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No. 81
I am curious as to whether nfch would like new boards, and of what kind. Post here if you think that a /rage/ comic board is a good idea, or if we should become the reigning authority on everything sheen.
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>> No. 83
Sheen plzkthx
>> No. 84
I wouldn't mind a drawn bestiality board (not sure on the legality on a photographic one, but drawn's okay). And I know I may get flamed for this, but a todcon board would be nice, to go with the loli and shota boards. Or at least a loli/shota alternative board, separate from the hentai alternative board. And finally, a crossdress thread in photographic would be good. It really is a separate kink from dickgirls.
>> No. 85
A /cd/ thread would be great. A loli/shota would be great.
Here's some ideas for other boards
Occult/Dreams/Idk what to call it
Sheen ftw
Meme shit
420 stuff
Animals (idk lol)
Traditional Games (Tabletop)
>> No. 86
Also, you're an awesome admin.
>> No. 87
As others have said, crossdressing and dickgirls are separate kinks, 99chan is the only imageboard I have seen with seperate boards for them though.
>> No. 88
Zombie Apocalypse

Sheen ftw.
>> No. 89
How about an older woman board?
>> No. 90
Philosophy - /ph/
Literature - /lit/
Erotic Literature - /elit/
Cat - /cat/

Can we have?
>> No. 92

seconding + maybe mature hentai to fill content
>> No. 94
By the power of greyskull...

SFW lolwut

Sheen - /sheen/
Philosophy - /ph/
Zombie - /z/
Linux - /sudo/
Literature - /lit/
Paranormal - /x/


Comics - /cm/
Cat - /cat/
Erotic Literature - /elit/


Mature - /mat/
Loli/Shota Alt. - /lsa/
Crossdressing - /cd/

Not really sure what some of the directories for those should be, but i'm sure you'll correct me.

Multiple posts of board requests most liekly get the board created.
>> No. 95
eLit, plzkthanx
>> No. 96
Ah we needs to have a vintage & world history board! :D
>> No. 97
I don't understand the point of all these extra boards... the original fapchan was for porn and pervyness.. why not keep it that way? there are other places we can go to discus other topics
>> No. 100
eh... never mind that was a stupid statement, but regardless, why is Zombie in SFW? Creatures that are made of rotting flesh, cracks skulls open and eats people's brains, and according to some movies tears people from limb to limb and rape people do not seem very work safe to me... it's a misnomer since this entire site should probably never be visted by some one while at work unless they have a very odd work enviroment, but it still bugs me for some reason.
>> No. 104
Because everything in the nsfw sections is porn of some sort. Although I do think we shouldn't even have an sfw section, and all the boards there should go in misc. A site called newfapchan is pretty much implied to be nsfw.
>> No. 107
needs multiple uploads and no flood detection, even with a captcha so people can dump large amounts with little efforts.
>> No. 108
or SFW could be the new misc since with the lolwut and all it's obviously a half joke, but having both is a bit redunant
>> No. 112
i back /cd/ and /ph/ and all the rest :) might as well
>> No. 114
except drawn beastiality... i do believe thats against the rules but not sure....
>> No. 116
it wasn't against the rules on the old fapchan if I remember correctly... :/
>> No. 120
Just so we're clear...


twas born a fap board, and so it shall remain. However, i do think that there may be room off to the side for our fellow faptards to discuss the other 10% of their lives. That said, i shall move the clearly ridiculous (as intended) sfw boards down to the misc section.

Is there a reason that the motherland (fapchan) hosted loli boards at 7chan? And is there legality involving drawnbeast and such? I mean, clearly this site should be the epicenter of such prons... right?

-True, /z/ is not exactly sfw. But again, the section was a bit of a joke.

-You may have your /elit/ist board.

-not everyone knows what 'fap' means. But if you don't and you find yourself here, your visit is most likely followed by 15 seconds of heaven followed by a lifetiem of shame. Possibly infatuation.

