this and especially the non-hypnosis thread is getting filled with Japanese(?) people requesting for newly released files. If you're gonna request so much then it would be nice if you contributed once in a while by buying one yourself.
>> No. 9502 ID: b1befc
Does anyone have
Hypnotic Dystopia TypeA ~ヤンデレA.I.と爬虫類エイリアンズの快楽調教責め催眠~


高品質 二次元に入る催眠音声 HAILMIN -ハイルミン-(RJ075922)

>> No. 9557 ID: a185dd
>> No. 9635 ID: e5a0b3
Yes! I remember seeing the thread on hypnochan a long a time ago but I didn't understand a single word. Now these years of learning Japanese is about to pay off.
>> No. 9682 ID: 1b6a5f
A triumphant return, huh? Please let us know how it goes for you.
>> No. 9717 ID: e15b0e
Been a while since I've been on here, but has there been a new section for non-hypno content linked/made?
>> No. 9725 ID: 7d29c9
Yes. You can find it at >>/h/12999
>> No. 9729 ID: 89a6dd

(同人催眠音声) [131216] [エムピレオ] ミッドナイトウィスパー 囁く後輩「由良沢麻璃華」 RJ126076.rar

>>8638 >>9557

(同人催眠音声) [140115] [エロトランス] 耳かき催眠 RJ127012.zip


(同人催眠音声) [130814] [Last remote island] 妙媛のサクバス RJ117950.zip

RJ078177 is apparently on PD, but I'm not having any luck getting if off there. Been trying since you made that post. :(

Here's the info so other people can try:

file (同人音声) [ボイスワールド] 人間椅子催眠.zip 同人音声 エロボイス 81,734,357 f16026a264a554737a3376baab2a9f9d27f851e41b20d998ebe07c772a9b9ce2
>> No. 9731 ID: aa92c7
Question: Has anyone gave RJ066471 a listen yet? It was beyond my abilities, so I was pretty lost. I think about eating ice cream and getting aroused, but I dunno lol. I'm not even sure if there's a cumshot.

Why'd you make me upload something that's clearly marked as "loli" then? :( (And if you didn't believe that, the sample would've told you.)

I have to agree. They should really try waiting at least 2 or 3 months before requesting that file.

I'm also not that much of a fan of posting files without including the file name (or at least the product number) in the post, it makes stuff like >>9126 happen :( (But I do appreciate the new files that guy is posting, I can't stress that enough.)

And to answer your question mark, they are Japanese.

Welcome back.

Welcome back as well. Haven't seen you say anything in while either. Spectral popped up in my IRC for the first time in awhile too this past weekend. :V

Speaking of which, if anyone needs to get in contact with me, I'm normally on NFC's IRC on Rizon. Just /whois me to make sure I'm not away first.
>> No. 9744 ID: 3388fd

zip please
>> No. 9748 ID: dd9a42
>Question: Has anyone gave RJ066471 a listen yet? It was beyond my abilities, so I was pretty lost. I think about eating ice cream and getting aroused, but I dunno lol. I'm not even sure if there's a cumshot.
Been a while since I listened to that one but I remember it being about you turning into ice cream and her eating you. Or maybe I'm mixing it with something else. Didn't really work out as well as I thought. WAVE (RJ064008) on the otherhand has a similar scene and it is awesome.
>> No. 9750 ID: e1e3e5
First of all, thank you to everyone, who helping to develop this great thread =)
As for requests... I have one, but dunno if this old enough to be uploaded here...
But, thanks anyway)
>> No. 9759 ID: 49ce7b
>> No. 9763 ID: e5a0b3

Thanks. I've listened to a few of these since the post. So far the two I've liked the most are Bracelet(I'm a fan of femdom) and [Angel Black] psyny advance (since I like futa on male though not a fan of dressing like a girl...). Anyway there's a lot more links here than when I was in the old thread. Enough to keep me busy for a while.
>> No. 9769 ID: 800ea3
thank you!!
>> No. 9770 ID: 19bb86
Thank you
>> No. 9772 ID: f75e2c
Here's a slightly different one with Phan's voice. It's "self improvement brainwashing". It's supposed to brainwash you into thinking you're a good person who can study more, succeed in dieting, whatever you're having trouble with, and reward you with pleasure. Supposed to be listened to everyday or every second day.

>> No. 9788 ID: a185dd
>> No. 9801 ID: 383f37

(同人催眠音声) [131206] [フラワー症候群] 小っちゃい系催眠ボイスドラマ プチエンジェルサロンへようこそ♪ RJ126199.rar


I see. That seems plausible, as she does partake in the eating as well.
>> No. 9803 ID: f75e2c
File 139334046772.jpg - (89.40KB , 560x420 , RJ126976_img_main1.jpg )
RJ126976 available yet? Thanks!
>> No. 9805 ID: d55d42
I want this→http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ130056.html
>> No. 9806 ID: e18117
Maybe I'm just dumb, but I can't find a link, can you direct link?
>> No. 9809 ID: f75e2c
Thank you so much for all you do, I'm sorry for being too dense to find it.
>> No. 9814 ID: c51c13
That's the first thing on this list here: >>6937 Granted it's not a zip, but is it really that much of a deal breaker?

