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No. 492
Now that we are on a new server, been discussing consolidating some of the boards to make things more focused and concise.

My concept is that, until the site is active enough to really warrant a ton of discussion, we should focus on populating the existing boards rather than having a bunch with only 8 posts on them.

Here is my projected board layout:

>Camwhores: Female
>Camwhores: Male
>Gender Benders (crossdressers, traps, trans, dickgirls)
>Ethnic (Asian / Nigras / Latinas)
>Fetish (BDSM, S&M, generic fetish board)
>Sexy Beautiful Men
>Sexy Beautiful Women
>Furry: Gay
>Hentai: General
>Hentai: Uncensored
>Misc Drawfag
>Neko / Kemonomimi
>Rule 34
>Straight Shota
>Animated GIFs
>Erotic Literature
>Random / General Discussion / Off Topic

Pic unrelated.
Marked for deletion (old)
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>> No. 494
Would be nicer to have a "removed" list but oh well.

Dickgirls deserves their own board as they get enough posts to warrant it(4 pages). Combining dick girls and traps is something only people who don't like either would agree to.

Merging /mcam/ and /cd/ is a good idea. Neither board is very active but it's something specific that's hard to delete.

Asian has 4 pages. It should stay can stay otherwise /ethic/ will become /ethich and asians/. That's how things get their own board.

Removing Hentai:Alternative is bad. People who go to general/uncensored don't want to see insects laying eggs in a dick girl who is bound my bondage now do they? There might even be a little bit of guro involved. It's too deep for people go to Hentai:General. Not to mention there how many other obscure fetishes there are. But Loli/Shota Alternative was fucking dead and no one will miss it.

Oh and people will throw a bitch fit if western comics and dojunins are to share a board. So not gonna happen.

I also don't agree with removal of the misc boards. Do they have a point? No, hence the misc. They don't hurt anything being there and people still post on them.

Basically it comes down to wanting merge everything you possibly can when we don't NEED to. We can merge some stuff but not everything has to be merged.

Anyone who has anything to say, say it. This effects the community far more than it does the mods and you all get a say. Don't hesistate to disagree with mods or admins either.

Picture uploaded by request :).
>> No. 495
>Combining dick girls and traps is something only people who don't like either would agree to.
Not sure how many times I have to say that /di/ and /cd/ are 2 of my 3 most frequented boards. I love traps and transgirls and all the shades in between. I think the content in /cd/ would be better suited in some sort of more generic /genderfuck/ board than in /mcam/.
>> No. 496
Well I don't like it and I get butthurt when I see a "trap" thread that's full of chicks with dicks. Maybe it's just me. People will have to post for me to find out.

The point is 99chan has a /cd/. If people don't like dickgirls but like /cd/, like me, they'll end up going to 99chan. Dickgirls and traps might be in the same pool but they're at different ends for sure.
>> No. 498
I'd keep request as well. It's not horribly useful but I've had a couple of mine done and I've delivered a few things as well. It at least helps keeps requests off the other boards.
>> No. 499
Didn't notice it was gone, definitely second keeping /r/.
>> No. 500
Agree 100%
>> No. 501
As the mod doing this the longest, here's my opinion.

/b/ Leave it be
/dev/ Leave it be
/mu/ Leave it be
/vg/ It was never really popular, so it might need to be removed.
>> No. 502
/am/ To much spam for me to care
/an/ Leave it be
/asi/ DO. NOT. TOUCH. MY. /asi/!
/cam/ Necessary(?) but needs more camwhores
/mcam/ Leave it be
/cd/ Possibly merge it with /mcam/
/cs/ Leave it be
/babby/ As long as they behave leave it be
/di/ Leave it be
/eb/ It has potential, but might need to be removed
/eg/ Merge it with /fe/
/eth/ Merge it with /s/
/fat/ Leave it be
/fe/ Leave it be
/gay/ leave it be
/gp/ Too much spam for me to really care
/le/ Leave it be
/mat/ Leave it be
/ni/ Merging it in another board leaves it open for trolling and bullshit
/smb/ Used to be popular, but probably needs to be merged with /fe/
/men/ Leave it be
/s/ Leave it be
/ti/ Merge it with /s/
>> No. 503
/do/ Leave it be
/fur/ Leave it be
/fn/ Leave it be
/gfur/ Leave it be
/gu/ Leave it be
/d/ Leave it be
/h/ Leave it be
/hu/ Leave it be
/lsa/ Never understood why this was separated in the first place
/cake/ DO. NOT. TOUCH. MY. /cake/!
/md/ This might need to be scrapped if it doesn't get more posts
/n/ This might need to be scrapped if it doesn't get more posts
/sm/ Leave it be
/ss/ Leave it be
/y/ Leave it be
/u/ Leave it be
>> No. 504
/gif/ Leave it be
/cat/ I can't fap to this.jpg
/cm/ This might need to be scrapped if it doesn't get more posts
/elit/ This might need to be scrapped if it doesn't get more posts
/rs/ Fix it or kill it
/f/ DO. NOT. TOUCH. MY. /f/!
/su/ I can't fap to this.jpg
/x/ I can't fap to this.jpg
/ph/ I can't fap to this.jpg
/r/ DO. NOT. TOUCH. MY. /r/!
/34/ Leave it be
/w/ Maybe it's time for this to go
>> No. 505
I'd suggest making the file sharing index easier to use or providing a faq. Then getting people to put stuff there and provide a link in the thread itself. Or have a sticky on each board for picture sets.