-If you want multiple uploads, look up the xchan directory dumper post

-if you want captchas, be prepared to make a side script for all those using the xchan dumper. Come on, this is why we have mods.

also, zombies don't have sex. right?HAAHAHAHAHA RULE34THATSHIT
>> No. 122
Smurph transferred /cake/, /sm/, and /ss/ to 7chan because they weren't something he was personally interested in, and since at the time, the feds were 'cracking' down on such material, didn't want to risk being v& over. REAL CP IS COMPLETELY OUT OF THE QUESTION!
Drawn bestiality was allowed only on /d/, and any real bestiality was met with a swift deletion and ban. I don't so much mind real bestiality, so I'll leave the decision whether or not to allow it to you.
I never understood Smurph's hatred towards 3D rendered images, so I'll leave that decision to you as well.

Finally, SFW? On Fapchan?! Sacrilege!!
>> No. 123
Given that a number of boards on 4chan at one time or another had some porn on them (including but not limited to /tg/ and /x/) but are nolonger aloud. I suggest making a NSFW Misc Drawfag board that is specifically for, both SFW and NSFW drawfags from the various boards of other chans to post in.

For instance /tg/ had Cultistchan and the daemonettes and thats just from WH40K. I rememver something on /x/ that was kind of porn, but it was creepy. but that's just the boards over on 4chan that I occasionally dip into for SFW stuff. I miss the NSFW from them though. you should totally make an outlet for that. Just make it one board for all of them though. it would be under drawn obviously but it wouldn't discriminate between anime/western art, and would not be biased to 'no, loli goes in loli' and instead, if it was relevant (loli daemonettes for instance) it would go in the misc drawfag.

In short, a board for all the random misc stuff that isn't popular enough to warrant it's own board, should be clumped into one board, and if it might 'fit' in another board (futa, loli, guro, crossdressers, furry, etc) but it is STILL relevent to the 'topic' which might be a particular artist/drawfag, or genre (D&D for instance, or lol slenderman porn)

i'd call it Misc Drawfag. /MD/ /MDF/ /Misc/ /Draw/. Not /DF/ though.
>> No. 126
no /ph/?
>> No. 127
I think the big thing with the bestiality content, is that in the US(where I'm guessing the server is hosted) is mostly illegal. But given the huge variances from state to state it makes it a pain. Like in washington it's illegal in every sense, but go to texas? And apparently it's A-Okay.
>> No. 128
Just saw the thread on /b/ asking about hookup threads.

So, how about a hookup board?
>> No. 130
no i'm really confused... it says there is a /ph/ thread 0.o but i see none! why is this?
>> No. 133
Also added Petit
Hookups are ok
Also Hi everyone
>> No. 135
How about a pegging board/ Bend over boyfriend?
>> No. 136
that would go under fetish i believe...

(NOTE- if we continue to create new boards for everything pronographic... what will go under fetish?)
>> No. 137
How about a chatroom for those who can type with one hand.
>> No. 144
i think as a certain fetish gets more popular it can get its own board.
IRC is in the works
>> No. 145
that sounds like a good idea. what about the empty boards that are up now? do we leave them? or let them be redirected to /fe/ for now?
>> No. 149
i'm leaving it as is right now, theres not too many clogging it up and we are relevantly new. and most have at least something on them.
>> No. 154
until irc is up
>> No. 155
Everyone get in here.
>> No. 156
We need a certain time. I popped in there and there was one person. Sorry to whoever you were, but that's no fun...

Are the majority of people on here Americunts? That would make this SO much easier!
>> No. 157
Also, I might not get on for a bit, I logged in using my Facebook account and it used my full name... Not just first and last, but my two middle names... Scary
>> No. 158
yeah i pretty much ran off as soon as i made it to watch the hockey game, as for loging in with facebook/twitter just skip it, there is an option below just to use any name you want.

As for time myself my schedule is never set for work so i cant really adhear to anything
>> No. 160
ATM I generally check in on the site sometime around 8-10:45 am, depending on when I work, an usually intermittently from 5-like 12 pm(Pacific).

But I don't work tomorrow so eh.
>> No. 231
it would be very kickass to have a chubby board.it would be even more awsome it there were separate male and female chubby boards, but even just one would be very appreciated.

