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File 149432032412.gif - (1.57MB , 450x253 , cunt.gif )
25029 No. 25029 ID: 1407a1 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]


Alpha Male Hypno



>> No. 25084 ID: 0a299a
These are pretty good, but I was wondering if you had anymore?
>> No. 25092 ID: 3146a4
we need more of this kind of stuff around
waaaay too much sissy shit flooding this place
>> No. 25094 ID: 904424

File 149512726185.jpg - (21.38KB , 392x203 , 111111111111111.jpg )
25089 No. 25089 ID: 4dd7af hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Many new hypnosis videos

File 149499005986.jpg - (34.70KB , 604x524 , ss.jpg )
25076 No. 25076 ID: bd43b7 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I'm excited and scared at the same time. I listened to the free fractionated by Dark Freya and now completely in love with her voice. Would love to listen to:
- The Cheerleader
- The Princess
- Panty Boy
- The Feminine Mind.
Love you!

File 149482520997.jpg - (88.72KB , 1323x270 , (m=eRSaaGqaWLamaz)1323x270.jpg )
25059 No. 25059 ID: 3d90c6 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm in a bit of an odd place right know. My girlfriend wants to feminize me.
I can honestly say I find it alluring, if it's all play with no lasting effects, but it may not be. Then of course i think that it doesn't really matter on way or another because if it's only play it's fun and if it's not and it truly changes me then I would be ok with it because I would want the changes and feel ok with them (Right?).
It would be great to learn form people with experience in this. I'm very interested in hearing from both sides, those who want to feminize others and those who want to be feminized.
Any discussion or opinion is welcomed and appreciated.
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>> No. 25067 ID: 6e1e58
I feel like the exceptions to "hypnosis can't make you do anything you don't want to do", fall under "it's entirely possible to be an abusive relationship with a manipulator/gaslighter".

Like, there's plenty of ways to manipulate you into doing stuff in an abusive relationship, and hypnosis is easily the most difficult method. I don't think hypnosis would even work remotely well if you didn't at least 95% trust the person doing the hypnosis and/or your ability to reject bad suggestions.

An abusive person has much better ways of manipulation than hypnosis, which mostly just yourself doing thing to your brain willingly. You can do a lot of stuff with hypnosis, like setting up your own traps and surprises for times when you've forgotten something, or are in a different state of mind, but it's still you doing it at the end of the day.

So yeah, unless your girlfriend is Putin and she has you in a cage a mile below sea level, you're probably going to be fine. Communication is the key.

That said, hypnosis is super intimate, you're both exploring your brain together. As with any relationship, hypnosis or not, you'll both share a lot of experiences and come to see things from each others points of view. This might be a problem if the love is one sided?

It's entirely possible for someone to convince you of something you wouldn't have believed before, just like it's possible for you to see the other person's point in a debate.

I'm sure the submissive element probably comes into play too, but it's hard to tell how much each element effects what. There's not really that much scientific research on hypnosis, let alone erotic hypnosis, let alone niche bdsm hypnosis.

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>> No. 25068 ID: a9d39a

I mean, yeah, I doubt his GF is going to take advantage of it; like you said, there are easier ways.

But don't think it can't change your way of thinking over time, and it can be led.
>> No. 25070 ID: 6e1e58
Sure, but that's also called being in any healthy relationship. It's sorta the whole point of how people interact and share ideas.

Audio - (7.29MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Cum Eating Audio Hypno.mp3 ) Length: 7:58
25036 No. 25036 ID: d852c0 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hello, Im looking for the audio from a Video I saw, theres a sexy girl voice repeating something like "addicted to cum" and theres water drop sounds, the video name was Cum Eating Audio Hypno.

File 149346463258.jpg - (111.94KB , 729x1140 , C31hgXvXAAEpuXa.jpg )
24981 No. 24981 ID: 8b5249 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have any of her files?
>> No. 25024 ID: 2801ca
She has a few free files on soundgasm. Anything else would be appreciated though.
>> No. 25033 ID: 0c2989
Thanks for introducing her to me. She's pretty much what I'm looking for.

