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File 133025466811.jpg - (43.72KB , 640x779 , tumblr_l8dann7ec51qcfyae.jpg )
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Welcome to /girly/ - Girly Fetishism and Feminization

This board is for the posting and discussion of all things feminine.
Dickgirls belong in /di/.
Camwhoring is allowed, both male and female, but will be suspended if abused.
Requests belong in /r/ or within an existing thread, so long as it's relevant.
Absloutely NO underage (under 18 years old).

This is a trial board, and will remain around if it stays active.
If you have any questions, feel free to catch us on IRC.

UPDATE: This board is here to stay. Congrats, girlies!
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>> No. 31207
File 148653602838.jpg - (0.99MB , 1723x1018 , filter story.jpg )
The fate of the wordfilter is being determined. For the time being, here's a screenshot of the thread explaining it.

File 133438397213.jpg - (235.33KB , 1009x1024 , sticky.jpg )
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A Caption Dump sticky would be nice.
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>> No. 31848
I've created a follow-up thread on tran-chan.
Hope to see you all there - this thread is really unique!
(PS if anyone knows of any other places with similar gay titboy content - let us know!)

File 150213578816.png - (1.00MB , 1264x741 , `rhold oAndysnap_032.png )
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Does anyone remember the Sissy Trainer / Transfixers line of interactive slideshows? Their author says he lost them all to a HD crash, and as I know they were often shared on here, this may be the last chance we have to save them from the abyss!

Here are the files I have. Notably I am missing some of my favorite Transfixers files and I am super hoping someone still has them.

I am attempting to set up a torrent (PirateBay is not working for me), but for now here is a link to Prison Punk Survival Guide. https://ufile.io/xz36u

The player has some issues with newer browsers. You may need to use Internet Explorer to view it.
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>> No. 31840
This torrent is giving me nothing but trouble. Rather than try to troubleshoot it I've made a new one. Sorry for everyone who was dling the last one but this should work now that I've packaged it in a RAR file. Also, excuse the dumb file name, that's how I have it hidden on my computer :P

>> No. 31841
And again, if ANYBODY knows where to get any other ones please let me know. I will host them for you >.<
>> No. 31846
Can't get old flash to work... any tips? Are they even worth it?

File 137029158535.png - (9.34KB , 500x500 , t.png )
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It had a lot of really awesome tumblrs...Last I saw it was on the last page, now it's gone.
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>> No. 31823
File 150275522819.jpg - (113.38KB , 900x617 , AF4426B.jpg )
>> No. 31830
Mines amburrjewel.tumblr.com
>> No. 31845
File 150299880753.jpg - (184.07KB , 1080x1920 , tumblr_otsjajuGcl1rbug0xo1_1280.jpg )

File 150210623935.jpg - (69.94KB , 600x750 , CTI_Sissify_Getting%20Into%20Character_02.jpg )
31774 No. 31774 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Newfapchan is shutting down sadly enough, though I only visited /girly/ and /hypno/ I had a great time over the years.

Thank you Admin's!
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>> No. 31805
File 150261296915.png - (109.62KB , 563x618 , its a secret to everyone.png )
Feel free to do that.

A kind user came into irc yesterday and showed an interest in taking over here so it may not be necessary. We'll be sure to keep everyone updated.
>> No. 31833
If things don't pan out with the possible new admin visit mewch.net. It's a new board that just opened up and needs a community, and if the demand for this fetish is big enough it could be a new home or second home for us.
>> No. 31844
Already CP central. No thanks.

File 149417663687.jpg - (128.02KB , 1000x769 , HTB1xK2lIVXXXXawXVXXq6xXFXXXK[1].jpg )
31488 No. 31488 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
I am looking for a chastity device under 50 usd that can be worn for a decently long time.
This is because I'm new to chastity and denial and am worried I won't like it.
How easy it is to escape is a non issue as I'm good with locks anyways. (if I intend to escape I will regardless of if its easy)
I was looking at the rycb 004, but I can't find any reviews on it. Anyone have any experience with this device?
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>> No. 31754

I've ordered 2 from DHGate and they both took almost a month to get here, but the quality is fantastic. My favorite is the Lozken Ergonomic Stainless Steel Stealth. The lock is inside so it doesn't make noise when you move, it's stainless steel, and it has a removable urethral line.
>> No. 31824
It's also really heavy and too big imo.
>> No. 31843
I also recently got the CB6000 and am also pretty disappointed with it.

Even on the tighter settings I can slip out of it when soft but on anything but the largest setting it cuts of circulation to my balls when I get hard.
I'm not sure if my balls are unusually loose/baggy or something but it also seems to slip down so the base of my dick is actually outside the cage while the middle andd tip are inside, which gets painful when you get hard.

Also it chafes.

I bought mine on a whim while I was in a sex shop for $100 so it seems I got ripped off as well if you can buy them for $20.