>> No. 237
Will the Oekaki board be working sometime soon? or should it just be made into a general drawfag board/art critique board? I'm an artfag myself so its something I'd really like =D

Also, I'm not sure if there's the demand or not for it, but I had to stymie a scat board (it was only 3 images at the time) on /gu/. Should this go under /d/ or should it have its own board? Or should I let it fly on /gu/?
>> No. 241
i dont understand thats the first post i've ever posted on fapchan. im mostly a lurker and though that i would really like to see average to chubbie guys.since alot of gay/guy boards on any chan are mostly fit/beefy dudes its hard to find stuff for my fetish.
>> No. 243
I know it's kind of a niche fetish so there probably isn't much of a chance of this happening... but just thought I would throw this out there... what about a bimbo/bimboization board?
>> No. 244
A couple more suggestions. A Trap shota board for femmy shota vs regular shota (since it wouldn't really fit in loli/shota alt). Kind of like on Not4chan. Actually that's the only other suggestion I have. I like these new boards.
>> No. 246
I second the drawfag board.
Also, scat goes in /d/ primarily, but I've seen it in /gu/ as well. Not sure why scat counts as guro though...
>> No. 247

I only mentioned the scat thing because it's something I'm not a fan of but I know there's people that will trip out over it. Over on Gurochan its its own board, that's the only reason I asked. Make it /poo/! Lol
>> No. 248
>I only mentioned the scat thing because it's something I'm not a fan of
Says the person who posted this >>98

Also, I find that image strangely HWAT!
>> No. 253
Only for the lulz >:O!!
>> No. 266
I sign in while I'm actively moderating.
I can hardly wait for our real IRC to be up.
>> No. 269
if im free im on... which is like all the weekdays. never weekends for some reason.
>> No. 271
I know this isn't 4chan, but in their /d/ scat is banned and generally disliked anyhow and since it's probably going to mostly be the same crowd using the board you might want to put that into consideration.
>> No. 272
That's like saying we should ban western art from this /d/, we want to avoid pointless and stupid restrictions. Then again some seem to persist everywhere like the bizarre ban on 3D art.
>> No. 273
I wasn't saying we should ban everything that 4chan does, just that the /d/ community in general seems to dislike scat and that a sepperate board for it might be a good idea, maybe I should have been more clear, I don't want all of the restrictions from there either, since I started going to this /d/ because 4chan's /d/ doesn't allow anything that might actually show that it has a community, like hookup threads or irc threads and the like. Besides scat is a thin line, I'm into a lot of depraved things but I can't even look at scat, I immediately start smelling it and am instantly repulsed and personally I don't want that staring me in the face when I click on a board I like, it's up to the mods but all I was doing was putting that out there, not saying that this /d/ should be exactly like 4chan's.
>> No. 276
Simply hide the thread. It's not too hard. Try it.

I never understood the whole ban on 3D content. On ofc, Smurph and most of the mods believed 3D rendered porn was of shitty quality. Anyone who's seen works from Doll House, Umemaru, and Fighting Cuties knows that isn't completely true.
>> No. 279
ugh... well I'm leaving, that wasn't even the point I was trying to make, oh christ, I am such an awful person for explaining myself, I'm gone, ban me if you wish I guess
>> No. 280
Just hide the fucking thread. The person who started it obviously likes it, so its a large bet that someone else will too.

Like you said, its a minority, which is why it doesnt warrant its own board.

>I am such an awful person for explaining myself
Just because you explain yourself doesnt mean your still not wrong.
>> No. 281
>an opinion

yes, indeed, I even said that it was up to the mods, I wasn't saying anyone had to do anything, yet you people feel the need to insult me anyhow, this is rediculous and proves that mods are fucking dick heads no matter where you are.
>> No. 283
Wow, maybe I should have PM'd another mod over the whole scat thing. You chickenheads have turned it into a total shit storm.... Pun completely intended. I say in either /d/ or /gu/ scat is okay
>as long as it's kept in one thread.

Some people don't like 3D or scat, and some people do. Just get over yourself and realize not everyone thinks like you. I've put this on a few rule boards:

>If you dislike the posted topic, think before making a negative comment. Instead, please use the supplied blue 'minus' button next to the time.

