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File 133025466811.jpg - (43.72KB , 640x779 , tumblr_l8dann7ec51qcfyae.jpg )
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Welcome to /girly/ - Girly Fetishism and Feminization

This board is for the posting and discussion of all things feminine.
Dickgirls belong in /di/.
Camwhoring is allowed, both male and female, but will be suspended if abused.
Requests belong in /r/ or within an existing thread, so long as it's relevant.
Absloutely NO underage (under 18 years old).

This is a trial board, and will remain around if it stays active.
If you have any questions, feel free to catch us on IRC.

UPDATE: This board is here to stay. Congrats, girlies!
>> No. 1149
Clarification - Dickgirls can go in here if its keeping with the topic. Captions for instance.

File 13681379636.png - (959.03KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-05-09-17h14m45s146.png )
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I couldn't find the old one and figured it could use some freshening up anyway...

Here are two new ones I've made:

Kind of a slower, dreamy cocksucking trainer.
(Big) https://rapidshare.com/files/1226014019/Dickdream%20Big.mp4

Faster paced club style stuff)
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>> No. 30006
File 146436201043.jpg - (366.53KB , 1280x720 , CSTSCTDOLSSAVE.jpg )
http://depositfiles.com/files/nslnbwncd (CSTSCTDOLSSAVE.rar)
password: girly

Cock Sucking Trainer - Sissy Chokeslut Trainer (DO) - LS Subliminal AV Edit.mp4

audio/video of the really good sissy chokeslut trainer by do. been wanting to edit this one for a long time. always gave my software errors. finally got it done. the trainer is really nice in that its rough and has a good accompanying theme song playing that makes perfect sense for the video. removed about ten seconds of the ending since it was just one of the girls giving the end of porn advertising spiel. added the ls cocking sucking template and an audio reinforcer track.

File 136224215431.jpg - (6.32KB , 258x195 , images.jpg )
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Hello Girlies! This is your friendly admin here to say that I have finally gotten around to doing such stuff as setting up different accounts for money. If you wish to buy anything please use this link


And proceeds will go towards your favorite chan ^^ Happy fapping!

Also feel free to share images of your purchases here!
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>> No. 9190
"Simple Just view! We are going to use link bucks to generate money. This money will go towards the host and if you cannot donate then please feel free to click! Click many many times! (also these are captions!)







Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 142337875813.jpg - (438.68KB , 1114x1600 , r-tv374a28[1].jpg )
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can someone please explain the "I'm a stupid fuckwit and deserve to die!" phrase?
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>> No. 24458
File 142348522293.jpg - (147.63KB , 448x616 , 7chan AAAAAAAAAA.jpg )
Those of you who've been around long enough know why we've filtered the word in question, but for those that haven't it's story time:

Once upon a time we allowed certain threads that used your post# in a game to see how you were allowed to fap. For a while the thread was great and produced a lot of content. After fresh content started drying up, users decided to use that thread to get new post IDs, which was retarded on this site because posts don't appear fast enough to get an unpredictable number, and degenerated that thread into one word. Other users referred said users to a better site that could produce a random post#, but still that one word filled the thread on a daily basis. Eventually the thread was deleted and the very utterance of the thread's topic resulted in an swift ban.

After some time passed, we found ourselves with a new site admin, and the ban was lifted at his request. The thread was given a second chance to not be obnoxious, and it flourished once again into a popular thread, only to once again degenerate into the one word. At the request of the new site admin, we did not remove the thread, but instead replaced that word with something that was less annoying and slightly amusing. All was well for a short while. We said that when the filter ceases to amuse us the thread will be removed again.

A while after the new wordfilter was implemented, some users started using alternate versions of that word, which resulted in a couple more rarely seen wordfilters. Shortly after that, users were intentionally posting altered versions of the filter. This action made the filter no longer amusing and the thread was killed with great pleasure. As punishment, the filter was left to remind users of why they can't have nice things.

