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File 143545180129.jpg - (7.46KB , 255x143 , 1433865584168.jpg )
20860 No. 20860 ID: 30f8f6 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have anything of Ludella's?
>> No. 21150 ID: d51d2b
Ive looked, its scarce

File 142241107462.jpg - (253.20KB , 600x600 , resistanceicon.jpg )
18659 No. 18659 ID: f8ff0a hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Old thread here h++p://www.newfapchan.org/hypno/res/1775.html
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>> No. 21063 ID: e7a0cf

speedyshare dot com /wZq56/48-01-Ritual-Magic.mp3
>> No. 21072 ID: 477291
>> No. 21149 ID: bba644
So has Kasha gone off the deep end? No new files in almost 6 months, and she seems to be having some sort manic episode on her facebook page; posting random shit and rambling on about "white privilege".

File 143784565864.png - (358.21KB , 450x426 , B3GCjqoCUAAsWpx.png )
21147 No. 21147 ID: 26eefb hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Just discovered her, wow.
Opinions? Anything apart c4s?

File 143777025264.jpg - (127.59KB , 585x880 , smokeluvr.jpg )
21135 No. 21135 ID: c8f35c hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
She's got three clips from the FemDomAudio torrent [Bi-Sexual-Encouragement, Glory-Hole-Directions, and Fag-Lecture]. Clip author is listed as "VC" but it's too generic for me to narrow anything down on C4S. I'm trying to locate her store if it's still up.
>> No. 21139 ID: c8f35c
Here's a link to one of the hypno files to see if anyone can recognize the voice to help ID the author.
>> No. 21143 ID: 0400b2
Needs Code
>> No. 21145 ID: c8f35c
Sry about that. Here's another link that should work.

File 143768458558.jpg - (123.72KB , 528x640 , image2.jpg )
21122 No. 21122 ID: fcfd00 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hey everyone. I am looking for the best sissy/anal slut related mantras or audio loops that will turn me into a fully gay sissy, preferably addicted to anal sex.

I want something that I can listen to on loop while doing other things, and will ruin my life.

So please help! Links preferred, but not required.

Pic is not me, in case anyone was curious.
>> No. 21125 ID: 76e876
The best mantras so far I think are the ones at bimbovirus.

Theyre more about oral than anal but they really mess you up and leave you craving for cocks (really, I can't take the cheer out of my head)
>> No. 21126 ID: fcfd00
Do you have a link? I went to their tumblr but I couldn't get their cheer to play. I'd like to have all of them.
>> No. 21130 ID: eac818
Thread: >>21085

File 139655028082.jpg - (64.19KB , 393x599 , image.jpg )
11350 No. 11350 ID: 9bd780 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Does anybody have or could recommend any hypnosis files were you're made to eat your own cum/self facial? Basically anything similar to IVs Swallow

Thanks in advance for any responses
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>> No. 21117 ID: 67235b
i'm going to purchase a custom file in cei very soon because i'm getting frustrated that there aren't really any good files out there
>> No. 21128 ID: e90338
File 143772528964.jpg - (1.09MB , 1936x1288 , wallpaper_cum_hypnotized_tongue_chubby_fat_1334056.jpg )
just a selfmade wal of mine..enjoy!
>> No. 21129 ID: e90338
File 143772587725.jpg - (1.25MB , 1525x1044 , __wallpaper_self_ivy_hypno1_surprise_braces_eyes_l.jpg )
another selfmade wall

File 14132202647.jpg - (17.60KB , 236x354 , dc344374e50d31804498900828be90f5.jpg )
16682 No. 16682 ID: e4379d hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I went really deep. So deep that I lost the idea of who I was and all I heard was the voice and suggestions being absorbed straight into my mind. Basically this is a forced feminization file. I felt myself change, in my mind I saw myself as a woman. Not a fantasy of it, it became my identity. It's hard to describe because it wasn't a thought or playing along, my belief fundamentally changed. It was like stepping into a separate identity, but not realizing it wasn't who I was. Well it scared the shit out of me. My heart started racing, I felt like I was going to throw up, and I broke out in a cold sweat. I think it might have been a panic attack. I think deep down there was a part of me that knew this isn't what I wanted and pulled the plug on it. I honestly felt that my male identity was being erased.

