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File 14601935148.png - (84.48KB , 225x225 , mv.png )
23389 No. 23389 ID: a43db5 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know of good mindfucking, So far I like Marisa and Madam Violet, MV says things like open your mind, that soft pink [, now she has a track fucking your pussy-mind. I can really sense like my mind is being fucked it is very arousing, it is not in all her files but those where it is are amazing for me anyhow, does any other Doms talk about your brain in this way, like it is a sex organ being stroked and fucked not just messed with but like the Dom's words are a cock and hands touching and fucking your brain
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>> No. 23399 ID: a55a00
>> No. 23461 ID: af6c44
Ghostly Mindfuck by Vive is like that, and free! Bless him, h++p://www.vivehypnosis.de/?p=1434
>> No. 23669 ID: 725b6f

File 146335026350.jpg - (96.71KB , 718x417 , last photo of weiland.jpg )
23642 No. 23642 ID: 6f8e90 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
First of all...this is NOT a thread asking for her files, as I have pretty much everything 'in the wild'.

I'm asking mainly what happened to her. About a year ago she took down her page but left a place holder saying she was going on sabbatical but will be back this year. Now, the page is gone completely. Anybody have any ideas? I mean, if anybody SHOULD disappear, it should be that arrogant trans-phobic Isabella Whalentine.
>> No. 23657 ID: 5fc686
Domain expired 26 April. Last Yahoo group post was 15 August.
>> No. 23661 ID: 1b5b4f
Either retired or got in legal trouble.
Wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter. Just a gut instinct.

File 146344247293.jpg - (49.81KB , 486x720 , f72f92ca2737d4608119551992bd2dfd.jpg )
23647 No. 23647 ID: 4acae5 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, looking for a hands free orgasm that you are hypnotized, bound, and blown until massive orgasm. Want a recording longer than an hour. Those are normally the most effective. Any ideas?


File 142241107462.jpg - (253.20KB , 600x600 , resistanceicon.jpg )
18659 No. 18659 ID: f8ff0a hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Old thread here h++p://www.newfapchan.org/hypno/res/1775.html
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>> No. 23444 ID: e6a055
Maybe anyone know the method to download more than 1GB zip file from giga.gg? I want to butch download all files from user's profile, I tried neomanager but it's not working.
>> No. 23579 ID: 1119db
In PP Obsessed & Addicted she uses the trigger safeties off. Does anyone know if she uses it in any other sessions?
>> No. 23644 ID: 3cdd4e
does anyone have her new l1v1ng g0d3ss mp3? it sounds pretty good and what can I say. I'm poor and addicted ¯\_⪰⍘⪯_/¯

File 146330423795.png - (269.54KB , 305x453 , Untitled.png )
23638 No. 23638 ID: 84a6ef hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
How does this board feel about big black cock hypno/brainwashing? I'm always looking for new videos or mistresses who embrace this type of hypnotization, do you recommend any?

File 144052336811.jpg - (342.84KB , 720x900 , 1405744784694.jpg )
21498 No. 21498 ID: 903aac hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
do you guys know of any hypno that could prevent me from getting an erection?

That effect would sort of be the ultimate in sissification, only being able to get pleasure from cock, that'd be really interesting.

Picture more or less unrelated
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>> No. 23628 ID: 19d314
You used the shortened URL.So it's asking for decryption key.

Please try one more time.
1.RIght click and get link.
2.Click the tab where it says link with decryption key(third tab).
3.Post the complete link.

hope it helps.
>> No. 23629 ID: 14ccc6
h++ps://mega.nz/#!EMMhDaAD!3J_BkeP6ddwMPHD_L6IFtmfjQmFH-jkYl7WMRmDRE8U I think I got it
>> No. 23630 ID: 9e4fea
Thanks a ton.it worked.

File 146103151488.jpg - (131.00KB , 400x400 , abusedbeach.jpg )
23426 No. 23426 ID: 4acae5 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey everyone,

I've been looking for some new HFO material and came across Mistress Poison Ivy. I have not seen any of her material on giga or anywhere else and wanted to see if anyone had some to share! My giga is h++ps://giga.gg/u/superfingers . I was looking at her current selection and recordings like "abused as the beach" and "mommies boy" could be a real big hit. If anyone has some of her files to share, please do or friend me on giga! Im sure we can all win on this one ;)
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>> No. 23607 ID: 4acae5
good stuff bump
>> No. 23619 ID: bbf195
Have you checked out Shibby? h++ps://www.patreon.com/Shibbysays?ty=h

She has REAL HFO. And she can even prove it. Give it a shot, you will love it.
>> No. 23620 ID: bd2708
That is amazing! I love her.

File 146289518167.jpg - (738.84KB , 1920x1200 , bahamas-wallpaper-6.jpg )
23595 No. 23595 ID: 1e0a17 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
In the video for EmperorHypnos "Sissymaker 3", starting at the 4 minute 32 second mark, through the end of the video. I love what she says, and how she says it and I want to find more of her!

Here's a link to the video

File 146281387492.png - (1.38KB , 328x67 , 圖片1.png )
23590 No. 23590 ID: 6b1c0f hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
The latest collections,open for trade



File 145790678735.jpg - (876.66KB , 1000x1000 , 1457816785613.jpg )
23154 No. 23154 ID: 2c2e64 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Has anyone tried her file the M@trix both one and two? I really like her as a hypnotist since she takes me down deep and makes the experience so great. But the thing that has me worried is the description: "Part 1 introduces you to my Matrix, and is installing a self-activating trigger in your mind; at the right time you will find yourself activating your permanent trance matrix…"

Can anyone give a synopsis to this file? I want to submit further but I am afraid of it fucking up my waking life.
>> No. 23338 ID: ff926d
If you're worried about life effects you should avoid 'submitting deeper' to Mistress Zaida.
>> No. 23346 ID: 5ff9fd
Check out the reviews on the shop page
or send her an e-mail.. the description on the shop page says to make sure to write her, before you buy the files. Something about the m@trix files being part of some project. So why not send her an e-mail?
>> No. 23577 ID: 2c2e64
I e-mailed her but she has not responded. I fear that she may be packing it in.

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