File 133438397213.jpg - (235.33KB , 1009x1024 , sticky.jpg )
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A Caption Dump sticky would be nice.
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>> No. 30005
File 146434341863.png - (1.57MB , 750x968 , cap.png )

File 146373979145.jpg - (127.06KB , 574x889 , 992528a2e2d49068d089d5952a40d5f8.jpg )
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Hi sissy girls! I am sissy admirer and long time lurker of this board. Today I come to you asking for help. I live in a student accommodation with lots of small apartments and one of my neighbor is, I suppose, a closet sissy. We became good friends these last months but some events made me think he is a girl that is too shy to blossom. Once I spotted some lube on the table next to his bed and when he caught me looking he turned red, then after I went to toilet a instant the lube disappeared. I supposed he was just embarrassed I caught his masturbation lube but we are all doing it and even joked on that together previously so I didn't understand why he was so uncomfortable.
Big thing happens last week-end when I came back in very early morning, around 4 am after a party and met him in the corridor. He was about to go in his room with a basket of laundry. I was also surprised why he should do laundry at that hour but being drunk I didn't look for further explanation. The weird thing is that he stopped at his door to greet me but as I came closer and started look at him and the basket he kinda tried to hide it, opened the door and disappeared in his room. Now i was drunk and tired but I would swear I saw some lingerie in his basket, at least some king of lace clothes.
Then I assume he is crossdressing which explains a lot of similar situation where he seemed uncomfortable.
My question is how can I be sure he is indeed a closet sissy girl. I don't want to be broad and ask him, I am afraid it would only nake things weird and make me lose him as friend. The thing is now I imagine him as a girl, I cannot stop thinking of seducing him and make him my girlfriend. So some advices for that would be also appreciated.

tl;dr Want to make sure my neighbor is a closet sissy and make him my girlfriend, what to do?
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>> No. 30025
OP here, this person gets it.
Anyway got some update. I stayed up almost all night to catch him going to his "night-laundry" and managed to be in the corridor when he was there with his basket. This time I was between him and his room door (he just stepped out of laundry room at that time). I pretended I was heading to the common kitchen and greeted him. This time I could have a good look on the basket and there was indeed lingerie and other girl clothes. He saw me looking at the basket and started being embarrassed. I said "You should look good in that" but because I saw he was kinda uncomfortable I laughed immediately and continued "Haha no but seriously you have to show me the lucky girl one of this day" and I started to walk away to the kitchen. He laughed a bit as well and saying something that he'll do one day.
End of the story for now, I am sure he is at least a regular crossdresser, because there is no trace of any girl being in his room for the last 6 months. I really did not feel to confront him there in the middle of the corridor, seeing that he was already uncomfortable but on the other hand I feel stupid to have offer him an escape. Maybe now that he feels more safe he will not be as careful as before hiding his other sissy stuff.
>> No. 30026

You are really in a minority in the sense that very few people actually gets that cross dressing is not about serving others or being degraded.

In one of the bigger places where trans related discussions takes place few tgirls went all out attacking that we(cross dresser) should be treated as abominable beings since we 'pretend' to enjoy femininity without actually sacrificing and suffering like them.I was taken aback by the viciousness of the trans girls but as I see the posts in the board and hypno materials I have to accept that may be they were right to some extent.

People get off all sort of ways.Nothing wrong with that.But somehow my identity is denied because I do not dress for sexual pleasures??
Tgirls and genetic girls hates cross dressers as they accuse us dressing for sexual pleasure only( implying we get off by feeling degraded because somehow we feel being feminine is inferior) and few posts here clearly validates their point.

Somehow it has become hard to understand that many of us dress not because we need sex but it is genuinely makes us happy.We dress not for others.We dress because after all that dress and makeup the face staring back at us makes us feel wonderful.

The problem with this femininity-is-inferior-so-sexually-pleasurable approach is that mainstream society will always fail to respect trans* individuals if we don't respect ourselves first.

Thats why I do check out the board but decided to keep my mouth shut as much as possible.It's no use arguing here.
>> No. 30027

its good to get confirmation. but as you probably suspect, this will continue exactly as it has been. nothing will change. until you make the change. he wont.


try not to take impressions from online communities as a gauge for how most of the world is. that kind of hate and disgust is coming from the VERY vocal minority. they are wrong to do so. but in a way, it is not hard to understand. lots of trans women spend their entire lives unable to escape the feeling of being looked at as horrible, broken, perverted human beings. when a person is subjected to that kind of a reality for an extended period of time, with seemingly no respite to come.. well, you dont need me to elaborate on what happens to them. they are not really lashing out at cross dressers, as much as they may think they are. they are lashing out at the degradation they themselves feel they cant escape from.

lots of biological women are in the same boat. maybe they have experienced hard lives. maybe they have been abused. but many become haters of all men. you see it in the irrationality of some of the leaders of the feminist movement. i think the idea behind gender equality is noble and right and should be sought by all humans. but some of those women are not interested in equality, they will only feel better about themselves and life if they achieve superiority. even though they cant see it. its these humans who rage and attack everything that makes them feel bad. its not you. its not crossdressing. its not crossdressers. its the feeling of being degraded themselves they hate.

sorry for the ramble.

