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File 140330085424.gif - (3.27MB , 389x480 , test16.gif )
13944 No. 13944 ID: 13a141 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Trying my hand at subliminals. What do you see?
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>> No. 15776 ID: dfd79e
All of these are amazing but I don't get this one
>> No. 15780 ID: dfd79e
Without dragging the gif or using gifexplode, I only see women, REALLY hot women. I think this method of yours works fine.

Or maybe I'm distracted by those fucking bodies
>> No. 15792 ID: 55e24a
Girl happily throwing "your" hands back, black cock incoming.

File 140564054483.jpg - (445.00KB , 2592x3872 , 919_9.jpg )
14792 No. 14792 ID: 17713c hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]

here's a little program I've written that's a lot like the Subviewer program some of you probably know of. it's better in a bunch of ways. I thought you might like to try out an early version

extract the zip to a directory. when you run the program, it searches for 3 types of files in the directory it's in (and subdirectories)

- images (most common formats)
- .txt files containing lines of text to flash on the screen
- .ttf font files

then it randomly generates a bunch of stuff and flashes it on the screen with spirals and so on

the program uses the subdirectory structure it finds to associate images and text - when you place images and .txt file together in the same subdirectory, they will be displayed together (lines of text will be flashed up together with images from the same subdirectory). so you can create themes that will be mixed together

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>> No. 15208 ID: aaed6d
This is amazing!
>> No. 15349 ID: ff480c
Mindblowing stuff!
>> No. 15791 ID: 4357fd
I can't figure out how to use this at all.

File 140942831426.jpg - (58.79KB , 720x540 , GladHypno.jpg )
15759 No. 15759 ID: 7608ec hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Are Mistress Seductra and Nerezza the same person? Their websites and recordings are quite similar.
Do their sessions work? Which one is better?
And last but not least, do you have something to share made by them?
Note: pic unrelated.
>> No. 15760 ID: d1384b
I think they are friends (maybe have the same, dillettantish webmaster...).
If you go to Seductra and the go to advanced brainwashing end then click enter, under session six you see she collaborates with nereza. But i don't even know if seductra is a woman haha
>> No. 15761 ID: d1384b
... please apogolize, until 5 min ago i only knew the files with the artificial voice
>> No. 15787 ID: f71d60
Ah, yeah. She's a woman. I think that she really is the one from the pictures in her site. So, Seductra and Nerezza are sort of coworkers. Maybe they're even neighbours, if they work in the same dungeon. Anything else about them? Specially about Secductra.

File 140115566551.jpg - (398.71KB , 1920x1080 , image.jpg )
13268 No. 13268 ID: f092fc hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
What happened to the kismet thread? Am I just an idiot or is it really gone?
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>> No. 15707 ID: a28c07
Thanks for the videos! :)
>> No. 15785 ID: 746bfe
cant find it, listened to the sample and im really interested in this one.
>> No. 15786 ID: d6c2aa

Yah, same here, but this is the Kismet thread, perhaps that kind of request should go either in the Nikki's successors one (if that's still around) or in the request forum.

Would DEFINITELY love to get that one, if anyone has it or acquires it at some point, the same is awesome.

File 140822860084.jpg - (200.06KB , 1600x1200 , 0548763866.jpg )
15496 No. 15496 ID: cc9eec hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know where I can find files for anal hypnosis that are for women? Ones for sissies and men are a dime a dozen, but I can only find a couple behind paywalls for women.
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>> No. 15511 ID: f89275
eSuccubus has a great one called Butt Bunny Bondage, the original is free and the remastered one is 5 bucks.

It's not targeted to a specific gender, and the bondage and furry 'themes' are pretty mild - if those turn you off you'd probably still enjoy it.
>> No. 15513 ID: e3ba12

You forgot Sensitive and Ready which is also gender neutral and anal-centric, even moreso than Butt Bunny and with none of the confounding themes. Here's a free link (I'll take this down in a few days, so nab it now!) and here's one for Butt Bunny Redone as well. Also Ruled is free and it is sort of anal-centric though for being fucked by a strap on specifically and has loyalty elements so ignore if you don't like that jazz.

Free download of Sensitive and Ready here: h++p://esuccubus.com/sites/esuccubus.com/files/recordings/Sensitive%20And%20Ready%20Full%20File.mp3.zip

Desc here: h++p://esuccubus.com/content/sensitive-and-ready

Free Butt Bunny Bondage Redone: h++p://esuccubus.com/sites/esuccubus.com/files/recordings/Butt%20Bunny%20Bondage%20ReDone%20Full%20File.mp3.zip

Desc here: h++p://esuccubus.com/content/butt-bunny-bondage-redone

Ruled is here for free: h++p://esuccubus.com/content/ruled

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 15782 ID: b56392
Thank you! these files are awesome!

