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File 136204912780.jpg - (212.69KB , 1104x1000 , hypnocomp.jpg )
1 No. 1 ID: c32fee Locked Stickied hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Welcome to /hypno/ - Hypnosis Fetishism

This board is for the discussion of hypnosis of all kinds.
Requests belong in /r/ or within an existing thread, so long as it's relevant.
Absloutely nothing underage (under 18 years old).

If you have any questions, feel free to catch us on IRC.
>> No. 25468 ID: 831c80
The following are no longer allowed to be requested or linked on this website, doing so will result in a ban that could very well end up becoming permanent:

1) Alexandra Snow 11) Goddess Darla Diondra 21) Isabella Valentine 31) Mistress Candice 41) Queen Passionate
2) Amethyst 12) Goddess Gracie 22) Jenny Demilo 32) Mistress Carol 42) River Nixie
3) Anna 13) Goddess of Hypnosis 23) Katie 33) Mistress Crimson 43) Samantha Bandler
4) Ciara 14) Goddess Lucy Marie 24) Kismet Video 34) Mistress Love 44) Shelle Rivers
5) Charlotte Gray 15) Goddess Madam Violet 25) Lady Rio 35) Mistress Marisa 45) Studio Jezebel
6) Daizy Chain 16) Here He Sleeps 26) Lottie 36) Mistress Samba Alex 46) Tessa Fields
7) Daphnie's Fantasies 17) Hypnofantasy 27) Madame Y 37) Mistress Stella 47) WarpMyMind
8) Divine Goddess Jessica 18) Hypnogasmus 28) Mesmerix Video 38) Mistress Zaida
9) EMG 19) Hypnose Domina Tara 29) Mind Control Theater 39) Penelope Silke
10) Glitter Goddess 20) Hypnotic Haylee 30) Miss Mary 40) Princess Angel

Note: You are still allowed to DISCUSS sessions from these individuals, just no longer link to or request any of them.
Help us remove offending posts and requests by reporting them.

(Notice: This list was last updated Oct. 20th, 2017)

No. 25459 ID: bbd5e1 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
can we have a serious discussion about why this place is so dead?

did the mods kill it with the DNP? 8chan? some discord server i don't know about?
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>> No. 25464 ID: a78f03
moving to new hosting would be a good event to springboard this place back to activity

i browse here (obviously) but i check it less and less as there's not much activity

i proposed remerging /girly/ and here to boost the level of activity in both

i think most people who ended up here came from the old hypnochan and ODP (ahh memories...)

i also don't see why rholling threads are so bad - they keep people coming back - maybe with the new forum software you could keep it stickied or easily hideable or something
>> No. 25466 ID: 941550
File 150840047285.jpg - (127.76KB , 636x849 , 135491674623.jpg )

I have a robust collection of equipment at home and originally planned to host NFC here, I have more Xeons than I know what to do with.

I will admit I am not up to speed on what hosts allow what but I am open to new options. I aim to preserve everything I can here at NFC.

Suggestions or questions can always be brought to discord too - I invite community discussion.

NFC now has discord @
>> No. 25467 ID: a9d39a



File 150837412010.jpg - (560.99KB , 667x1000 , Rdomme.jpg )
25465 No. 25465 ID: 4226c6 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
She will mess with your head..


File 14260995873.jpg - (322.99KB , 1793x1415 , Just-a-Thought-illustration-March-2014-Box-Trade-b.jpg )
19435 No. 19435 ID: 8b4606 hidewatch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Hi fellow Gigga.gg members,

Let's all post our user profile links here and make it a bit easier to find each other.

In addition, the user profile serves as an act of filter for those who prefer to know whether or not the person he invites will be a contributor who will also share and help build each other's collection. So, I believe this would be a good way to start in building a solid network.

Now, I'm fairly new to Gigga, but from what I can see, there doesn't seem to be an effective way to search for memebers(via size shared for example) nor is there a way to communicate between users- even if they are your friends and have been added to your contact list.

So from a user's standpoint, it's extremely difficult to determine and judge another member's worth- is he someone who might have an insane amount of materials like me? or is he just someone who has 20-30 random files that he just downloaded off the internet? In addition, How are we going to ask a fellow giga member if he has materials by a certain Hypnotist and whether or not he could put it on his share list?

So here is my idea:

1. We post our profile list for others to see, to let each other know that we have at least the basic requirement… a reasonable amount of materials shared.

