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File 139655028082.jpg - (64.19KB , 393x599 , image.jpg )
11350 No. 11350 ID: 9bd780 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Does anybody have or could recommend any hypnosis files were you're made to eat your own cum/self facial? Basically anything similar to IVs Swallow

Thanks in advance for any responses
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>> No. 17371 ID: 67235b
i'm sorry, but i'm terrible at the internet. i'm scared of uploading stuff and then getting sued for illegally sharing it. if you lived in california, i suppose i could burn it onto a cd and leave it somewhere for you to pick it up
>> No. 17373 ID: 0d6b8b

Hah! Thanks man, I live nowhere near California (quite a bit around the world actually), but that is a very kind offer, so thanks anyway.

I hope someone else may be able to pick it up in your neighbourhood and then share.
>> No. 17393 ID: c60cce
These hypno files work. I'm now addicted to cum and cock.


File 141594899474.jpg - (242.99KB , 960x720 , folder.jpg )
17296 No. 17296 ID: 3fbf3f hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hypno files for gay guys are not very common, and what is out there is scattered and hard to find. I made a list of files I enjoy that could serve as a starting point for guys just getting into it, or to supplement the library of those more experienced (I'll keep the list updated as I find more goodies).


Many of these files are free, so if you just google the tist and title, you'll find them. Others are paid, and some tists are DNP. To be very clear, this is just a LIST of titles; there are no files, nor links to download files to be found in this post.

A minority of these files are voiced by women. Personally, I am able to go under to a woman's voice, but I realize that won't be for everyone. It works for me so long as the file focuses on what's happening to me and not what she's doing to me/I'm doing to her (or talking about her tits or pussy juices or whatever). I've tried to only include files that the gender of the tist being female is not relevant to the content of the file.

I am certain that I missing some great stuff. Even after years of being in this fetish, I stumbled upon some of the best files I've ever heard just last week. If you think anything is missing, please reply. If I like it, I'll add it to the list. However, I obviously don't have the same taste as everyone and I might disagree for any number of reasons, so please don't take it personally if I don't.
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>> No. 17369 ID: 343415
Is thevoice666 any good? I have had a look at the files and some of them sound hot. I wish he had a sample file.
>> No. 17377 ID: 85ac9e

thevoice666 does have samples-- he's majorpixel on h++p://www.warpmymind.com
>> No. 17392 ID: 343415
Thanks, there's a lot to listen to! I'll check it out.

File 139751657611.jpg - (24.70KB , 248x186 , 1359316012_shutterstock_875142.jpg )
11699 No. 11699 ID: 823702 hidewatch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I would like to hear of folk's experiences of working with Nikki's files. I am not seeing her thread when I click View Catalog, so started a new thread. Last time I was in a group setting and my "boys" got us all booted so this time I will not be including them. But I have enjoyed her material and have listening again, and wondering if anyone has made it through he BECASE and CONTROL sets. Not just a quick run through, but if anyone actually took the time to progress slowly and follow the instructions> What was it like and it seems like there are some additional files, like Nikki's Quicky for after Because 3. Thanks I was NikkiFan befor
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>> No. 17299 ID: 224932
Whining, if you don't understand it, Google it!
>> No. 17389 ID: 308bc0
Obedience is pleasure
>> No. 17390 ID: 52a7cc
What would you have to say, Is Nikki's most powerful file?

File 141575757466.gif - (52.67KB , 586x219 , img7[1].gif )
17245 No. 17245 ID: f1c7b0 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here's an early christmas present for all of you out there: an almost complete Kismet collection.

The filenames are encoded with Base64 (h++ps://www.base64decode.org/) so that they won't get detected as easily.

I posted this before, but the thread disappeared. So here you go again. Have fun.

Cali Logan - [Hip-noh-sis]
Belle - Presenting Belle
Amber - Suspended In Slumber
Ali - Simply RED
Ally - Hypnosis is Fun
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>> No. 17263 ID: b72a33
Sorry, but do you need an account on mega.co to download these files. I got the "failed - no file" error on Hyp-no-sis.
>> No. 17268 ID: b72a33
I'm having this problem too. Any suggestions?
>> No. 17284 ID: f7907a
You will get this error if you are using incognito or private browsing

File 137925837282.jpg - (14.45KB , 225x225 , hypnocircle.jpg )
3060 No. 3060 ID: 46f9aa hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I've been listening to hypnosis recordings for a couple months now and have experienced deep trance on more than one occasion. But I can't seem to reach a full hands-free orgasm. If anyone recommend an effective hands free video/recording that you've actually had success with, it'd be greatly appreciated.
>inb4 Isabella Valentine
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>> No. 17352 ID: 4aa1bb
I have to admit, i lol'ed. - But i also have to say, keep up the good work ember.

Its quality content that keeps up paying and returning. - And your site model, is amazing.

As far as HFO from that session... - in my own experience i could see it, but, its obscure. - it would be highly dependent on the person.
>> No. 17359 ID: 110793

This depends on the person, but that was my fantasy and you fulfilled it on finest level possible.