Some of those have been pretty good so I'm not comfortable booting them but they tend to clog up boards and make them (especially /am/) unusable.

I don't know how feasible this is so feel free to ignore this if it isn't possible.

O and I think adding a torrent board might be good. Just a bit hard to keep spam off.
>> No. 506
The way /rs/ is supposed to work is it automatically takes links posted on any board and archives them. When it was first fixed, it grabbed RapidShare, MegaUpload, and MediaFire links, but it hasn't archived anything for over a month. I suppose a torrent board would behave the same way.
>> No. 507
Haven't ran this by Hypno but about the misc boards we're probably gonna scrap them all and just link to 314chan's non-porn boards. Like wise 314chan will link to our porn boards. Win all around.
>> No. 508
I agree about misc for the most part but I would like to keep rule 34
>> No. 509
/babby/ stays, nuff said
>> No. 510
i had a thought about having a /r/ thread in each board, instead of a board on the bottom that doesn't seem to be replied to at all. also haiving a video post thread on most boards, so the board doesn't get full of one-post threads with a link.
>> No. 511
I forget /34/ is in misc, it'll definitely get moved to porn.
I see the point of this but the point of /r/ was to not clutter the boards be it stickies or single threads. Overly active boards may warrant their own /r/ thread in the future.
>> No. 512
all threads should be furry friendly god damnit
>> No. 513
all that matters to me is that the diapers keep flowing abundantly. its a great board and surprisingly active. keep on rocking in the free world
>> No. 514
I assume you mean boards, not threads, and no.
As long as there haters, we'll have to keep you separated to keep the trolling to a minimum.
>> No. 515
Merge Hentai Uncensored with Hentai General.
Merge Oekaki with Misc Drawfag
>> No. 516
Hey guys, glad everyone is reading this thread and giving their feedback.

I in no way assume that I know 100% what is best, or what boards are most definitely populated the most. So just because I, personally, didn't list or scrapped your favorite board doesn't mean I'm attacking you or your fetish.

Given the negative attention that 314 has gotten, I'm not sure I entirely agree with linking directly to them and/or having them link directly to us. Maybe it's a little paranoid but I'd rather the site stay up the next time they get attacked for being derpy, than get caught up in the dramas.

But like I said, my idea was to consolidate the boards and make NFC's focus be tightened, at least during the early (re)building phase. In the future, yeah, we can have lots of off topic, miscellaneous boards that are not porn-specific. But until such a time that we are that big, I think it would build the community better by having fewer, more active boards.
>> No. 518

newfapchan needs /jb/ don't by pussys and fear your host besides its the internet everyone is 18
>> No. 520
Not gonna happen, ever.
>> No. 521
I think we should also keep the music and vidya games boards. I know they're sparsely populated right now but I know there's plenty of VG-themed pr0n out there and I'm equally sure there will eventually be sufficient demand for it as the site grows.

I also like having something to listen to and music boards aren't nearly as common as their image counterparts.

Just my 2??.
>> No. 523
I'd rather NFC stay open. And besides once you let the pedo's post you can't get rid of them. I say keep this chan 18+.