Has this ever happened to anyone else with a hypnosis file? Doesn't have to be forced fem. Needless to say I'll never listen to it again. But the hypnotic suggestion to keep listening is really strong. And there are several post hypnotic suggestions that are probably gonna give me issues. Before anyone says bullshit and hypnosis can't make you do anything you don't want to do, I'd argue that if you have a small desire to do something you can be persuaded to go even further. Also if you've never experienced the complete bypass of your conscious mind, you lose that ability to filter out stuff during trance. I used to think I could just ignore the suggestions that I didn't agree with, but when you are really deep in hypnosis that's gone. Mainly because this file removes all those fears and worries, so when you get the actual suggestions you just don't care what's being absorbed by your subconscious. You're just blank and obeying whatever the hypnotist says. And maybe your mind is changed to believing you do want something when you really don't.

Long story short I crossed the line between a hot fantasy I have and stuff actually being changed in my mind. If I read this exact thing a few weeks ago I would have called bullshit. But after this experience I'm going to be very careful about what goes into my head
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>> No. 21095 ID: 0d61db
I just listened to Sissy Surprise twice (once two nights ago and then once yesterday morning) and I had this extreme urge to dress up and take photos of myself. I ended up writing "sissy" on my bubbly sissy butt and took a photo and posted it on /r/sissyhypno since the file told me to post it on a website that doesn't exist anymore. For some reason, I wasn't ashamed or humiliated either. I'm definitely going to keep listening!
>> No. 21116 ID: b3e817
Hi, used to post here as the "illuminatti gurl", how have you been, go go girls? I don't listen the files for some time, but it's very deep rooted inside my mind. And for those who doubt the effects, well... let's just say I currently on hormones, already getting curvier, soft skin, feminine face and... boobies, teenager sexy boobies. That and maaany other things, my fate is clear, my transformation into a pretty shemale is just inevitable. Never felt so happy and sexy. Go go girl, go go girl...
>> No. 21118 ID: eeac36
I have started listening to the file. I never really stick with a file since I get bored. So I am gonna stick with gogo girl, no real affects. On the third listen I notice a few things when listening....either I am going too deep or something up...because I wake up a little sleepy still and I can barely open my eyes lol.

File 142488454347.jpg - (121.13KB , 525x700 , Dea_Starshine_by_manipolazionidigital.jpg )
19177 No. 19177 ID: 4a8004 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Lets start a new thread for lady mesmeratrix and here is her site www.ladystarshine.com
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>> No. 20687 ID: e1b913
Hypno Tease B side anyone? ??
>> No. 20724 ID: d65312
>> No. 21113 ID: 212942
Nothing yet ??!!

File 142230385765.png - (1.50MB , 1275x1650 , 2012_09_19_23_sissy-experiment.png )
18635 No. 18635 ID: 799be0 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Heya, I'm a lurker of the hypno community, and just noticed that Elena deleted a LOT of her files, both free ones and paid ones. I don't understand why, and that's her choice if she wants to, but I'm just wandering if anyone knows what's going on with her since this is more than just cleaning up old bad quality ones, she just deleted a ton and I'm not really sure what gives or if she's okay, and since she posts here, I'm hoping she sees this and lets us know how she's doing. Also, if anyone has any of the files that are no longer on her site due to deletion, uploading them elsewhere would be really helpful to those of us who miss them.
57 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 21030 ID: ec43bc
does anyone have an archive of her old files? she took down the torrent of them.
>> No. 21044 ID: 8419a1
bump, wondering again if anyone has her old free files that used to be in a torrent, but since she took down the torrent it's no longer available.
>> No. 21108 ID: 0eb322
Also interested in the possible reupload of older, deleted files.

File 143742599731.jpg - (5.72KB , 100x118 , question.jpg )
21068 No. 21068 ID: 29f1b6 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hey, I don't want it linked or shared or anything (in concordance with the rules of the forum) but I was wondering if anyone knew the name of an Isabella Valentine hypno where she calls you a "loser" and you're supposed to respond with "I'm so pathetic" every time that she does.

The rest of it is about how sexually useless the listener is.

I heard it as the background of a BBC trance vid a while back and I'd love to know what it's called so I can buy it.

>> No. 21074 ID: 3a4a70
Can't help you about that one but if being called a loser is your thing you should listen to Lint Trap. It's hardcore.
>> No. 21100 ID: 29f1b6
Cool, thanks for the suggestion. It's not always my thing but sometimes I get in the mood for a little hardcore degradation.

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