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File 13847492077.jpg - (36.25KB , 600x600 , A_uwOGZCUAAc_Dg.jpg )
5119 No. 5119
Has anyone been through the syllabus yet?
Have started going through myself, after years of searching I think I have found the one for me. The apex of the first final is incredible!
Any other opinions? Give it a shot and tell us what you think
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>> No. 5491
Thanks for insights and input

She does seem to be able to take you quickly, or perhaps it is all my prior prep work. so Domme's seem to offer a wide range of choices in submission, some have chasity or not, sissy or not, cock sucking or not, I would like Ellechemy if you could drop in trance out and enjoy surrendering and then come back and still be following her and playing with real babes at the same time...Nikki has this, Mistress carole and others
>> No. 5497
yeah, once you surrender to Miss Ellechemy there is no turning back
>> No. 5546
So she is that good huh?
>> No. 5550
very much so
>> No. 5563
Having checked out most of her files, she seems to know very, very little about hypnosis.
>> No. 5564
i have to disagree with you there, but maybe it's just because i enjoy her style. she's taken me deeper than anyone ever has and has given me the best experiences while under as well
>> No. 5565
she uses a lot of nlp and progressive conditioning , meaning she is layering subtle cues and they interface a lot; Nikki is great at that, her sessions are like an overlay of conditioning each interfacing with each other and set in a common direction, from an NLP view if you want to create a result over time there are certain aspects of how the mind works which you need to address and a lot of that is being done here, ericksonian hypnosis work is often missed as being hypnosis although it is one of the most effective
>> No. 5566
she uses a lot of nlp and progressive conditioning , meaning she is layering subtle cues and they interface a lot; Nikki is great at that, her sessions are like an overlay of conditioning each interfacing with each other and set in a common direction, from an NLP view if you want to create a result over time there are certain aspects of how the mind works which you need to address and a lot of that is being done here, ericksonian hypnosis work is often missed as being hypnosis although it is one of the most effective
>> No. 5567
there are few hypno domes where you feel a point of "oh oh this is effecting me" if you follow the program, ie listen tracks , often in just a few weeks, mistress seductra has that effect, as well not all can substain it but later you go back and listen to a track and your response are still there years later
>> No. 5568
her new file, Your Every Second Skin, is posted on inraptured

and it is incredible
>> No. 5570
ericksonian hypnosis is often called "conversational hypnosis" like someone is simply chatting away, but it has lots of multi level communication, words are prossessed by the waking and unconscious at the same time but in different ways, the idea is not always to create deep profound trance so much as it is to create shifts..it can sneak up on you if you simply sit back and listen, and follow the program for a while and then step back and look at how you have changed.. sometimes it is helpful to write a few notes of where you are now, and at the start of the program, and then check in after a few weeks and see what has happened. lol she does cool subtle energy play as well..so she mentioned about you getting a promotion with 6 months I got an offer with9n 2 weeks lol how cool is that
>> No. 5592
Any feminization files in here, or 'just' submission?
>> No. 5593
I think she only does submissive stuff for men; no sissies.
>> No. 5595
listen to mirror mirror. it is such a great file.
>> No. 6015
Any thoughts about how many times to listen to a file before moving on with the syllabus? I find that when I have a lot of files I haven't heard before available to me all at once, I tend to try to move faster than I should.

What do you do with the odd, short files in the list like "Drift", "Plunge" etc?
>> No. 6105
How long you listen is really up to you. Personally, flashing through them isn't nearly as much fun as finding a couple to add to a playlist and really get into. Like wolfing down a wonderful meal isn't nearly as satisfying as enjoying each morsel. Her style is highly eclectic. I find her files are layered, like a good movie where the more you watch the more you see. The syllabus isn't chronological, but the grouping is as close as you'll get to categories. Easy is short enough that you can catch a dose of it at lunch. Pick and choose the ones you like. Once you're conditioned, use the remaining ones to stretch your soft limits. Avoid the ones that touch on hard limits, but revisit them as the conditioning increases. I wouldn't put Plunge in a playlist, but I might loop it during a workout. Use your imaginatin on the small ones.
>> No. 6126
You know, guys, why I slightly dislike Ellechemy? Nothing actually happens in her audios. There is no plot and no fun. I often get bored before the end.
>> No. 6492
Has anyone tried her new "Retromission" session?
>> No. 6493
It's not incredible. It sucks. It's worse than most of other files. (maybe becuase I'm not really into latex)
>> No. 6494
I think you're referring to Y.E.S.S.
>> No. 6495
Didn't see it. Where is it?
>> No. 6502

dang, I listened to that yesterday never having listened to any of her other files before and while I didn't achieve a HFO I was pretty damn close (and I never achieved one before with the Jackpot series, although I got similarly close).