File 138083996632.jpg - (33.26KB , 543x280 , male-breast-enhancement-1.jpg )
13506 No. 13506 hidewatch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to pass on some information about this wonderful herb I recently found out about.

"Pueraria mirifica contains various phytoestrogens including miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, daidzein, genistin, genistein, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, coumestrol, pueraria, campesterol, mirificoumestan, kwakhurin, and mirificine."

Basically its a very powerful phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) that is bio-identical to the estogren people make.

When you take it, it has feminizing effects on your mind and body.

I've been taking it for about a month, specifically from Ainterol, their R1 Pueraria mirifica. I started on 1x500mg, then moved to 2x500mg after a week, and now im up to 4x500mg.

I can already feel a lot of the effects, my skin is softer, I feel more girly, my cum is clear, my nipples are perky and very sensitive.

A lot of users have commented on the 'Breast Nexus' forum that it has been working for them to grow boobs.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 29937

Thanks so much for the posts, really! Super informative. I was just a bit worried since I've taken it for only a week but got like 2 pimples out of nowhere when I haven't gone any in ages, but I guess that was just because I've been so nervous lol. Well nervous and super excited. I at least want to feel some initial changes before I decide to stop or not you know? been thinking about this shit for years and years and years...

It's such a weak batch though (100 as I said before) so it won't actually do anything. I live in canada so I have much less options, can't even order real HRT online really. Just checked Ainterol's website too (500 mg sounds good, and you vouched for em too), but they just went on vacation lol, just my luck. There is some of the raw powder from amazon, & some random brand pills... Maybe I'll try ebay. IDK. Also thinking about taking fenugreek or something on the side just for kicks, but only after I've tested pm alone first

And I'm very into nipple tweaking lol, been doing it forever, but I'll look into those suctions
>> No. 29940
You're very welcome. I'm just trying to help others to see what they may be in for. lol

I never noticed any increase in pimples from PM, but there may be a hormonal connection in some people I suppose.
And I fully understand the nervousness/ excitement. You are after all, seriously contemplating doing something that could very well change you in a very tangible way.

Even though your stuff is on the weak side, what else is in it? I'm assuming it's some blend of various herbs?
If you take enough of it, it may have some effect.
Also, how many are you taking?

I saw Ainterol is on vacation. But they'll be back 1st of June and you can get an extra 10% off then, per their website. So just sit tight for a couple weeks.
IMHO it's best to get the powder. That way you can measure out precise amounts and even add it to a small drink for easy consumption. I'd mix 1000mgs PM with about an inch of orange drink in a pint-sized water bottle. Mix and chug it. It's also a lot cheaper to buy the powder. I've gotten it for a little over $20 once for the 200gram size when it was on special. That's 4 months of caps, and they want almost $70 on amazon for one bottle of Ainterol caps. Crazy!
Once you get enough to last awhile, keep your eye out for when they run a special, then go ahead and by the next batch you'll need.
Then go buy some panties with the money you'll save.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 30024
Does any of you have updates on your experience so far?

Or anyone else?

File 146273076929.jpg - (60.28KB , 612x792 , temp.jpg )
29849 No. 29849 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
In the video for EmperorHypnos "Sissymaker 3", starting at the 4 minute 32 second mark, through the end of the video. I love what she says, and how she says it and I want to find more of her!

Here's a link to the video
>> No. 30023
I'm 80% certain it's Princess Fierce

File 146419013496.png - (257.71KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2016-05-25-12-36-46.png )
29990 No. 29990 hidewatch quickreply [Reply]
Haven't seen one of these in awhile, post a link and let's have fun.
>> No. 30008
>> No. 30015
>> No. 30022
literally spam

File 144950828947.jpg - (237.27KB , 511x832 , zxz.jpg )
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You must do the dare in the post below yours!
Good luck girls <3
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>> No. 29604
Can I get one please?
>> No. 29730
>> No. 30018
Easy outdoor, hm? Tomorrow, wear a bra and a pair of panties under your normal clothes. No-one will know apart from you. If the straps on your bra are showing, wear a light jacket, or don't, if you're feeling brave.

Just want to get this thread active again

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