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File 148488648029.jpg - (6.08KB , 167x303 , images.jpg )
24645 No. 24645 ID: 4a6399 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
hi, please see if any of you can help.

I used to listen to Nikki back in the day, found her to be good because she had themes and training and was generally 'safe'. I am NOT into sissyfication, bimbo or findom, and most of her work didnt revolve around these themes, so that meant more general hypno or femdom hypno tracks to listen to.

Q: Are there any new or currently good hypnotists out there who you would recommend? Those who have a decent sized library and actually practice hypnosis before beginning the recreational hypno or fdhypno? (I have already tried Mistress Carol, but didnt find her stuff as compelling).

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>> No. 24679 ID: 8461f6

Sometimes when I have to chhose between two things I want to do in a file, I say fuck it and do both.

The Indoctrination series is based around finding the right induction/deepener/stimulation to bring you to a HFO. Each file approaches trancing your mind in a diferent way. However, I like making people get off, and think the idea that you get to cum either way can take some of the pressure off, making a HFO easier. So in the series each file starts by trying for the HFO, but ends with a JOI. In inductions case, It ends in HFO, but then wakes you up, takes you back down and let's you JOI. Extra stimulatin for those who HFO'D-But also sweet release for those who arnt there yet.
>> No. 24680 ID: f6c7f5
Alright, that actually seems smart
>> No. 24681 ID: 7e523c
Is there a file or files you would recommend starting with for either or both?

File 139429897220.jpg - (23.38KB , 600x450 , A7NO-rOCIAApahe.jpg )
15724 No. 15724 ID: 16cb5c hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Requesting Evil Shine from Goddess Heidi, or any file that anyone might have from her.
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>> No. 24034 ID: 7a4d85
At femdom cult you can find a lot of files from her!
>> No. 24104 ID: 7200d8
Went here and can't find a place to register - says registration is disabled? What do?
>> No. 24678 ID: 8f0d81
please needs more heidi

File 14854781018.png - (93.41KB , 300x237 , male-butt-enhancement-300x237[1].png )
24673 No. 24673 ID: f5e914 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]

I love that ass
It drops me to my knee
in its own class
Its all my mind can see

Let me lick it
let me squeeze it
let me try to please

let me toungue it
let me rub it
til I start to weap
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File 14820341424.jpg - (552.72KB , 2576x1932 , IMG_0552.jpg )
24489 No. 24489 ID: 59bfef hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hey I was wondering if there was a hypno to make men more attractive to me not just their sexy cocks, any help appriciated :) (p.s. If you like my ass and wanna help me on my sisification kik me: jess065)
>> No. 24575 ID: 478983
Yes, I can help you with that. I'll try to include more than one videos and let me know if one of them works for you. There's plenty of different of styles...


>> No. 24664 ID: b1174e
MsJ has good files for that

File 148490848993.jpg - (84.85KB , 1358x1284 , best-of-the-best.jpg )
24648 No. 24648 ID: 903bec hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Who is your favorit hypnotist, and what is their best file?

For me it is Mind Mistress.
I never had a stronger trance than with her.
Fav file would be Acceptance. Don't even know what happens in the file, but thats what it is suposed to do.
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>> No. 24656 ID: c9989e
I nominate Coco Transe for Worst Namefag
>> No. 24660 ID: cb5fc2
you made me cry
>> No. 24661 ID: c9989e

File 148458774662.gif - (2.04MB , 712x754 , b6ae89377cebee6860f74e27d27c90189e564ee4b5e3dcc4c7.gif )
24620 No. 24620 ID: 7af3dc hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I am looking for STRONG sissy trainers like this one:

Send some if you have please!
>> No. 24638 ID: cb5fc2
Videos from the same author (myself) :
>> No. 24640 ID: cb5fc2
The exemple to follow for my devoted coco boys :


I love this kind of tribute, and especially when a coco boy is loosing the challenge and cumming.


File 148310268321.jpg - (18.96KB , 538x417 , DSr_P1_S2_logo.jpg )
24533 No. 24533 ID: baf5c9 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey, I'm making a video, and can't decide on something... please answer these two questions. ^_^

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>> No. 24617 ID: 27ddb5
The concept is realy good.
But sadly im not into sissies stuffs.

Either way, good job.
>> No. 24623 ID: 379765
its sad to see how many good effort is being put into this area of hypno, and the whole lot of attention the rest of the areas needs right now :/
>> No. 24636 ID: e96671
Thanks. The video I'm working on now is actually very general. The goal of the video is for me to learn how to make a good induction. And the "payload" of the file will be very general feel good and happy suggestions.