Protip: Clicking the numbers and the two greater than signs jumps to the post, hovering over it shows you what it right where your mouse is. Alternatively, you could just Ctrl+F the POST number.
>> No. 9822 ID: a198b6
oh, thank you, really =)
>> No. 9839 ID: c773ed
I tried that, but it just took me to the top of the page. Thanks!
>> No. 9871 ID: 56f9fd
Hey Hurp can you post a link to a link to the links to the "Other" files Thanks
>> No. 9900 ID: 6bff1f
>>9871 see >>8724
>> No. 9973 ID: 0eb841
or「リリーフレンズ ア ペンド版 -さらなる深淵へ-」please!!
>> No. 10153 ID: f8a253
Does anyone happen to have RJ125562 ?
>> No. 10226 ID: 696b10
エロエロ系ねっとり催眠 サキュバスの☆童貞さんいらっしゃい♪☆




>> No. 10232 ID: 057043
EVERYBODY on this thread
>> No. 10243 ID: e5a0b3
I know enough to understand a lot of the files.
>> No. 10249 ID: 6c2cbc
Other than the ero-words, nope.
>> No. 10251 ID: 84b11b

I thought I was special though but it seems that it's a pretty common thing on chans
>> No. 10284 ID: 72ffeb
So I really want to get into Japanese hypnosis, from what I've downloaded it sounds nice; but the language is a bit of a concern. Does anyone have a list of some Japanese sex/ero words and what they mean? Would be much appreciated. My apologies if something similar to this has already been posted in this thread.

Kinda tempted to learn the language in general just for this
>> No. 10303 ID: 055a2e
Take a look at >>7684. Maybe you can use the script as some sort of reference. Also, I think Hurp has written a list of erowords somewhere.
>> No. 10321 ID: 9c5f4a
Fluently bilingual.
>> No. 10343 ID: 180c3b
Hello guys, I have a question for you. Is there any Phan file with her mature-sadistic voice (like in Bracelet)?
>> No. 10368 ID: 72ffeb
Thank you very much, appreciate it.
>> No. 10436 ID: 5339d6
first,thank you for all. amazing this thread.
does anyone have those hypnosis?
not be found everywhere 国屋敷[Kuniyashiki]'s these hypnosis.


anyway, i appreciate for all you guys.
sorry for my bad English.
>> No. 10437 ID: 5339d6
and this...
>> No. 10505 ID: 7d29c9
What's this popular thread doing on page 3?
I feel a stick is in order.
>> No. 10569 ID: a6ce08
Cool, thanks!
>> No. 10571 ID: e5a0b3
Gotta say these are a fun way to practice my Japanese
>> No. 10576 ID: 7b69b7
Got my folders mixed up, thought the wrong ones were the ones I wanted and just skimmed through them without paying much attention. Sorry about that.
>> No. 10579 ID: 29384e
I know just enough to embarrass myself. Depending on the file that may be enough to get the gist or it may leave me completely lost and throw me off.
>> No. 10693 ID: 012334

(同人催眠音声) [101121] [Trance-Me!!] psyny type-L2~キミに恋する催眠オナニー~ RJ069357.zip

Well, then what DID you want?
>> No. 10870 ID: 68f8c7
If you're able to get the psyny stuff, how about this one?
>> No. 10876 ID: ac4c82
It's come to my attention that the version of RJ128018 I previously shared was fake (which is bound to happen, I don't actually listen to 99.9% of the files I post here to confirm they're legitimate), but I found a version that doesn't have a song randomly playing at the end of track 4:

(同人催眠音声) [140109] [Es_Lab] PNST. RJ128018.zip

For the six of you who downloaded the original upload, here's just the real track 4s by themselves so you don't have to redownload 500MB: http://ul.to/svk8keog

Guys, if I post something that's fake, let me know. I'll attempt to rectify that to the best of my ability. If I actually listen to it myself, I'd prefer to have the real version as well.

>>7363 >>8805

(同人催眠音声) [140105] [ホワイトピンク] 幼児化あまあま催眠 RJ126617.rar

I don't, sorry.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go commit seppuku.
>> No. 10880 ID: 1b1458
It was a pretty good song though. IF the volume of the song matched up with that of the rest of the track, it might even pass off as part of the real thing.
>> No. 10921 ID: e5a0b3
(同人催眠音声) [140105] [ホワイトピンク] 幼児化あまあま催眠 RJ126617.rar

This was pretty relaxing until she told me to piss myself. That's a deal breaker lol
>> No. 10939 ID: 9a6820
Hello everyone. Cam someone recommend me something good and similar to "Mazo Inu Petto Saimin" series from kunyashiki?
I really liked atmosphere and induction process here.
Thanks in advance)
>> No. 10954 ID: 04ab92
Well, it's a 'become a baby' file, so...

How about part 1? It's free.

