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Hentai not a cool guy anyomre? kingADVRC 04/28/2014 (Mon) 11:34:49 No. 2013
I have seen a somewhat disturbing (to me at least) decline in the popularity of hentai in general on NewFapchan. Perhaps it's something we should drop altogether? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.
Hentai is boring.
Newfapchan's just dying in general as far as I can tell. Nobody posts on /gp/ or /s/ either.
there isn't any activity in general across all boards. i'm amazed newfapchan is still alive.

if you're trying to cut boards due to lack of activity, you could probably cut most of them.
You can't have a porn imageboard with out a hentai board. That's the way I see it.
I can't imagine one without at least one hentai board either. And now that I really think about it, it's true that none of the other boards see much action. The three big boards (/babby/ /girly/ and /hypno/) take up most of what little free time I can muster lately (all fetishes I don't personally share) and spam patrol seems to take up the rest of it.

The sad fact is that my beloved NewFapchan is on the verge of death once again. So the question is what can we do to change that? I don't feel spamming other *chans is the correct answer; it'll bring in mostly shitheads that will change the overall positive vibe that we try to create on our humble little *chan. Any ideas on how we could reverse this slow death?
It's the DNP list in /babby/, that's why no one comes here according to 4chan.
/babby/ has a small DNP compared to /hypno/ but okay.
You've got to do something about the CP/spam issue. No one passing through it going to want to hang around when those are the top posts on the boards every day. If blanket-banning anonymizers is the only way to do it, DO IT. The collateral damage of possibly blocking out a few legitimate but paranoid users is worth cleaning up the mess. Sometimes you have to cut flesh to remove the cancer.
to be honest, after old fapchan died, it took me awhile to find newfapchan. but of course at the time my computer died on me. i checked to see if there was a temporary home on anonib, found nothing, and googled and finally found newfapchan.

if i had to guess most people probably automatically assume the sites dead and they don't even bother. i mean i rarely come anymore because of the lack of activity. and this is coming from a guy that LOVED oldfapchan.
What we neede need is a Gigatribe group, then we can share DNP stuff without the DMCAs, who's with me?
They already did. But TOR and proxies literally add new nodes a million times per second. It literally took me an hour to post this message cuz I only use TOR to come here.

If you see CP, report it. Sometimes people miss it for expended periods of time because no one ever reports it.

Gigatribe is shit and you should feel shit for recommending it.
Reporting seems pretty pointless when it just gets posted again the next day, and the next, and the next. No other chan has the problem to such a massive degree so the admins are clearly doing SOMETHING wrong.
This is another cause for lack of posts too. If nobody wants to post on a dead board, then users will avoid a CP spammed board altogether.

We've blanket banned TOR IPs, proxies, spamfiltered, and hashbanned. Other *chans most likely have this issue as well but have staff around the clock to take care of it. Others only allow posts to become visible after approval from staff. Perhaps that is another alternative we could look into.

I'm glad this thread is seeing some actual attention and useful feedback. It gives me hope for our humble little porn stash.
I just noticed I scored post 2027 here, and the Deus Ex mod Project 2027 is my fav mod for Deus Ex..

OT: Why would I feel shit for recommending GigaTribe?
I do not think we should drop hentai all together, maybe combine the boards to 2 or 3 core boards(General and Alternative)
A bit like 4chan has H and D.
I'm new here, but I can check the boards for spam when I'm and report them, when ever I get on. I know that makes the mods job easier so they don't have to go through everything.

I came to this site to start collecting porn again, but it sucks if everybody is saying this site is going to be dead and what not.

I really like hentai, but I don't have the much. I just feel like posting it is a waste of time if the board is going to deleted? But it would be awesome if people posted because I need to start my collection again. Its kind of like baseball cards. Am I right?
You are absolutely right. If users post, other users are more inclined to post because they know they aren't the only ones looking at it. That has always been my philosophy, which is why I try to add to new threads that spring up on the drawn boards.

I feel the drawn boards are already as condensed as they're gonna get, and there's new content being added to them now, so it doesn't look like any boards have to be removed as of now. If I did delete any boards however, the content wouldn't be deleted, it would be relocated to another similar and more active board on NFC. Nothing should go to waste when it comes to porn ;3
I post on here when I'm trying to find a name for a gif. image or even a movie/game but this place seems dad to me mostly every now and again i'll stop by to see if I got a answer to my question but I haven't seen one in over 3 weeks now it seems but then again this place isn't as active as it use to be before the site change.
True, true.
every body just goes to booru's to get a quick fix probably, they are taking the community out of it.


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