2. Members can use this thread to:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 25254 ID: 703cae
Does giga still charge? h++ps://volafile.org/r/cerchzw0
>> No. 25316 ID: bec1da
Does anyone have Lady Surrender's Edging Loop?
>> No. 25458 ID: 7865d0
add me please

File 150816933496.png - (182.23KB , 500x590 , 6f7c92f6ece21e94c072ce2297551245.png )
25457 No. 25457 ID: 9f1564 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with any files causing incontinence? I have tried a few and find it really hard to let go despite wanting to. Would love a file that could help me to achieve it temporarily.

File 149478003012.jpg - (19.24KB , 474x355 , 31217f6d08a204f8af446288a4eb29bb.jpg )
25050 No. 25050 ID: 3d90c6 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I know nothing about her except that some consider her to be really effective. Can any one with experience comment on her files?
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>> No. 25436 ID: 52af00
You all know "she" is a he right? It's the "Neospeech Julie" text-to-speech heavily edited...
>> No. 25441 ID: a9d39a
Everyone's aware m8

I'm not fapping to the dude I'm fapping to the "character". Dudes write half the domme's scripts anyways, this isn't really any different to me.
>> No. 25456 ID: bbe802

File 150766582665.png - (562.58KB , 640x640 , tumblr_ou4zh919cb1woh3j7o1_1280.png )
25450 No. 25450 ID: e3771f hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Wanting to get more in to sissy stuff. What are some of the strongest videos and files recommended? And would anyone be willing to share if they have anything?
>> No. 25452 ID: 0141c4
Not really into the video stuff
Sharing files is restricted on NFC due to copyright strikes(see /hypno/)However, I can make some recommendations.

Goddess Gracie is a really strong hypnotist, she has some free files to try out but the interwebs might have some of her payed files roaming around if you can find them, the quality of those files are better I.M.O
>> No. 25454 ID: a9d39a
People say good things about the Bambi Sleep files. They're free and easily googleable.

"good" things anyways. They're somewhat devious.
>> No. 25455 ID: e62ff1
Apparently they're quite powerful and have strong loops. In the Bambi thread there's a very good examination of the files and their effects.

File 142431022038.jpg - (120.66KB , 800x1200 , h-4-2494009-1305306044.jpg )
18976 No. 18976 ID: c47768 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
RIST / brainwashing / flashing images + text program I'm working on. Please try it, it's super intense

> latest version will always be here: h++ps://github.com/ohgodhowdidthis/trance/releases

there was a thread already; I made a new thread just so I can put a more useful link in the OP which I can update rather than one that's obsolete. Sorry about that, hope it's OK
FYI, the old thread is here

> updates since the last time I posted:
- animated gif support. Throw them in, and they'll be mixed in in various ways
- oculus rift support. Set your rift to extended desktop (no direct HMD until they support it under OpenGL, sorry) and just run the program as usual. (Holy shit this owns)
- tweaks to the various styles to make them a bit more relaxing and work nicely in rift

> planned updates:
- webm support. I know you guys want this, loading gifs is a good stepping stone (webm is a bit more complicated though)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 25346 ID: 012dea
When it tries to switch from one playlist item to another, instead of switching it gets all stuttery and the text stops working.
>> No. 25423 ID: d7078c
>> No. 25453 ID: d7078c

File 148257253617.gif - (745.43KB , 500x269 , 1460483892230.gif )
24507 No. 24507 ID: 014d54 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
hey guys, i'm new to hypno and have been struggling to find stuff that i'm looking for. Specifically i want sissification hypnos that aim at training your anus and giving you anal orgasms and an anal fixation. i'd be really appreciative of anything like that you can recommend and preferably link to ;)
>> No. 25445 ID: 5daffa

File 149682707540.jpg - (61.06KB , 800x800 , IMG-20170525-WA0016.jpg )
25200 No. 25200 ID: 196f94 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Like alex snow's 5 trance videos (impending trigger,....)

Or madam violet's 10 stations of servitude, becum series, 5 days of cock worship..

So, I require, any goddess's, series of worship files..

Can anyone share here?

And, apart from that, why are these forums so silent these days?? Where can i get an active area to talk about these fetishes?
>> No. 25255 ID: 703cae
There single files as well as series but the best files depend on the creator h++ps://volafile.org/r/cerchzw0
>> No. 25302 ID: 60b2a7
looking for more stuff like this
>> No. 25444 ID: 3b22dc
thats blocked now, give me the link to the new one asap

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