>> No. 10971 ID: e5a0b3
Yeah I was like "sure I'll try something new". Hadn't thought it through lol
>> No. 10974 ID: e5a0b3
By the way does anyone have RJ129865?
I've been looking for it by typing in Japanese but all the files I encountered were fake.
>> No. 11463 ID: 04ab92
Tomorrow (April 10th) is Masaki Phan's birthday. To celebrate, Hinatan (her 'wife') is having a maid cafe for 15 people on the 12th.

>> No. 11471 ID: f66f5e
RJ129865 Please !!! http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ129865/?unique_op=af

Thanks !
>> No. 11493 ID: a11427
password to unzip "bdtrysb"
>> No. 11495 ID: f46c19
Can someone reup this please? Thank you.
>> No. 11497 ID: 034f68
Link works fine.
>> No. 11573 ID: 19bb86
>> No. 11630 ID: a11427

2nd time uploading. not too sure how to format things here, hopefully i'm replying ok
>> No. 11631 ID: 04ab92
RJ126520 please and thank you!
>> No. 11633 ID: 04ab92
I'd like RJ126290 please.
>> No. 11634 ID: 04ab92
This isn't even hypnosis, she just counts sheep and makes sex sounds.
>> No. 11647 ID: 400ddc
Does anyone have RJ129865?

I also have been looking for it. But all files I are fake
>> No. 11693 ID: 9709d0
It got deleted because it's not hypnosis. There's a separate thread for non-hypnosis here: http://www.newfapchan.org/h/res/12999.html
>> No. 11694 ID: df6bbc
Oh god, at last, you could have said that before, thanks a lot.
>> No. 11714 ID: 04ab92



>> No. 11718 ID: 6bedae
It's been said a lot. Read the thread.
>> No. 11743 ID: c315d6
まどろみ世界 please
>> No. 11864 ID: f0e696
>> No. 11940 ID: d99d51
Are there any that you know of where you are required to masturbate for a while, with the commands telling you to stop and start off and on for a good amount of time?
>> No. 11945 ID: e5a0b3


This one does. Could've sworn I found the link in this thread but I don't see it...
>> No. 11957 ID: 7420d6

(同人催眠音声) [110508] Sharpnel.exe - Erectortion-01 - キモチイイコト RJ077208.rar

RJ123815 is already on here: >>6837

DLSite says this got updated recently. I only have the original version from 2012, sorry. But if it helps:

(同人催眠音声) [120104] [エロトランス] まどろみ世界 RJ088552.rar

It was my link, so here it is again:

(同人催眠音声) [131104] [MASOINWASH] 湖のサキュバスのマゾ犬調教催眠 RJ124366.zip
>> No. 11974 ID: 4c1f30
File 139811305412.jpg - (199.84KB , 560x420 , RJ079046_img_main[1].jpg )
Can someone share RJ079046 please? Its a wet dream designed recording.
>> No. 11999 ID: e48636



>> No. 12076 ID: 364b9e
please !
>> No. 12108 ID: 94d208
Does anybody know why this thread has been pinned?
>> No. 12124 ID: 21e493
I was wondering how a thread on Japanese hypnosis could always be on top!
>> No. 12128 ID: a4e544
>>12108 >>12124
It's because it's the best fucking thread on this whole website.

Also: >>10505
>> No. 12153 ID: 05cd05
It's the best thread on the site if you can comprehend Japanese...

To be fair, the releases have been quite steady (to the best of my knowledge), and the general approach (emphasis on in-trance erotic fantasy) appeals to my tastes in hypnosis, so if I was fluent in Japanese, I'd be all over this thread like a metaphor for sex in heat.
>> No. 12154 ID: e5a0b3
Yeah, I've been learning Japanese these past couple of years and it makes listening to these a lot more exciting (before learning Japanese they just made me feel awkward). I especially like the wide variety of hypnotic files they seem to have. I've listened to quite a bit and I'm nowhere near done.
>> No. 12171 ID: e53fe6
Oh jeez. It REALLY is something. I think I nearly died and made an awful mess after just listening to RJ119459 once.

Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of Japanese hypnosis. You guys rock!
>> No. 12200 ID: df6bbc
>> No. 12202 ID: 06073b
requesting. thanks before.

>> No. 12263 ID: e53fe6
Sounds interesting, but cripes, 500+MB?!
>> No. 12329 ID: e5a0b3
I found this typing it in Japanese into Google. I can't say if it's legit though.

>> No. 12330 ID: 68f23f

>> No. 12333 ID: 19b599
Does anyone have RJ129865 ?
>> No. 12334 ID: 19b599
>> No. 12338 ID: 800ea3
>> No. 12339 ID: e53fe6
>>12338 See >>1543
>> No. 12400 ID: a6394c
To everyone who wants RJ129865:

As most Japanese hypno files are made by amateur groups and actresses relying on purchases to support them, I'm usually unwilling to support non-purchase downloads.

That said, it seems DLsite doesn't allow non Japan-issued credit cards anymore, so if anyone knows a no-registration required upload site, I'll share RJ129865.