Yeah, It sucks. I just started making stuff that I wanted to see. You can too. <3

File 141747950692.jpg - (43.94KB , 900x900 , 1417478204884[1].jpg )
17579 No. 17579 ID: f44bae hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Anyone know if there's any more of him floating around?
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>> No. 23775 ID: 1f97c9
OK seeding again..
>> No. 24398 ID: d38df5
h++p://www.pornhub.com/users/mrdanielshypnosis/videos access to 5 videos if your friendship request is accepted
>> No. 24624 ID: dd7fa1
after downloading the torrent mr daniels stuff reminds me if the most powerful thing out there was immersed in his files for 2 hrs going on 3, i think im going to study his files every day his trances are so powerful

File 147155958256.jpg - (64.32KB , 415x265 , hypno.jpg )
24032 No. 24032 ID: a8e79a hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
OK while back I did the 45 day program after a few folks were asking about being able to stroke and cum more than once and several times a day. The idea then is similar to this one and was a tribute to my heart throb Nikki Fatale, being a good boy for her through masturbation.

Some things that came up were increasing arousal and having fun tracks to fap with. Nikki and some others tune their voice to your arousal and trance, so if you practice even a little her voice will arouse you. She also has lots of overlapping triggers throughout her session to increase arousal, feel happy, have fun ~ lots slipped in~ and she is very pleasant, so the more you lisetn the more you enjoy listening and more aroused you get.

We threw in some other Domme's and beats and many had a blast and achieved the goal of getting hard more often and hared and enjoying the fapping more.

Now it is time for a twist Frenzy stroking / edging with Nikki for 45 days and pacing your orgasms, so here the goal is to stroke to the get aroused and then stop and move on through out the day. She has a release set called focus which will blow you away. Many like edging to a variety of mp4s movies which is totaly fine and could be done with her Frenzy Sublimnal in the back groud. To keeps us manly and up for the task and did a little mixing of my favorite and most manly JDM tracks. She has a lot of audio only which make for nice overlapping to a steady Nympho Affirm or Cock str with monster and massive and male sexual thrown in with some anal junkie. Listen to that day and night waking up and before bed along with Frenzy before bed, have your play time and the girls will be all over you. You will buzz sex all over and be as horny as hell. And your stamina and recharge time making you a true Cock Star!
>> No. 24033 ID: a8e79a
File 147156071711.gif - (1.58MB , 401x376 , 1468690291130.gif )
Forgot to give myself a name last time, sorry about that. My goal is sharing this with a very sexy and hot partner. Frenzy for two wow. So we both like getting hot and teasing and tormenting each other. Here is some things we do. We Nikki says stroke hard she uses what ever she is using, her sweet pussy, hot tongue and lips and some times even her ass and sometime it is her hands. If I am on top I stroke her wet cunt with my cock harder or faster as Nikki guides. Nikki's rules rule no cheating! If we get too close we stop.

Then the reward of a few days or up to a week so far, we listen to Frenzy Focus and climax together.

Much easier than it sounds, Nikki once mentioned boys lying in bed surrounded by a surround system. I thought how cool. Later it became cool for two people. My advice.

Take your time setting up your space, make it very special and sacred. If you are sharing this journey with a partner you are very very luck indeed, and celebrate that together. Chose the colors and candles and smells that arouses both of you.

This is great time to explore your bodies , remember you will not be orgamsing although my girlfriend cheats , she gets the weak one out and the rides the waves.

At first I was more the one not climaxing until we practiced injectulation on Nikki's male masturbation, and some other tantric stuff.

So you have your space nice colors and music, you have your erotic hypno track list with Niiki for Frenzy building and perhaps some others then just play I took Nikki's Slut Affirmations and cut out Bob's chanting and we play that in the surround sound as well.

So here we are rocking each other and then tuning into the Frenzy track or another and timing our bodies to the instructions, while in the back ground Nikki's is chanting 'you are a slut. you fuck like a slut, " amazing
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 24119 ID: da289a
can someone please post their nikki files to mega/mediafire? particularly the hard to find ones such as "journey into submission 2," "20 questions," "dial nikki," "magical hourglass" etc?

just about all the basic ones can be found here hxxp://hypno-fetish.com/music, just search "nikki" in the box and you'll find them.
>> No. 24611 ID: da289a
bump for magical hourglass submission 2?

File 148355081021.png - (1.03MB , 1200x421 , darla diondra.png )
24557 No. 24557 ID: c5de7b hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know if Darla Diondra is ever going to return?
>> No. 24589 ID: 195b9e
she just announced her return and put up a ~30 minute audio file
>> No. 24590 ID: 195b9e
i'd love to get my hands on her older stuff though. shit was tight.

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