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File 147961316564.png - (205.47KB , 498x329 , angelic.png )
24352 No. 24352 ID: 28fd0d hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here is the SOL Induction by Aires Nyx.


link is up for 7 days.

Love & Freedom to You All
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>> No. 24547 ID: 65de88
Where can we learn more about the Sisterhood of Light? I need to know more.
>> No. 24653 ID: 891018
I am female, I am male. Please reupload <3 or post more <3.
>> No. 24757 ID: 9ba3a6
I really want to try this, please re-up?

File 148706011322.gif - (840.99KB , 751x600 , hypno.gif )
24745 No. 24745 ID: 72d3d1 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]

File 144052336811.jpg - (342.84KB , 720x900 , 1405744784694.jpg )
21498 No. 21498 ID: 903aac hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
do you guys know of any hypno that could prevent me from getting an erection?

That effect would sort of be the ultimate in sissification, only being able to get pleasure from cock, that'd be really interesting.

Picture more or less unrelated
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>> No. 24743 ID: 356974
Never heard of Miss Julie before
>> No. 24744 ID: 8ea37c
Any links? Please.
>> No. 24749 ID: e96671
Miss Julie = MsJ

File 148685791989.gif - (1.74MB , 500x261 , IMG_3003.gif )
24731 No. 24731 ID: 563414 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Anybody have this file by Mistress Stella by chance?

File 145900004126.jpg - (25.32KB , 400x400 , FRE006_400w.jpg )
23244 No. 23244 ID: 9c0d0e hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Anyone got some experiences with her trances? Can you recommend her?

I'm tempted to buy the maid file h++ps://hypno-erotic.com/slutty-maid/ but don't know if she's good.

P.S. If someone could upload something from her, i wouldn't complain either! And yes, i know it's not the request board.
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>> No. 24693 ID: c71d8d
No one with Princess and Bimbo?
>> No. 24707 ID: 25c87c
Has anyone tried her Surrender (HFO) file?
>> No. 24723 ID: 2b817a
does anyone have surrender to her?

File 148635731632.png - (7.96KB , 400x239 , Networks.png )
24714 No. 24714 ID: 1f97c9 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
All this giga stuff just sounds like a tremendous waste of time and effort. If you have something just share it. Isn't that how most of us got the files that started us on this fetish anyway? Now looking at TPB is just sad.. all the good stuff is years old.
>> No. 24720 ID: 1dc8ac
a big issue is probably the data itself. nobody wants to host that shit off their own computer, uploading a shit ton of PORN

File 148607553213.jpg - (150.82KB , 774x1032 , brain_freeze_by_trishbot-d6x8dib.jpg )
24695 No. 24695 ID: 2f2997 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
In real life or in our fantasies sometimes we can imagine several objects that can be used to hypnotize or to be hypnotized with.

Perhaps the most cliché are pocket watches and eye-to-eye fixation. But some people likes to mix other fetishes in hypno like shoes or shiny fingernails.

Can you think about other unusual or strange objects that can be used for this purpose? :)
>> No. 24706 ID: cad53e
tip of a pen

it works best if the object is slightly above eye level to induce eye fatigue

File 148426364832.jpg - (366.00KB , 850x732 , 12267.jpg )
24599 No. 24599 ID: a01c57 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Another Hypnotic Haylee thread. Some mistaken mod removed it. Hypnotic Haylee is NOT ON THE DNP. I'm looking for Brain drain or doc says you're fucked. But any haylee files would be appreciated
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>> No. 24614 ID: 831c80
A recent discovery from staff shows that a mistake was made when Haylee Hearts was added to the DNP list. Her name will be removed the first chance I get. For now consider this thread okay to post Hypnotic Haylee content.
>> No. 24615 ID: 85a2e4
And with that cleared up, here you go.

>> No. 24705 ID: 04ee37
Do you have her BBC Bimbobot Whore file? I know it's been used in a couple of videos, but haven't been able to find the thing itself.

File 148553300144.jpg - (549.88KB , 1850x1369 , 1467226569246.jpg )
24674 No. 24674 ID: 27a410 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
I was wondering if anyone knew of any HFO Hypnosis files that were focused around handjobs or anal? I can't find anything, I found one that was titled "Let me jerk you off with the sound of my voice" that was pretty good, but that's about how close I can get to what I am looking for...

Not looking for JOI, Looking for HFO hypnosis.
>> No. 24694 ID: a9580f
Lady Esme Faye - Mind Numbing Hands Free Orgasm
10 min video file. its a handjob focused file

File 148488648029.jpg - (6.08KB , 167x303 , images.jpg )
24645 No. 24645 ID: 4a6399 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
hi, please see if any of you can help.

I used to listen to Nikki back in the day, found her to be good because she had themes and training and was generally 'safe'. I am NOT into sissyfication, bimbo or findom, and most of her work didnt revolve around these themes, so that meant more general hypno or femdom hypno tracks to listen to.

Q: Are there any new or currently good hypnotists out there who you would recommend? Those who have a decent sized library and actually practice hypnosis before beginning the recreational hypno or fdhypno? (I have already tried Mistress Carol, but didnt find her stuff as compelling).

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>> No. 24679 ID: 8461f6

Sometimes when I have to chhose between two things I want to do in a file, I say fuck it and do both.

The Indoctrination series is based around finding the right induction/deepener/stimulation to bring you to a HFO. Each file approaches trancing your mind in a diferent way. However, I like making people get off, and think the idea that you get to cum either way can take some of the pressure off, making a HFO easier. So in the series each file starts by trying for the HFO, but ends with a JOI. In inductions case, It ends in HFO, but then wakes you up, takes you back down and let's you JOI. Extra stimulatin for those who HFO'D-But also sweet release for those who arnt there yet.
>> No. 24680 ID: f6c7f5
Alright, that actually seems smart
>> No. 24681 ID: 7e523c
Is there a file or files you would recommend starting with for either or both?

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