File 147749594873.gif - (1.51MB , 356x400 , see.gif )
24237 No. 24237 ID: c6eaaf hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
How does this make you feel?
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>> No. 24266 ID: 378ca8
I keep looking at the girls mouths and wonder why they keep opening and shutting :/.
>> No. 25026 ID: f4cef3
can you share the other gifs aswell?
>> No. 25027 ID: 5f630d
makes me want to smile

File 142431022038.jpg - (120.66KB , 800x1200 , h-4-2494009-1305306044.jpg )
18976 No. 18976 ID: c47768 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
RIST / brainwashing / flashing images + text program I'm working on. Please try it, it's super intense

> latest version will always be here: h++ps://github.com/ohgodhowdidthis/trance/releases

there was a thread already; I made a new thread just so I can put a more useful link in the OP which I can update rather than one that's obsolete. Sorry about that, hope it's OK
FYI, the old thread is here

> updates since the last time I posted:
- animated gif support. Throw them in, and they'll be mixed in in various ways
- oculus rift support. Set your rift to extended desktop (no direct HMD until they support it under OpenGL, sorry) and just run the program as usual. (Holy shit this owns)
- tweaks to the various styles to make them a bit more relaxing and work nicely in rift

> planned updates:
- webm support. I know you guys want this, loading gifs is a good stepping stone (webm is a bit more complicated though)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 25018 ID: c47768

You don't need any VR software to output split 3D video. You can just choose the side-by-side 3D option on the video export menu.


I uploaded a version that lets the eye spacing be negative (which will swap the eyes). Can you try it out and see whether that's really the problem?
>> No. 25019 ID: 49d98c
the negative setting didn't help, but i found settings that do work, and i can now explain the problem much better

increasing the draw depth moves the centers of the spirals farther apart (outward). increasing the eye spacing moves the centers of the spirals closer together (inward). these need to be in balance, or else the centers won't line up

the problem is that the depth moves the centers outward much faster than the eye spacing moves the centers inward, so the viable range in which the centers line up is very small. for me, the range is approximately from 0.0 depth and 0.1 spacing, to 0.02 depth and 1.0 spacing. past 0.02 depth, the centers move too far outward for any eye spacing setting to correct, which is why i thought they were flipped

since the creator only lets you set depth in increments of 0.125, there's no viable creator settings that have any depth and work for me

thanks for your time btw
>> No. 25021 ID: 49d98c
for what it's worth i was able to get pretty great and convincing effects at 0.005 depth and 0.4 spacing

File 145068442857.jpg - (13.99KB , 236x305 , 0671bcaf928f1467589e5fd26a360e98.jpg )
22640 No. 22640 ID: b34f3c hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is targeted at dudes/bros/folks with penises (no offense girls).

Please only post tracks that have actually made you EJACULATE hands free. Not in your mind, for realsies.

I have never actually gotten there, but have been regularly listening to Jackpot 2 because it feels amazing even if I don't cum and has gotten me close to ejaculating many times.
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>> No. 24761 ID: 8bd9b6

Amazing HFO last night; beautiful voice - 25 minutes long.
>> No. 24817 ID: 7e5c9e
This one gave me hfo yesterday:


But that was after I got premature ejaculations from the trainers by premie2016 which you can find on 8chan.

However, guys trust me once you accomplished this fantasy stop the shenanigans with hypno and porn it's not who you want to be it's like an addiction. And it will hurt what you want to accomplish is real life e.g. it will lower the amount of real sexual partners.
>> No. 25020 ID: 8d91e9
Do You have those Premie files by chance i have the ones on that thread are no longer working thanks

File 149396277615.jpg - (6.04KB , 299x168 , torvea.jpg )
25001 No. 25001 ID: ee54c1 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have any videos to trade? I have ludella hahn's newer bimbo slut ray and two torvea films: sorority rites and testers wanted (with annabelle pync).

I'm looking mainly for other torvea films of the hypno/body control genre or other ludella films that aren't available to the public.

I'd be willing to upload it to pornhub or something if someone could trade me something new as well.

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