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File 140933558216.jpg - (24.29KB , 400x400 , Q-SBbk6Y.jpg )
15703 No. 15703 ID: 6e1cf1 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
This post is the result of a post hypnotic suggestion.

I'd recommend against listening, unless you're very sure about what you want.


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>> No. 18781 ID: a7cd94
Why not human readable urls?: h++ps://soundcloud.com/ellechemy/sublimation-bliss
>> No. 19253 ID: 041d71
Even though this has been posted a million times already...


Also bump
>> No. 19259 ID: bf54e1
ellechemy is the only tist to put me in trance. too bad she doesn't do feminization too in depth

File 142510871272.jpg - (27.64KB , 620x411 , Hypnosis.jpg )
19255 No. 19255 ID: 0696be hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
What's the strongest file to make me gay? I'm very curious if it can be done.
>> No. 19258 ID: bf54e1
curse forced gay

File 142506702816.jpg - (431.30KB , 1024x768 , Wallpapers-75_jpg_1-deep_trance_2.jpg )
19243 No. 19243 ID: 328233 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
So I'm not too great at staying in a deep trance. It seems like I'll get there, then snap back up. Then I'll sort of yo yo back and forth. The problem is with those story types of hypnosis where it's like roleplaying I go from "hey this feels pretty real" to "I just have my eyes closed and I'm on my bed listening to a story". When I'm deep enough it's really immersive. But when it's light, it just feels really watered down. Maybe it's because my visualization skills suck.

Anybody have any advice for staying in that more immersive state? I feel like one of those fishing bobs that just doesn't want to stay under.
>> No. 19247 ID: 27c2e1
you kinda just go along with it, roll with it, let yourself fall into whatever trance they intend, then you go form there.

if you distract yourself and pull yourself out, its just you
>> No. 19248 ID: 6e18e7
As someone who started out doing this kind of material from my friends and now makes it fairly regularly, my take on this has always been that the best you can do is practice. Listen, sure, but also appreciate the work as decent erotica. Most fantasy scenario hypnosis, if written down, would make a fapworthy erotic story in its own right, so appreciate it as that, get into it, go along. And try things aimed at enhancing your trance experience like various hypnotists' basic training material and basic inductions.

Regular practice, try simulating some of the sensations described as best as you can, to give a frame of reference, and just focus on enjoying it for what it is, then you'll maybe end up feeling it for what it could be. I always find having a specific time and ritual for when I plan to listen to this kind of trance and get off, helps.

Good luck.

File 141575757466.gif - (52.67KB , 586x219 , img7[1].gif )
17245 No. 17245 ID: f1c7b0 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Here's an early christmas present for all of you out there: an almost complete Kismet collection.

The filenames are encoded with Base64 (h++ps://www.base64decode.org/) so that they won't get detected as easily.

I posted this before, but the thread disappeared. So here you go again. Have fun.

Cali Logan - [Hip-noh-sis]
Belle - Presenting Belle
Amber - Suspended In Slumber
Ali - Simply RED
Ally - Hypnosis is Fun
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>> No. 19112 ID: 13d1f7
Holy fuck!!!
>> No. 19240 ID: 13d1f7
>> No. 19244 ID: 7da33b
Yes, #2 is hard to find, although I think I remember it being around, but the whole #3 with Ashlee is harder

File 142488530482.jpg - (288.48KB , 750x750 , 138732110180.jpg )
19180 No. 19180 ID: 5855c9 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hey /hypno/, I'm looking for something that may or may not exist. Searched all around, can't find anything that fits. If anybody can help me find something, it's you folks. I'm looking for an audio or a video file that encourages the listener to fuck their ass and have anal orgasms, but doesn't involve any sissy/gay/cockslave/humiliation stuff. I just want to cum with my butt.
>> No. 19181 ID: 5b9c03
File 142488562618.png - (93.57KB , 501x501 , 1424866525518.png )
If i remember correctly, Nikki had an aneros series.
That might just be your thing.
Here are a couple links i found:
have fun and remebemer to play safe!
>> No. 19235 ID: 455894
All part of the Aneros-hypno pack(z-hypno)

