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File 139655028082.jpg - (64.19KB , 393x599 , image.jpg )
11350 No. 11350 ID: 9bd780 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Does anybody have or could recommend any hypnosis files were you're made to eat your own cum/self facial? Basically anything similar to IVs Swallow

Thanks in advance for any responses
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>> No. 18553 ID: 975060
4chon[.]net it's been shut down so dont even bothe

Where are the CEI's at though? None of the hypnodommes here want to make one? I tried mistE's link but for some reason it wont work for my toaster of a laptop.
>> No. 18554 ID: 975060
File 142173100292.jpg - (41.24KB , 347x360 , whores.jpg )
Never mind it works for me I just forgot that I didn't want to buy. The sample sounds nice and the file is bretty cheap so I'll buy it now. I'll tell you guys how good it was.

The file is called A new need for men and apparently it has CEI and instructions to eat your precum as well.
>> No. 18645 ID: 084c21
so any review on this file? how was it?

File 142229799299.gif - (1.50MB , 300x185 , 4603713+_20da3f3127b1add8a5c8bbb8015aad67.gif )
18633 No. 18633 ID: abbfb9 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
any incidentally hypnotizing movies/videos out there?

this one has hypnotic elements, especially following another hypnosis scene

File 141704275989.jpg - (87.97KB , 360x325 , summerwelcome.jpg )
17500 No. 17500 ID: 9ab619 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
For those who like Mistress Summer she is closing her website this month. Sorry to see her move on. Her files are all 75% off until the site closes. A beautiful Goddess which does wonderful sessions.
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>> No. 18578 ID: 9ab619
No. 18573 ID: a56033

I started this thread and shared some files and give a simple yet honest reply and you're calling me names and stuff. What is your problem man, why do you have to be an asshole?
>> No. 18582 ID: 861dcf
what is the password for this?
>> No. 18624 ID: 9d255c

It says it in the post.

File 139804611579.jpg - (102.44KB , 800x600 , hypnosis-1.jpg )
11934 No. 11934 ID: b603e2 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Good evening /hypno/, I would like to play a game.

Reply below with a download link to a hypnosis file that you have enjoyed, for the poster above you to listen to in its entirety. After this, you must wait for the next poster to post his/her file, and listen to it all the way through within 24 hours. You may make vague requests, but the next poster is not obliged to cater to them. No repeats please!

Good luck! (remember, no-one from the DNP list).
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>> No. 17444 ID: c192b3
If you have some cash, hxxp://www.warpmymind.com/Files/2131/Curse-FemaleTakeover.php. Lots of people have had success with it.

If not, I'd suggest the file that I strongly believe is the reason I'm into feminization at all, Curse Stroke Sissy from EMG: hxxp://www.warpmymind.com/Files/186/Curse-Stroke-Sissy.php Years later and I still periodically get random cravings to listen to that thing.

Give me something extremely addictive and hard to break away from; it's fucked up but part of me really loved being in thrall to CSS and it was that experience that gave me the respect I've got for hypnosis. Feminization is good, but I'm also interested in anything that doesn't involve bestiality or ageplay. I unfortunately don't have much spare cash atm so something I can get a link to is much appreciated.
>> No. 17589 ID: c192b3
Bump! This was a neat idea. No more takers?
>>12744 What was that file btw?
>> No. 18618 ID: 189e86
As it turns out, it was Sylvia Black's Aching.
However, I've since found a few files I feel are more fitting.
Your assignment is to listen to at least one of the curses in this file (they're both incredibly similar and I couldn't decide): h++p://uploadduck.com/5O0

File list for the archive as per admin recommendation:
MasterJack - Curse Anal Orgasms.mp3
MasterJack - Curse Anal Masturbation 2.mp3
MasterJack - Curse Anal Masturbation 2.txt

File 140933558216.jpg - (24.29KB , 400x400 , Q-SBbk6Y.jpg )
15703 No. 15703 ID: 6e1cf1 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
This post is the result of a post hypnotic suggestion.

