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File 13654930692.jpg - (60.01KB , 780x540 , 133115270867.jpg )
1291 No. 1291 ID: b6d260 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Looking for Brainless Bimbo hypnosis files, vids, audio-only, etc. All are appreciated.
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>> No. 17054 ID: 3a601a
Hi, so I bought GG's new Acceptance file but it didn't instantly download, instead it said that it can take up to 24 hours to process the purchase.
It's my first time buying from WMM, can someone with more experience help me out?
>> No. 17055 ID: 0d61db
it took about 5 hours for me (bought at 12am... got an email at 5am-ish). just be patient!
>> No. 17056 ID: 3a601a
Damn, okay, thanks.

File 141368936474.png - (558.80KB , 968x1033 , 2010_03_28_00_hypno-sissy-mask.png )
16889 No. 16889 ID: 2ca1fc hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Has anyone had success with their files? The file descriptions for the free stuff seem really, really hot but I'd like others opinions before I download them and try them.
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>> No. 17047 ID: 208e8a
Can anyone name Ember's and Charlotte's files that include an orgasm command? There's a HFO file, but I haven't find many others. (One with orgasm but no command to stroke to it).
>> No. 17049 ID: 4c1042
Threadstarter here. Unable to believe that Ember actually replied to my email in a friendly and honest way. Seriously, that's a rarity for me at least.

Also, since their main site's down, go here:


and from there, copy/pasta the link to the file into google, and view the cache of the individual file page, and from there you're able to download the files. It's a workaround until the frontpage gets back up.
>> No. 17052 ID: 83dd3d

It's back up now, we had a mad flood of traffic all at once that knocked us down for a bit. Probably a link from a mainstream porn board or something of the sort, it happens.

And it was actually me that replied to you. :P

File 141436449292.jpg - (217.16KB , 1920x1200 , 9Y0b3qH.jpg )
17039 No. 17039 ID: 6f48ad hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Recommendation for abductions files Like mistress julia's or esuccubus'?
>> No. 17050 ID: e26b78
Emma Evans' Abduction

File 141038169534.jpg - (257.20KB , 612x936 , 1410338198568.jpg )
16025 No. 16025 ID: 54cb87 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello, does anyone knows a file that makes you feel like you're being turned into a monkey, either body or mind ? ( not necessecarily TG )
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>> No. 16116 ID: 416c1b
This needs to happen!
>> No. 17046 ID: e6574b
I've been exchanging emails with Ally for a while now and let me just say something is coming...
>> No. 17048 ID: 416c1b
Im excited!

File 141437623691.gif - (693.50KB , 1027x1300 , 1411338994865.gif )
17043 No. 17043 ID: abbfb9 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
recommendations on hypnos that involve being somewhere else, liek say floating in spac,e or in another persons room and bed. this combined with joi, straight, and maybe some non-lethal succubus play?

fantasy thread, this is a fantasy thread
>> No. 17044 ID: fd6a9b
Strawberry Jam by Nikki is good

File 141038614447.jpg - (97.11KB , 375x355 , doge-hypnotist-yep.jpg )
16029 No. 16029 ID: efa5ee hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm a fairly skilled tist, and I can work very well over text with an experienced sub. But I want to hone my craft. Does anyone know about any books that teach hypnosis, specifically erotic hypnosis?
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>> No. 16744 ID: 612d73
>> No. 17035 ID: 532ffe
J@ck E11i$ 0ccu1t Hypno$1$
>> No. 17041 ID: 198eb3
I'm not a fan of books my self but I would recommend anything from these fellas:
David Shade
Mark Cunningham
Ivan Lechovski
Derren Brown
You can get some either from Youtube or Torrents.

For some kinky ideas I'd suggest reading hypno files description and trying them out on subjects.

If you don't have any lying around (pun very much intended) there are some YT video "hypno challenge" or what not that you can watch for some tips why the hypnosis didn't work.

File 140964701054.jpg - (153.40KB , 600x945 , image.jpg )
15837 No. 15837 ID: fd5eae hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have any lamia/snake-woman themed audios? I've been looking around for a while but I can't seem to find any.
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>> No. 17008 ID: fde9df

And isn't that the highest compliment that can be paid to an evil hypnotist ^_^
>> No. 17009 ID: 726ba4
Most likely the reason for the post. Hypnotists have marketed themselves in that way for years now.
>> No. 17040 ID: ab0744

Well, it's only recently that you've been able to get a good enough voice changer app to sound female enough...

Not that I know for sure but I wouldn't be surprised at all.

File 141436268235.jpg - (74.75KB , 650x364 , 1414301074_02536-3.jpg )
17038 No. 17038 ID: 9d4b83 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
What happened to the hypnotease thread?
Anyone have pic related?

File 140225004084.jpg - (8.39KB , 192x192 , 11084.jpg )
13592 No. 13592 ID: 8bd227 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
i 'm looking for succubus themed hypnosis to listen to
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>> No. 16929 ID: 508235
What's the best SUCCUBUS /sex goddess/experianced older dominant female sex woman on top riding ritual sex like N1kk1 Fata1e The Contest and Dangers men might face something like that with extended sex maybe with multiple females?
>> No. 16934 ID: 564550

Satin Angels part 2 is all about that - you're triggered, then 'kidnapped' basically, taken to a place where you're put in a chair or some kind of bed, strapped down, and the idea is Nikki hypnotizes you and wipes your brain nice and clean while one of her Angels pretty much fucks your brains out while you're watching video screens of other men having the same thing done to them at this 'facility' where you're being processed.

Interesting file, to say the least...
>> No. 17037 ID: 532ffe

File 140499161444.png - (593.53KB , 854x476 , nas.png )
14623 No. 14623 ID: c6d670 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone tried any of Jackie Nash's files? They look interesting but the descriptions don't provide enough of an insight as to what goes on in them.
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>> No. 15327 ID: 53be81
Bippity boopity bump
>> No. 15816 ID: fcfcd3
Is she the in ST1RPP3R G0d3ss M1St3SS?
Is that video any good
>> No. 17036 ID: 532ffe

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