Few sessions provide this. two i can think off my head(Warning: contains D's themes and triggers)

Ellechemy - W/S(h++ps://soundcloud.com/ellechemy/weak-and-slutty/s-wciGB)


Tessa Fields - BackDoor Masturbation(This is on the DnD list. Although, 8ch may have it)

File 142471057960.gif - (23.61KB , 550x420 , mcintyre_brain_mush_zps883b5a0d.gif )
19121 No. 19121 ID: 8566b2 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey NFC I'm looking to do a week (at least) of full time gender bender hypnosis. Pretty much just looking to totally mess up my head. Any one got any file recommendations? Bonus points for links or advice. Thanks
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>> No. 19149 ID: 8566b2
Almost forgot to post again, this file is crazy addictive but i'm not rlly feeling any more feminine. confused.jpg
>> No. 19155 ID: 0c23a4

Keep listening to GoGo and Bimbo. Several people have only had really strong reactions to GoGo suddenly after some repetitions. It just sort of... hits you.

And Bimbo can take a few times, but yes, sounds like it worked perfectly. ;)
>> No. 19228 ID: 4e2f7a
gogo bubble or gogo girl feminization?

File 141489847689.png - (621.66KB , 495x500 , wilde.png )
17120 No. 17120 ID: 77066b hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, I wanted to know, are Liv Wilde files worth it? She seems really good. I also wanted to ask if anyone has this one, I've been wanting to listen to it, but I'm broke.
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>> No. 19216 ID: e04eb0
that would be grat.. bump
>> No. 19224 ID: 17d555
>> No. 19225 ID: 17d555

File 142484632995.jpg - (335.11KB , 900x599 , 1454606 - BadmanBastich Batman Batman_(series) Poi.jpg )
19164 No. 19164 ID: 410209 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hey all,

I'm looking for a particular theme. I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some files where my penis is milked by some of device/machine while completely helpess.

I already have Abduction by Trance which I absolutely love and I also have Milked by Mistress Candice.

>> No. 19179 ID: c2786b
Mind Milk by HypnoQueen

my sincere apologies if this is actually DNP. I looked at the list and didn't see HQ on it....
>> No. 19182 ID: 27c2e1
File 142488700916.jpg - (43.02KB , 500x375 , 1417626547239.jpg )
this but in joi form, for long periods, yes.
>> No. 19207 ID: 3ac82e
Experimental methods by Elena, and there's a robo-something file by Marissa that is along the same lines. This is definitely relevant to my interests.

File 142452736132.jpg - (1.14MB , 1200x900 , 388023-konachan_com___100450_blonde_hair_blue_eyes.jpg )
19062 No. 19062 ID: 41c0ee hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Something crossed my mind today; what do y'all think about us allowing the posting of audio files on this board? Similar to how music files are posted in /mu/. This question goes to the dommes that frequent here as well. It would be a great way to post a small sample of something you're working on, or perhaps an example for a file fix relating to >>18953.
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>> No. 19145 ID: 82ea5d
Audio - (6.91MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Oniichan! (incest).mp3 ) Length: 7:33
One more.
>> No. 19187 ID: 993bc3
thatwas fucking amazing
>> No. 19204 ID: fe9ec2
I thought someone here would like that one. Neither of them are hypnosis though. Perhaps the next board we make should be an erotic audio board.

File 139429897220.jpg - (23.38KB , 600x450 , A7NO-rOCIAApahe.jpg )
15724 No. 15724 ID: 16cb5c hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Requesting Evil Shine from Goddess Heidi, or any file that anyone might have from her.
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>> No. 18483 ID: 99da8e
bumppppppppppp for Brst Pozess'd
>> No. 18552 ID: 19533f

I do
>> No. 19186 ID: 59ad70
does anyone have boob zombie?

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