I found the small tribute/findom sections a bit distracting because.. well, I'm not into that. But in general, the pure listening experience was pretty awesome, even though the actual content wasn't all that exciting. Which, then again, made it even more surprising how turned on I got. Is there a place that has more detailed info about particular files? It'd be interesting to listen to a file with more actual action. I'm not really looking for a deeper bond with her or anything (I've got my gf for that, thankyouverymuch), but it's apparent that she is very good at what she does.
>> No. 6504
Maybe you guys can start describing the files you've listened to.
>> No. 6507
Any more files with orgasm from her!?
>> No. 7043
As far as I know everything she has is free on http://www.inraptured.net/social/adsitems/browse/user/23286
>> No. 7046
I'm still in the first group of the syllabus (the "101" section). Is there anything following up on the "you'll want to get a drink of water" post suggestion? So far that just seems kind of out of the blue and doesn't seem to trigger anything interesting when I do it..
>> No. 7066
I'm pretty sure she suggests it because it is easy to get dehydrated during a trance session.
>> No. 7068
Well, there's also the 'Wet' file...
>> No. 7076
I think she says it, because most people will probably be thirsty at that point.

So, when they go get a drink after the session, it will be like, "holy shit, did she make me want to have a drink? Her shit must be working on me".
>> No. 7081
in case anyone is interested i found another site of hers, ellechemistry.com it has some kind of descriptions and some of the files that the blog said to contact for.
>> No. 8722
Okay so i recently started listening to erotic hypnosis basics and i thought it was okay nothing special...
That was my first time but my second time i became infatuated with her because she made me feel things no one else has ever done before.
After my third time, well i dont even have words to describe how awesome i felt but if i had to i would deacribe it as ecstacy...
However i had my playlist set up like this
Intro echo
Sinking towards bottom
Even more obedient
Intro echo
Sinking towards bottom
Intro echo
Sinking towards bottom
And finally amore
But despite being lost in rndless waves of bliss i never ejaculated ddespite feeling that i could have and after amore had finished i was bang in the middle of crying like a baby and laughing my head of because the waves never stopped at all it was enlessy frustrating because there was no satisfaction no release from it.
Afte about 10 minutes of thia i put hypnophile back on and followed her suggestion that you get near the end of it and while it wasnt a spectacular release it helped so much...
I guess i want to ask what everyone elses experiences were like and if anyone could possibly recommend a different order to my playlist?
>> No. 8773
Could anyone tell me about personal experiences from her files.
Preferably the earlier stuff.
I've listened to all of 101 about 2 or three times and i'm really confused about what these files ar supposed to do because i remember like waves washing over me when i listened to all of the 101 in one playlist but aftwr that i tried again and i didn't feel anywhere near as intense but i felt as if i could feel her fucking me with a strapon during amore shortly after she tells you to imagine opening your legs...
I'm actually scared to move forward with the sessions now 😨
>> No. 8782
Hmm, I don't remember a strapon.

I also became scared to continue after 101.

I've never experienced hypnosis where I genuinely felt like the hypnotist had power over me. Everything else is like, "yeah, ok, I'll play along."

With Ellechemy it seems a lot more serious when we play. During the file it's like I'm playing along as I do with any other hypnosis session. Afterwards I look back on the experience and wonder.

In that one file at the end of 101 she orders you to say that you love her. Normally I get embarrassed when I have to say things aloud to a hypnosis file. So I resisted it and then she's like, "it's not a choice, this is an order, you will say it." I find the words coming out of my lips. It's the closest I've felt to being literally controlled in a hypnosis session. Pretty intense when you get to have an experience like that and you weren't expecting it.

I can't play along to any more of her files because of this. She's a little over the top in the total control over you department. Which is also what draws me to her. A conundrum. It may eventually lead to me joining her flock.
>> No. 8792
How do you all set up your playlists?
>> No. 8793
How do you all set up your playlists?
>> No. 8794
How do you all set up your playlists?
>> No. 8795
How do you all set up your playlists?
>> No. 8796
I don't use playlists. I listen to files individually, singly, one at a time.

Following the syllabus the way she she lists it on her websites has been my approach.
>> No. 8797
But not all of the files have inductions, do they?
>> No. 8826
Are inductions necessary?
>> No. 8828
Well either you're new to hypnosis or you know something i don't but yeah as far as i know
>> No. 8839
What I'm getting at is that I prefer to skip the induction by means of a trigger.

"Sleep," or something similar, works fine for me, especially when you find an effective hypnotist to work with.

I will even venture so far as to say that it's more powerful, with practice.

I much prefer a trigger and the occasional suggestion like "deeper and deeper with every word that I say" to a lengthy induction.
>> No. 8841
Of course, to install such a trigger, a formal induction would be used.
>> No. 8844
Ellechemy does NLP style hypnosis... inductions are not necessary. it works effectively on me
>> No. 9286
Anyone have "intromission"?
>> No. 9640
wow, she's definately better than i expected
>> No. 10865
bump... seems kind of interesting.
>> No. 10896
Intromission is the same as Retromission, except Intromission has about a minute of bi stuff at the end.
>> No. 10918
Does anyone have Intromission or Retromission?
>> No. 10928
retromission is available on Her website via soundcloud

her new website is ellechemistry.com
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