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File 14272710543.gif - (1.59MB , 596x540 , 1417505810676.gif )
19768 No. 19768 ID: d3ea48 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I know the term is offensive to some people, however... I am transwoman in the earlier stages who likes the idea of identifying as a shemale, tranny, newhalf or something similar. I don't know why, I just don't find them offensive like others do. I was wondering if there were any hypno files that could encourage this sort of thing. I love feminization files and I enjoy the ones that MsJ makes. Particularly due to the unrelenting nature of Text-To-Speech and how frighteningly effective it seems. However, I don't like the idea of not being able to get hard or get hard with women, as I am a bisexual woman myself.

Could anyone help me with this? The more 'hardcore', the better.

Thank you in advance.
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>> No. 19788 ID: d3ea48
I appreciate your effort. Thank you for trying.

As far as my reaction to the word "shemale". It never bothered me because I never knew that it was offensive. It also didn't make much sense for it to be offensive when I had learned what it was. I'm a "she" with typically "male" parts between my legs... and I like my "male" parts. I could play "Tinker Tumblr Social Soldier" all day, and say it's a "girlcock" or come up with some thing that would deny that a penis is generally the default attachment for males but I don't see the point. I was introduced to it through porn and even if people find transwomen in that sort of porn to be "problematic", I found them to be beautiful. I aspire to be THEM. Sexy, shapely and having fun whilst still living my life. I'm glad to own it, I am a shemale. I want to fuck and be fucked, to put it succinctly.

I also had a fellow transwoman friend who wasn't really bothered by the term. She kind of came from an earlier era before tumblr happened, I guess.
>> No. 19805 ID: d3ea48

I've tried his audios. While I find his voice to be adorable in a way. I can't really 'go under' with him. It just doesn't produce that same feeling for me. However, I do love his ideas, particularly the "Inverse Bimbo" audios. They're empowering concepts to me. I like the idea of being sexy and aroused while aspiring to be smarter. The whole bimbo concept never really sat well with me because there is something quite disheartening about basically turning into a dumbass.
>> No. 19815 ID: 01232e
File 142749074180.gif - (568.86KB , 260x146 , dreams.gif )
Thanks for the answer! Especially since it is such a personal topic...
It's really nice to hear such a positive perspective on the issue. I rarely heard of anyone embracing their body as fully as you do.
Personally, i never came to peace with that thing... but that's probably me being crazy again i guess. And ladyboy, shemale and so on kinda remind me of that.

File 142741537316.jpg - (288.92KB , 1024x683 , 139723463_4cc4ec6061_b.jpg )
19798 No. 19798 ID: ff43d2 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Can anyone post Vive's new maid file? It's just right up my alley but it's a premium file. Anyone got it?
>> No. 19803 ID: 1b6ef4
He usually just releases things for free eventually. Just wait for it. Or buy it, since I think the tists who release files for pay temporarily, then eventually make them free, are just trying to be supported a little bit...
>> No. 19806 ID: 55c3a8
I have 205 files (or titles? It's actually more than 680 files) on my site at the moment and only 2! are only downloadable for patrons. I'm trying to make a living from making files as I really enjoy it, and those files are a small added incentive for potential patrons. If this doesn't work out soon I will have to get back to a "normal" daytime job which means there will be only one or two files a month.

So if you like my files but don't want to chip in with a few bucks a month (there are other benefits like chats with me and Siren and live hypnosis and a lot of file ideas come from this chats) that's ok, but please don't sabotage my efforts to keep making files for you. Thank you!
>> No. 19814 ID: 55c3a8
I was >>19806, had to reinstall my browser and forgot to enter my name...

File 142723105671.jpg - (122.57KB , 1280x1024 , Siren.jpg )
19763 No. 19763 ID: 195cd5 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone of you in the guinea pig group for Sirens new lactation file? Can you share it?
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>> No. 19766 ID: e63d69

You send me an email through the website and accept the fact that the file is a permanent one (curse).
>> No. 19800 ID: 8bda89
I'm confused, I can't find a way to email you, only vive.
>> No. 19808 ID: 55c3a8
Use the contact function, she will get it.

File 137925837282.jpg - (14.45KB , 225x225 , hypnocircle.jpg )
3060 No. 3060 ID: 46f9aa hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I've been listening to hypnosis recordings for a couple months now and have experienced deep trance on more than one occasion. But I can't seem to reach a full hands-free orgasm. If anyone recommend an effective hands free video/recording that you've actually had success with, it'd be greatly appreciated.
>inb4 Isabella Valentine
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>> No. 19769 ID: 03a4e2
3 new HFO mixes here. enjoy)
>> No. 19773 ID: 6801d3
can you upload it to mega?
or is it dnp?
>> No. 19797 ID: b0152c
You can found them here in streaming :

File 14260995873.jpg - (322.99KB , 1793x1415 , Just-a-Thought-illustration-March-2014-Box-Trade-b.jpg )
19435 No. 19435 ID: 8b4606 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hi fellow Gigga.gg members,

Let's all post our user profile links here and make it a bit easier to find each other.

In addition, the user profile serves as an act of filter for those who prefer to know whether or not the person he invites will be a contributor who will also share and help build each other's collection. So, I believe this would be a good way to start in building a solid network.

Now, I'm fairly new to Gigga, but from what I can see, there doesn't seem to be an effective way to search for memebers(via size shared for example) nor is there a way to communicate between users- even if they are your friends and have been added to your contact list.