To sum it all up; not everyone likes the same thing, minimize it if you don't like it, and just let it be.
>> No. 284
>>281 Why you gotta be mean ;_;
>> No. 294
because he was mean to me first :/

I just don't quite get how me voicing my opinion means that I am trying to force the mods to make scat bannable, in fact I said the opposite...that it was up to the mods multiple times.. can't I voice my opinion without mods thinking they are something special and attacking me for things I didn't say?
>> No. 295
I think a Captions board would be a good addition, that way you could have those Incest captions, sissy captions, hypnosis captions in one place. Many stories can be told up there.
>> No. 301

Tell you what - we'll make a /md/ Misc Drawfag board. Western/3D/Scat/whateveryouwant can be posted in there, and if sthg is ridiculously popular then we'll turn it into a real board.

FYI: This server is in Nashville, Tennessee. Local legalities will apply to cp, beastiality, 3D, etc. If someone can advise as to rules, it would be MUCH appreciated :O

Indeed, we are at the point where some boards are _not_ getting filled. This is reason for trial boards and board reduction, so that we can maintain a reasonable server/file size.

See pic.. USA actually goes waaay offscreen.

<3 you guys.
>> No. 302
united states law states you are not responsible for what people post.
>> No. 309
CP distribution is legal in many countries outside of the USA, but not inside the USA.

Bestiality pornography distribution is legal in most of the USA, according the lawbooks of Tennesee state, 39-13-501 (1995) only states that the ACTION of bestiality is illegal, and no law statement in TN's books contains anything about pornography.

3D CP??? Kinda hazy. I would imagine it'd be alright, as long as it wasn't based off an actual person. I'll look into it more in a while.
>> No. 310
How about a latina board?
>> No. 311
Try /eth/.
>> No. 312
i'm not complaining or anything i just wanted to say that in got mislead by petit. i thought it meant short like in clothing but as you and now i know its for thiner people. maybe we should rename it something like "thin" to prevent any other people from making the same mistake i did. personaly i don't care either way but i thought i'd suggest it. pic unreated but entertaining
>> No. 316
^ I agree. Petite is a very blanket term, like, when I go to the mall, I shop in the petite section. And what they sell is for shorter people (I'm 5 foot even), not really for skinny people. At first when I went to post on the board I thought the same thing, its for short ladies. But no, it should probably be Thin or Skinny... Idk.
>> No. 317
I suppose I could amend the Rules Sticky to include short girls as well. The only reason I didn't in the first place was because I didn't want users to confuse 'petit' with 'lolita.'
>> No. 318
a natural board
like unshaved, females with body hair type thing
>> No. 330
i think Chuck Norris needs his own board :P

Chuck Noris only masturbates to pictures of Chuck Norris.
>> No. 341
>> No. 355
criticism and attacking are not the same thing.. that is what people on these type of boards never seem to understand, omg it's part of the culture, we can be assholes if want, hur hur, fuck you guys and fuck these sort of sites, I'm out.

Bye Bye)
>> No. 358
>>345 lol regular show
>> No. 369
How about a /tf/ board?
>> No. 373
Transformers was only popular on two boards on oldFapchan. If more interest is expressed on boards other than /do/ and /y/, we might consider it.
>> No. 424
I would like to propose a /girly/ board for (fappable) things like pretty dresses, tutus, panties with lots of bows and ribbons, lolita fashion, etc..
>> No. 425
P.S. I guess there isn't be much demand for a such a thing but I think it would be great!
>> No. 426
just posting one more pic to explain the type of thing that would fit in /girly/
>> No. 427
This sounds hot to me...but I think we already have boards for that sort of content. Girly girls can go in /s/ or /fet/, and girly boys can go in /cd/.
>> No. 429
Its a good idea, but it'd most likely end up like /pet/.
>> No. 443
we need something like /soc/

for hookups
>> No. 451
>>443 Might fall through. I really, truly DO NOT want to see what the collective Anon looks like. That's what bbpeoplemeet is for. (Yeah, that was an asshole joke to make, but as long as it made me laugh, idfc.....)
>> No. 453
i was thinking on hookups more than rate me threads
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