Rule34 should take all the video game porn. But I think we should keep it open. We have plenty of gamers here, it can only get more populated.
>> No. 524
I just noticed there is no Hentai: alternative in the OP list. Why? Just about every porn board has an alternative section. A lot of them split it into soft and hard boards. I don't think you should go that far but there are some kinks that probably wouldn't be too welcome in the other drawn boards. Having a misc. board to lump all others into is useful if for no other reason than it keeps the other boards on track.

I suppose it could be argued that Rule 34 fills this gap but I've always thought of Rule 34 as a challenge usually met by sticking dicks on characters from popular media, not a dedicated alternative board like H: alt is now.
>> No. 525
Sweetest is uninformed as far as hentai goes. We've been over how Alternative is needed and it's not going anywhere.

I personally see /34/ as more of a western art board honestly. Of course anything can go it of course.

I'm definitely for keeping /vg/.
>> No. 527
I'm curious when is the target date for changes being implemented?
>> No. 528
There isn't a set date yet. This is currently still under discussion.

Also, posting from my DSi. Feels good man.
>> No. 529
>And besides once you let the pedo's post you can't get rid of them.

hey thats not true look at 7chan
>> No. 530
/cruise control
>> No. 531
Ethnic and nigra should be merged into just ethnic.
>> No. 532
Yeah, I am uninformed about all japanimu hentai bullshit. I don't masturbate to cartoons, and I don't even know what 2/3rds of the board names even mean. Which is why I more or less didn't modify them in my list.

I also agree that vidya porn should go in /34/, whereas the actual vidya board should be about... well, games.

I don't want to start an argument about non-porn jailbait and why it's not really a problem, so I'm just going to go with the popular vote and agree that all porn should be 18+.

Keep the opinions coming, boys!
>> No. 540
I suggest....

To be killed:
Emo/Goth - Doesnt need its own board
Nigras - Merge with ethnic
Tits - Its not needed.
Loli/Shota alternative - That was dumb to begin with.
Guro - Hentai alternative?
Hentai uncensored - merge with general?
Cats - because i hate internet cats. DIE.
Linux - Just because
Philosophy - Mehhh

>> No. 541
Is there any way to keep boards free of links for pic sets and videos? Maybe it is just me but it sort of defeats the purpose of an image board. Maybe having a links board or a sticky thread in the boards where it is a problem? I like the idea of /am/ but what ever is posted there just gets plowed under by pic sets.
>> No. 542
i think paranormal and philosophy can be merged. or if we mate them, it can create a new bouncing baby general discussion board.
>> No. 545
this is all stupid but emo/goth should be merged with s&m
>> No. 546
I spent a good part of last night cleaning up /am/, and we're monitoring /s/ very closely as well. Thanks for the feedback, and help us remove spam faster by reporting it.
>> No. 547
Thought I sort of agree with merging /ni/ and /ethic/ it might be best to leave it as is. Racism could happen more on /ethic/ for people going for latinas and seeing nigras.
>> No. 548
emo/goth =/= bdsm. the average emo kid would never be able to handle bondage and pain. if anything, i'd suggest merging /eg/ with /s/, though /s/ is already pretty full.
>> No. 550
We're not gonna ban 518 for asking for jb. If anything you post giving the name of that chan is far worst. Don't talk about it here.
>> No. 551

Then ban them, problem solved.
>> No. 552
Of course. It still shits up the board. Funny thing about that thous is /babby/ was getting a lot of fucking shit and then I banned one person, just one and I literally have not had to ban another single person.
>> No. 553
I think you should open a board for file hosting links
>> No. 554
If it actually worked, that would be /rs/.
Also, /eg/ should go with /fe/. I stand at that.
>> No. 555
I don't see how voting to ban a pedophile should mean deletion of my post. He's clearly a pedo.
>> No. 556
> If anything you post giving the name of that chan is far worst.
>> No. 557
Also the mods/admins will decide who to ban.
>> No. 560
can /am/ and /gp/ be merged?
>> No. 561
They way they're being used? Yeah, probably. If they were being used right having /am/ and /gp/ is fine but people seem to just pick one and post porn.
>> No. 562
so then thats a good possibility? its kinda weird having both.
>> No. 579
Ok so we need to get this shit rolling. Everyone is in favor of deleting /lsa/ use the fucking hide button.

/mcam/ is getting a bit more action these days but it wouldn't be that bad to merge with /cd/.

