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File 136224215431.jpg - (6.32KB , 258x195 , images.jpg )
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Hello Girlies! This is your friendly admin here to say that I have finally gotten around to doing such stuff as setting up different accounts for money. If you wish to buy anything please use this link


And proceeds will go towards your favorite chan ^^ Happy fapping!

Also feel free to share images of your purchases here!
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>> No. 9190
"Simple Just view! We are going to use link bucks to generate money. This money will go towards the host and if you cannot donate then please feel free to click! Click many many times! (also these are captions!)







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File 133025466811.jpg - (43.72KB , 640x779 , tumblr_l8dann7ec51qcfyae.jpg )
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Welcome to /girly/ - Girly Fetishism and Feminization

This board is for the posting and discussion of all things feminine.
Dickgirls belong in /di/.
Camwhoring is allowed, both male and female, but will be suspended if abused.
Requests belong in /r/ or within an existing thread, so long as it's relevant.
Absloutely NO underage (under 18 years old).

This is a trial board, and will remain around if it stays active.
If you have any questions, feel free to catch us on IRC.

UPDATE: This board is here to stay. Congrats, girlies!
>> No. 1149
Clarification - Dickgirls can go in here if its keeping with the topic. Captions for instance.

File 133438397213.jpg - (235.33KB , 1009x1024 , sticky.jpg )
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A Caption Dump sticky would be nice.
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>> No. 22924
I like

File 141408688784.jpg - (28.22KB , 540x768 , 1413264528606.jpg )
22929 No. 22929 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Well, that's it, girlies.

I've reached this point in my fetish development, that simply masturbating is not satisfying enough. I think, that I'd love to go outside and walk around fully en femme.
The problem is that I have a rather manly life besides that little kink of mine. I can not afford changes in my body that would impair my primary lifestyle.
My body is rather atlethic, but still it's more of a swimmer mode, than ripped. I am 183 centimeters tall, my hair is short (not a problem, short enough to be covered comfortably with a wig of some kind). What would be your best advice for me to pass as a woman outside?

1)I'd never speak to anyone, just walk the city and act femininely, but I can still practice my voice, because why not?
2)Shaving legs is not a problem for me, my authority among male friends is big enough for them to respect whatever I do. I can also blame it on my swimming practice.
3)I can get in possesion of any kind of clothes. This is not a problem
4)I can train my butt to be bigger, and it will still help me in *one* aspect of my male life.
5)I can NOT intemporarily modify my look, but anything reversible within a week goes.

What would you advise me to do? I have never even tried to pass as a woman. I only dressed up for cummings & indoor fun. I'd say I was rather passable, when I tried hard, but shit I was horny as hell back then, so this opinion is obviously biased.

Once i get enough advice, I'll deliver photos of myself, although it may take a while, I'll deliver.
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File 141078025161.jpg - (31.30KB , 540x674 , 1410541133569.jpg )
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Does anyone else here have gynecomastia? I think thus is the main reason I have this fetish. Having a larger rack than many girls really affected me as a teen, and put a start to my autogynephilia I think. Living with them is a constant source of humiliation, but I also kind of like them for some reason. Pic is OC
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>> No. 22905
holy shit when you can make kingADVRC happy you know you have something special
>> No. 22925
Get some hormones and just fucking transition.
>> No. 22927
Very impressive. Thank you.

File 137556286838.jpg - (161.30KB , 500x667 , siss.jpg )
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how come you never post pictures of yourselves? I want to jerk off to your girly little asses
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>> No. 22918
File 141401334026.png - (412.56KB , 381x569 , howami.png )
Here's me!!
and my bum next
>> No. 22919
File 141401381726.png - (588.50KB , 328x815 , bumtime.png )
here it's, how am I? :3
>> No. 22926
you are really pretty, your makeup fits you well

File 137029158535.png - (9.34KB , 500x500 , t.png )
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It had a lot of really awesome tumblrs...Last I saw it was on the last page, now it's gone.
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>> No. 22713


you're amazing, and watching you get fucked by big cock while you have a tiny little thing is intense. post more
>> No. 22880
I really like this site
>> No. 22923

I go here all the time

File 141336384662.jpg - (71.99KB , 800x600 , 1598826804.jpg )
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I need all girlies to help a hurted soul!

