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File 141659886473.jpg - (70.24KB , 467x700 , trans0015.jpg )
17415 No. 17415 ID: 39fad6 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
A new gift in french for my lovely coco boys :
Amusez vous bien !
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>> No. 17424 ID: f4ce53
>> No. 17428 ID: 39fad6
De rien ... tout le plaisir est pour moi
>> No. 17455 ID: 34c6fb
Enfin du contenu du genre en francais. Merci Coco :3

File 141029243192.jpg - (8.02KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )
15989 No. 15989 ID: abbfb9 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
yo, im lookin for some hypno porn/trance
where you get fucked by a tentacle girl.

like tentacle raped, only its good, and its some tentacle girl.

preferably in video form, or with video
but audio works too.
i just need a video to go with it

any ideas?
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>> No. 16578 ID: abbfb9
yes. whatever
>> No. 17451 ID: abbfb9
>> No. 17452 ID: abbfb9

File 141676682271.jpg - (104.91KB , 640x897 , hypnosis-eyes-say-it-all-cubby-demotivational-post.jpg )
17446 No. 17446 ID: e5c4d8 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Can you guys recommend some files designed for couples (simultaneous listening, I suppose)? My girlfriend is completely unfamiliar with erotic hypnosis and I was thinking about introducing her. Because of that, more tame sessions would be preferred.
>> No. 17449 ID: 1765a3
Nikki Fatale: Foreplay, Arousal

File 140933558216.jpg - (24.29KB , 400x400 , Q-SBbk6Y.jpg )
15703 No. 15703 ID: 6e1cf1 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
This post is the result of a post hypnotic suggestion.

I'd recommend against listening, unless you're very sure about what you want.


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>> No. 17434 ID: b07845
h++p://www.ellechemistry.com/#!301/csx4 sublimation really is very good. I feel I have achieved a level of hypnosis I only dreamed about. Only through her. It's what I always wanted.
>> No. 17441 ID: 2081f7
Holy trance batman that hoe had me stuck. I was trying so hard to shut off the recording but it was too late. Sublimation is sum real nignog shit
>> No. 17445 ID: fcdaa3
I wrote this post. It was a short lived state. Two days later I was like lol that was weird, not really feeling it anymore. Granted I tore through literally all her content in 36 hours, but very little staying power.

File 139804611579.jpg - (102.44KB , 800x600 , hypnosis-1.jpg )
11934 No. 11934 ID: b603e2 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Good evening /hypno/, I would like to play a game.

Reply below with a download link to a hypnosis file that you have enjoyed, for the poster above you to listen to in its entirety. After this, you must wait for the next poster to post his/her file, and listen to it all the way through within 24 hours. You may make vague requests, but the next poster is not obliged to cater to them. No repeats please!

Good luck! (remember, no-one from the DNP list).
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>> No. 17398 ID: 721380
I had that problem too, a lot. Spent ten minutes trying to figure out what I was doing wrong until I realized maybe I'm not the problem, the sites down probably.
>> No. 17401 ID: 881d02
Anonfiles is shit. That's their dead link page.
>> No. 17444 ID: c192b3
If you have some cash, hxxp://www.warpmymind.com/Files/2131/Curse-FemaleTakeover.php. Lots of people have had success with it.

If not, I'd suggest the file that I strongly believe is the reason I'm into feminization at all, Curse Stroke Sissy from EMG: hxxp://www.warpmymind.com/Files/186/Curse-Stroke-Sissy.php Years later and I still periodically get random cravings to listen to that thing.

Give me something extremely addictive and hard to break away from; it's fucked up but part of me really loved being in thrall to CSS and it was that experience that gave me the respect I've got for hypnosis. Feminization is good, but I'm also interested in anything that doesn't involve bestiality or ageplay. I unfortunately don't have much spare cash atm so something I can get a link to is much appreciated.

File 141038169534.jpg - (257.20KB , 612x936 , 1410338198568.jpg )
16025 No. 16025 ID: 54cb87 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello, does anyone knows a file that makes you feel like you're being turned into a monkey, either body or mind ? ( not necessecarily TG )
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>> No. 17433 ID: 416c1b
Damn, was really looking forward to this but $20 is a bit steep~
>> No. 17436 ID: fde9df
File 141671723744.jpg - (112.50KB , 817x977 , sketchathon___alphinecentury_monkey_tf_by_jitensha.jpg )

Yeah, had a dinner date and had to run before I could post an announcement. I'm going to pull a sample and toss it up on my tumblr in a few minutes.
>> No. 17437 ID: fde9df

Sample is here.

It's an interesting file to say the least. It's an attempt to lull you into a trance without a proper induction. The white noise hiss of the gas comes with binaural tones that should help you loose focus and feel your brain...slowing.

And the campy framing device was fun to get into. There will be more super-villainess/mad science/transformation work in the future.

File 140452449093.jpg - (80.95KB , 490x700 , 10274501.jpg )
14490 No. 14490 ID: ea5531 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I know that many people consider attraction to men to be a part of feminization. But I'm not attracted to men, and I don't have the forced-gay fetish. Otherwise good files always pull me right out of trance as soon as they start trying to get me to be turned on by guys. Sylvia Black's Heart of a Twelve Year Old Girl is a great example of this.

So what are some good files that are feminizing without homosexual suggestions?
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>> No. 17289 ID: 1e4f75
where can i find stud10jizibil shemale porn hypnos?
>> No. 17290 ID: 1e4f75
where can i find stud10jizibil shemale porn hypnos?
>> No. 17429 ID: edcfe5
Does anyone have any files that focus on body change, breast growth, body reshaping, hair removal. Also file's that make you cum as a girl.

File 141279766678.jpg - (103.26KB , 1100x825 , 1.jpg )
16571 No. 16571 ID: 62b0a7 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, Do you know any hypnotist/file that making you fall in love with women, crave the woman body or something like that? I would be glad if you could recommend me something.
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>> No. 17246 ID: bc7c18
My own efforts in the genre:)
>> No. 17404 ID: 886f44
whats her name and which are the ones that will make me fall in love?
>> No. 17420 ID: bdfeaf

File 141038614447.jpg - (97.11KB , 375x355 , doge-hypnotist-yep.jpg )
16029 No. 16029 ID: efa5ee hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm a fairly skilled tist, and I can work very well over text with an experienced sub. But I want to hone my craft. Does anyone know about any books that teach hypnosis, specifically erotic hypnosis?
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>> No. 17212 ID: e972cf
>> No. 17388 ID: dc7365
looking for J@ck E11i$ 0ccu1t Hypno$1$
>> No. 17418 ID: 6e19c7
bump me too

File 139536025694.jpg - (10.53KB , 150x150 , CDgaycombo150.jpg )
14974 No. 14974 ID: c9488c hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Hi! I'm looking to start a new thread for M1nd M1stre$$ files. I'm specifically looking for: Elegance, Elegance II, and Anal Princess. Thanks!
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>> No. 17327 ID: 695974
Wow. I just got done listening to acceptance. It blew my mind. I've never had a hypnosis file work so well.

One of the things that always turned me on with hypnosis is the whole idea of playing with fire. I'm tempted to see if that Elegance cd could really make me do some of the stuff in it. I'm already into forced feminization, but nothing I've ever listened to has ever impacted me.
>> No. 17395 ID: 94a2cf
can someone reup acceptance?
>> No. 17397 ID: c0763c

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