Masaki Phan is the best, so if you can support her or Mijinko in anyway, please do so.
>> No. 12403 ID: a6394c
No idea if it'll work, but here's RJ129865 for everyone.


Again, please support Masaki Phan and/or Mijinko as much as you can. They're mainly just people with the same kink as us all trying to pay the bills.
>> No. 12404 ID: 8db030
Thank you very much !
>> No. 12406 ID: a5d282
It worked. Thanks bro. I'm not sure why you think DLSite can't accept cards outside of Japan, though. If it didn't, why would DLsite English exist?

Just a little note: It's best to upload to be the original file from DLSite, without recompressing it or anything. It tends to corrupt file names at times, or worse bloats the file even larger than it was prior to that.

Neither of that seems to happened have happened on your upload luckily enough, but in the future do keep that in mind. That other guy was suggesting you compress the ZIP you downloaded (as in the actual .zip file) into something like RJ129865.part1.rar and RJ129865.part2.rar, which when extracted would give you RJ129865.zip. I did it before up here if you need an example >>4563.
>> No. 12407 ID: 942f7d
Thanks a lot!

Maybe their payment processor doesn't like some countries due to higher risk of fraud. If only DLsite accepted Bitcoin...
>> No. 12411 ID: a6394c
>I'm not sure why you think DLSite can't accept cards outside of Japan, though. If it didn't, why would DLsite English exist?

Because I forgot that site existed, to be honest. I only use the main Japanese site.

That said, I don't intend to upload anything else. I honestly think people should buy these files, they're not that expensive and they're all made by small fan groups, so I think people should support them with their money if they like them.
>> No. 12420 ID: 04ab92
Here's a free download of an bondage/hypnosis file from Hypnotic Yahn.

>> No. 12421 ID: 04ab92
For Firefox users, right click on the download button and choose 'Save link as'.
>> No. 12422 ID: 04ab92
RJ133326 please!

>> No. 12453 ID: f0e696
>> No. 12458 ID: e5a0b3
Yes! Been trying to find this forever.
>> No. 12488 ID: 37f516
I got used to hypnosis too much, and now I can't relax when I'm going under induction, while popping a boner in a pavalonian manner. This is detrimental to me getting under.

Any tips, suggestions, or help?

Not sure if this is the right thread, but I only visit this thread.
>> No. 12512 ID: ea7d3d
Just relax. Especially with Japanese mistresses, just relax and let their scenario happen and have fun.

I used to get rock hard all the time over base commands (and still do sometimes), but now I tend to get hard, relax, and... let the recording happen, and then...have fun.

Masaki Phan recordings help, I'd be glad to help you find some great recordings. She's just the best.
>> No. 12532 ID: 2e5460
>> No. 12936 ID: a29688
>> No. 13026 ID: 5f69b4
Any recs for TSF files with first-person voice acting? I suppose I was spoiled by [テトラポット.C] 退魔少女アヤ RJ112841 being my first Japanese file, which was kind enough to not only tell me what was happening to me (something that my half-hearted understanding of the language hampered), but also clued me in to how I was supposed to feel through my own "voice". The sound effects helped things along, and including a CG set left little to the imagination.

I've tried a couple KUKURI files since then, but since the particular files didn't have sound effects and were pure narration, I found myself unable to truly get drawn into the scene.

So yeah, primarily looking for hearing my own moans, with sound effects, tentacles, CG, and perhaps even a script file being bonus points.
>> No. 13037 ID: 6338bf
If anyone has it would they mind sharing h++p://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ124243.html ?
>> No. 13074 ID: 80d463
Well they don't nicely intersect all those criteria like RJ112841.
RJ101925 and RJ121115 unfortunately don't have first person voice acting but have similar scenarios to RJ112841. They don't seem overly hard to understand so maybe they might still work for you.
RJ065653 has pretty good first person acting, but I don't remember whether its hypnosis (I guess you can reuse the induction from elsewhere maybe)
>> No. 13155 ID: 5f69b4
>>13026 here. On. . . someone's recommendation (5a1M1N's? The post was deleted), I indulged in [でぃあ] 女装露出. Fun times, moreso with having a serafuku on hand to help with the experience. Though making me do the work of fapping myself proved a little too effective, and I got kicked out of trance at the first release. Well, at least I was able to slip back into trance voluntarily, without another induction, though that second round I was actually worried I'd end up with Ending 2, and fapped like my life depended on it. Fun times.

I'll probably give [Ash] 搾精チェンバー RJ065653 a try in the near future. Even without a proper induction, I've found myself able to get into a partial trance state, and let playing along take me down further. Or maybe I haven't been achieving trance, and am just having fun obeying the commands of some pre-recorded voice. Still though, with all the rotor talk in the description for this file, I wonder if I should be using my own rotor.
>> No. 13158 ID: 9c6d0f
> >>13026
> でぃあ's 女装露出 has some nice 3D sound effects from what I remember. I guess, it's more crossdressing than transformation though. Yahn's omocha file (see first post) is TSF with sound effects for toys. It's also pretty good. Still, I don't think you hear your own voice in either.
> I know I've listened to at least a few where your own character's moans can be heard, but I can't recall them right now. It's been too long since I last had proper time to listen to anything. orz
> Since >>13074 mentioned it, 風呂井戸ソフト files tend to be pretty good.

