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File 141384211283.jpg - (109.07KB , 500x750 , tumblr_nair9wzRGP1rzzmy3o1_500.jpg )
16932 No. 16932 ID: 36d5e0 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Say, is there any hypnosis to make the listener into a powerful woman?
>> No. 16933 ID: 726ba4
The only one I can think of is Mind Mistress' "Thee Icons".
I guess Isabella Valentine's "Wife's guide to strapon" sort of fits the description as well.

File 141351769723.jpg - (363.78KB , 720x1280 , WP_20141017_001[1].jpg )
16782 No. 16782 ID: e65dab hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Im in a really good mind set for trancing and changing myself to be what i should
but need some sauce, any ideas?

Pic. is me right now
>> No. 16923 ID: b548be
Not to be crude, but lose weight.
Make a thing out of it. Eat salad for dinner while wearing a choker and a corset.
>> No. 16928 ID: 599545

I suppose you are into feminization, Listen to b1rth of a s3rving g1rl, this is hardcore shit but I suppose you might have seen it.
Though there's are other good files too.

File 141297184946.png - (104.57KB , 400x313 , normal_2010_09_22_00_process-observation.png )
16623 No. 16623 ID: f69744 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
the guy i used to think i was is vanishing. i've been listening to
for months now on repeat, and i only started with some intro files on Mistress Elena's site thinking it would be a fun way to temporarily escape reality, but now it's like there are inhibitors in my mind and it's been taken over completely by somebody else, and i just realized that i should have never taken the first bite and said no the very first time with this hypnosis thing.

because i'm completely a different person now...and i realize i don't want this at all.

all i'm able to think about is sex stuff, i'm horny all the time, i'm so oversexed that i'm unable to think straight and it isn't a game anymore and i really need some help.

please, if you know a way out, help me, i didn't think this would be this real i thought it was just supposed to be a game, but i'm ordering hormones soon and my body won't let me stop. sorry for the long post. pic somewhat related aside from i'm limp. please show me a way out i don't want this anymore at all.
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>> No. 16908 ID: 789e9e
OP, if you were talking about just getting SRS, I'd be inclined to believe you - you're still referencing Tiffany.

If this is genuinely how you feel, you need to give yourself a lot more time off hypnosis than 'a few days' before you start making any decisions.

People resetting after porn say it takes about a month or two before they feel back to normal. I would say that would be a good start.

The fact you're currently saying you want to be Tiffany - the actual name from the file itself - shows you are still affected by a hypnotic suggestion - whether you're comfortable with it or not.

As I said up above - different ID - I suspect you're playing out a brainwashing fantasy here, but if you're really not, you need to give it much more time off the hypnosis.
>> No. 16919 ID: b8b358
>takes about a month or two before they feel back to normal
If this is true then I guess I have never actually felt "normal"
>> No. 16920 ID: 789e9e
People resetting believe they porn-induced erectile dysfunction and that their brain has become dependent on porn for physiological arousal.

As long as this doesn't apply to you, you're of course perfectly capable of watching porn and 'being normal'.

File 141310370116.jpg - (12.08KB , 400x224 , stock-footage-electric-blue-lightning-across-the-s.jpg )
16665 No. 16665 ID: f21d0b hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
This is not a file request thread but a recommendation thread.
I have noticed a lot of clip dommes using hypno as part of their clips or as the mainstay of their clips. I would like to know if you guys have tried any of them out from an actual hypnosis perspective and if there are any good hypnotist's in the bunch.
Hoping there's some hypno crystal in the rough here; a combination of hot +talented+more than one file would be great.
A few of the people I've wondered about are br@tty bunnie , de@ st@rsh|ne and m|stress T; but I know there are lots of others.
>> No. 16672 ID: 799382
Goddess 2enova does some on utube. also look for tr4nce mistress there.

best vids are hypn0 c4lyps0 who will control you!
>> No. 16855 ID: ab0744
Google lilly total mental domination, she does pretty good hypno.
>> No. 16903 ID: 789e9e
Goddess Lycia has a Clips4Sale page with some on, along with a lot of non-hypnosis fetish vids.

Lycia's Control was amazing - it's only her talking into a webcam but it was the most blissed out trance I've ever had.
Be wary though - very strong addiction themes in it.