So from a user's standpoint, it's extremely difficult to determine and judge another member's worth- is he someone who might have an insane amount of materials like me? or is he just someone who has 20-30 random files that he just downloaded off the internet? In addition, How are we going to ask a fellow giga member if he has materials by a certain Hypnotist and whether or not he could put it on his share list?

So here is my idea:

1. We post our profile list for others to see, to let each other know that we have at least the basic requirement… a reasonable amount of materials shared.

2. Members can use this thread to:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 19675 ID: ae0ee0

I have uploaded some files that I have put together myself. I take no credit for the material in the videos, I only put them together. I would love and appreciate some feedback about how my files mke you feel.
>> No. 19792 ID: 46cf0f
>> No. 19795 ID: 614a26
add me please

File 142654372719.png - (468.85KB , 582x741 , my_name_is_jack__me3_version__by_nightfable-d7c9mw.png )
19584 No. 19584 ID: e76033 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Are there any other hypnosis files or gifs or anything that feminize through fitness besides "curse fem run" on wmm?

I'm thinking maybe just wearing a sports bra and panties, maybe women's Nike workout tights or shorts, women's socks and running shoes, while doing workouts that would target the right areas to build the right body. Maybe it's a mantra that repeats about building the right body in the right workout clothes.
>> No. 19772 ID: 9b4e13
Studiojezebel. I can't vouch for the quality because i have listened to so few of the recordings but it's relevant.

File 142488530482.jpg - (288.48KB , 750x750 , 138732110180.jpg )
19180 No. 19180 ID: 5855c9 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey /hypno/, I'm looking for something that may or may not exist. Searched all around, can't find anything that fits. If anybody can help me find something, it's you folks. I'm looking for an audio or a video file that encourages the listener to fuck their ass and have anal orgasms, but doesn't involve any sissy/gay/cockslave/humiliation stuff. I just want to cum with my butt.
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>> No. 19594 ID: c1dbc9
this is super relevant to my interests, also no shemale stuff either
>> No. 19658 ID: f89275
I don't know if this goes against your no sissy/gay/cockslave/humiliation preferences (the file is mildly furry and supposed to give you an alternate female personality) but one of my favorite hypno files is Elena's Butt Bunny Bondage.
It's only 5 bucks but I remember seeing her post a link here to get it for free, may still be around.

>> No. 19771 ID: 9b4e13
Aneros prostate massage by nikki fatale. Ellechemy(careful) weak & slutty. Alot of spiralseduction files.

Audio Queen of The Night - Moon Spell - (6.12MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 6:41
19395 No. 19395 ID: af074c hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here's a few files from this hypnotist. Be careful though, she's pretty powerfull
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>> No. 19606 ID: c2786b
here's her youtube. some great videos if you like her

>> No. 19664 ID: af074c
>> No. 19752 ID: af074c

File 142593177531.gif - (8.19MB , 704x304 , OMF1.gif )
19385 No. 19385 ID: 6187fa hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Having seen many fun gifs on Tumblr and other places recently, I decided to make some of my own from my favorite scenes in movies and tv shows. These are as high quality and resolution as I can fit in the upload limit size. Many more to follow!
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>> No. 19747 ID: eedae7
File 142716487487.gif - (3.59MB , 874x488 , Smallville S08E11 02.gif )
>> No. 19748 ID: eedae7
File 142716490048.gif - (8.36MB , 720x401 , Smallville S08E11 03.gif )
>> No. 19749 ID: eedae7
File 142716500667.gif - (8.34MB , 500x282 , Smallville S07E15 01.gif )

File 142587529065.jpg - (146.79KB , 769x1039 , succubus_by_carolina_eade-d4nai9b.jpg )
19381 No. 19381 ID: 650ba8 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello! Dear hypnofriends,

I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction for both the best techniques to create the deepest trance and the strongest erotic hypnosis out there (preferably free or for cheap).

I'm not necessarily looking for straight up hands free orgasms, but I would like an extreme erotic sensation (Hopefully inducing buckets of precum). What's done it for me in the past is Isabella Valentine's "Freefalling" and as of this week, a lot of work over at SpiralSeductions (by both Ember and Charlotte. Why is Gray DNP anyways???). I see a lot of "Work yourself in to it, keep listening over long periods of time." However, it seems like after the first time I don't seem to get NEARLY as aroused as I did. Am I chasing a drug-high?

Anyways, please recommend/post, if you're feeling generous! I'm really not in to sissybot stuff, feminization, or forced gay/bi stuff. So ya... I don't mind a mistress or goddess that can keep me cumming back. (Oh god, the puns, what have I done?!?!?) Oh, and I also don't mind going under for a couple of hours. In fact, I'd like to finally be able to fall asleep while listening. Hopefully, leaving the suggestions and triggers deeper.

Thanks for reading and hopefully responding,
Peace peeps!
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>> No. 19742 ID: 227a84
btdigg lists three Anonymistress compilations. Trouble is they're not being seeded. My laptop has been running full time for over a week and not a peep, though btdiggs stats claim that there was/is an occasional seeder during that time.
>> No. 19743 ID: cd40e7
keep us updated with progress reports ;)
>> No. 19744 ID: 227a84
I'd second (or is it third?) Mistress Joanne. She is *real* hypnotist - and can be brutally relentless in taking you under.

I'd add Wet to Forget to the list of recommendations. That's one very deep session (a 72 minute-long relentless assault!) and you're supposed to orgasm as you wake up (though I've not yet managed that bit).

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