File 139886307860.jpg - (117.70KB , 1920x1080 , 1.jpg )
12307 No. 12307 ID: 609380 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone got any recommendations for decent erotic hypnosis vids? I find I react more with visual stimuli.

I'd prefer ones that have nudity and/or involve orgasm, etc to ones that are mostly just hypnosis control (like most of kismet...) - anyone know of any good ones? :)
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>> No. 15768 ID: dfd79e
does anyone have the full version to this?
>> No. 15772 ID: 637f07
You buy Premium from DepFile which is where everything is uploaded. I'm assuming whoever is running Hypnotease gets a cut of your premium subscription.
>> No. 15779 ID: dfd79e
If not the full version, a place where I could find it?

File 139536025694.jpg - (10.53KB , 150x150 , CDgaycombo150.jpg )
14974 No. 14974 ID: c9488c hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hi! I'm looking to start a new thread for M1nd M1stre$$ files. I'm specifically looking for: Elegance, Elegance II, and Anal Princess. Thanks!
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>> No. 15651 ID: c61030
Sorry to ask, but anonfiles seems to be down for me. Could someone reupload "host" to another site. That one sounds fun!
>> No. 15671 ID: acc731
Considering MM's quite wide range of CD's i'm surprised there's nothing related to nipple play.
>> No. 15766 ID: 13c3a8
How do I get her to finish the SpyBaby series? Get everyone I know to buy it?

File 140930161126.png - (80.44KB , 203x256 , 4f8f2ab6ada5f.png )
15695 No. 15695 ID: 3b7684 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
is there any way to remove drm from tranceproviders videos , they are drm protected , you can download them but when you play them , you must log to your account , so are there any way to remove the drm , without even buying the file , i tried tunebite and aimersoft but they cant .
>> No. 15696 ID: 034f68
No. You can only remove the DRM by recording a streaming/playing video via Tunebite, which requires you own a license to start the video in the first place. That's like literally the whole point of DRM.

DRM is such shit, I recently had computer problems and lost my licenses for files I bought from them and cannot redownload the licenses so I can't even watch the videos I LEGALLY own.
>> No. 15699 ID: 381e1e
too bad, they deserve to be ripped lol, any video to share ?
>> No. 15756 ID: de37b7
You actually only legally owned the license, not the content that the license let you watch.

Welcome to the digital age where you spend invisible money to own non-physical content.

File 139441898494.jpg - (0.96MB , 1920x1080 , Klixen_Cipriana _Cindy Hope-three teasing tongues-.jpg )
10328 No. 10328 ID: c6e990 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 15659 ID: 049cd9

Anyone ever tried her?

Or h++p://clips4sale.com/goddess-raine-s-fetish-clips

Anyone know of any hypnodommes besides those two who use voodoo in their clips/mp3s? Amara deleted her old C4s. Anyone have any of her old clips?
>> No. 15697 ID: d2fb91
wtf is this? seems creepy as shit, in a bad way.
>> No. 15705 ID: 049cd9
I wouldn't fuck with it hero

File 140892454642.jpg - (62.33KB , 640x741 , DSCF29481.jpg )
15634 No. 15634 ID: 15eebf hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]

I was into Summer a few years back, and got pretty deep into submitting to her. I was waist-deep in financial servitude to her before it occurred to me that she is transgender. I had enjoyed our interactions up to that point, but my realization became a mental block that I just couldn't overcome. (I have no malicious feelings toward transgendered people, I am just not attracted).

Anyone else listen to Summer's files? They are quite good, especially when paired with personal communication (something she offers, for a price). She doesn't advertise herself whatsoever, and I never see her discussed.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 15670 ID: 660ed9
From whom? I dont want to get burned either.
>> No. 15672 ID: 0228f5
I think the domme's who know this is a business, and reputation matters, and customer satisfaction and returning custom is important. Those stand out as successful and gain loyalty. The ones who treat it as a secondary income stream, or a hobby they jump in and out of, well you can quickly see who those are and I've found in my experience those are less concerned with satisfaction and tend to be short term greedy. Just an opinion from my years in this fetish though.
>> No. 15693 ID: f8668f
>>15658 To be fair, I never confirmed if she's TS. I just looked at the pictures more closely after she admitted to me privately she had been involved with hypnotizing TS individuals to more closely identify with their chosen gender. I drew my own conclusions from there.

Not taking anything away from her abilities. She has some amazing sessions. One of her best is "Heaven" which she gives away for signing up to her email list.

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