I'm away visiting family this weekend and I don't have headphones with me - I watched once before I left and I'm already having pangs to watch again. (And posthypnotic suggestions have never affected me before.)

File 140581416320.jpg - (58.41KB , 437x657 , A Perfect Fit.jpg )
14839 No. 14839 ID: 7a9985 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
From Nikki Fatale's thread it was brought to attention the mp3s of all Nikki's beautiful successors of hypnofantasy,does any have any file from them?Like Ava,Sidney,Mesmerix?
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>> No. 16886 ID: 637f07
There is a "++" where the "tt" in h++p:// should be so as to prevent a h++p referer (referrer) being sent to the website that is being linked. This is because sometimes people link to hypnotists' websites and if they see where the traffic is coming from they may issue takedowns. Just copy the links and replace the ++ or just cut the h++p://
>> No. 16887 ID: 3e6b3a
That's not what he's talking about. Sometimes, once you're at the anonfiles site, if you click download, it takes you to a white screen instead of letting you download. It's because anonfiles is a shitty filehost and people should stop using it. It happens to a lot of us.
>> No. 16892 ID: 564550

When you get the blank page, the file is no longer available.

This really isn't that fucking tough, kids.

File 141366219561.jpg - (4.52KB , 150x150 , Porsha_Avatar_512x512.jpg )
16879 No. 16879 ID: a5def5 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
She seems pretty sadistic and cruel and has looks like she has some pretty quality recordings on niteflirt. Has anyone heard of her, maybe even have some of her recordings?

File 141358646773.jpg - (26.98KB , 245x192 , lycia.jpg )
16825 No. 16825 ID: 3bbf90 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
So whats your guys opinions on lycias stuff.

I love her tease and denial files they're just amazing on so many levels.

Off topic, but does anyone know anyone else who does good denial files
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>> No. 16831 ID: 660ed9
Awesome....I need to check her out again.
>> No. 16846 ID: ad726f
I always liked her voice and style, but wasn't much into her content.
>> No. 16863 ID: ca997a
I love Mistress Alexandra's tease and denial stuff, and she's done a lot of it (and it's pretty easy to find). Like Lycia, she's got a bratty kind of vibe that some will find annoying, but for whatever reason gets my dick hard every time. Alexandra's recordings are lo-fi and amateurish, but I feel she makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm.

File 141349572225.jpg - (58.50KB , 800x690 , hheel.jpg )
16778 No. 16778 ID: 25452b hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello ! I recently listened a lot to the 'barefoot pet' file by Tasha, and I'm now kinda sad as I don't enjoy wearing high heels anymore.
I wonder if there are any files that would make me love wearing them (and only them). The perspective of only being comfortable in high heels, or barefoot really arouses me.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16842 ID: 660ed9
I think there was one or two from Studio Jezebel (DNP) if I recall correctly.
>> No. 16847 ID: 270f54
Thanks !
>> No. 16862 ID: dd99a4
Leigha BlackHeels

File 139655028082.jpg - (64.19KB , 393x599 , image.jpg )
11350 No. 11350 ID: 9bd780 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Does anybody have or could recommend any hypnosis files were you're made to eat your own cum/self facial? Basically anything similar to IVs Swallow

Thanks in advance for any responses
63 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16276 ID: 6fc319
Just guessing here... looks like Jessie Rogers?
>> No. 16288 ID: dbdd0b

It was just re-upped in the Nikki thread
>> No. 16677 ID: 284a28

File 137925837282.jpg - (14.45KB , 225x225 , hypnocircle.jpg )
3060 No. 3060 ID: 46f9aa hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I've been listening to hypnosis recordings for a couple months now and have experienced deep trance on more than one occasion. But I can't seem to reach a full hands-free orgasm. If anyone recommend an effective hands free video/recording that you've actually had success with, it'd be greatly appreciated.
>inb4 Isabella Valentine
135 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16468 ID: 42e625
anyone willing to share a download link for I.C.U by Trance
>> No. 16474 ID: e91d66
>> No. 16820 ID: 7f9c0c
Can anyone upload Hypnotic Bind by Liv Wilde?

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