I wonder what happened to this post. There's nothing bad in there, right?

Also, posting through Tor is still suffering. Just how many exit nodes are banned now? This must be like my 70th try at posting this.

I'm glad you enjoyed the experience. It's a fun file. Now I'm kind of curious how it would feel with an actual uniform at hand... Must be nice.
>> No. 13190 ID: 8d3941

>> No. 13191 ID: 8d3941
sorry i found RJ046439 from >>1226
please all others...
>> No. 13270 ID: 6b6720

>> No. 13278 ID: 6b6720

>> No. 13280 ID: 1d65da
Lots of replies wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


(同人催眠音声) [131126] [さいおん] 爆乳ラミアの弄り嬲り搾り魔淫儀!!【幻想催眠風】 RJ125634.zip


(同人催眠音声) [140213] [フラワー症候群] エロエロ系ねっとり催眠 サキュバスの☆童貞さんいらっしゃい♪☆ RJ129842.zip


(同人催眠音声) [140328] [HypnoLifeforMEN] 偏愛主義彼女~yandere lover~ RJ130969.zip


(同人催眠音声) [090817] [みじんこ] 双子のい・い・な・り~性感開発ボイス~ RJ051890.zip


(同人催眠音声) [140425] [フラワー症候群] お嬢様の射精管理催眠 RJ133326.zip


(同人催眠音声) [100114] [みじんこ] 淫魔のいいなり~サキュバスの夢~ RJ057693.zip

(同人ソフト) (同人催眠音声) [101012] [みじんこ] 魔女の魔法 ~魔女様の言うとおり…~ RJ068325.zip

RJ090861 is linked here already: >>12329 (Although, let me know if it's fake/corrupted, if so I can upload it myself.)

Let me know if that's real or not, I've got a copy of it so I can upload if need be.

You're better off asking that in a new thread in you haven't already.

I'd suggest looking at non-hypnosis files. Those are more likely to involve the person who's talking as the "victim" than a hypnosis session.
>> No. 13307 ID: cdaf42
>> No. 13310 ID: 64bb66
Thanks a lot for the files!
>> No. 13372 ID: 3083d2
Thanks for the files. I checked that link to see if it was real and it was.
>> No. 13382 ID: c13cbb
File 140150322313.png - (2.35KB , 779x58 , dnslite.png )
>I'm not sure why you think DLSite can't accept cards outside of Japan, though. If it didn't, why would DLsite English exist?

My card gets refused by the japanese DLsite, while it got accepted just fine by the english one.
It doesn't help that all of their other payment option are complete crap.
Paying via rakuten ends with the same error, and I can't use rakuten edy for the webmoney payment either because it requires installing some shitty software.
BitcashEX requires a japanese cellphone number, and that's where I kinda gave up.

The only option left would be getting a rakuten bank account.
Now I'm not sure wether it's DLsite blocking cards or if it's just my bank being shitty.
I think there was one last one I didn't test throughoutly with some sort of hiragana code, I think it was net ride cash. I guess I should look more into it.

If anyone has a better suggestion then I'm all ears; the english website is just too limited.

I wouldn't recommend buying those, mine broke after 3 uses. Well NPG isn't known for its onahole lifespan.
Anyway, here are the link, it's the Aina Mayui one (blonde hair):
Track 1 is self introduction, track 2-4 is the S part (track 3 and 4 are just parts of track 2) and track 5-7 is the M part (track 6 and 7 are just parts of track 5).

Also don't buy from kanojotoys or any other western shop, they inflate the price up to 4 times. It's cheaper to import onaholes.
>> No. 13395 ID: ad0889

>> No. 13405 ID: bfac81
RJ122401 and RJ111600 have caught my eye but not my ear. Yet. Anyone willing to share these potential gems?
>> No. 13409 ID: bdfa3a
Japanese DLsite doesn't seem to accept foreign credit cards anymore. The English site is okay, but it has a lot less content available.
>> No. 13410 ID: c13cbb
Well, I guess I'll have to try to buy stuff from DMM then. Time to look for a proxy or something.
>> No. 13415 ID: 234138
DMM seems to block non-Japanese cards too. I don't think a proxy would help, since I've tried to buy with my foreign card within Japan.
>> No. 13418 ID: 800ea3
>> No. 13422 ID: cefb60
RJ133326 doesn't seem to work, anyone else have any luck?
>> No. 13430 ID: 0f382f
thank you!!!!!!
>> No. 13562 ID: 022934
I got the DL to work, but it was RJ129842, not RJ133326.
>> No. 13574 ID: 8b2e98
Does anyone has RJ133845 and RJ132583 ?

Must be really great files !
>> No. 13581 ID: b8b5f5
It's quite bothersome, really.

