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File 146136198455.jpg - (40.23KB , 468x355 , Exhale-1.jpg )
23446 No. 23446 ID: a06cb3 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Even if you don't have them, what good files (mp3s/videos) are out there? Doesn't matter if it's being hypnotized to smoke or being hypnotized by the act.

I know of Lady Radiance's Exhale, Goddess Jessica's video file, and a few others.
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>> No. 23451 ID: 1b6f68
File 146141355170.gif - (4.15MB , 400x500 , gif2.gif )
Sort of related I found this smoking hypnosis GIF some time ago.
>> No. 23452 ID: bad162
I think sexually fetishing the filthy, cancer-causing smoking habit is just immoral and reprehensible. Granted, findom is destructive too, as perhaps are limp-dick files and some other hypno-induced activities, but somehow encouraging someone to engage in cancer-causing, potentially fatal activities seems especially wrong.

>> No. 23456 ID: ad07b0
Well. It's a good thing there are no health problems related to the "sex with strangers" habit!

File 146135297211.jpg - (53.16KB , 500x536 , BABY CUITE=.jpg )
23445 No. 23445 ID: d92671 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I am an adult baby girl I love to play dress ups wearing my pink plastic baby dresses
>> No. 23450 ID: 37abb4

File 142241107462.jpg - (253.20KB , 600x600 , resistanceicon.jpg )
18659 No. 18659 ID: f8ff0a hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Old thread here h++p://www.newfapchan.org/hypno/res/1775.html
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>> No. 23413 ID: b20a97
Anyone heard anything lately from Kasha Shakti. She seems to be off the grid momentarily.
>> No. 23424 ID: b20a97
There was a ping of her on NF yesterday ...
>> No. 23444 ID: e6a055
Maybe anyone know the method to download more than 1GB zip file from giga.gg? I want to butch download all files from user's profile, I tried neomanager but it's not working.

File 146124587464.jpg - (19.37KB , 400x400 , sez.jpg )
23436 No. 23436 ID: 8a435a hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
If anyone has any full length Samantha Sez vidoes they would be appreciated.
Also, if anyone knows of where I can ger orgasmicgiggles very old stuff and if there is a Jackpot video which IV ever did. Please, Please reply. Thanks.

File 145980550845.png - (39.52KB , 200x200 , 144076892955s.png )
23371 No. 23371 ID: 108e7d hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for files that focus heavily on tease and denial and getting someone really horny but never allowing you to touch yourself at all
>> No. 23425 ID: 775bc1

File 145841620389.gif - (1.06MB , 360x202 , tumblr_n8u8peptvK1tgiqloo1_400.gif )
23187 No. 23187 ID: 2ba3ec hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's a hypnosis mystery.
The girl is Alexis Grace. But I cannot find another picture, video, or anything where she is holding a pendant, presumably to hypnotize the viewer.

Can anyone tell me what this is from?
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>> No. 23329 ID: 873938
my giga acount name is subdav
>> No. 23336 ID: 92dff7
make sure to actually change the permissions on your files to shared with all contacts
>> No. 23423 ID: 3b5210
tnx that last tip was the golden one, I think all my files are shared now :)

File 144851075731.jpg - (5.67KB , 236x188 , 887a6ecc0ab211669b450fdc17df1c4c.jpg )
22478 No. 22478 ID: b71c3d hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've been going nuts trying to find more of her work. Maybe someone here knows who she is? I have two examples of her work here.


If anyone knows something I would really appreciate any info at all.
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>> No. 22709 ID: 1967ac
Her name is Carlie those are Kismet videos. I think those 2 are the only videos she did. It's a shame because she has an incredibly sexy body and voice.
>> No. 22735 ID: 1aa546
any similar videos out there?
thanks in advance
>> No. 23408 ID: 1aa546

File 144288010569.jpg - (632.14KB , 800x1129 , 1442715609262.jpg )
21888 No. 21888 ID: 24fa9b hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Has anyone tried listening to erotic hypnosis while drunk or after having taken any drugs?

What were the results?

