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File 143151461262.jpg - (17.36KB , 421x480 , prefer.jpg )
20389 No. 20389 ID: 4a088a hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
You guys need to check this out. It's helped me so much with hypnosis and has generally improved my mental health and gives me so much motivation.
Some of it may sound presumptuous but bear with it till the end because you WILL be enlightened and you WILL see the things this guy talks about posted in magazines/etc in the coming future.
This is not conspiracy or anything like that, just good old fashioned science.
He also has a book which you should check out if you're interested and he claims there's sauce on his website for everything but i've yet to check that out.
>> No. 20474 ID: 900e9b
I checked it out. Thank you for the suggestion.

The second video from that conference is more relevant to hypnosis as it pertains to inserting a belief directly into the subconscious in 5 to 10 minutes.
I'm very interested in trying that myself. The first video posted by OP was very interesting, but had more to do with biology.
>> No. 20485 ID: 4a088a
Damn, i'm used to people telling me how it's just new age bullshit. Glad to see someone open minded and thanks for the link, was tempted to watch it before hand but never got around to it. Will definitely watch tonight.
I don't care if it's all bullshit, it works for me and i'd rather placebos than nothing.

File 142938476388.jpg - (16.15KB , 306x306 , Lexy Roxx.jpg )
20101 No. 20101 ID: f6fa06 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I was wondering if there is any hypno either hands on or off that will help me cum and then be able to cum again shortly after. My issue currently is I become hypersensitive after firing of my first set of harpoons and I want to be able to get over it so I can launch a second set. Are there any files that can help?

I want to be able to blast like this: h++p://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1554392133
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>> No. 20347 ID: 578efc
This is exactly What I'm looking for. Anyone have a link to any the cum production files!

Thanks a lot
>> No. 20462 ID: 7bef58
Might there be someplace else to download these from, if we cannot download them from giga.gg? You don't seem keen on adding people to allow them to download.
>> No. 20489 ID: b8fb7f
So what is your username on Giga so people can add you?

File 142765947279.jpg - (7.88KB , 202x250 , index.jpg )
19832 No. 19832 ID: 8ffbb6 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hello /hypno/, I found this light Version of the Public Hypno Blog. Sorry if it´s a Repost, I did not know that he's back ?
>> No. 19833 ID: 8ffbb6
forgot to add the link :)
>> No. 19850 ID: a1f014
how does this work? whats with the numbers?
>> No. 20487 ID: 733955
this is good.

File 143179879992.jpg - (151.61KB , 1024x1406 , butt_expansion___orihime_expands__1_by_zirak51-d63.jpg )
20459 No. 20459 ID: 048f31 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hello people. This case is kinda strange, but I am into butt expansions and I would like to hypnotise myself to experience that situation.
The only problem is that files I'm finding are for permanent changes on the body. I don't want to change my body, I feel very good with my own, so I don't need to change myself into pear-shaped guy.

So I am wondering if there is any file making a temporary effect of feeling (or even better - having visible hallucinations!) of listener's butt growing?
>> No. 20486 ID: 048f31
Nothing... ? :(

Well, there are a lot for having impressions of having ears, tails or breasts, even udders, but not butt... Strange.

File 14288390665.jpg - (119.07KB , 1024x576 , k0A56Xz[1].jpg )
20025 No. 20025 ID: 04b5e0 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Have any of you tried Vive's ghost tease files? How have they worked for you? How long does this last?
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>> No. 20335 ID: 4a088a
I know this isn't the thread but could you maybe do some more loops? Stuff i can listen to on the backround. No problem if you don't have time/don't want to.
>> No. 20477 ID: 6f468b
You thinking of WMM, mate?
>> No. 20480 ID: 8ebb8c
>>20477 Haven't posted it there yet... i'm far behind on posting my stuff on wmm...

My first worry was someone trying to sell my files again... but i don't think so...

File 143148102668.jpg - (15.11KB , 720x480 , 002 copy.jpg )
20379 No. 20379 ID: 0d61db hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've noticed that mixing these two really makes me go deeper than normal, and I wanted to start training with bimbo/sissy files on a daily basis to start seeing some changes. My only issue is that I'm not sure what Tists are better for this genre, so any help building a daily playlist (played before bed) would be great! I'm trying to turn my brain around as soon as possible. :)

Forgot to mention that I'm not looking for links to DNP files, I'm willing to pay for the files.
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>> No. 20430 ID: 0d61db
my roommate is actually home for 2 more weeks, so videos are kind of hard to pull off right now.
>> No. 20475 ID: 6f468b
Broken link, don't link to CDN content.
>> No. 20479 ID: df749a
See >>20425

File 143090836592.jpg - (42.16KB , 700x536 , i-am-a-f-ing-loser_o_585870.jpg )
20274 No. 20274 ID: 3a4a70 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
How about some humiliation stuff without sissification, forced gay or SPH themes? I know, it doesn't leave much but there has to be something. Humiliation about being an ugly perverted creep.