Overall /ethic/ /ni/ and /asi/ should stay. /asi/ has a few pages and /ni/ has a couple and mixing /ni/ with anything will lead to guaranteed trolling and racism.

Remove from VIP:


Remove from Porn:
Merge /cd/ to /mcam/
Merge /gay/ and /men/ to just /gay/

Remove from Drawn:
Loli/Shota Alternative.
Neko(deal with it king)
Misc Drawfags if king didn't post there but he does
Hentai Uncensored. An uncensored thread in /h/ would be fine because /hu/ isn't even off page 0.

Remove from Misc:
Erotic Literature
Linux to Tech
Rule 34 to Drawn
>> No. 580
I agree with everything you wrote.

I'll start implementing these changes within the week. Don't worry, I won't be deleting any content. Just moving it to a suitable board.
>> No. 587
Cd with mcam?

Plz dnt thx.
>> No. 588
It's got 3 pages which isn't so bad. More people seem to be showing up. Overall it can stay.
>> No. 590
Also we could merge Bondage to Fetish.
>> No. 598
hey guys. i had an idea. why don't we take takes boards such as philosophy, literature, wallpaper and others to 314chan and keep NFC a pure pornography board? put a link to 314chan in the side bar for our text boards and have parley put a link in his side bar for pornographic boards
>> No. 599
Thought of this too in >>507 .

Problem (as Sweetest Kill pointed out) is 314chan is getting bombed by CP spam and regular spam. Parley said the spam was actual russian CP spam which goes without saying we don't fucking need. In the future if 314chan becomes problem free we may link but it will just lead to trouble probably.
>> No. 600
damn i though i read the entire thing looking for it... oh well... guess we shall keep it here for awhile
>> No. 601
Also with the exception of /b/, I think the non porn boards here are actually more populated. A ton of 314 chan's boards have no posts at all.
>> No. 602
can we get rid of /mat/?
>> No. 604
You can blame their recent shut down on that.
Lets not forget to show parley some love and visit 314chan sometime.
>> No. 605
4 pages and people will just complain about old whores in /gp/ or /s/ if we did remove it.
>> No. 608
Board renovations are in progress.
/oe/, /eb/, and /ph/ are no more.
/cat/, /x/, /elit/, and /eg/ threads have been moved to appropriate boards.
/mu/, /cd/, /men/, and /w/ are safe for now.

I'll continue renovations when I can find more time.
>> No. 614
please don't take away /cd/. i'll accept a merging of /gay/ and /men/. about putting /cd/ in with /mcam/; if someone has non-camwhore crossdressing, it would have nowhere to go. please and thank you for your consideration nice admins sirs.
>> No. 615
Don't worry. I'm sparing /cd/ at the request of another mod.
>> No. 617
So do i just post Tits in Sexy Beautiful women?
>> No. 618
Yep. There is already a tits thread I think. Should probably go in it. If it's tit bondage it goes to /fe/.
>> No. 620
I must say the consolidation worked rather well. I barely notice anything is different or missing.
>> No. 621
Board consolidation is complete for the time being. I've decided to leave /cd/ and /smb/ alone for the moment, and almost all threads were relocated.

Nothing of value was lost (yes I know my art on /md/ is gone...fuck it <_<).
>> No. 629
for someone who posts in /ni/ alot, i notice that, although the board has a fair amount of content, that it rarely gets touched... now that may be to the lack of really hot black chicks on the webz. but i personally think it might be in decent interest to merge /ni/ with /eth/ just so they both get their fair share of attention. i know that in my case, i gained all my fetishes from boards like these where they slowly ran into eachother like tye-dye. its worth a shot.. if we get to much bitching, than we can change it back...

Also, im glad we are consolidating boards.. it makes it easier to check for spam and inappropriate content/conversations.

picture mysteriously related.. (or is it?)
>> No. 630
It's best they stay separated imo. /ni/ already gets racism and shit on it's own. /cd/ is getting quite a bit too. If we just crack down on morons we're just gonna lose users. Best to keep them separate.
>> No. 632
>Keeping morons is what we need

>> No. 633
I didn't say that.
>> No. 634
I lol'd.

Actually you did, but I'm sure that's not what you were implying. What you were trying to say is that if we did nothing but ban everyone, no one would be too shitchicken to post, amirite?
>> No. 635
Exactly. It would discourage people from posting and morons though morons still provide content.

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