Genuinely curious.
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>> No. 23376 ID: 843576
I'd recommend MDMA.But MAKE SURE it is MDMA if you've got a pressed pill.

This was a breaktrough experience for me.

I was at home in a quiet setting.It was 9:00 AM and I knew I would be alone for the weekend.I put my chasity on,dressed up and took about 150 mg(orally)

This was my second time taking MDMA so I knew what I was going into.It usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes to kick in.

I was a bit nervous at first because 40 minutes had passed and I wasn't feeling any effects so I started to watch some hypnosis videos.I don't rememebr much from the before the ''trip'' .All I know is I was watching this


when it kicked in.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 23377 ID: 843576
Sorry for my spelling mistakes.I hope it's readable. >.<
>> No. 23403 ID: 9fdb1b
I've tried many drugs while listening to femdom hypnosis. The best results were with cocaine and ecstasy.

Cocaine was the best. It makes you crave hpynosis even more and has also that bliss boosting effect.

File 142431022038.jpg - (120.66KB , 800x1200 , h-4-2494009-1305306044.jpg )
18976 No. 18976 ID: c47768 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
RIST / brainwashing / flashing images + text program I'm working on. Please try it, it's super intense

> latest version will always be here: h++ps://github.com/ohgodhowdidthis/trance/releases

there was a thread already; I made a new thread just so I can put a more useful link in the OP which I can update rather than one that's obsolete. Sorry about that, hope it's OK
FYI, the old thread is here

> updates since the last time I posted:
- animated gif support. Throw them in, and they'll be mixed in in various ways
- oculus rift support. Set your rift to extended desktop (no direct HMD until they support it under OpenGL, sorry) and just run the program as usual. (Holy shit this owns)
- tweaks to the various styles to make them a bit more relaxing and work nicely in rift

> planned updates:
- webm support. I know you guys want this, loading gifs is a good stepping stone (webm is a bit more complicated though)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 23229 ID: f405e0
I have the best luck when not using fonts at all. For some reason, it always tends to mess stuff up when trying to display on the Oculus.
>> No. 23392 ID: 98ab23
I keep getting errors. It crashes momentarily after opening. A command prompt box opens and is filled with the same type of error message: wrong operand type. Then the screen flashes, and then turns black aside from the error message that something is going wrong. I can upload a screenshot if that isn't enough to figure out what's happening
>> No. 23400 ID: f405e0
Try removing the font files and any .txt documents from the folder. Those are what end up giving me the most issues.

File 145068442857.jpg - (13.99KB , 236x305 , 0671bcaf928f1467589e5fd26a360e98.jpg )
22640 No. 22640 ID: b34f3c hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is targeted at dudes/bros/folks with penises (no offense girls).

Please only post tracks that have actually made you EJACULATE hands free. Not in your mind, for realsies.

I have never actually gotten there, but have been regularly listening to Jackpot 2 because it feels amazing even if I don't cum and has gotten me close to ejaculating many times.
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>> No. 23212 ID: 1aa546
>> No. 23344 ID: 5ff9fd
I think I'd recommend annabelfatale from annabelfatale.com. I watched a number of her hypnoses, favourites include
The Intoxication
Submission toolbox part 1 and 2
Slavetraining Sleep loop (though never looped it), and
Love thy Goddess 3 aka. "Love thy Goddess"

I had the first real ejaculation from The Intoxication above (don't remember though if it happened on the first listen), but the real reason I'm recommending annabelfatale and those clips is, that something has changed in me: I now get a hard on the second I get hypnotised, becoming more aroused the more hypnotised.

At first it was a little distracting, the erection kept waking me from hypnosis, but now it's GREAT. Any decent hypno video is now an HFO, it's AWESOME!!

I am not sure how or in which video she planted that trigger, but I had the first "any hypnosis is gives an HFO" after one time I finished a watching of the Submissions Toolbox and was so horny I was melting.
>> No. 23397 ID: c7c5c1
Usually hate shorter files but this is just a little too long. I start to get cramps on my arm or legs.
Pretty much the best amateur file I've heard though.

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