Here, something like this. Internet looser life style by ly€ia.


Other files that humiliate you for being a creepy pervert are Pathetic Wanker and Lint Trap by Valentine. Not a Ladies Man by Jenny DeMilo will supposedly turn you into a public masterbator (haven't listened to it.)
>> No. 20289 ID: 166912
A lot of Sylvia Black's files work on this idea
>> No. 20478 ID: 6f468b
Partial Sylvia Black dump here, over at mega: /#F!714E1KwA!wfWFzqxmL4wZKTHITfxzYg

File 143070454367.jpg - (79.27KB , 600x550 , 1428688587393.jpg )
20239 No. 20239 ID: 166912 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking for files that will just completely fuck me up. I want permanent, negative, humiliating effects for a sissy bimbo crossdresser. Give me the worst you've got!
>For example, if anyone could dump Sylvia Black's files, that would be wonderful
13 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20337 ID: 4a088a
Like my penis hard*
>> No. 20345 ID: a69036
I think Bimbo Blessing briefly mentions limpness.
>> No. 20476 ID: 6f468b
Here's all the Sylvia Black I have.
Append this to the mega url: /#F!714E1KwA!wfWFzqxmL4wZKTHITfxzYg

File 142230385765.png - (1.50MB , 1275x1650 , 2012_09_19_23_sissy-experiment.png )
18635 No. 18635 ID: 799be0 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Heya, I'm a lurker of the hypno community, and just noticed that Elena deleted a LOT of her files, both free ones and paid ones. I don't understand why, and that's her choice if she wants to, but I'm just wandering if anyone knows what's going on with her since this is more than just cleaning up old bad quality ones, she just deleted a ton and I'm not really sure what gives or if she's okay, and since she posts here, I'm hoping she sees this and lets us know how she's doing. Also, if anyone has any of the files that are no longer on her site due to deletion, uploading them elsewhere would be really helpful to those of us who miss them.
54 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20468 ID: 42c6e1

You seem to be assuming that when someone goes through the list of premium/backer files they will actually want most of them, or at least a good amount of them. Because you "diversify" into so many areas, I find few files I'm even curious to listen to.

Focusing on monster girls and getting away from the feminization, submission and chastity type stuff that's everywhere anyway for people into that would give me more stuff to buy. I've picked up all of the non-homo monster girl stuff you've released, including things that have disappeared like the goblin girl toll file.
>> No. 20469 ID: 42c6e1

When Patreon goes through next month I'll have them all that is. Not sure why Newfapchan felt the need to eat my last sentence.
>> No. 20472 ID: 4700e8
Naw, people may or may not want any premium or backer files. Rewards exist as an incentive and if someone doesn't want them enough for it to be worth it to pledge, I accept that they won't. If someone wants to pledge to keep free stuff coming, I think they'd do that regardless of rewards, and if someone doesn't like my work - free or reward - enough to pledge, then they might not be incentivized by this stuff.

But so far the results at these points are heartening, and I'm adding new features like polls people can vote in, and updates as I work. I only have results and feedback to go on, and I'm getting feedback in all directions. So I also look at the results: opened the Patreon on April 22nd, transitioned the site that day (though I'm still sorting and reorganizing in wake of having to pull the e-shop out). Result: $1150 in backing by May 1st. Now it has been 17 days of May's campaign, and backing has gone up to 1646, with no one pulling out after getting their files, so far. As I continue to produce material, I think that number will approach the 2k that makes this worthwhile to do over other jobs, and with that freedom comes room to do what you say, and what I want to do - make weird and imaginative monster girl stuff along with other projects.

I mean, I actually assume people /won't/ want every premium. My ideal backer point is 15 bucks since that is where you get all the backer-only files and one premium file you might want. A person who wants more premiums would pledge much higher, but a person who doesn't want any can pledge at 15 and get something worth their while - all the backer files, and supporting the site, or not pledge at all. If they pledge at 15 they get one premium file if they want it and all the backer stuff, if they don't want any of that, but like some of the free stuff, maybe they'll pledge at 15 bucks anyway, or not at all.

Now if a person is commissioning a file and wants none of the backer files, none of the reward files, and doesn't apprecia
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 143176583994.jpg - (208.82KB , 750x1121 , image 3101.jpg )
20450 No. 20450 ID: fd5923 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hi I am looking for the Wednesday flash file from her weekday sessions. Anyone have it? Willing to share it with a pauper?
>> No. 20458 ID: f3ce31
I don't have the file, but what about you? Do you have any files not available from torrents?
>> No. 20467 ID: ed646f

my giga account

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