In related news, DiGiket.com started accepting bitcoin. Here's to hoping that DLsite follows suit at some time. That would solve these issues for me quite nicely.
>> No. 13583 ID: 0b0ff9
Here's RJ133326


>> No. 13590 ID: b1befc
Does anyone have

高品質 二次元に入る催眠音声 HAILMIN -ハイルミン-(RJ075922)

>> No. 13650 ID: 2792c5
>> No. 13705 ID: a865ed
Could no one get their hands on RJ124243?
It appears the English site got rid of it from its database, and I'm having trouble getting it from the Japanese dlsite.
>> No. 13774 ID: 1100c8
I'm not sure what I should be searching for but
are there any files that tell you to give up your wife or to let her cuck you?
or maybe files where "your wife" tells you she loves to cuck you
>> No. 13801 ID: 718c45
I don't think you'll have much success finding something like that here.
>> No. 13825 ID: 972e7c
In the process of making a post, but I need to go through like 100 things I got off PD recently to compare with what I need to upload first. :/ In the meantime, here are some replies:

I haven't used my card on DLsite in about a year, but last time I did it, it worked fine. It's possible it might not work anymore, but I've got nothing I want to buy to try it. (And even then, the last time I used it was to buy something for someone else who couldn't use the Japanese site, too.) Regardless, DLSite Eng should accept your card assuming what you want is on there.

I posted that CD awhile ago (the post seems to have been deleted), and it's off topic anyway considering it's not /hypno/. The link I posted is still on the /h/ thread, tho. I've actually gotten the Hana CD since then. If you want it, I'll post it. Except, y'know, on the actual correct topic.

>>13422 >>13562
You'll need to be a bit more descriptive with your error, as "doesn't work" doesn't describe what the problem is.

I compared the trials for both RJ129842 and RJ133326 to the files in the respective zips, they appear to sound the same (each one has the correct CV), but for some reason the second track in RJ133326 is different than in the trial (and the length is different than what DLSite says it should be). If that's the problem you're experiencing, just grab it out of the trial.

If it truly is wrong (my file size is correct when comparing it to DLSite, so I actually think the problem is that the circle uploaded the wrong shit), hopefully someone will post the real version. (>>13590 uploaded the same thing I did - yes, I checked - so ignore his post.)

I wouldn't recommend using a proxy if you're entering in sensitive material. You have no idea whether or not they're recording what you do. Free or otherwise, besides last I checked the doujinshi stuff wasn't locked behind a region wall for just looking.

This is most likely more due to R18.com than anything. Apparently DMM thought "dmm.com/eng" wasn't cool enough.


Don't listen to >>13801, he quite literally has NO IDEA what he's talking about. Cuckolding (known as NTR - or netorare - in Japan) is one of the most popular fetishes (if not THE popular fetish) in Japan. There are tens of thousands of audios dedicated to it, however I'm not sure if any of them have a hypnosis aspect. You'll need to search DLSite for NTR and hypnosis and see what comes up.
>> No. 13848 ID: d35fab
> I wouldn't recommend using a proxy if you're entering in sensitive material.
As long as the site uses SSL for everything sensitive it should be fine.

> however I'm not sure if any of them have a hypnosis aspect.
That was my point. There are no NTR (寝取られ) hypnosis recordings where you are the one getting NTRed and the one being taken is your wife. There may be some NTR hypnosis where you are involved as a girl or your girlfriend is getting taken. The specific thing he asked about pretty much doesn't exist.
>> No. 14008 ID: c13cbb
>within japan
Can't you just use webmoney then? surely there ought to be a convinience store nearby.

>assuming what you want is on there.
No, I'm not that retarded, thanks for your concern.

>NTR is one of the most popular fetishes (if not THE popular fetish) in Japan
Oh please, keep your delusions to yourself. Yes there has been an increase of its notoriety recently, but if it weren't so controversial it'd never be what is is. And it's still far from the top, so unless you bend the meaning of "fetish" and "popular", then no, you're wrong.
Anyway, as >>13848 mentioned, it does not exist. So, maybe, and it's a wild guess, maybe >>13801 had an idea of what he was talking about.
>> No. 14019 ID: b5e3db
>And it's still far from the top, so unless you bend the meaning of "fetish" and "popular", then no, you're wrong.

>mfw 90% of the stuff that came out today is NTR
>> No. 14252 ID: 27fd73

>> No. 14284 ID: 6d889f
You can get a payment number and pay cash at a convenience store, but I was just saying even if you're in Japan you can't use a foreign card.
>> No. 14345 ID: 216ccc
Can someone post again RJ065142? is not available to download, thanks.
>> No. 14403 ID: c69a11

>> No. 14413 ID: bfac81
Can anyone re-upload RJ086441? The current link is dead.
>> No. 14802 ID: 06e3fe
This just hit the English DL Site, I highly recommend it, even if you're not a beginner. I think it's the most 'off' my brain's ever felt.