I'd recommend against listening, unless you're very sure about what you want.


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>> No. 18463 ID: 84cc40
Listened to "Sublimation" again today. For some reason it didn't really "click' before, but today was really intense. I was having mind orgasms left and right and got really close to ejaculation. Probably the most intense experience I've had
>> No. 18471 ID: 0c23a4
Tried out Syllabus 101. Holy crap, this is good stuff.

Peeked at 201 and can't wait to give it a shot today.
>> No. 18616 ID: e9fb90

Have to link this

File 142170782199.png - (70.83KB , 319x242 , Skærmbillede 2015-01-19 kl_ 00_39_17.png )
18547 No. 18547 ID: 240efb hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, a while ago I found this trance video on xhamster, but it was taken down. I've searched the internet countless times without luck, but I wonder if anyone here got it? Attached picture is all I've got to go on.

Thanks in advance.
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>> No. 18550 ID: 240efb
Thanks, does look like her now that i've seen Goddess Jessica.

So, anyone know anything about the specific file? I'd love to buy it.
>> No. 18592 ID: ade494
>> No. 18614 ID: 4c80cd

File 137417400561.jpg - (20.18KB , 193x300 , wildfox-couture-boy-crazy-tank-profile.jpg )
1973 No. 1973 ID: b74ab7 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Becoming A Girly Girl: Boy Crazy
Can someone with premium please go get it.
Pretty please. ^_^
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>> No. 18165 ID: 220392

allison_in_loves contributions are also very positive and uplifting.
>> No. 18175 ID: af3fd6
Yes, maybe, but TTS! And the binaural is loud and like a dentist drill. I can't relax at all with them!
>> No. 18613 ID: b69fd5
File 142217348548.gif - (0.97MB , 245x235 , Emma-Watson-1.gif )
I went over the new MsJ file and removed most of the dependence and workplace related stuff. There is still talk of behavioral changes in interactions with others caused by impotence and humiliation for not being a "real" man (Because that really turns me on ;-P) but the file doesn't go into specifics anymore.

Thought I might share:

File 142202051017.jpg - (128.13KB , 480x448 , dreamstime_xs_26666933.jpg )
18597 No. 18597 ID: 31ad2d hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hi everyone I am relatively new to the whole hypnosis scene but I think I have already developed a favourite style. I like the hypnosis where you are to listen to an audio file where a trigger word is implanted then you watch a video and have that trigger activated through an action or by a spoken word.

Does anyone have any names or specific files I should check out? I did this with Z@id@'s trigger and I loved it. I am not into the whole you need to eat your own cum, or turning you gay thing but I would love to find more stuff along these lines.

File 141575757466.gif - (52.67KB , 586x219 , img7[1].gif )
17245 No. 17245 ID: f1c7b0 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here's an early christmas present for all of you out there: an almost complete Kismet collection.

The filenames are encoded with Base64 (h++ps://www.base64decode.org/) so that they won't get detected as easily.

I posted this before, but the thread disappeared. So here you go again. Have fun.

Cali Logan - [Hip-noh-sis]
Belle - Presenting Belle
Amber - Suspended In Slumber
Ali - Simply RED
Ally - Hypnosis is Fun
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 18409 ID: 13d1f7
same here :D
>> No. 18437 ID: 370548
>> No. 18589 ID: 13d1f7

File 142189236232.jpg - (28.48KB , 450x322 , stock-photo-an-attractive-woman-holding-blue-balls.jpg )
18583 No. 18583 ID: 186272 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I've been listening to thisfile be Elena at eSuccubus: h++p://www.esuccubus.com/content/sensitive-balls

It wasn't really my thing before, but man, I've grown to love this file. I love the focus on sensitivity and constant awareness.

Anyone else into this particular obsession over sensitive, heavy, aching balls? Any recommendations?

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