File 148986159680.jpg - (119.73KB , 1024x658 , [clips4sale_com]0149 careful or you_ll end up like.jpg )
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This Jessica Fappit vid is everything I've ever wanted in a sissy video. I don't care for genetic girls, and I respect transgirls too much to see them as anything other than girls. People who look like girls but identify as guys are what I really like, and this video is one of the few that really hits that demographic. I was wondering if anyone else has made/come across anything similar?

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>> No. 31628
if you know Jessica that's no act, she's legitimately feminized and totally gets off to being a bottom only feminized slut
>> No. 31637
Hi gurls, someone know if this "film" exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl1vWWPZtWo
>> No. 31842
I want to be a feminized budget like you please help me I'll do anything for you anything you wish

File 147888463873.jpg - (59.18KB , 466x720 , image.jpg )
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I have a slight past in Crossdressing in my mothers lingerie. I loved it the few times I did it.

I'm relatively masculine in everyday life. I go through bouts of sissification. I don't own my own clothes or makeup, but I always think about buying some.

I Have a gf currently. She knows boing about the sissy/fem/possible trans feelings.

I wanted to try pueraria mirifica just to try it. Will one cycle change me much? Will the effects be permanent? I'm 28 and have some fem features (soft skin, minimal beard growth, slightly wide hips for my weight, small chin, etc).

What can I expect from trying it for a week or two? Is there any going back?
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>> No. 31808
File 15026309509.gif - (944.33KB , 500x500 , 1501971531828.gif )
The PM thing is a meme. Taking it at doses that will be "effective" will also be effective at fucking you up in all sorts of ways. It is a big scam.

If you are too scared to start real HrT just get some weak blocker like finasteride or dutasteride. This will only block DhT but for some people you are gonna need to do that and sooner the better.

You can get anti androgens and estrogen for a reasonable price off of alldaychemist. If your reason for not being on hrt is you are young, embarrassed, or don't have support, then ordering experimental drugs is probably not a viable option.

You could always "man-up" and just come out as bi, tg, or confused to your guardians and talk to a doctor about trying some hrt.

What you need to be strongly aware of is the importance of keeping a realistic outlook. Whether you are 16 or 25 and trying to start hormones, be realistic with yourself about what your results would be. If you aren't already fem you don't have great chances of having miraculous results, just look at reddit transtimeliens and ask yourself if you want to be a completely delusional non passing man in a dress? I am not attempting to shame or discourage, just saying you need to be realistic.

You should also seek out if you can, at a place like 4chan/lgbt, an infographic showing many post-op mtf trans throughout the past decades disclosing the reality of SRS and how in the end it was not worth it, ruined their body, their sex life, their relationships, and generally their life. It is better to be a cd/trap/femboy than to chemically or physically completely castrate yourself. You may be able to preserve your youth/femminess/whatever for a few years, but you cannot postpone aging forever and you need to get real with yourself about what kind of life you want to live when you're much older, nobody wants to be a fucking tranny freak alienated from their family and friends with nothing but other tranny freaks to console you when you're 45.

This fetish is primarily caused by personal failure to self actualize into a functioning member of society. I'm not saying their are no trans/gay/bi/
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 31811

You raise good points about being wary, but omg you're so damn bitter and transphobic.

That pop-psycho and transphobia won't help you feel better about yourself
>> No. 31815
PM works. There are too many out there with results for them all to be lying about it and if it were truly dangerous the FDA would have already banned it from import.

Will PM completely feminize you? No it won't, but a proper dose for your weight will cause your breasts to bud and start growing.

The reason there are no clinical studies on it is due to the fact it costs too much to do that. Why on Earth would anyone spend millions to prove an OTC remedy that anyone can sell, is effective? Big companies that do these things are in the business to make money off patented drugs only they can sell. They have no interest in proving that some herb can replace the stuff they already sell.

If you really want to be a girl, get real hormones.
And if all you're doing is pursuing a fetish, get some PM and grow ya some secret sissy titties.

File 14514333047.jpg - (393.57KB , 1280x1707 , alessandra92-l9tw5-522ca0.jpg )
28668 No. 28668 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
hi, first time posting here, i'm not completely sure this is the right thread but i was referred here by someone.

i've had a weird gay experience last week, i'm not really a girly guy or sissy but i was told i might be going through forced feminization and thus should try this board, but i know little to nothing about it. do let me know if i'm i the wrong place.
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>> No. 31773
>> No. 31806
In our darkest hour, he will return and finish his tale.
>> No. 31807
In our darkest hour, he will return and finish his tale.

File 150186389641.png - (740.81KB , 495x661 , 1gxN9LL.png )
31766 No. 31766 hidewatch expand quickreply [Reply]
Are you girls guilty of sticking whatever inside of you or do you go with safe materials like silicone only?
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>> No. 31770
I don't recommend wood. Tried it when I was 16. It's pain in the ass.
>> No. 31789
Since I don't really buy my stuff, I use whatever is around at house, usually it is plastic. I try to at least clean it with water beforehand.
>> No. 31795
When I was 10 a tied a Lego horse to a piece of string and put it up my butt. Definitely would not recommend. At least I had had the sence to tie string to it or it would have been a night'mare' to get out again.

Fortunately I have more options now and buy purpose made toys.

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