>> No. 14830 ID: e71500
RJ128353 Please !
>> No. 14844 ID: 6d889f
It's available on the English DLsite

It's less than $10, he could just buy it.

I think I said it on the old forum, but Masaki Phan does the information voice when you transfer from the Inaho express train to the shinkansen (bullet train) at Niigata Station.

>> No. 14845 ID: 6d889f
I found this, enjoy.

>> No. 14853 ID: 90ff83
Shisani (saiminnikki)'s stuff are almost always good and uploaded eventually.
He probably just doesn't want it to spread too early?
It's not even 10 days since it was released, so it might be pretty bad for sales if it gets leaked too quick.
>> No. 14856 ID: 6d889f
An Esthetic Salon in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya that offer hypnosis courses, from past-life regression to slave/training courses.


Session videos

The main hypnotist's Youtube channel.
>> No. 14902 ID: 95fdbe
That yanh fellow recently released a new free work. Its pretty good.
>> No. 14903 ID: 6d889f
The English title is pretty good, wonder if they have a checker?
>> No. 14910 ID: 48fcd8
>Salon where a hot woman will hypnotize you.

That's it, I'm moving to Japan.
>> No. 14912 ID: ad8ac3
And it's not just hypnosis.Take a look at this:
>> No. 14920 ID: 6d889f
It's title in the video is "Be my slave!" and it says it's not a service the store offers (and to not try this at home).
>> No. 14950 ID: 6338bf
Ohh.. Would you be willing to share 射精管理・催眠貞操帯? It looks interesting and was thinking of grabbing it.
>> No. 15250 ID: 0e075d
An...interesting post Masaki Phan linked to on Twitter


I ejaculate 300 times a year.

I first met Phan-tan in March, 2010, 4 years have passed since then. I've ejaculated 1200 times since then.

The "Twins" (h++p://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ051890.html) hypnosis recording is about one hour. It's not like I listen to it everyday, but when I get it to it almost everyday, but when I don't, it's for a long time.
I generally aim to cum to hypnosis one time out of ten. While I really want to kiss her, I also feel like I'm her slave, I really like that feeling.

OF course, I like Yurei-chan too. I generally listen to Phan-tan one time out of four. And so, one time out of forty, I have Phan-tan milk me dry. And so, 1200 times÷40=30 times of Phan-tan milking me dry.

According to Wikipedia, the average ejaculate is 3.5ml. 3.5x30=105ml milked from me.

She joked about 'him making a cum bath', etc on her Twitter.
>> No. 16013 ID: e6fb9c
RJ140665 Please !
>> No. 16403 ID: 9761b0
Can I get a reupload please?
>> No. 16404 ID: 9761b0
Which of Candleman's or Kukuri's involve female transformation stuff? If it's yuri then even better.

Actually is there a list of which ones have this? I've mainly been going through trial and error trying to figure out which one is what.
>> No. 16859 ID: 02a997
is there any hypnosis stuff that has the themes of the japanese files but is in english? some of the japanese files are so kinky that i wish i knew japanese.
>> No. 17015 ID: 125311
File 141430076020.jpg - (9.56KB , 253x300 , 8bbe68166d224f4ad9c29d1f0bf790529822d12d.jpg )
>> No. 17111 ID: fb1f60
File 141480006479.jpg - (57.46KB , 600x600 , ByxNcw0CEAAmgbr.jpg )
Masaki Phan (middle). Given this picture...
>> No. 17112 ID: fb1f60
File 14148001428.jpg - (56.32KB , 600x600 , B1JBM84CIAAnLJ1.jpg )
...and this one, I think she can be confirmed as cute as well as talented.
>> No. 17113 ID: fb1f60
File 14148002441.jpg - (61.04KB , 480x768 , B1RXhIaCMAIaVM9.jpg )

And one for Halloween (left).
>> No. 17391 ID: 5f1483
File 141638404818.jpg - (318.68KB , 560x420 , 141638301543.jpg )
sorry, apparently this is a hypno file.
requesting RJ142171 please.
i've found the download link, but can only be downloaded by premium user
can someone upload it somewhere else please?
>> No. 17400 ID: 881d02
It's fake.
>> No. 17407 ID: 0b1373
I found it on PD, uploaded to mega for you
>> No. 17413 ID: 3a31bc
Thank you very much.
Hope this thread will keep alive.
>> No. 17531 ID: 19e555
Oh god, this thread is exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much hypnobros.
>> No. 17614 ID: 9331ee
Hey Hurp, can you post RJ065057 please? Thanks before.

Also, anyone can reupload RJ117075?
I need nipple masturbation files. Thanks
>> No. 17688 ID: a8604a
Someone please give 朝倉催眠診療所 Vol.3 RJ101407
>> No. 17716 ID: dacc2a

>> No. 17751 ID: 044168

(this is not hypnosis but h++p://www.newfapchan.org/h/res/12999.html is dead.)