(spoilers) base64: d2VhdGhlcihyYWluLCBjb2xkKSwgc2hvcnRjdXQsIGZlZWxpbmcgdGhhdCBzb21ldGhpbmcgYmFkIGNhbiBoYXBwZW4sIHRoZSBzcGVlZCBvZiB0aGF0IGNyZWF0dXJlIChtb3ZpbmcgY2xvc2VyIH

And your sweet(not over-sweet like Charlotte) calming voice with constant loudness, that keep me deep in trance for the whole session. Perfect.
>> No. 17381 ID: 1eb820
>I wrote the script for this one

And I am forever grateful. This is one of my absolute favorites of all time, and it's the one that introduced me to hypno-sound-porn. I love you. No homo. Or homo, IDGAF.

File 139894454746.jpg - (126.45KB , 400x400 , Edge Play.jpg )
12331 No. 12331 ID: 505c64 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Looking for Ava Longhard's titles:
-Become More Daring
-Confidence with Women
-Never Ending Erotic Energy
-Ultimate Sex Skills
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>> No. 16958 ID: b3c49f
I mean upload "Enjoy Your Fleshlight Masturbation Toy (64:03) " I would be grateful
>> No. 16993 ID: 130cc4
Looking for
-Become More Daring
-Confidence with Women
-Never Ending Erotic Energy
-Ultimate Sex Skills
-Women in High Heels
>> No. 17372 ID: 900e9b
I don't want to be a pest, but does anyone have "Become A Better Hypnotic Subject"?

File 137255843351.jpg - (103.09KB , 400x400 , pic.jpg )
1775 No. 1775 ID: ec80ee hidewatch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
http://www.kashashakti.com/ - site
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>> No. 17335 ID: 725111
Thrill of Service:

Requesting a reupload of >>14636
The anonfiles link still works, but the download doesn't.
>> No. 17354 ID: 57006d




only 4, wouldn't recognize the file format of one
>> No. 17363 ID: 1e8411


File 141437623691.gif - (693.50KB , 1027x1300 , 1411338994865.gif )
17043 No. 17043 ID: abbfb9 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
recommendations on hypnos that involve being somewhere else, liek say floating in spac,e or in another persons room and bed. this combined with joi, straight, and maybe some non-lethal succubus play?

fantasy thread, this is a fantasy thread
>> No. 17044 ID: fd6a9b
Strawberry Jam by Nikki is good
>> No. 17357 ID: e962cc
This one is interesting, almost had an HFO
Dreamgasm 3 (Succubus Phantasmagoria) - Binaural Beats / ASMR Erotic Hypnosis

File 141417793025.jpg - (8.63KB , 300x300 , $T2eC16dHJH8E9qSEW8tOBRs3m8C0gg~~60_35.jpg )
16988 No. 16988 ID: 53dbc3 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is my first time posting here and I'm fairly new to and ignorant of Erotic Hypnosis. I have listened to a few files that I have come across and have had some encouraging results. Most of the sensations that I have felt have been very similar to what I feel when using my aneros.

Because success with aneros use depends upon relaxation and mental arousal, it seems to me that erotic hypnosis and the aneros would compliment each other greatly. However, when using the aneros, it is beneficial to completely forget you have a penis and to avoid ejaculation. So I come here hoping that someone may be able to point me in the direction of some hypnosis files that try to induce whole body orgasms without mentioning too many dicks. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.
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>> No. 16992 ID: 53dbc3
I have listened to some of those tracks while using the aneros and while they are good for changing up the frequency of the sensations, they aren't very good for building upon the intensity. At least that's my experience. Your mileage may vary.
>> No. 17353 ID: 4aa1bb
Give a look to Z-Hypno(Hypnaerosession CD1-4), its a aneros session. It was a little odd, but worked very well. the quality was quite professional, but it seems like its a little old.

I can tell you, there is nothing like a full-body orgasm. its not a ejaculatory orgasm, but its just as powerful and amazing.

Im not new to Hypnosis by any means, but, the session was quite well made. Give it a shot(3 & 4 are my favorite. they put me into a deep trance and im not even noticing the words or that im following along. Only feeling the pleasure)
>> No. 17356 ID: fe5b32
I think I can help you =). Try to do all or most of what I'm about suggest. Buy and use a Chasity. This can help you focus more on your prostate/pleasure from your ass rather than your penis. Edge and try not to orgasm for as long as you can. Weed, if you can get some green.. this can really enhance the experience. The right lube, try something that can really make your Aneros slide in and out easily- I suggest a heavy layer of Grapeseed Oil. The file I like the use is Nikki Fatale's Aneros session. When listening.. breathing is very important. This always works for me. Always leaves my body twitching with arousal and pleasure.. hope it works for you.

File 14158558283.jpg - (104.98KB , 533x800 , tumblr_n8u0r6p1ut1tcn3xqo1_1280.jpg )
17274 No. 17274 ID: 51942f hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey girlies. I ripped off all the pics from goonluver.tumblr.com and I wanna have them all flash on screen while I listen to some hypno. Is there a program I can use to do that?
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 17338 ID: 6f1b4e
A simpler method is just to put them all in a folder and set that folder to your windows desktop background with a 10 second rotate time.
>> No. 17342 ID: e6112f
I actually had need of making my own svp a while back(as well as playing a preset that JSubViewer, for some reason, couldn't).

I ended up tracking down the original Sub Viewer, the one that JSub was inspired by, and that comes with a preset maker.
>> No. 17350 ID: c47768

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