I started of with sissy hypnosis 3 years ago, i used to laugh at lbgt, be the same person you can expect from a normal person, but slowly i got entranced.

Well, to make story short, I was ready to meet a daddy who was willing to fuck me, I took so much courage to finnally be a whore, not just in fantasy, not just on pornography, but actual trap, i spent 4 days smoothening my skin, shave, smell like a princess, tested my lingerie and got ready mentally to finally suck daddys cock.

I met him at the parking lot DAY TIME, and he denied me, said he didnt know me, I FELT SO STUPID, IT WAS HIM, HIM ON THE PICTURES, BUT I WAS TOO UGLY? I applied descreet make-up, and explained i would turn extremely girly during out trip to the destination to get fucked, and he denied me! I saw his phone in his hand, he told me what car to look for, and he patheticly, lightvoiced denied it. COWARD!!!

I will only date black men from now on, white are pathetic, i hate them! Please comfort me, I dont know how to feel, i might give up on trapping because of this worthless rejecation

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>> No. 22731
Post a picture of yourself.
>> No. 22735
this op prob looks like shit and is just buttblasted
>> No. 22922
I've had worst, a guy once came to my place and couldn't get an erection. Worst time waster EVER.

File 133339217867.jpg - (128.40KB , 1280x852 , 1053238157.jpg )
2259 No. 2259 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
What about a thread where we share our favourite femiinization stories!?

I personally prefer a rather realistic than over the top setting with not too much detail about a dressing up, master/slave, sissy high heels and stuff since this doesn't do anything for the actual feminization process and is rather unrealistic.






Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 22883
File 141382434146.jpg - (39.38KB , 432x604 , itsatrap.jpg )
On Fictionmania, there was an author called "Filthy Mind".

His stories were some of my favorites, unfortunately he removed all of them from Fictionmania and everywhere else on the internet because he became a semi-professional writer. I especially liked "Full of Grace", "Part of her" and "Sugarplum", but I never saved them :<

Does anyone have them and could maybe send them to my email address?
>> No. 22903
Me too! I read "Perfect", and it was so well written, but the conclusion was heart breaking. It's a much happier ending than a lot of the darker stories around here, but the story was written so well that I was really rooting for the main character!
>> No. 22910
Ughh come here to jack and end up staying up for hours following this drama. Didnt even end up masturbating.

File 13731604049.jpg - (38.20KB , 640x426 , jojolovesitblack_96d2f5.jpg )
11372 No. 11372 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Does anyone know any good flash games that are suitable for a girly-girl?

These are some of my favorite:


201 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 22901
<Same poster>

And if it needed to be emphasized more, it will have a very strong focus on the "forced" part of the feminization, with the main character trying to resist the changes until he can no longer take any more, and dives into his new life of a complete and utter sissyslut.
>> No. 22902
Sounds nice. Forced Fem Simulator. I enjoy games that are more open world. It's quite a challenge to make a game with such a defined story and still make it feel more than just pressing next and reading the story as it unfolds. The idea that you have daily activities, through which you can observe changes in behavior is pretty good.

I would be much more comfortable with playing if the character was over 18.

As for suggestions, may I interest you in some bimbofication? ^_^
>> No. 22906
High school students can be 18. As a general rule, it won't uncover the ages of any characters. I'll leave that for the player to imagine.

I plan on making it open world. The feminization will be forced, but I do not want the storyline to feel forced. I intend to include as much freedom as possible.

And unfortunately, I will not be adding bimbo themes. I want to make it as realistic as possible, and bimbotization flows a bit too much into the fantasy realm for me.

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