>> No. 18089 ID: feaa9e
>> No. 18415 ID: 5b0cb8
Found the download link of RJ065057 here:
but it can only be downloaded with rapidgator premium account.
Can someone download it and share it somewhere else please? I'm interested in that file as well.
>> No. 18441 ID: e0a79f
Rapidgator premium links are always fakes.
>> No. 18588 ID: e53fe6
The one thing I like about Erotrance is how they provide the option for male and female listeners. Their omnipandering is the best with their good quality scripts and voice actor cast. More circles seem to be following this type of style too, like what Hypnolife is doing.

From what I read in 2ch, this one with its unusual topic of helping you see erotic lucid dreams of your choosing seems to be more of a miss for some as it would require delicate fine-tuning to achieve the desired results.

tl;dr doge version about this:

wow such fresh
do want
much miss and experimenting
so amaze
do not want
>> No. 18714 ID: 022934

Well, their heart is in the right place...
>> No. 18822 ID: 1925b9
anyone have RJ144402?

>> No. 19345 ID: 9b5a7f
enjoy everyone!
>> No. 19351 ID: b0a1ea
>almost all
>> No. 19825 ID: c6f2e4
It has a fuckton of KUKURI files. They are hard to get, and just like that I just duplicated the ammount of KUKURI files I have thanks to this torrent, this is all i'll ever need, I can die happy now ( KUKURI files never have scrips though, its a shame but can do nothing about it)
>> No. 19875 ID: 1881ad
搾精催眠 -快楽の地獄-
Please I can't find it anywhere
>> No. 19884 ID: 01eeae
RJ079693 please. I've been trying to find it for weeks with no luck.
>> No. 19919 ID: 1881ad
hypnonymous dont you have file of it? It has link but its deleted
>> No. 20142 ID: 6aac29
Anyone have RJ115094? Unfortunately it's not in the (massive and amazing) torrent.
>> No. 21127 ID: 401e3f
Has any file ever made you went ahegao?
If so, what file did you listen to?
Do you mind if you tell us about your experience with it?
I want to let lose and experience it.
>> No. 21189 ID: 0aaa6a
Mind if you post the link? I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 21252 ID: 05ff70
Hey guys. Would any of you happen to have the Rape Sound Girl file that got posted here a long time ago? Seems all the older links got taken down D:
>> No. 21299 ID: 8cedaf
are there any Japanese erotic hypnosis audio that were translated and re-recorded in English?
if it's a different girl, that's ok
or are there any that were just English, but scripted similar to how the Japanese audios are?
>> No. 21304 ID: 261068
>I usually don't listen to anything not done by Phan
I'm glad I checked the whole thread out, it's not every day that you manage to find such humongous faggot as this, even on the chans.

Holy shit.

Never heard of any dual language version like that.
Recently Pure Voice released a work in both Japanese and English with the same seiyuu, which is quite amusing, it's not hypnosis though.
>> No. 21324 ID: 8cedaf
I found the thing
the sample was interesting
>> No. 21325 ID: 8cedaf
does anyone have these? kinda long list, sorry. anything’s ok. thanks

Circle: 防鯖潤滑剤

Circle: pigmyon studio (ぴぐみょんスタジオ)
RJ150279, RJ153552, RJ154824, RJ155304, RJ155406, RJ155802, RJ156162, RJ156606, RJ156976, RJ157235, RJ159256, RJ160101, RJ158284, RJ159224

Circle: 夢創 ~MUSOU~
This one is within a long series, currently there's 29. I’m asking for the entire series, but anything’s ok
>> No. 21326 ID: eac818
> Circle: pigmyon studio (ぴぐみょんスタジオ)
Did you listen to any of that circle's works? I always wondered how they are. Their covers are... different.

For non-hypnosis works, please head over to /h/:
>> No. 21327 ID: 8cedaf
I haven't heard the full things, only the samples

thanks for the redirect
>> No. 21341 ID: 261068
This is a pretty long shot but I don't really see any better options

I'm looking for a work I had some time ago but lost due to computer problems.
There was a 100 count in it that after the initial count was moved into the "background" and edited to skip numbers now and again, but in such a way that you don't really notice unless you were focusing on it.

Anyone heard something like this and remember the name?
>> No. 21423 ID: 1b318d
Requesting this trilogy, please.
They seems good for brainwashing.
>> No. 21433 ID: e6cf00
I'm interested, and their price is relatively cheap. Unfortunately the main site of dlsite is blocked in my country.
>> No. 21722 ID: 30c4e8

You came to a relatively inactive thread and pointed out an almost year old post. I think you're the real faggot Anon.

>> No. 22652 ID: 53d595
>> No. 23792 ID: eb9a9a
I just want to say i am done with all English files i just had best orgasm of my life full hand free orgasm , i had some hand free orgasm with nikki but now its difference then that
i start taking jp class before one year and know i can understant most of the Japanese hypnosis file
its really way better then the english one
some file can give you 3 and 4 hand free orgasm with one file 1h long
or it can make u orgasm 2 minute long with out stop its fucking good from today i will quit the english file 4 ever
thank you guys with out you i i wouldn't found Japanese hypnosis
>> No. 23918 ID: 4ea69a
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